The nautanki (drama) by fake-liberals (in media, bollywood, politics, corporate sector) reminds me of autocratic Jailor of English era in film Sholay played by Asrani. The Jailor would shout his bravados as if Hitler is no match. But would escort criminals till exit gate at mere mention of a pistol behind his back.

These fake-liberals (or do we call them feku-liberals) are no different. They know that ridiculing Hindu beliefs is no more dangerous and no less entertaining than playing Battlefield on their Playstations.

But the moment they are asked to confront demons that roam outside their gaming box in streets, they would seek the emergency route to toilet. Legends speak of the ‘brave warrior’ Uttar who boasted about his bravery among women in his palace. Yet, when he saw the vast army facing him in battlefield, Arjuna could see Uttar getting wet at wrong places and smell suspiciously foul.

Here are counter-measures to neutralize the foul smell:

Cow may be your mother. It is not mine. What about rights of a beef-eating Hindu? I will organize a “beef party”.

Your argument also applies to religions, religious figures, prophets, religious books, parents. I want to see which true-liberal has chutzpah to organize following parties:
– To burn holy book of a religion that means peace.
– To draw cartoons of holy figures of a religion that means peace.
– To tear photos of pilgrim destinations of a religion that means peace.

If you are true to your notions of liberalism and rights, organize such parties, share locations, post videos and reveal your addresses. We will do our bit to guarantee that these videos and address details become viral among peaceful people whose rights you pretend to protect.

Let us see which liberal Maardande Cashew, Bhosa De, Fatehal Actor, FasaUsDin Vahashi comes forward ——————–
What I serve in my plate is my choice. Who are you to decide?

1. What I burn in my stove is my choice. What I use to wipe my toilet is my choice. What paper I remove my spit with is my choice. This choice can go to any crazy extent. It can contain any image, any verse, any page from any holy book of any religion that is considered sacred by others but not me.

Fake-liberals like you will stop where you realize that this game will become risky. You will offend Hindus because Hindus are actually peaceful. But you will dare not offend those who claim to be peaceful. Because you know that if you do even one act like this, the wrath of peaceful may put you to peace forever.

2. That is why Agniveer follows true liberalism –

Respect others’ harmless sentiments. Defend your own.
If confused, choose the more kind and humane.

I will eat beef to protest against killing in Dadri.

Few months ago a rapist was lynched in Nagaland. Will you now rape to protest?


Beef-lover: (Bhosa De)

I just ate beef. Come and murder me.

Do it yourself. Jump from the balcony. Else it will be very messy.

Beef-lover: (Maardande Cashew)
I have eaten beef. Instead of attacking helpless people come 2 me. I have danda waiting for you and getting impatient.

1. Are you tweeting to mob? They do not even have twitter accounts.
2. You are the same person who said Netaji was Japanese agent and Gandhi British?
3. You condemned Salman Rushdie and had recommended that right to freedom must have reasonable restrictions to harmonize with public interest. Where was your danda then?
4. I just called you pig. Come to me with your danda. I promise to cure its impatience.

Cow cannot be anyone’s mother. I eat beef and will continue to eat.

Look at yourself. If a pig can be anyone’s son, why not cow can be anyone’s mother.

But I am not a pig. I am a human. I can think, speak, and write.

Pig with extraordinary abilities! Post your video on social media. It will go viral.

If cow is your mother, is bull your father?

1. This is why you are pig-headed. Sensible people look at essence. Pig-heads take things literally. If India is my mother, that does not mean Asia is my granny and World great granny. It only means I have similar sentiments for my country as I have for my mother.

2. If you really believe in taking things so literally, ask for ban on Vande Mataram. Its a different matter that we will do what it takes to deal with pigs spreading swine-flu.

3. Would you ask the followers of religion of peace If Kaba is the house of God, where is His toilet?

I saw you all laughing your hearts out when some alien PK made similar remarks on Hindus. This is where you are exposed. Always offend harmless Hindus but don’t touch religion of peace.

If I am a pig, where is my tail?


1. Search yourself. Ask your mother. She may have thrown it in dustbin considering it haram. You just admitted that you have rare abilities to think and speak.

