Hinduism – considered as a way of life by most of the Hindu practitioners, is often mistakenly understood as yet another cult by many uninformed ones. Being the oldest wisdom known to mankind, it emphasizes on the concept of ‘Being-Human’ (Manur-bhava) before encouraging to be follower of any other concept/ ideology/ book/ or person.

(Hindu culture further hints on what this ‘Being-human’ actually involves. A saying goes by which is being circulated in Vedic Hindu tradition since ages, every now and then being exemplified by some Humanity loving Hindu Hero or the other

“True human is one who bows down to even weakest of nobles and makes strongest of tyrants bow down!”)

Hinduism is that very source of Humanity which inspires all souls to be driven by the sense of compassion-for-all and responsibility towards good of society. Hinduism is the only hope for a world which is being filled with hate towards non-believers in a particular religion. Vedic “religion” is the only remedy for countering the disastrous impact of religious fundamentalism.

Now question arises,

How is Vedic religion different from other cults or religions?

– All other cults come in package deals. You have certain core beliefs, some books, some prophets, some priests, some rituals and some prophecies. You have to either accept all or be out. Even if you in reality accept only a few components of the package, you still have to publicly announce allegiance to the entire package. So in a way, falsehood is promoted. You must announce your loyalty to what you can neither verify nor logically understand nor find reasonable or face exit.

Vedic religion is made to fit. You believe in only what you find logically sound, reasonable, intuitive and what you can understand right now. You can refuse to claim allegiance to any book, saint, belief etc and yet be Vedic so far you adhere to honesty.

– All other cults work on binary logic. Either you are one of them or an outcast. Vedic religion is not a cult. You are naturally Vedic. And as per your intents, you are less or more Vedic in various aspects of life. Its between you and the Supreme Force (whatever label you may give it – God, Ishwar, Laws of Nature etc) and no one has right to pass judgment on whether you believe in this religion or not.

– Vedic religion is inspired directly by the oldest text of the humankind – the 4 Vedas. It considers only eternal principles and leaves everything that is geography or time specific to wisdom of individual and society. Further, it does not even demand allegiance to 4 Vedas also. Ved means knowledge or enlightenment. So any approach in life that is knowledge seeking is Vedic religion.

– You cannot be a Muslim and Christian at the same time. But you can be a Vedic Hindu even though you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Jew or whatever.

While all other religions mean blindly accepting certain sets of assumptions, Vedic Hinduism means being enterprisingly honest.

Question #2:

A So your Hindu religion has no basis, no benchmarks, no foundation. One can do whatever he or she wants and still be Vedic. Huh! It is better to be more disciplined by following a cult like Islam.

This only reflects that we have become mental prisoners. A prisoner who has been kept in a dark cell finds the sunlight of freedom unbearable. There are true stories of convicts committing suicide because they found free life so uncomfortable. They could not even relieve themselves unless someone blew a whistle! Vedic religion is definitely not for the lovers of prisons. Its all about freeing yourself.

But Vedic religion is also not about being undisciplined. It is, on contrary, all about being RATIONALLY disciplined. So Vedic religion is not about succumbing to lust because you seem to find it most enjoyable in a particular moment and ultimate truth. It is all about applying the mind that has been bestowed to think of the consequences and perform a what-if analysis. What-if everyone in world starts becoming lustful like me. What-if someone becomes lustful for my own mother or sister. What-if the way I enjoy lust, someone else enjoys murder etc etc. And conclude that the truth is that one is the master of mind. That by mastering the mind, one can seek enjoyment in anything he or she desires. So as a smart master of mind, I shall seek far more enjoyment in whatever brings me long term strength, vitality and energy and not vice verse. I shall seek enjoyment in that in which even if all the people of world start seeking enjoyment, still the world becomes only a more beautiful and happy place.

This intellectual growth is far more disciplining than any cult-rituals. 

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