Adina Mosque

Original Name: Adinatha Temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu)

Location: Pandua, West Bengal

Renamed as a symbol of Islamic atrocities: Adina Mosque

Today’s history mentions that Adina mosque was built by Sikandar Shah in 1358-90 AD, over a grand ancient Hindu temple. Adina mosque is said to be one of India’s biggest mosques.

It was also an ancient Shiva temple and also had a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Let’s know how.

– The walls are made up of grey stones of approximately 10 feet in height, and red stones all the way to the top of the structure. This is a clear proof and evidence indicating destruction of a Hindu temple and reconstruction of the mosque over the older grey base.

– On the way to the entrance, the carved images of Lord Vishnu are clearly visible.

– Additionally, typical Dwarapalakas or celestial gatekeepers found in every Vishnu temple across India and Asian sub-continent appears here in the Adina Masjid as well.

– On the main gallery on the first floor towards the entrance, are clearly visible the moulded and carved images of the Hindu god Vishnu.

– All over the Adina mosque, one can find Hindu and Vedic architecture or Vastu, carvings and design.

– The carvings of Hindu deities are found on two of the entrance gates along with lotus flower motifs and geometric mandalas.

– There is damaged slab with an image of Lord Ganesha and an idol of Lord Nataraja (the dancing form of Shiva) which are remnants of the temples glorious past and reminders of the deliberate destruction, plunder, loot of wealth and theft of Hindu cultural heritage.

– Carvings and motifs of the lotus flower, which is sacred to Hindus as symbols of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi and prosperity are found in the central prayer hall of the Adina mosque.

– Also, the official website of the West Bengal government states following: “Adina Masjid, built in 1369 by Sultan Sikander Shah. One of the largest mosques in India, it also typifies the most developed mosque architecture of the period, the orthodox design being based on the great 8th-century mosque of Damascus. Carved basalt masonry from earlier Hindu temples is used to support the 88 brick arches and 378 identical small domes.” 

Muslims must realise how their Hindu forefathers – Kafirs – and their cultural heritage – Hindu Structures – were forcefully converted to Islam. And they must unite with Hindus to intensify the movement of reclaiming their cultural heritage back.

This article is authored by Prerna Thiruvaipati ji.

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