2. If you are not a pig, don’t show your pig-head. Stop using your fingers to ejaculate nonsense on keyboard. Show restraint, give respect to earn respect.


You are a Hindu fundamentalist. You are justifying lynching.

1. You are a racist who hates me because of my birth and religion. No different from white supremacists like Ku Klux Klan.

2. Who has justified lynching? On contrary, Agniveer is against anyone like you (or the mob that kills) who creates Kangaroo courts and issues fatwas.

3. We offer condolences to innocents killed and deepest sympathies for their families. We must all support law to nab the culprits.

4. Those who have slightest common sense can see that killing an innocent human is wrong. But that does not imply that rape is justified. Or killing cow is legal.

This is an example of how Hindu fundamentalists are suppressing Muslims in India. Don’t you know India is a secular country?

1. This is an example of how video-game addicts like you are supporting the cause of Islamic terrorism by nurturing hatred in minds of Muslims against Hindus.

2. Who are you to issue fatwa on what happened, who did, who supported and with what motive? If you indeed know something valuable, please inform police and help bring justice. Do not sensationalize a stray unfortunate incident as a communal vendetta to get TRP or some kick. You may get the wrong kick. Do not try to be a Khaap Panchayat.

3. India is secular because of Hindus like us who respect personal beliefs of everyone, and are willing to control our own urges to respect sentiments of others. We shed tears when an APJ Abdul Kalam dies instead of sensationalizing the hanging of terrorists like Yakub Memon.

4. You accuse cow-lovers of lynching. But refuse to accept the fact that it was a group of cow-worshipping Hindus, vocal supporters of Agniveer ideology, who protected the family of deceased from the mob at risk of their own lives.

Do not pretend to be secular. You killed people in Gujarat and Mumbai riots. You destroyed Babri mosque.

1. Why are you pointing on me? Hang me, jail me – if I participated in any riot. Should I point on you that you performed genocide in Kashmir, you and your forefathers invaded India for last 1300 years, beheaded and raped in millions, and yet you glorify the terrorists like Babur and Aurangzeb, ?

2. Any riot is wrong. Killing any helpless woman or child is wrong. Religion, caste, region does not matter. Period. Agniveer stands against every such act. Unlike you who would vanish away when you are asked to stand for more serious cases of human rights violation happening in Kashmir, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and West Bengal.

3. As for Babur, he was a murderer and rapist whose name must be in Guinness Book of World records for being the greatest pervert ever born. Babri mosque was in memory of his gay sex-partner named Babri built over a sacred temple. There is nothing Islamic or human about Babur, Babri, or Babur’s aulaads who were equally devils. Go and read the autobiography of Babur instead of abusing Hindus.



We do not just support right to eat beef. We also support right to eat pork. See, we are unbiased to both Hindus and Muslims.

Cow is considered sacred as mother by at least 100 crore Hindus (and many Muslims as well). Pig is considered most disgusting animal by Muslims.

Cow is revered. Pig is abhorred. Only a moron will equate the two.

It does not matter to a Muslim whether you eat pig or kill it. All he asks is to keep pig away from him. For a Hindu, it matters what happens to mother. Just as it matters to you what one does with your mother.

A more close parallel of cow in Muslim world would be Holy Quran. Or Holy Prophet Muhammad. Or image of Holy Kaaba. Or think of eating pork in a mosque.

Killing cow in Hinduism is akin to disrespecting these symbols of Holy Islam.

We know you are too scared to even think of doing this. If not, share videos and your address details. Help us bring more popularity for you.

If yes, stop insulting my mother.

To continue read Part 2


Disclaimer: This is a creative fiction as per Disclaimer. Please agree to the Disclaimer before you read this article. If you read Disclaimer after reading the article, and do not agree to Disclaimer, forget whatever you read. If you cannot forget, go to a psychiatrist. But do not consider the comment section as a toilet.

