Agniveer Oath

All Agniveer members must take this Oath:

1. I completely understand and agree to Agniveer Vision and Mission and would strive to work towards them as per Code of Conduct.
2. I shall strive to set right examples for society through my own character and efforts.
3. I shall respect the law of the land and act accordingly.
4. I shall strive to disallow any negative emotion like hatred, fear, frustration, lust, anger, greed to affect my performance.
5. I have complete trust on Agniveer organization and leadership.
6. Unity of noble forces would be my prime objective.
7. I shall consider all Agniveer members as close family members and treat them with respect & dignity.
8. I agree that the Agniveer Constitution would be revised from time to time to improve its effectiveness. I agree to such revisions and would strive to adopt the same.
9. I shall work with honesty, discipline, commitment and perseverance with the aim of serving my motherland and humanity.
10. I shall always consider the Mission to be above my Self.

I, hereby, state that I have carefully read this Oath and agree to all the points. I also state that I am doing so as per my own free-will without any pressure from any entity whatsoever. I also state that I am of sound mind and completely stable mental state so as to make an unbiased rational decision. And my acceptance of this Oath is an outcome of this.