The hollow argument of beef-lovers is as follows:

“What I eat is my choice. Who is any government or moral police to dictate what I eat or do not eat? Will they ban spinach and lauki also tomorrow if I am offended? This is communal politics of right-winged Hindu fanatics and must be opposed.”

On surface, it appears so reasonable and logical. But let us scratch the surface and explore how silly is this movement against Beef Ban.

We give 15 ways to silence them. If these beef-lovers try to refute one or more of the arguments, tell them that they must refute all of them to justify their stand. It is like someone who is facing trial for murder of 20 people tries to prove that 3 of them were murdered by someone else. It does not matter. Unless you can prove that not even a single murder charge is valid, you will face death sentence.

So either refute all, or your drama is exposed.

1. The ban on cow slaughter and most cattle is already existing in majority of states of India. Were these beef lovers sleeping like Rip Van Winkle for last 68 years? What were they eating so far? Were they indulging in illegal activities? Why they did not show their beef love so far? Why they could not raise a movement against beef-ban in last near-seven decades?

2. No one has any problem with what you eat and what you do not. You are free to eat even from the commode in democracy. But the ban is not on eating. It is on killing of cattle. Now people like me have several objections to killing of cow (and cattle in general). If you can create beef in laboratory without killing my mother, I have absolutely no issues with you.

But if you want to kill my mother in name of democracy, then better explore that democracy in Somalia or ISIS zones.Your freedom to swing your arm ends where my nose begins.

3. Yes, it is true that for overwhelming majority of India, cow has sentimental values. They consider cow as mother. Their most popular God – Lord Krishna – is known as Gopal for his love for cows. On every occasion – birth, death, festival, happiness, sorrow – feeding and worshipping cow is considered a primary duty. There are multiple festivals dedicated primarily to cow. And this respect is extended to cattle in general. Bull is considered as companion of another revered God – Lord Shankar.

It does not matter whether you agree with this cow worship or not. But so far majority of Indians consider cow as mother, killing of cows cannot be acceptable. Think of it. Say I name an animal on your mother and slaughter it. I write name of a Hindu God, Prophet Muhammad or Jesus Christ on an animal and slaughter it. I desecrate a temple, mosque or church. I draw a cartoon of a Prophet. Will you encourage this kind of behavior?

If yes, I will call you pervert. But that is besides the point. First dare to perform such acts as above, post videos of same on youtube, put your address in description and raise a movement to allow you such crazy behavior in name of democracy. Don’t have double standards in your apparent love for freedom.

If no, then slaughter of revered mother cow and associated cattle cannot be accepted in a country where cow is foundation of religious and cultural ethos of majority.

4. Don’t give the sick argument that cows and cattle are mistreated in the country. Don’t prove to me that most cow-sellers for beef production are Hindus. Hence ban on beef shows double standards.

If above is indeed the case, tell me instead, what you propose to do to help solve this problem. Reality is also that women are unsafe in many parts of country because of attitude of society. That does not mean having punishment for rape shows double standards. Your sick argument mirrors exactly the views of rapist in Nirbhaya case.

You cannot rape a woman just because women-safety is an issue in the nation! On contrary, tell us whether you are ready to save dignity of woman at any personal cost?

5. It does not matter what the religion of all beef-producers in India is. What matters is that killing of cattle is equivalent to abusing sentiments of majority and hence must be banned. The day people like you form majority of India and are comfortable posting youtube video of slaughtering an animal named after their mothers or religious figures, you can repeal the ban. Thankfully that is not the case today and hence beef-ban is justified.

It is true that even if there were no rational basis behind cattle-worship in Indian culture, still beef ban is justified on purely respect for sentiments of vast majority. But thankfully truth is that foundations of Indian culture are very rational and scientific. It is not out of jingoism that we consider India as lighthouse for entire world. It is because Indian culture stands on foundation of reason and science.

6. Coming to matter of cow and cattle worship:
Cow is the most productive animal known in planet. It is a living factory cum hospital producing products of utility from its cow-dung, urine, milk, sweat and even breath. Its benefit to economy, environment, fuel generation and healthcare is parallel to none. When bombing a factory or place of productivity attracts penalty, why not cow?

The environmental cost of beef production is highest of all livestock activities. Meat is the most polluting industry in world. And beef is most polluting of all meat producing industries.

Refer for example.

Water footprint of beef is highest of all food. Estimates range from 441 gallons to 12008 gallons of water per pound of beef. In comparison, rice and wheat are 50 to 100 times more efficient!! Forget about India, there is a global movement to sway people away from beef to ensure our future generations have water to drink and food to eat.

Beef production is most inefficient use of fossil energy at an energy input to output ratio of 54:1.

Compare with chicken 4:1, pork 26:1, eggs 6:1. For Indian food grains, it is around 2:1. The implication is clear: When you eat beef instead of grains, 26 people go hungry to fulfill your so called “personal freedom of tongue indiscipline”.

Refer American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: . Also review

Here is another one:

We shower our deepest respect to seers who formed foundations of Indian culture. They saw what world is repenting today for being too late to observe and act upon. We are proud of them.

7. If one demands permission to kill cow and cattle because of his “personal freedom to eat whatever he or she wants”, then they should first raise their voice against following:

– Ban on killing of national and endangered animals and birds in most civilized countries of world. (In India, you cannot poach lions and tigers. In USA, killing bald and golden eagle in banned through a Special Act. Just possessing feathers lead to heavy penalty. Killing will give you long prison time and hefty fine.)

