Note: Please translate this letter in all languages possible and circulate. It would force vast number of terrorists and hate-mongers to change their path and question their leaders instead. Even if they disagree with me, they will be compelled to change their ways.

I am every Muslim who enjoys Diwali and Christmas. I am every Sufi who sings and dances in Dargahs. I am every Christian who loves Jesus as son of God. I am every idol-worshipper who visits temples. I am every atheist who does not believe in God, Prophet or Holy Book.

I am every child you brutally massacre. I am every Yezidi girl you sell as slave or behead. I am every Sikh woman you enjoy to rape. I am every Hindu daughter you abduct to make your property.

I am every gay and lesbian who enjoys intimate moments with my partner. I am every gal who is liberal about what she wears and what she doesn’t. I am every guy who prefers to remain clean-shaven.

I know you hate me. I know you consider me as greatest insult to Allah. I know you are convinced that I must be killed unless I convert to your interpretation of Islam.

I know your topmost agenda is to wipe out people like me from face of earth so that you are rewarded beautiful virgins in Paradise. Each time you kill me, your reward gets even more tempting. I know you sleep, dream, work only with one mission – to eliminate me. I know even right now you are planning when and how to bomb me, shoot me, assault me, behead me and then post a tweet highlighting your great achievement.

Before you step out on your next cleansing mission to establish Islam, please read this open letter once with an open mind. If you are able to still justify your ‘Jihad’ against me, congratulations! You would have added one more soldier in your militia . I would be more than willing to fight and die to spread your agenda of terror and enjoy the rewards in Paradise.

But if you find yourself at loss of reason to explain whatever you have done and whatever you plan to do, follow what I say. Become a warrior for the cause that you can defend with heart and reason.

If indeed you stand for Islam, and Islam stands for truth, you will have no hesitation in accepting my deal.

I can understand that you have a different moral compass from me. I can understand that you disapprove of my ways, habits and beliefs. But I fail to understand why rape and murder are the only two weapons in your arsenal to demonstrate your objection. There are differences even within family, but that does not mean you start killing and raping your brothers, sisters, children and elders.

You claim that a lot of injustice has been meted to you and your brothers by rest of the world throughout history. I can understand if you fight against those individuals who wronged you. But you primarily target innocent civilians – children, women, old, minorities whom you never even met before. Is it not insanity to rape a baby just because some unrelated person apparently wronged you 30 years ago?

On one hand you want everyone to embrace Islam. On other hand you butcher and rape in name of Islam. How is it helping the cause of Islam by projecting Islam as religion of rapists and killers? Why you make a cruel mockery of Islam despite knowing that Islam means peace and humility?

Why not instead set good examples that inspire people to follow you as a role model? You can influence hundred times more people in this manner than by killing or raping them? And if you think you do not have the capability to be such a role model, how can you even think of acting as a savior of Islam in first place? And when you are not a savior, who gave you the right to kill and rape to promote Islam?

Don’t you see that your kills and rapes have given just a bad name to Islam? Almost every most wanted terrorist of world claims to be a soldier of Islam. Almost all leading terror groups of the world claim to have the agenda of establishing rule of Islam. Almost all major bomb blasts, massacres, mass-rapes, sabotages of world in last 10 years are exclusive deeds of jihadis. With such a sinister track-record, how can you expect people who have respect for your ideology? Every act you carry, turns more people away from Islam than the number of people you kill. If indeed rule of Islam is your goal, you are acting as greatest enemies of your own mission.

Don’t you see that terror has become an exclusive copyright of Islam today? There is no Hindu or Christian group that rapes and murders in name of religion and then posts on twitter. There are evangelists in all religions, but it is only Islam that gets the bad name of adopting murder and rape to convert the world population. If Islam is what you love, why are you defaming Islam?

Have you even studied Islam properly? Have you read the original Quran? Do you even know the language of Quran? Don’t you know that no one has the capacity of understand Quran except Prophet himself? Then how can you rely on silly interpretations of some illiterate Maulvi or leader and start killing or raping? You yourself believe that Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet. Then how can you consider any Maulvi to be competent enough to act as a prophet and tell you what Quran means?

Or do you think you yourself are a Prophet that you understand what Quran means and can justify even killing and rape to establish Quran? Are you not fooling yourself and Islam by claiming to understand Quran despite being intellectually incompetent? Or has Allah sent Prophet or one of his angels to meet you who told you that you must kill and rape to promote Islam?

When Prophet can have no replacement, when Allah can have no replacement, who are you or any Maulvi to act or interpret word of God on their behalf?

On one hand you say Allah is all-powerful, and on other hand you act as if Allah is powerless. If Allah is most powerful and Islam alone is best, can’t Allah himself convert all human beings or send a prophet to spread Islam? Why does he need your help in killing or raping someone to spread his word? When Allah could make the entire world and destinies of each individual, why does he need a non-entity like you as his assistant? He can directly kill anybody he wants or teach Quran. He is not crippled to need you to fight his battles.

You believe that destiny of every person is already written by Allah. In that case, whether someone is Hindu, Christian, Sufi, Shia, Muslim, Yezid, gay, lesbian, is Allah’s fault or marvel. Why do you need to rape a baby or shoot a child to undo what Allah did?

Why should one believe in what you say? Just because you hold them at gunpoint? And if someone embraces Islam because of fear of death, is it not cheating Allah? If someone embraces Islam without even understanding Quran, is it not fraud? By your deeds you are committing fraud against Islam.

Only Prophet can teach. So let only him teach. Don’t try to replace him. Today there are hundreds of sects in Islam. How can you tell with certainty that what you believe in is truth alone? Mind you, neither are you intellectually competent to match calibre of Prophet, nor have you seen anything directly that you threaten your victims to believe in – Heaven, Hell, Judgment Day, Allah etc. So you have no basis of trying to do anything to promote Islam except through setting noble examples.

Why don’t you follow ways of intelligent Muslims like APJ Abdul Kalam, Pervez Hoodbhoy whose brilliance dazzles the world. Why don’t you consider these brilliant minds as true role models of Islam?

Instead you choose to follow dumbest maulvis and terrorists who have extremely low IQ. If indeed they have minimum intelligence, ask them to score well in aptitude tests. They will fail miserably. By following these idiots instead of sharp brains you are forgetting that intelligence is bare necessity to understand anything including religion. Those who can’t understand basic logic are dreaming of understanding and teaching religion! Don’t you realize that true Islam can be learnt only by following ways of the most intelligent brains among Muslims?

There are brilliant people from those who do not believe in your ideology or rape and murder. All the best of scientists, engineers, intellectuals are either Christians, Jews, Hindus or Muslims who reject your version of Islam. If indeed your Islam alone is true, why Allah has decided to make every sharp mind a person who hates your ideology and has allocated only idiots in your cult. Why is there not one single intelligent brain in your entire gang?

Don’t you see what has been happening with you? You are being fooled.

You are being fooled by your maulvis and your leaders. And your have been fooled for generations by few perverts who do not understand Islam at all. It does not matter whether they are fooling you knowingly or unknowingly. Bottomline is that you are being fooled. And irony is that you are being fooled by fools themselves who cannot defend their actions through any reasoning.

