Agniveer Vision and Mission

Agniveer stands for truth, tolerance, compassion and character.

Agniveer Mission & Objectives:

1. To work towards an enlightened society that maximizes bliss for individual and society.
2. To follow the ideals of enlightened saints, humanists and patriots through worthwhile deeds.
3. To revive the glory of Vedas that considers entire humanity as one single family without artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion.
4. To fight against every form of injustice and discrimination.
5. To work for empowerment of needy ones.
6. To work for strengthening the righteous and decimating the strength of unjust.
7. To unite people for common action against any and every form of injustice in most pragmatic manner.
8. To protect and uphold the noble heritage of our noble role models and fight against any force that attempts to tarnish their image.
9. To keep interest of nation supreme.
10. To provide intellectual leadership for all noble causes.