– Ban on defacing and damaging heritage and protected buildings. Why certain buildings be considered so special after all? Why “freedom-lovers” do not have freedom to choose what buildings they decide to consider special?

– Ban on insulting and desecration of national symbols like flag.

– Ban on sale and carrying of unlicensed arms and weapon.

– Ban on roaming naked and having sex in public.

– Ban on mutual cannibalism with consent.

– Ban on sale and consumption of narcotics.
and so on….

The same gang of “liberals” who are crying foul on beef ban have never ever shown any solidarity with above or any other related aspect of personal freedom. Many bollywood celebrities are twitting against beef ban. Just few weeks ago, Shirin Devi – only woman editor of Urdu magazine – was fired, arrested and now forced to live in oblivion for publishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons in the magazine. She published them to criticize the cartoons. Yet she had to face unimaginable trauma. The issue made headlines, she hails from Mumbai, but no bollywood personality or beef-lover dared to stand up to defend her. No one dared to publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons on their own walls and tweets to show solidarity with “freedom of speech”.

This itself shows blatant double standards.

I challenge all “beef-lovers” to first show their solidarity with above bans and restrictions that pre-date beef-ban. Please explain your selective silence on these issues.

One celebrity porn-writer wrote that she is willing to face 5 years of jail to defend the right of beef-eaters in Maharashtra. Let her post Charlie Hebdo cartoons to defend write of publishers, let her publicly consume narcotics to defend the right of ecstasy-lovers, let her perform nude sex-acts in public to defend right of sex-maniacs and so on. But they will not do so. Simply because the risks are too high.

Insulting sentiments of peaceful majority of Indians is a harmless hobby instead. Because Indian majority will not retaliate unlike many other groups that is famed for putting a prize on your head.

8. In an enlightened democracy, there can never be absolute freedom. Because your freedom can invade in my zone of freedom. All matters of freedom and restrictions are bound by following:
– Collective wisdom of majority that is witnessed through election process
– Responsibility and maturity with which one can use the freedom
– Respect for harmless sentiments of public. Your freedom ends where it restricts my freedom.

In case of beef ban, that happened through a democratic and legal manner. The government that brought this legislation made their intentions very clear in their election manifesto. They went to voters on plank of stopping beef production. Voters gave them their support and allowed them to proceed on this legally. Now, if they do not fulfill the promise made to voters, that would amount to cheating. Instead the government decided to follow path of honesty, show respect to process of democracy and fulfill aspirations of people who voted for them.

If someone has objections to democracy, he better relocate to jungles where every animal has full freedom to do whatever it wants. And not complain because a government fulfilled its promise to public.

9. What these protestors are saying actually is:
“ I don’t care if she is your mother. I don’t care if it destroys the environment. I don’t care if it results in 30 hungry people who die. I don’t care if it results in 20 thirsty dead. I don’t care about culture, economy, environment, poor, sentiments…nothing. I don’t care about law and democracy. I just care about taste of my tongue. If I enjoy eating your mother – living or dead – let me have that even if it is against law. That is my fundamental right.”

This is exactly the way ISIS terrorists think, rapists think, psychopaths think, criminals think. It only proves something else – that even love for beef has such brutal effect on Indian brains. Only God can imagine its impact when consumed. That is why Gandhi equated cow-protection with Swarajya.

10. Another lame argument given is that banning beef will lead to unemployment of people in this industry. This is inhuman. This is again double standards. Why suddenly this selective love for other people? If you are so sensitive to others, why ignore sensitivities of vast majority, poverty caused due to beef, hunger caused due to beef.

This lame argument can be used for any legal or illegal industry. Banning illegal firearms, illegal liquor, narcotics, opium production will all lead to unemployment of some people. After all there is no industry that functions without people. Even fighting against ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and other terror groups will render many terrorists unemployed! Should we then start promoting terrorism also as a career option instead?

Clearly, all this is mindset of sociopath – for whom self-indulgence supersedes social responsibility. …..

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  1. Question: Is the a ban simply restricted to killing of cows? Or does it also extend to eating beef? Does it also encompass killing of animals like Llama, Bison, water buffalo? Do you know which species of cow are included in the ban?

    I have tried presenting your point about water consumption of large livestock, in numerous debates, but it always falls flat because I have been told that water consumption for dairy livestock is same as that for meat. It would be great if you could explain. Thx.

  2. brother, please increase number of characters for the comment. we cannot force our beliefs on others. beef should not be banned for religious beliefs but can be banned for health, environment reasons.

  3. Brother sanjeev, I do not agree with you on many things. you say ban cow meat just because its hurts the sentiment of the hindus,so what’s the difference between India and Saudi arabia ’cause saudis also ban pork,alcohol,idol worship and all which are against their beliefs. i understand that Cow is a sacred figure for hindus but that doesn’t mean hindus should ask for beef ban,then tomorrow, muslims will also ask for ban on idols in just ’cause the Quran prohibits idols.

    • that’s a chu**ya argument.. You are comparing ban on beef to the ban on idols?
      Aren’t there other sources of meat?
      have you ever questioned why, out of all the Muslims worldwide, only South Asian Muslims have this fetish for Cow meat? Just to show your middle finger to the majority community? In your master Arabian countries, or even in Iran, they don’t prefer cow meat.. instead Goat meat is the most preferred form of red meat.

    • Akal ke andhey… Are Hindus asking for ban on your religious practises? You are so much blinded by your hatred that your logic has fallen sloppy dead..


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