Agniveer Code of Conduct

1. No Agniveer representative would indulge in any activity that is against the constitution or law of the land. Agniveer organization would have nothing to do would any individual/group that transgresses this code and disowns any responsibility for any anti-constitutional or illegal act or its repercussions on the individual, group or anyone else.

2. The primary motto of Agniveer is to promote tolerance, peace, brotherhood, honesty and nationalism across all sections of society. Agniveer does not believe in any form of discrimination on basis of caste, religion, gender, region etc. All Agniveer representatives must adhere with this overriding principle.

3. All members of Agniveer at all levels deserve equal respect. All communications should be polite and respectful.

4. All Agniveer team members would strive to maintain high personal character and credibility to set right examples in society.