Some Important Points on Joining Agniveer

1. Agniveer is not a theological cult. It does not care about how you worship God, whether you worship or not, what books you follow, which guru you adopt, what you eat, what deodorant you use etc etc.

2. Further to this, every member in Agniveer is entitled to have his own view on any subject in world irrespective of whether other members agree or disagree.

3. There are certain issues on which Agniveer has clear stance. All members must concur on these. You can find them on our site. Some relate to Uniform Civil Code, Article 370, Ram Temple, Reclaiming other temples, religious terrorism, love jihad, protection of cows.

4. We do not care what political party you belong to, who your contemporary hero is, which party you are allergic to, who you consider contemporary villain, which movie you like, which color you like to wear, which toothpaste you use etc etc. But all Agniveer members must have a single strong stand on core issues (Point 3)

5. As Agniveer member you are free to praise or condemn anyone and everyone, anything or everything, except show deviation on our issues mentioned in Point 3.

6. As Agniveer member, you must stand for other members irrespective of their divergent views and beliefs on issues that are not core to Agniveer.

7. Don’t expect the organization to entertain your demand to ask any member to mould his views on world as per your convenience.

8. Agniveer is neither democratic nor dictatorial. It is simply goal oriented. We have an immediate agenda to destroy swine flu and we act and adapt in best way for this. You must also do the same.

9. Agniveer is fast growing and becoming more structured as more members join and more projects we adopt. Anyone joining must be sensitive to it. Rather than complain, contribute. Once you are part of Agniveer, you must not behave as outsider. Rather lead a responsibility where you find a gap.

10. I do not have an executive role in Agniveer. I am founder. My role is to give directions and push others to execute so that organization thrives and succeeds beyond me.

11. You are free to be members of other organizations or groups.

12. No criticism of other Agniveer members must happen in public. We do not want members who fight their own brothers outside home.

13. Be respectful of others. Be responsible. Do not discourage anyone. Contribute as much as you can. If you feel others are not contributing enough, draw a longer line. Eventually, mission will grow. You will grow. And those who did not contribute will get extinct. Let your actions decide this course of future.

14. We will together learn, fall, rise, make mistakes, hit jackpots and move ahead. We are one team, one family. We can blindly trust each Agniveer that he is there to defend us. This must be motto of group action.

15. In case of points of confusion, follow the path of greatest good for most. Do not nit pick. Even if you disagree, go with collective decision and amend the mistakes by your actions. Like in a kickboxing match, what matters is what best you can do right now.

16. Irrespective of other roles, have a proactive role to generate funds. More funds means faster growth, more systematic execution, and more professional approach. Visit

17. For more, visit site, read About Agniveer, Vision, Mission, Oath, Code of Conduct, Terms etc as well as articles to decide if you would love to create history with most genuine and wise intentions.

18. As founder of Agniveer, I have a few special privileges.
One, if someone has to take a hit, I will be the first. An enemy must confront me before thinking of touching anyone else in Agniveer.

Two, if any project fails, onus is on me. If project succeeds, every Agniveer member deserves credit except me.

Three, I will work the most. From Sanskrit, to Vedas, to Self-Defense, to countering Jihadis, to all other projects necessary to revive Dharma, I will put the most effort. Everyone else may choose one or two preferred area.

19. Vande Mataram
– Agniveer Shri Sanjeev Newar

To join Agniveer, visit