They have been feeding you with their own agenda of hatred in name of Islam.

Some idiots are pretending as if they themselves are prophets and interpret Islam for you. They translate Quran the way they want despite knowing that language of Quran has no replacement. They create and promote misleading translations of Quran knowing that none other than Prophet has authority to interpret Islam. And further, more than Quran, they rely on other books like Hadiths to tell you what Islam is, because Quran is completely silent on the hatred that they are promoting. These idiots are trying to replace the real Prophet and real Islam.

And with their foolish interpretations, they teach you incredibly silly things which has no scientific evidence and no verifiable proof. 

They teach you things that spread hatred. And then they use this hatred to nurture terrorists out of you. You became terrorist because you were more vulnerable – emotionally, intellectually, physically. Had you not been a terrorist, they would have brainwashed you to become someone who nurtures other terrorists through hatred. None of this hate-mongers can explain to you why they are so hopelessly incompetent in matters of science, technology, aptitude despite claiming mastery over religion – a far more complex subject. You are being fooled by incompetents idiots who did nothing worthwhile in life.

Just look at example of things they teach you to breed hatred and hence terror. They teach as if they themselves are prophets. And they punish or threaten those Muslims who show slightest of resistance in believing in their fairy tales as words of Prophet. 

      You must believe in Heaven, Hell, Allah, Judgment Day, Prophet, Allah or else you are to be punished. Truth is that none of these can be verified by anyone. If someone believes, it must be a matter of personal faith. But these mullahs threaten you that unless you believe you would be put in Hell and punished here and hereafter.

    They convert a very personal journey of spiritual enlightenment into a cult of hatred.

        If you don’t believe, you are non-Muslim. And non-Muslim is worst of creature. Now

      if Allah himself made non-Muslims, how can they be worst of creatures?

          If idol-worship is sin, why Allah made idol-worshippers? And why should you trust some Maulvi that idol-worshippers are so bad, if Allah refuses to come to you directly and tell you so?

            They teach you that non-Muslims are Kafirs. Kafir is an abuse that means one who conducts greatest sin. As per them, being a non-Muslim is worse than being a rapist, killer, cheater. Allah will forgive every rapist and killer if he accepts Islam. But will burn non-Muslim in Hell forever.

          If you are taught from childhood to use abusive words for non-Muslims, how can terrorists not breed from gullible ones like you?

              Muslims are forbidden to even participate in festivals of non-Muslims or eat prasad. On contrary, if you do so, you are threatened with Hell after death.

                The hatred against non-Muslim is so much that even a dead non-Muslim is not allowed to be blessed. One cannot call a dead non-Muslim as Marhoom (blessed by mercy of Allah). This is because only a Muslim can be blessed by Allah. A non-Muslim, howsomuch noble he may be, is destined to go to Hell only.

              Even if a non-Muslim dies saving a Muslim, he will go to Hell forever.

                  If one cannot respect even the dead, how can you expect respect for living non-muslims. No wonder, sentimental people like you become terrorists.

                    Neither Allah came to your Muslim leaders to tell them that Quran alone is truth, nor He went to non-Muslims. None understand even the language of Quran properly.

                  But still they force hatred down your throat and call it religion. 

                      They use threat against those liberal voices among Muslims that differ from them. They will fool you to shoot a Malala or innocent children so that Muslims obey them out of fear.

                    If indeed you represent truth, why you need to use fear of death to deliver your point?

                        If truth is as clear as pure water and Allah is just, it is Allah’s headache to make everyone understand truth.

                      They tell you to kill and rape and hate non-muslims because it is written in Quran. But they don’t even have the brains to understand basics of life and have horrible IQs. How can they understand Quran! These pyschopaths have hijacked Islam and fooling you emotionally to blindly follow things that cannot be proved, verified, tested or logically explained.

                      They have filled your hearts with hatred against non-Muslims from childhood. They have been silencing all voices that seek love for non-Muslims and freedom for women. Majority of Muslim world is helpless victim to few perpetrators. And their silence breeds terrorism.

                      Terror is sin. To remain silent against terror is even greater sin.

                      Truth is that Islam has been hijacked from very inception. Do you know what has been impact of this hijacking of Islam by psychopaths? It is not that you were fooled like thousands of your militant brothers. This hijacking led to poisoning of our Prophet. Then his entire family was killed. And killers were hailed as Muslim leaders just as Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, IRF etc are being hailed as Muslim heroes by you. They killed even those who compiled Quran.

                      The real heroes of Islam are people like APJ Abdul Kalam, Ashfaqullah Khan, Abdul Hamid, Hakim Suri Pathan. These were those people who dedicated their life for betterment of society and nation.

                      Don’t be fooled anymore. Don’t insult Prophet by your deeds. Don’t play in hands of those who killed Prophet’s family. Don’t believe in anything that you cannot verify, test, prove or explain, just because some dumb Mullah shouts on top of his voice.

                      The greatest truth is that Allah made us a human who has a brain that can reason and heart that can feel.

                       The greatest truth is that religion is a matter of personal choice. It is a direct matter between God and person, no one else has right to interfere. If God would have favored any particular religion, he would have saved a copy of that religious book in the hard disk of our brains from birth.

                      The greatest truth is that just as you consider your path as right, others have right to consider their paths as right. Just as you forgive your own mistakes, you have no right to kill others even if they make mistakes in your eyes.

                      The greatest truth is that one should treat others the way one expects himself to be treated.

                      The greatest truth is that religion is made by humans. God made all humans as equal. If God wanted to differentiate among religions, He would have embossed names of our religion on our forehead from birth.

                      The greatest truth is that entire humanity is one single family. No discrimination on basis of religion can be justified by heart or brain.

                      The greatest truth is that humanity alone is greatest religion. 

                      So listen to your heart. Use your brain to reason. Be a Human. That is greatest service of Allah, God, Ishwar or whatever other name you give Him. Allah enlightens your heart and mind.

                      Don’t simply listen to any any self-proclaimed modern-day prophet and assume what he says is true. Why does Allah need a low IQ agent to tell you what true religion is! Allah can directly talk to us through our heart and brain. Let us use them. Trust Allah and don’t try to be a killing machine on His behalf.

                      Prophet knew that in future people like you will be fooled by fraudsters to kill and rape others. That is why he clearly mentioned that there will be no more prophets in future. You must follow none who asks you to hate, kill and rape.
                      Set constructive examples that will attract millions. That is much more powerful than use of force. That is the way of every Prophet, every Avatar, every son of God.
                      If you are indeed fearless and honest, stop the path of terror that you cannot defend immediately. Make a U-turn right now. Let us now take revenge from those who have fooled you and generations before you in name of Islam.

                      Fight your Jihad against intolerance, violence and madness. Against those who breed terrorists by acting like Prophets. If you indeed fear no death, rise against these rascals who made fool out of you and your forefathers and damaged the legacy of true Islam. Stand up to destroy their dominance and rule of fear over the innocent Muslim society.

                      Rise above religion. Make friends with Hindus, Christians, Atheists etc. Let religion be very personal matter. Unite with them to fight terror-mongers and those who discriminate with non-Muslims even slightly. Fight those who subjugate women. Fight moral policemen within Islamic world who rape or kill. Fight with love and compassion for helpless. Fight by setting examples of peace and non-violence. Fight for humanity alone.