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  • Dr. Ram Avatar ji in his book in Hindi titled “Jahan jahan Ram chalee jahan” traces the footprints of Lord Rama in the various places that he visited, especially on his trek to the south from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka. At a time when ignoramuses proclaiming themselves as scholars question the very existence of Sri Rama and the bridge, now known as Rama Setu, that he built across the southern ocean to cross over to Sri Lanka from the mainland, a thorough research study of all the places connected to the life and times of Rama is really the need of the hour. The original book in Hindi, embellished with more than two hundred and fourteen photographs of the places of Rama’s visit in his travels, has been translated into Kannada by Sri K.S. Nagaraj and its English rendering is now being made available to readers all over the country and abroad. It is hoped that the translation of the book in other regional languages will also come soon. A nation that is proud of its ancient history and heritage will ever survive the onslaughts of time and live for ever inspiring the posterity.

    In this way, as we go through the evidence, we can see how Lord Rama was an actual historic personality, as described in the Ramayana and in other Puranic texts. Nonetheless, there will always be those for whom no matter what you present for verification, it will not be enough. Some just won’t believe it. Some will, some won’t, so what, let’s move on. But many in the world already accept the authority of the Ramayana and other Vedic texts for the verification of the existence of Lord Rama.

    Jaya Sri Rama!

  • To the west of the town of Bellary on the south bank of Tungabadra is the small village of Hampi where the ancient Kishkinda is placed on general agreement by scholars. Longhurst on Hampi says Pampa Saras or Pampa Tirtha is on the Nizam’s side near the village Anegundi. Pampa is said to be the puranic name of River Thungabadra. Such is the story of the Ramayana that the names of several localities around Hampi are identical with those in the Epic. Griffith also thinks that the semi-civilized state of Kishkinda included a great part of the Deccan.

    Rama and Lakshmana accompanied by the Vanara Sena under the leadership of Sugriva and Hanuman marched towards the south and walked through the area now known as Chitaldroog District of Karnataka before reaching the Sahya Parvata or the Western Ghats. Trekking along the eastern slopes of this mountain, they should have crossed the river kaveri near its source, the Coorg Hills. Rice in the gazetteer of Mysore says, “it is generally believed that Rama crossed the Kaveri west of Srirangapatam near its junction with the River Lakshmana Teertha.” From there they reached Mahendragiri from where Hanuman took his leap to Lanka.

    Major Forbes in his book titled ‘Eleven Years in Ceylon” gives a good account of the various sites in this island whose names are connected with those in the Epic. The three prominent peaks in the Kandyan Hills are identified with the Trikuta Parvata and the barren area above Halaghatta with the gardens of Ravana that were burnt down by Hanuman. Sita Talava, the place where Sita was kept confined, Nikumbha where Indrajit did his penance, the Suvela Parvata and several other places connected with the Epic are shown and their respective locations appear to agree so closely with what is stated in the Epic.

  • Next morning, Guha got ready a boat for the party to cross the river. Taking leave of Guha, Rama, Seeta and Lakshmana started their long trek to the south. The spot on which Rama crossed River Yamuna to reach Chitrakoota is Kosum, which Cunningham identifies with the ancient town of Kousambi, capital of Vatsa Desha (the Doab). The modern town of Chitrakoota is situated in the district of Banda which is about five miles from the railway station of Karvi. The small hill of Chitrakoota is a part of the Binthachal range and is about five hundred feet high. Pilgrims walk round the hill which is never climbed because people believe Rama is still there. Nearby is the town of Sitapur with its numerous bathing ghats dedicated to the memory of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana and Hanuman. An important factor that lends support to identify the Bundelkand Hill with Chitrakoota is that the description of the fauna and flora given by Valmiki agrees with what prevails today in the area. Mallinatha identifies Kalidasa’s Rama Giri of *Meghadhoota *with ancient Chitrakoota. However, some scholars consider Ram Tek, which is eighteen miles north of Nagpur, as Rama Giri.

    Entering Dandakaaranya, Rama reached Panchavati where an abode was set up by Lakshmana for the three to stay and it was here Sita was abducted by Ravana. While some historians identify Panchavati with modern Nasik, there are others who hold the view that it must be the modern Badrachalam in Andhra Pradesh. After a long trek through dense forests in search of Sita, Rama and Lakshmana reached Sabari Ashrama which was located on the west bank of Pampa Saras. The district map of Bellary shows a Pampa Sagar on the north bank of Tungabadra. According to Professor Wilson, there is a Pampas Lake and also a river of the same name North of Tungabadra, the Pampa River starting from the Rishyamooka Hill joins the main river. Sabari received the brothers here. From there the brothers proceeded to Kishkinda.

