Liberals and Jihadis should stop equating Rohingya Muslims with Pakistani Hindus. There are many differences

1. Rohingya Muslims have 50+ Muslim countries to go. Pakistani Hindus have just one – India.

2. Rohingya Muslims have history of unleashing gang-rapes, massacres, loot and plunder on the Peaceful Buddhist natives. Pakistani Hindus are most peaceful community in the world. So peaceful that they are now on the verge of extinction.

3. Rohingya Muslims grew from a negligible numbers to a significant 4% in Myanmar. Hindus on other hand reduced from 19% to 1% in Pakistan.

4. The statistics prove that while Rohingya Muslims are growing rapidly in Myanmar, Hindus in Pakistan were subjected to such a wave of terror, religious persecution, rapes, forced-marriages, forced-conversions etc that they are now almost non-existent.

5. There is not even a single instance of a Pakistani Hindu disturbing peace in native place. Whereas, the intelligence reports from both Myanmar and India warn about terror links of Rohingya Muslims.

6. There is not even a single evidence of any Pakistani Hindu getting involved in anti-Indian activities. Rohingya Muslims are known for their ghettoisation and law & order issues in India.

7. Pakistani Hindus were never found hurting religious sentiments of native people. The never drew prophet’s cartoons. Rohingya Muslims have just slaughtered a cow in Jammu to hurt Hindu sentiments.

8. Indian Hindus never broke/kicked Amar Jawan Jyoti in Mumbai for Pakistani Hindus. Indian Muslim groups ran riots, killed people and damaged Amar Jawan at Azad Maidan, Mumbai for Rohingya Muslims.

9. Terrorist organisations like Lashkar, Jaish e Muhammad and Hizbul Mujahideen have issued threats for state of India if Rohingya Muslims are kicked out. No Hindu organisation has ever threatened any government on issue of settling Pakistani Hindus.

10. Pakistan was once part of India. Its Hindu-Sikhs were children of India. If some gutless cowards in Delhi agreed to succumb to hooligans of Jinnah, it was not the fault of Hindus living in Lahore or Rawalpindi. India’s duty was to hit back and take its land back from goons. India should still do that and try to liberate land of native Hindus i.e. Pakistan. Till then, it should protect its natives by allowing them in India. On the other hand, Rohingya Muslims have no loyalty towards India. They follow a foreign religion and heroes that were invaders in India.

There is no comparison. And if you can’t understand this, liberals and Jihadis, just know that India should help Pakistani Hindus because it gives you pain in your wrong place. India should not help Rohingya Muslims because same. Keep crying.
Full support to brave Myanmar Buddhists for their struggle against terror. Proud of you Brothers. India has a lot to learn from you.

Indian Muslims – Children of India or Slaves of Arabs?

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Every Muslim is NOT a terrorist

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