                      That would be greatest service to Islam. That would be greatest gratitude to real Prophet. That would make you true Jihadi. That would bring out true humanity from within you. That would make us true Agniveer.
                      Join Agniveer. Turn tables on those who fooled you into terror.

                      Lets together destroy these rascals who promote killing and rape of children and innocent women from very root. Let us strengthen and unite every voice of Muslim that stands for rights of children, women, non-Muslims.

                      The greatest threat to world is not being Hindu, Christian, Shia, Sufi, Jew, gay, lesbian, clean-shaven, atheist, liberal. The greatest threat is rise of those forces that want to change others through killing and rape. The greatest threat is the cult of terror that keeps exploiting simple minds like you to kill and rape others. The greatest threat is that gang of spineless who kill and rape because they do not have guts to set constructive examples to influence and change the world.

                      This must end. 

                      Stand up and millions will join to end the reign of terror forever.
                      Rise above Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew etc etc. Be a human first. Be the best human first.
                      Join us in this war against terror.

                      I welcome you in real Paradise.

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                      Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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                      I am founder of Agniveer. Pursuing Karma Yog. I am an alumnus of IIT-IIM and hence try to find my humble ways to repay for the most wonderful educational experience that my nation gifted me with. I am also on Quora.
                    • What can or should free people do to ensure that their societies do not fall under the domination of Islamic Law (shariah) ?

                      Each and every American who cherishes their Constitution and FREEDOM (of thought, belief, association, politics, religion, thought, etc.) must not allow any judge or administration to allow Islamic Law (shariah) the slightest chance of taking root on American soil because Sharia is like a virulent virus, the most deadly known to humankind.

                      My conclusions based on over 30 years of studies are:

                      Islam is NOT a Religion but most definitely a CULT belief system as well as a legal, military, political, and social system of totalitarian control.
                      Allah is most assuredly NOT the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham because Allah is only the NAME of the supreme moon god of Pagan Arabia centuries before Muhammad and his Quran and represented to this day in the Kaba’a by an ancient meteorite called the Black Stone.
                      Jihad is most definitely NOT a spiritual struggle to commune with God but eternal WAR against all Unbelievers until all humanity is subject to Sharia.
                      No god called Allah nor any angel called Gabriel ever revealed a single verse to Muhammad because every letter, word, verse and Chapter in the Quran is the product of Muhammad’s imaginings, the secretions of his depraved mind, his Alter Ego, his Autobiography, but very cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouths of Allah and Gabriel to give them the aura of sanctity and divinity.
                      It is by Divine Will (Qidra Ilahyyah) and divine Justice (Haq Ilahi) that the very Hadiths that explain to the followers of Muhammad his Quran and Sunna, are the very same that utterly DISCREDIT Muhammad as a prophet and the ALLEGED divine origin of his Quran.
                      Although my statements may sound outrageous and hyperbolic to those hearing and seeing them for the first time, I can and do (as in this interview) corroborate every single assertion that I make with citations from the Islamic scriptures…

                    • 6. What is the most important thing Westerners should know about the life of the Muslim prophet Muhammad?

                      First and foremost, Muhammad should not be called a ‘prophet’ because there is nowhere in his Qur’an and Hadith that he prophesized anything. Instead, in the Qur’an, the hadiths, and the Sira (biography of Muhammad), we read in the original Islamic scriptures themselves that Muhammad committed crimes against humanity on a massive scale: these scriptures themselves recount that Muhammad ordered assassinations of the elderly and nursing mothers because they ridiculed him; that he raped and enslaved captured women; that he personally participated in the mass killing of POWs; that he led a military campaign of genocide against the Jewish tribes of the Arabian Peninsula; and that he married a six-year-old and raped her at aged nine (his child bride, Aisha). I say this not because of anger or a mere wish to be insulting. I do so based entirely on the Islamic records themselves that I can quote in chapter and verse to support my assertions.

                      For example, each of these assertions may be found precisely as described in the Sirat (biographies) of Muhammad, as written by faithful Muslims.

                      One of the most authoritative of those biographies comes to us from the Muslim historian Ibn Ishak, as translated by Alfred Guillaume: ‘The Life of Muhammad.’ It is available on at

                    • 5. If people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, took the time to read and study the Qur’an, what would they learn?

                      I have spent more than 30 years on these subjects and not once did I attempt to change the indoctrinated mind of a follower of Muhammad, knowing full well it would be extremely difficult.

                      Most important of all, Americans must understand that any Muslim who leaves the faith would be killed by his own ‘loving’ family and or friends. Even in our Western democracies, most of those who leave Islam must do so in secrecy.

                      Any decent and fair-minded person reading Muhammad’s Quran must come to only ONE conclusion: It is a rambling, incoherent, jumbled scripture of hatred and enmity that no true God would have ever revealed to anyone.

                    • 2. How about ‘moderate Muslims’?

                      There is no such thing as a ‘moderate Muslim’. Every Muslim – especially the males – is fundamentally a JIHADI. That is, one who will fight Unbelievers (currently 80% of humanity including ALL Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, etc.) – any and all those who do not follow Muhammad.

                      Sharia gives the Unbelievers the following three choices:

                      (A) Convert to Islam (whether we like it or not)

                      (B) Be subject to Islam as Dhimmis in humiliation and degradation forever

                      (C) Be Exterminated

                      3. Why should defenders of Western civilization be concerned about core Islamic doctrine, law, and scripture?

                      Very simple. Sharia is the nemesis of Democracy. Sharia is the destroyer of all known freedoms. Sharia is anathema to genuine individual liberty and must NEVER take root on the soil of any nation that is not Islamic. Under Sharia, not even a blade of grass can grow.

                      4. Is the classic Islam of Muhammad and his companions and the early scholars compatible with Western-style liberal democracy?

                      For those who have still not understood what I am revealing, there is no concept of Democracy either in the psyche or the language of Islam. That is why the Arabs and Muslims use the Arabized Greek word for ‘democracy,’ calling it ‘DEMOQRATIYAH’!

                      There is absolutely nothing ‘liberal’ about either Sharia or Muhammadan Islam. Muhammad, after all, declared to his followers

                      Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 4.73 Narrated by Abdullah bin Abi Aufa

                      Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords.’

                    • What is Islam – know the facts from a real native Arabic Muslim

                      The Iraqi-born native Arabic-speaker who goes by the name ‘I. Q. Rassooli’ has lived in Europe since his university days studying engineering in England. His mind is an inquiring and a questioning one, characteristics not much appreciated among the conformist Muslim community of his origins. And so he stayed in the West and, for the next 23 years, undertook ‘as thorough a study of Islam as humanly possible,’ as he says.

                      His research and analysis about Muhammad, the Qur’an, Hadiths, Shariah, Arab and Islamic history, and a comparative, contrasting study of those with the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, Zoroastrian (Persian) beliefs, pagan Arab religions and more culminated in a thesis.

                      Family Security Matters Contributing Writer Clare Lopez recently was granted the opportunity to interview I.Q. al-Rassooli about Islam. Here are his replies to her questions.

