1. Because Akbar was a Turk invader and Maharana Pratap was an Indian freedom fighter.

2. Because Akbar was proud of his lineage of mass murderers like Babur, Timur and Genghis Khan. Maharana Pratap had a lineage of brave warriors like Bappa Rawal and Rana Sanga who saved India from foreign invasions by Akbar’s fathers and grandfathers.

3. Because Akbar had 5000 women as sex slaves in his Harem whom he raped and tortured for decades. Maharana Pratap never raped anyone. He never had a harem.

4. Because Akbar abducted Hindu women and made them wives or sex slaves. Maharana Pratap called captured Muslim woman as mother and sent her home with gifts.

5. Because Akbar was known by the number of women in his harem. Maharana Pratap was known by the number of kilograms his spear weighed.

6. Because Akbar destroyed Hindu temples. He desecrated the idol of Eklinga Ji and built a platform for offering Namaz on it. Maharana Pratap did not destroy a single mosque in his lifetime.

7. Because Akbar’s first condition in the treaty of Ranthambhor was that Rajputs should send Dolis of their women to his royal harem in return of freeing soldiers. Maharana Pratap refused to send even a single woman to the rascal’s harem which triggered Haldighati war. Pratap went to fight many times bigger army just for the honor and life of helpless women.

8. Because Akbar used to celebrate victory over Kafir Hindus by raising pillars of cut heads. On 2nd September 1573, he raised a pillar of 2000 cut heads in Ahmadabad. Maharana Pratap never mutilated the enemy’s corpse.

9. Because Akbar butchered 30,000 non-combatants including women and children in a single day on the conquest of Chittor fort thereby breaking all previous murder records set by his fathers and grandfathers. Maharana Pratap’s aggression against unarmed people is yet to be found in recorded history. He even used to kill soldiers only when they had swords in their hands.

10. Because Akbar used to offer water to dying enemy soldiers and kings in shoes. Maharana Pratap hugged his enemy Shakti Singh when he apologized.

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11. Because Akbar threw a servant from the top of a tower just because latter mistakenly slept near former’s bed. Maharana Pratap used to eat together with Bheels ( a poor tribe in Rajasthan) and common people.

12. Because Akbar was a drunkard and drug addict. Maharana Pratap never tasted drugs.

13. Because Akbar made all small kings, soldiers and people bow before him. Maharana Pratap never made anybody bow before him. And he was the man who never bowed before Akbar.

14. Because Akbar was a fanatic Islamist who changed the name of Prayagraj to Allahabad. He even renamed Maharana Pratap’s elephant Ram Prasad as Peer Prasad after capturing him in Haldighati. Maharana Pratap never changed someone’s religion be it a person or city or animals!

15. Because years after marrying Man Singh’s sister, Akbar forced his granddaughter into his harem. Maharana Pratap was the brother of sisters and father of daughters of his kingdom.

16. Because Akbar was the part of Ghazwa e Hind campaign- Concept of bloody conquest of India by Islamic forces with all idol-worshipper men killed/converted to Islam and all women enslaved/raped- as per some holy (?) texts. Maharana Pratap was the one who spearheaded the mission to dispatch these Ghazwa Jihadi rats to hell and make every single life in India secure.

17. Because there are enough movies and soaps glorifying this rascal rapist Akbar. But very few on great Maharana Pratap.

18. Because you don’t remember pigs. You remember lions.

19. Because you don’t want your generations to sing glories of a mass murderer who taught others how to loot, rape and invade. But you must want your generations to sing glories of a warrior who taught you how to dig graves of monsters like ISIS and Akbars who are after your women, lives, and nation.

20. Because this will pave the way to change names of other roads/places kept after rapists like Babur, Lodi, Shahjahan, Jahangir, Shershah Suri, etc.

PS: All facts stated here have been taken from Aain e Akbari and Akbarnama by Abul Fazal (Akbar’s Navratna and historian), Akbar the great Mogul by Vincent Smith and other noted historians.


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  • On several occasions, the Rajputs sued for peace, and the Mughals agreed to their terms. When the Rajputs, their wives and children came to surrender, however, they were slaughtered by the Mughals. This treachery and deceit may have been the reason for the Jauhar and Saka to be established by the Rajputs. Jai Rajputana! Jai Chittod! Jai Bharat!

  • On the morning after the Jauhar, the men would carry out the Saka after taking a bath, the men would wear saffron clothes, smear the ashes of their wives and children on their foreheads, and put a tulsi leaf in their mouths. Then, they would sally out either to annihilate their enemies or be annihilated by them.

    The Jauhar and Saka were never carried out when the Rajputs were at war with other Hindus as the defeated could expect to be treated with dignity.

  • Also Koti Koti Parnam to tens of thousands of women and children who performed Jauhar via self-immolation to save their dignity and pride when there was no hope of victory over their enemies. Only and only brave Indian women and children can make this big sacrifice. Jai Rajputana! Jai Hind!

  • Maharana Partap underwent so much of hardship but he preserved the name of his family and his Motherland from facing defeat. His life was so bright that the other name for freedom could have been ‘Maharana Pratap’. We pay tribute in his valiant memory!

  • My brave warriors, I am sure that you will support me in every way sacrificing your mind, body and wealth till this oath is fulfilled.” All the chieftains were inspired with the oath of their king and they too promised him that till their last drop of blood, they would help Rana Pratap Singh to free Chittod and join him in fighting the Mughals; they would not retreat from their goal.

  • Maharana Partap’s oath to free the motherland – “My brave warrior brothers, our Motherland, this holy land of Mewar, is still under the clutches of the Mughals. Today, I take an oath in front of all of you that till Chittod is freed, I will not have food in gold and silver plates, will not sleep on a soft bed and will not stay in the palace; instead I will eat food on a leaf-platter, sleep on the floor and stay in a hut. I will also not shave till Chittod is freed.

  • Koti Koti Parnam to Maharana Partap. He will always be remembered as one of the strongest warrior of Indian history. It was a time when most of rajput dynasties surrendered to akbar but this great man took an unbreakable oath to free the motherland from invaders. He was a true freedom fighter who did not get distracted or lose heart but rather tried his best to free his motherland from the clutches of mugals. cruel akbar tried various means to defeat Maharana partap but he remained unbeatable.