                      1. Is there such a thing as ‘moderate Islam’?

                      It is very difficult for decent, well-meaning Americans and Europeans – who truly believe the propaganda of Muslims that Islam is only a religion and as such must have redeeming characteristics – to be told by myself and others who know Islam from the inside that the truth is quite different.

                      Unfortunately, most Americans – as well as most of humanity – have been misled because Muhammadan Islam is not merely a religion but a cult belief system, the cult of Muhammad.

                      Believing Muslims must follow Sharia. It is obligatory for all Muslims, everywhere, for all time. Sharia – based upon Muhammad’s Quran and Sunna (Muhammad’s acts, deeds, thoughts, behavior, etc. as recorded in the hadiths and Sira) – explicitly commands deceit, hatred, misogyny, racism, and warmongering against non-Muslims. There is no other ‘religion’ that does this and this is why I say that Islam cannot be considered merely a ‘religion’ like any other – and it most certainly cannot be called ‘moderate’.

                    • -Pagan Hindu

                      -ZAKIR Naik says soul has birth and death… stay in jannah is not forever.. openly he said so. Will you accept?

                      Response : He never said it. Lying is a part of Hindu culture that doesn’t mean we are not aware of what our scholars say.

                      Dr. Zakir Naik also tells that Hell is eternal like paradise.
                      I hope Hindu Pagan’s are ready.

                      2. You’re Nonsense was laughable. God doesn’t have such thing’s so who told you there is God. If he never talked to anyone.
                      Maybe ISHWAR IS DEAF, DUMB, BLIND and contrary to what you are saying Vedas tell THAT ISHWAR HAS HANDS and Sister Aiza Quoted that earlier.
                      Why God speaking to anyone is a flaw, only a PAGAN can tell this.

                      3. In you’re case Hindu devotees saw God and interestingly they don’t lie but wait How can they see him when you said

                      -God is beyond all senses ear (cannot hear), eyes (cannot see him), skin(can’t touch him), toungue (cannot taste him) and nose(no smell of him)…. Also he is beyond mind (imagination)….

                      Hindu devotees see God everywhere even in TOILET, WE DONT CARE.

                      4. ATLAST you’re claim of God being everywhere, Lord alone know’s what you meant to say
                      But ISHWAR in rapist and Murders is a new thing.

                      Enjoy with you’re Ishwar and his maya

                      • Jazib Bhat Bhai,

                        You have’nt answered any of my questions. Your refutation is based on quranic verses ,not common logic. And I don’t beleive in Quran not even a small bit of it. Zakir Naik did say staying in heaven is not eternal Watch:-

                        To Aiza and all mulsim on board. Please please be honest and select your sincere answers from the following..I expect you to be 100% sincere.


                        1. Which of the following below is true?

                        A) God is present everywhere
                        B) God is present nowhere
                        C) God is present somewhere (somewhere strictly mean Jannat or Allah’s throne above 7 heavens)
                        D) In idol

                        2. Who will be the permanent resident (Green card holder) of Hell?

                        A) Great Ghazi Kings like Mohammed Bin Qasim who killed several thousand Hindu men in Sind and Multan and then captured weeping 100,0000 women and children ,made them slaves and send 30,000 of them to Iraq who after doing all these say (In Arabic) “Allah is great; There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet” five times a day 11) And then another Ghazi king Mahmud who killed ,enslaved 500,000 Hindus of Afghanistan, FATA, Khyberpakhtoonkhwa and Punjab.

                        B) A Hindu who does not harm any one follow Ahimsa, worship forms of God (or signs of God) Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu by worshipping the idols of pristine temples

                        c) Allah is the best judge. Allah knows better

                        3. Select from below the TRUE statement?

                        A) Smart Musa Nabi who can distinguish the sentence in Arabic he heard to be from Allah and not made by some one using loud speaker.Btw he saw a bush fire which is sign from Allah ???

                        B) Not so smart Moses of Christians and Jews, who will doubt whether the sentence (in Hebrew/Aramaic/Canaanite/ancient Egyptian), is from Yahweh or some one using loudspeaker; so Yahweh appeared as a boy (like in movie “Exodus Gods and kings”) or rather made Moses saw a boy’s image speaking

                        C) God appears as Lord Shiva, Godess Durga, Lord…

                    • @ Aiza Maheen,

                      soul has birth and no death – this is what you believe…. tell me your point here. Tomorrow if some one say soul has death but no birth will you accept?

                      ZAKIR Naik says soul has birth and death… stay in jannah is not forever.. openly he said so. Will you accept?

                      2. Now God spoke to moses is a big flaw in your concept. God is beyond all senses ear (cannot hear), eyes (cannot see him), skin(can’t touch him), toungue (cannot taste him) and nose(no smell of him)…. Also he is beyond mind (imagination)…. Who said this ? not me ,not quran but the Holy Vedas….

                      So God assumed forms for our sake. Many Hindu devotees (PBUT) have seen God(Durga, Vishnu,Shiva).. They don’t lie.

                      But you muslims says we can’t see him but can hear him…. Quran does not say Allah made Moses hear some sound but clearly says God spoke to Moses. I can’t keep laughing

                      3. Is God is toilet??? Yes so says Hinduism….Only if toilet exists though. We believe that God alone is absolute truth!!! God alone is existant…. Universe is maya or illusion. Even space and time is non existant. You can’t keep God in a place like Jannat…. Then he is in toilet and jahannum and in Saudi Arabia too

                      It is not like you are in your house….You cannot be fully present in all rooms.But God is present in all rooms fully.

                      God is present in living room fully, bedroom fully…But there are no two Gods. Only one absolute reality. Part of God is whole- Purnamada purnamadam purnat ……..

                      conceousness of all is one .That is Brahmam (GOD)…. That is individual soul as well …Hinduism is absolute monism not “monotheism”

                    • 1. God in islam lives in jannat ;sits in a throne above 7 heavens. while Hindus believe God is present everywhere omnipresent ; both microcosm and macrocosm. God is beyond space time

                      Having said this, Vedanta also says universe is illusion. soul of humans (jiva) =soul of paramatma (soul of Vishnu,Durga or shiva) = ParaBrahmam(GOD). it is similar to holy spirit concept in X’tianity

                      so idols have Dugra,Vishnu,Shiva not Brahmam…Brahmam is everywhere ; not just in idols.

                      Using maya(illusion) or prakriti (nature) God assumes many forms.

                      Now you cannot see Allah per islam,but you can talk to him. Allah spake with Moses (Musanabi) LOL

                      Mere lip service is enough in islam..just says Allah I thank you for giving me life… Say Allah I worship thee creater of worlds. No need to concentrate on GOD. you can’t concentrate on Brahmam. I mean unrealized souls like us …So you need to worship Shiva, Vishnu, Durga

                      Now islam says soul is born when you are born (say april 3 2001) but soul will not die and stays in hell forever (for hindus only LOL)

                      my question is if there is birth then there is death….think through….. our soul has no death or birth.

                    • “Food to him who knows the science of air, and to him who is the chief killer. Homage to the expert in the construction of houses, and to their protector. Food to the wealthy, and to him who makes the wicked weep. Homage to him who abhors sin and to him who practices Virtue” Yajurveda Ch 16, verse 39, pg.173, Tr. Devi Chand]”He who dwells fixed in the atmosphere, smiting the blasphemers of the god that do not sacrifice, to him be reverence with ten sakvarî-stanzas!Atharvaved 11:2:23

                      • Shabeer I know from where you have copy pasted these lines and that blog has been reported for providing manipulated information on Hinduism, I have read Vedas myself in Sanskrit and there is nothing mentioned there like you have presented here, I siggest you learn sanskrit and look at the actual text. Case closed. Even I can post 1000’s of verses from the internet on your religion, no big deal. But I won’t, since this site is about something else, go post this garbage someplace else.

                      • 1. God in islam lives in jannat ;sits in a throne above 7 heavens. while Hindus believe God is present everywhere omnipresent ; both microcosm and macrocosm. God is beyond space time

                        Having said this, Vedanta also says universe is illusion. soul of humans (jiva) =soul of paramatma (soul of Vishnu,Durga or shiva) = ParaBrahmam(GOD). it is similar to holy spirit concept in X’tianity

                        so idols have Dugra,Vishnu,Shiva not Brahmam…Brahmam is everywhere ; not just in idols.

                        Using maya(illusion) or prakriti (nature) God assumes many forms.

                        Now you cannot see Allah per islam,but you can talk to him. Allah spake with Moses (Musanabi) LOL

                        Mere lip service is enough in islam..just says Allah I thank you for giving me life… Say Allah I worship thee creater of worlds. No need to concentrate on GOD. you can’t concentrate on Brahmam. I mean unrealized souls like us …So you need to worship Shiva, Vishnu, Durga

                        Now islam says soul is born when you are born (say april 3 2001) but soul will not die and stays in hell forever (for hindus only LOL)

                        my question is if there is birth then there is death….think through….. our soul has no death or birth.

                    • Yajurveda Chapter 15; Mantra 15 In the jaws of these animals we place the ferocious man whom we hate and who hates us.”Atharvaved 12:5:62 says,
                      “Rend, rend to bits, rend through and through, scorch and consume and burn to dust, the one who rejects the Vedas.””Handless be these our enemies! We enervate their languid limbs. So let us part among ourselves, in hundreds, Indra! all their wealth.” [Atharvaved 6:66:3]

                      • @ Shabeer bro….
                        I really don’t know what you are trying to prove????
                        This are the translations given by westerners.
                        There is nothing mentioned in Vedas….
                        And simply giving those translation here are you saying anyone could be master of Sanskrit within a year?
                        It’s simply as if I claim to be Master of Arabic language.
                        And if I try to translate any Arabic book then what happens to you???
                        Think about it….
                        Before Degrading any other Holy text.
                        Thanking you….

                    • who r the supporters of killing non believer?
                      Yajurveda Chapter 13; Mantra 12 says
                      “O King, make progress in thy duty of administration, extend happiness to the religious. O terrible chastiser, burn down the irreligious foes. O splendid person, humiliate and consume utterly like dried up stubble, him, who encourages our foe.”
                      Yajurveda Chapter 13; Mantra 13 says….. Destroy the kitchens and other places of plundering of the vigorous enemies. Kill the foes. I settle you with fire’s ardour…

                    • 17: 33. And do not kill anyone which Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause. And whoever is killed (intentionally with hostility and oppression and not by mistake), We have given his heir the authority [(to demand Qisâs, Law of Equality in punishment or to forgive, or to take Diya (blood money)]. But let him not exceed limits in the matter of taking life (i.e he should not kill except the killer only). Verily, he is helped (by the Islamic law)

                    • 6: 151. Say (O Muhammad SAW): “Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited you from: Join not anything in worship with Him; be good and dutiful to your parents; kill not your children because of poverty – We provide sustenance for you and for them; come not near to Al-Fawâhish (shameful sins, illegal sexual intercourse, etc.) whether committed openly or secretly, and kill not anyone whom Allâh has forbidden, except for a just cause (according to Islâmic law)……..

                    • 5: 32. Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind. And indeed, there came to them Our Messengers with clear proofs, evidences, and signs, even then after that many of them continued to exceed the limits (e.g. by doing oppression unjustly and exceeding….

                      • Mul ki [email protected] raj…aapko to ye bhi nhi pata ki Khutba sunna zaroori hain..farz hain….bhai…kya sunana..sunanna parhna nhi…wo bhi shanti se baith kar sunnana…jaha sunana kha gya hain waha sunege bhai aur jha us Rab ne parhne ka huqm diya wha parhe zaha sunane ko kaha wha sune aur uppar wale se duwa bhi karte hain ke hame sahi tarike aur gunahoo se bachaye..

                        • Mul ki [email protected] raj ji….Geeta ki ya koi bhi garnth ki hum aalochna nhi karte kyunki ye Doglapan humare me nahi hain bhai ye to aap me hain Granth ke sath Kalpit use karte hain aap chahe to mera blog bhi dekh sakte hain…AurRahi baat Geeta ki Aalochana ki to aap khud kar rahe hai bhia dekhe niche…According to Geeta 13:10
                          Mere param bhaav ko na janne wale murkh log mujh sampoorn bhooto ke mahan Ishwar ko shareerdhari samajh kar mera apman karte hai ..

                        • agar gunaho se “oopar vala ” bachata to islami atankvadi jo kai lkah ki snkhya me hai unko bhi bacha leta ? kyo nahibcha pa raha hai itna kamjor ab kyo ho gaya ?
                          asal me gunah ho ya achhai vah sab vyakti ke oopar hoti hai n ki “ooparvale ” par
                          ! muhammad ji ne kaaba sthit 360 murtiya “fenki” thi !
                          aap bhi durga adi ki alochna kar chuke hai !
                          firto apsb bhi dogle huye !
                          ham murtipujak nahi hai !
                          tabhi ham sabhi se khulkar baabtchit kar lete hai !

                        • jab kahi koi baat likhi hogi tabhi to padhi jayegi !
                          jab kahi koi baat sunaai jayegi tabhi to suni jayegi ?
                          lekin kuran ki pahali ayat to sunaai gayi thi n ki padhaayi gayi thi ? agar duao se bahala hona hota koi garib nahi hota koi anpadh nahi hota koi islami atankavdi nahi hota har chij keliye koshishb karni hoti hai n ki dua ?

                    • @ salim ji , bahut achhe ! tumhare allah me koi dam nahi hai uske singhasan ko 6-8 kalpit farishte kuran ke anusaar uthaye rahate hai varna vah satve asman se girkar dharti me mar jata !
                      puchta vah hai jo kam akl vala hota hai ! gyani to apne aap samajh leta hai jaise ek maata nanhe se bachhe ki bhukh jaan leti hai ! tumhara alah to ek mata sebhi gaya gujra hai narak svarag jannta aurjahannum kalpnik bate hai ! ap sabhi usi me fanse raho !

                      • In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. .
                        .Dear raj jab Uppar wala aapko ek chhudra raqt se duniya me nikal sakta hain aur duniya se out of coverage kar sakta hain to wo kuch bhi kar sakta hain bhai…aur jo use mante hain aur gaib pe yakin rakhte hain aur kayam karte hain Namaz whi to Momin hote hain bhai…tumhre samjh me ye nhi aayega…

                        • Qurane pak me aise logo ka zikkra bhi aya hai ,Jinke bare me kaha gya hai ki…bahre hain, Gunge hain, ANdhe hain, wo ab nhi paltenge kyoinki inko dilo par gard jamma ho chuki hai….lakin ye tum nhi samjhoge kyunki Hazaro nishaniya dekhne ke baad bhi Us Allah ki kuvat par shak to ek Nastik hi kar sakta hain aur Nastik ka koi Mazahb nhi hota….jaha tak rahi Momin ki baat to According to Qurane Surh Mulk 67 Aayat 2)Pak..Allah ne Hume ek baar duniya ki Zindagi aur Maut di hume parkhne ke liye.

                        • jab kuran apni baat thik se nahi samjha payega tab vah krodh me yahi bat to kahega ki samjhenvala padhne vala andha bahara adi hai yah to bahut asaan baat hai. agar kuran ki baat saty hai to kyo gair muslimo ko muslim banane ka abhiyaan chalaya jata hai kyo dhamki dekar unko muslim banya jata hai kyo k muslimo ko islam ko chodne par unko jaan se maarne ki baat kahi jati hai ! islam kia alocjhn akarn evale ko kyo jaan se mara jata hai islam se insaan ki jaan jyada ki mti hai aur rahegi

                        • kuran aur paak ? paraspar virodhi bate hai
                          dekhe kuran 2/54 jisme sirf bachde ki puja karne par apas me hatya karne ka adesh kurani allah deta hai ! 8/65-66 jisme gair muslimo se zehaad karne ka adeshb deta hai 9/5 gair muslimo ko ghaat lagakar chipkar hatya karne ka adesh deta hai , jo insano me bhed kare jo gair muslimo ko jaan se marne ki baat kahe aise kurani vicharo ko andekha kiya jana chahiye ? tabhi hamko kuran ko mul ki bhul kahane ko majbur hona hota hai !

                        • Mul ki [email protected] raj ji ….agar islam dhamki dekar talwaar par failata na to is waqt Is Mulq me tum hote bhi nhi …aur yahi sabse bra saboot hain tumhre liye mere bhai…aur yaad rako koi bhi Majhab dil se apnya jata hain kisi ki zor zabardastti se nhi…ye to sirf aur sirt tumhari gandi soch hain….aur jiske dimag me 2 aur 2 = 5 bat gaya hain usi ke liye ye bola gya hain bahre gunge andhe bhi hogne jo sab dekhte huwe bhi nasamaj honge…

                        • agar kurani allah sab kuch kar sakta tha to qurani gyaan dene ke liye farishto ko madhyam[shaayata ] kyo banaya ? sidhe bhi to de sakta tha kya sidhe gyan dene me kamjor tha ?
                          agar qurani allah sab kuch kar sakta hai to ky apka ya hamara athva kisi ka bhibachpan avapas la sakta hai kya vah svayam avatar lekar manushy ban sakta hai ?
                          kya vah aapke ya hamare athava any kisi ke ghar me bhojan banakar ham sabko sb khilakar”trapt” kar sakta hai ? isliye itni jhuthi baat mat kahiye

                        • kurani allah kitna zahil hai uska sabut delhiye dekhe kuran 96/1… jo kahi jati hai ki kuran ki sabse pahali surat hai usko vartman kuran me 96sthan me pesh kiya gaya hai !
                          aurkya kahab jata hai ki—– padh khuda ke nama se ——- kya qurani alalhb ko yah nahi pata tha ki muhammad anpadh tha ? fit r yahb kyo kaha ki padh khuda ke nama se usn eyah kyo nahi kaha ki “sun” khuda ke naam se kyoki hamari samajh me muhamma d bahara nahi tha ! kya farishta ayat likh kar laya tha ?

                        • Mul k bhul @ raj ji aapki baato se hume ye samjh me aaya ki aap gadhe hain par itne bare gadhe honge ye nhi socha tha yaar aapto MHA GADAHE hain…cahlo aapko ek misaal dete hain ..aap school me jaate hain aur teacher aapko kya kahti hain pahro A for Apple tab aap pahenge A for aaple B for Boy boy tab aap parhenge B for Boy G for Gadha to aap parhenge Ji for Gadha, M for Mul ki BHul to aap parhenge M for Mul ki bhul…samjh me aya apko bhia haaaaa… are aapko to kathast ka mtlab bhi nhi pata..

                        • aap apne ghar pe baccho ko kya kahte hain parhne ki liye ..maan lo ko aapne bachho ka time bana diya ki 7 se 8 baje tak parhai karni hain aur bachh us waqt nhi gya aur aap bahar se aaye to aap kya kahenge baccho ko jowo kaho ya jawo parho …ya samay ho gya parhne ka bolenge ya samay ho gya kahne ka….bolenge …are bhai sawal aise puchhu jisme dum ho aise murkhta purwak sawal ka kya hisaab se to aap ye bhi pucch sakte hain log muh se kyu baat karte Picchware se kyu nhi karte? haa haa

                        • Mul ki bhul @raj ji jab wo Rab aapko Raqt se nikal sakta hain aur aapko duniya se utha sakta hain to wo sab kuch kar sakta hain…apko bachpna bhi deta hain jawani bhi deta hain aur bdhaapa bhi deta hain …ab jisko ye nishaniya samajh ke bhi na samjhne ki kosish kare …aise logo ke baare me bataya gya hain andhe hain gunge hain bahre hain inko dilo par gard jama ho gayi hain…

                        • ati andhvishvasi shri afridi ji , wah bhaai wah ? kya javab diya hai aapne?\
                          jab masjid me khutba diya jata hai tab yah nahi kaha jata ki khutba padho ?
                          khutba suno aisa kah jayega? jin bachho se yah kaha jaata haiki padho to uske samnekitab hoti hai ya kala bord me a- for anaar likha hota hai ya bana hota hai ! aapto itne nadan nikle ki galat baat ka bhi kuran ka paksh lene lage jara sochiye agar yahi baat geeta me hoti to aap bhi uski alochna kar lete ab kuran me hai to aap zajbati

                        • zajbati hokar galat paksh lene lagejaise parivaar ka nadan mukhiya apne bachho ka galat paskh letman li ja hai !
                          agar apki hi baat maan li jaye ki bachho ki padhna hi bola jata hai ! tab ek samany abhibhvak aur kalpit qurani allah me kya antar raha hai uski yogyta bhi to samany parivar ke mukhiya ki tarah hi ho gaya hai aur yah sahi baat bhi hai ki qurani allah ek samany vyakti ki tarah hi tha quran ki ayat se sabit bi yahi hota hai !
                          quran ka yogyata se matalb bhi kya hai ?

                        • thik kaha hai aapne ? vah rakt kya viry[seeman] se manushy adi bna sakta hai lekin baad me fir manushy adi se rakt viry [`seeman ] nahi bana`sakta ? fir suniya apne kalpit allah se karodo muslim milkar khub dua kar lijiye ! iske baad bhi apka satveasman me baitha kalpit qurani allah apke ya any kisi ke ghar me bhojan banakar nahi khilayega ? ap ki aaj jo bhi umr ho ab aap nanhe bachhe isi jivan me bankar apni mata ji ka stan paan nahi kar sakenge chahe to ajma kar dekh lijiye

                        • Mul ki bhul @ raj …apne uppar sayad parha nhi…zra parhiye niche
                          Ab upar wala na to aapko dubara Maqa dega parkhne ke liye na apko bacha banayega ki aap apni Mata ji ka dobara satan paan kar sake .
                          According to Qurane Surh Mulk 67 Aayat 2)Pak.Allah ne Hume ek baar duniya ki Zindagi aur Maut di hume parkhne ke liye..parkhne ke liye …parakhne ka matlab to samjhte honge na fir sawal hi nhi uthta aur ab to ye uske hath me hi hain wo chahe kuch bhi kar sakta hain.qunki wo karim bhi…

                        • Sabka palan haar to whi hain na ki tum ho bhai…ye tumhare agni hain…ha haaa ..jab wo aapko raqt se nikal sakta hain to kuch bhi kar sakt hain …According .Artharv ved 13:4:12. Sirf who ek hi swayam se (Bina kisi ke janm diye) Akela vidhmaan hai. …kya isme bhi logo ne milawat kar di…kya?Ha haa..are kam se kam us kitab ki kuch sahi bato ko to mano jo wah kahti hain…According to Sirmad Bhagwat Mahapuran-10:84:11
                          . Mitti paththar aadi ki Murtiyaa dev nahi hoti hai..kaun galat hain…

                        • Mul ki bhul @ raj …aap bhojan banne ki baat kar rhe ho are bhai…apko to ye bhi nhi pata ki Us Rab ne insano ko duniya me bna bnaya bhojan khane ki liye bhi diya wo bhi direct asaman se..

                          ..char ayte wo bhi internet par parkar kuch nhi kar pawoge …aise hi kawo ki tarha Kaaw kaaw kaaw kaaw kaaw karte karte chale jawoge…are mere uppar puchhe huwe sawalo ke jawab to do bhai…kya doge jab pta hi nhi tumhe ..jawo puchho apne agni se Rawan ko kyu jalaya jata hain?

                        • Bana banaya Khana bheja hai upar wale ne? Acha phir to Mughlai banana chorh hi do tum log kitchen mein baith ke.Seedha jivit bakra kha jao. Khana bheja hai na.




                      • sabhi ko PK fim dekhni chahiye aur film niramata ka ahasan manana chahiye ki usmne aisi film banakar samaj ka bhala karne ki ek koshish ki
                        kuch bate uski galat bhi ho sakti hai jaise gaay ko chara khilane ki baat ka virodh karna
                        loktantr me sabhi ko apna najariya rakhne ka pura adhikaar hai
                        vah saath me bujdil bhi ho sakta hai jo islam aur isiayat ke pakahdo ko dikhane ki himmat nahi rakhta hai andhvishvas kuriti pakahnd kisi bhi samudaay me ho kahi bhi ho, uska virodh hona hi chahiye

                    • If koran is true word from allah then,
                      Why did he say that the sun sets in muddy water Sura 18:86.

                      If you think it is true, then you are braindead.
                      And if you think it is not true, then koran is a lie.

                      • quran to mul ki bhul hai uska gyaan simit buddhi vale simit singhasan mebaithn evale simit 6-8 farishte uske singhsan ko uthane vala jo itna simit ho i uska gyan bhi simit kyo nahi boga badbola pan kuch bhi kisi ka bhi ho sakta hai !
                        agar quran ka gyan saty hota to batlaiye jab pahali ayat muahammad ji ko pesh huye[ 96-1 padh khuda ke naam se —– kya gyani kahalaye jane vale ko itnabh i gyan nahi tha ki muhamamd to anpadh hai fir vah kaise padhta ? kitna murkh tha allah /

                        • adarniy shri salim ji , hamne paksh me dalil pesh ki hai fir aap” pahale” ki baat kya kar rahe hai ?agar kisi bat ka jyada prachaar ho gaya hai to vah baat jhuth bhi to ho sakti hai 1 jo hamne sirf ek baat puchi hai usko aap koi bhi muslim kahalaye jane vala batlaye ! hamare paas to quran par kai sau prashn hai uski pahal hamne us ayat se ki hai jo sabse pahale ane k ibaat ki jati hai ! vaise qurani allah bhi kalpit hai
                          farishte bhi kalpit hai
                          124000 nabi rasul bhi kalpit hai

                        • Mul ki [email protected] raj ji……..zra niche puche sawalo ko jawab dene ka kasat kare wo bhi tark ke sath….
                          1- Kalidass ji ko gyaan kisne diya..
                          2-Valmiki to dacoit the unko gyan kisne diya
                          3- Sur daas ji ko gyan kisne diya
                          4- karn ko gyan kisne diya.aur aap apni ma ke paas kaise aye baap se ya ma se please dont mind
                          5- Ramkirsna parmhans ka naam to suna hi hoga aapne to unko gyaan kisne diya….bhai
                          6-Kanthast ka arth kya hota hain…kirpya batye..

                        • Saleem bhai kis mul ki bhul se aap bahas kar rahe hain…are ise to ye bhi nhi pata ki jis dharm ki ye baat kar raha hain uska kahi vedo me grantho me naam hi nahi..hain…saleem ye sirf Muh ka Daroga hain jiska kaam hain MUh Khola aur Bhak se BOla..wo sahi hain ya galat zra bhi na tota..
                          Mul ki bhul @ raj ji Dalil ka Arth bhi tumhe pata hain kya hota hian..zra niche paro.According to Yajurved..Na tasya pratima Asti..For the God .there is no image ,Picture statue ..partima, ise kahte hai…

                        • adarniy ghor bhramjit shri afridi jo hamare parshno ka uttar dene me asfal rahata ho tab uske prashno ke uttar dene ko kais ebadhy kiya ja sakta hai ! aap vishyantar baat karrahe hai aapne 1-6 tak prashn rakhe hai gyaan lene ka sirf ek rasta nahi hai vah anek tarah se e aa sakta hai
                          kanthasth ka arth hai yaad rakhana! aap yajurved ki baat karte hai hamne kab prtima ki puja karne ki baat kahi hai ! aur jo kaaba ko chumte ho vah pratima ka virodh karne ka munh nahi hai!

                        • @ Afridi: Just answering your 6 questions here:
                          1- Kalidass ji.. ….. This was given by his intense craving to learn. His untiring efforts to learn Vedas and Sanskrit made him best scholar.
                          2-Valmiki to… Vairagya led him to learn.
                          3- Sur daas ji .. Bhakti led him to know
                          4- karn ko gyan … Lord Parshuram ne.
                          5- Ramkirsna parmhans .. His cravings for God made him to know God.
                          6-Kanthast ka arth kya hota hain…. This means very good memory, nothing to do with Knowledge.

                        • @raj.hyd

                          Jab Allah tumhe Zah- num/ nark ki aag me dalenge tab tum pachh ta-oge ki agar salim bhai ki bat mankar allah ko ishwar man liya hota aur muhammad ji ko paigamber to aaj ye din na dekhna padta. Jab tum jahanum me baar baar chilao-ge bachao-2 par tumhe bachane koi nahi aaye ga.

                        • @ Shri Raj ji…..
                          Yaha par ap kuch bhul gaye…
                          Mul ki bhul ke baad ap kuchh kalpito ki suchi b batate hai….
                          Wo gaayab kyu hai?
                          @ Salim ji…
                          Vedo ki bhasha kabhi dead na thi aur na hi kabhi hogi….
                          Bhasha ki bolne me vividhta aa jati hai kintu shabd wahi hai aj b kai…
                          Jab ham shabdo ka prayog karte hai to aakalan kar lijiye…..
                          Aur bhasha ke tark se kya karna hai is lekh ka ?
                          Aur Agniveer ji ki baat kewal anpadh logo ko hi Samajh me nhi aati hai…..
                          Sikshit logo ko kabhi b koi apatti nhi hogi Inke kisi b lekh se….

                      • Sun sets in murky water !!! A very good and intrigue meaning is there which is already been in Vedas. Sun is the symbol of true knowledge and murky water symbolizes the evil mind and avarice. This ayat is as per the Vedic knowledge which says that even the most learned minds (sun) cannot escape from the minds avarice (Maya).. .. Whatever in the Quran, it is already there in Vedas and in more graceful and profound way.

                        • @ Arunes the below sutra are also mention in vedas just want to know is this right or wrong?

                          According to Yajurved ..33:10
                          Wo shareer vhin aur Suddha(Paak) Hain……

                          According to Yajurved 32:3 says…
                          Uski koi PRATIMA nahi hai uska naam hi atyant mahan hai sabse bada yash yahi hai.

                        • When kalidas was got married ?what was his age in that time? why his wife biddona neglect him? You told vedas and sansakrit made him best scholar..but how ? you mean for intense only…where and which chapter it is mention….?I agree with your 5 no answer please convey it to Mr.raj..

                        • First thing….
                          @ Afridi bhai bura lage to lage…
                          Ap logo ko adhura gyaan hi lena achha lagta hai Vedo se….
                          Apko mai batata hu ki Vedo ka Ishwar kaise alag hai kisi dusre kalpit Ishwar se…
                          Ya jis gadhe ne ap logo ko ye bataya hai usne ap sabhi ko b apne jaisa bana diya….
                          1.Usne pahle apko ye nhi bataya ki vedo me pashuhataya mahapap hai…
                          Pashuwo ki hatya manushya hatya saman hai aur Ved hamesha shakahari Bhojan ka aahaar karne ke liye kahte hai….
                          2: pata nhi kitne logo ne bataya ki Unki koi patina nhi hai aisa yajurveda me likha hai to haa ye b satya hai…
                          Ki Ishwar ki koi pratima nhi hai….
                          kintu kisi k dharma granth me saaf saaf likha hai ki kalpit Ishwar ne Pahla manushya apne haatho se banaya hai….
                          To hamaara Ishwar alag hai Kyuki wo kalpit nhi hai….
                          Aur bhai Tum logo ko kuch nhi pata hai na hi hamaare vedo k baare me aur naa hi hamare dharm k baare me.
                          Tumhe ye b nhi pata hai ki Ishwar aur Devi Devtao ka an tar kya hai…
                          Mai bus yahi salaah dunga ki pahle Tum saare lekh padho Agniveer ji ke…
                          Uske baad socho…
                          3.Aur Haa vedo ne ye b kabhi nhi kaha ki Angels aur Prophets b Ishwar bhejte hai logo k beech…
                          Samjha to ye saari baat muje nhi lagta ki wo gadha tum sabse kyu nhi batata….
                          To vedo ka gyaan se apna ullu mat seedha karo…
                          Aur yadi koi parshna tumhare book se punchhe to tum apne book se hi jawaab do…
                          Ved sansaar ka Granth hai use ham b maanate hai kintu jo uska paalan kare…
                          Kisi gadhe ki baat mat suno…
                          Kya pata ki sachhai kuchh aur hi ho….

                    • 1400 years ago, the first DRACULA which appeared on the face of earth in the arabian desert should have been eliminated then and there itself.

                      The whole of humanity continues to pay the price of not doing that.

                      And it (human race) will have to continue to do so as long as they treat all the DRACULAs (which kill, rape and convert remaining humans into DRACULAs) as fellow human beings and not as DRACULAs and continue to negotiate with them peacefully until one day they themselves become a…

                    • It’s silly to ask a tiger why it is so cruel. And it is stupidity to ask it to become graceful. There is no good or bad tiger. Only one thing can be done. Just shoot it!

                    • Brilliant article,

                      I hope this awesomely presented facts may initiate the process of converting brain dead zombies (Jihadis) into logically thinking human beings.

                      Brilliant write up again.

                    • you idiot agneevir uneducated no body compere to Islam is golden and christen is silver Jew is Also truth religion other than all religion fake barberic mostly Hindu

                    • @Agniveer
                      __________They teach you that non-Muslims are Kafirs____________ (Agniveer thinking)

                      We are not blind that any Mullah can misguide us. . Non-Muslim / Mushriks/ Kaffirs are impure declared by Allah. We must all believe in this fact. Glorious Quran says

                      [Quran 9:28]
                      {Verily, the Mushrikoon (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allaah, and in the Message of Muhammad – – are Najasun (impure).

                      • @Agniveer
                        ___________Truth is that Islam has been hijacked from very inception____________

                        I laugh at your stupidity. Without reading Quran you are giving lecture to Muslim.

                        Please do not talk nonsense bring proof from Quran. Allah himself declared in Holy Quran that he is protector of Quran

                        Quran 15 : 9 Chapter Al-Hijr

                        Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur’an) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption) .

                        • @Salim

                          Brother instead of criticising non-muslims, u should search for lost ayats of holy Quran or original Quran… as claimed by one of ur sect.

                          I think Islam is going to an end nd new prophet is going to come ref: Quadrani sources…. so m sure in original Quran it should have written Surah lost 1“kill those innocent muslim children and prophet will come with a new holy book”

                      • Ya think…
                        Remember in Islam when you preach it applies to one’s self first and foremost.

                        A reminder from what you should know and understand…
                        17 : 36 “You shall not accept ANY information, unless YOU verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, AND the BRAIN, AND YOU are RESPONSIBLE for USING them.”

                        41:22 “There is no way YOU can hide from YOUR own hearing, YOUR eyes, or YOUR skins. In fact, YOU thought that THE GOD was unaware of much of what you do.”

                    • If we believe Islam is misunderstood :-Then why other religious people don’t misunderstand their religious books like Geetha and Bible.
                      How come ISIS and Taliban and so many millions “misunderstand” Islam the same way?

                      Terrorism sin. To remain silent against terror is even greater sin.

                      Killing innocent boys, no religion or no GOD accepts. Taliban you are the coward, you dont have guts to fight face to face, Just give a stick in any innocent

                    • “Vedas are first message of Allah and Quran the final one….
                      can any muslim answer this, if they do i will accept islma…my question is..
                      Vedas say there is rebirth till you get moksha or salvation and God has not created any hell and heaven…
                      but koran says there is no rebirth and allah has created hell and heaven….if vedas and koran came from allah why there is a difference

                      Scared Dr. Zakir Naik running from debate for so long. Why?