  • Macdonall says, “Probably no work of world literature, secular in its origin has ever produced so profound an influence on the life and thought of a people as the Ramayana.” Valmiki, the author of Ramayana, was a contemporary of Rama and in fact, Sita, the wife of Rama, gave birth to Lava and Kusa in the Ashrama of Valmiki. Valmiki’s ashrama is shown at a site in Bithoor which is about thirty miles north of Kanpur and one hundred and ten miles off Ayodhya, on the west bank of River Ganges.

    Renowned historians have traced on the modern geographical map of India the locations of various places mentioned in the Epic. On the occasion of the All India Seminar on Ramayanam held at Trivandrum in 1973, Sri V.D. Ramswami had brought out a book on “Sri Rama Pada Yatra” covering the places visited by Rama during his itineraries, with maps illustrating his trek in the forests. Rama had undertaken two *padayatras* or long walks in his lifetime. The first one was when he along with his brother, Lakshmana, accompanied his Master, Rishi Vishwamitra, into the forest to protect the sacrificial rites conducted by Rishis in the hermitages, from the onslaught of Rakshasas. The second and longest march that Rama undertook was during the Vanavasa to keep up the promise that Dasaratha made to Kaikeyi and to fulfil the wishes of his step mother that he should go into the forest for fourteen years, leaving the throne to her son, Bharata. In this second *Paada yaatra*, Rama was accompanied by his faithful wife, Sita and brother, Lakshmana. The people of Ayodhya, not willing to leave him, chased his chariot up to the northern bank of River Tamasa (R. Tons). Here, in the night, Rama gave a slip to the people who were tired and had fallen asleep, and reached Sringiberapura on the banks of Ganges, where Guha received him, his wife and brother. This place is identified as Singour of modern times.

  • Epics, unlike mythologies, are historical narratives and the events depicted in them are actual occurrences in history. Historians of East as well as West have successfully fixed the dates of Rama and Krishna and have also identified the places associated with them. Dismissing the contention that Ramayana is only a literary piece or an allegory woven out of the imagination of a poet, Griffith asks, ” How could an Epic so dear in India to the memory of the people, so deeply rooted for many centuries in the minds of all, so propagated and diffused through all the dialects and languages of those regions, which had become the source of many dramas, which are still represented in India, which is itself represented with such magnificence year after year and to such crowds of people in the neighbourhood of Ayodhya, a poem which at its very birth was welcomed with such fervour as the legend relates, that the recitation of it by the first wandering rhapsodists, has consecrated and made famous all the places visited by them, and where Rama made a longer or shorter stay, how I ask, could such an Epic have been purely allegorical?”. Gorressio thinks that, some events must have happened in the distant past the memory of which has so impressed itself indelibly on the fancies of the Hindus that there is no possibility of the story ever dying until some geological alterations of the features of the country come to pass. Pargitter says that ‘the geographical knowledge revealed in the Epic could hardly have been obtained except by actual visit to these places by some persons.’ Monnier Williams among his many tributes he pays to the Epic, ranks the Ramayana as the beautiful composition that has ever appeared at any period or any country. Swami Vivekananda proclaims, “In fact the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are the encyclopaedias of ancient Aryan life and wisdom, portraying an ideal civilization which humanity has to aspire after.”

  • According to the Planetarium software, it provides the following date: Sri Rama Navami – 10th January 5114 BCE – Birth Day of Rama, Observation at 12.30 p.m.

    Bhatnagar continues: “By using a powerful planetarium software, I found that the planetary positions mentioned in Ramayana for the date of birth of Lord Ram had occurred in the sky at around 12.30 p.m. of 10th January 5114 BC. It was the ninth day of the Shukla Paksh of Chaitra month too. Moving forward, after 25 years of the birth of Lord Ram, the position of planets in the sky tallies with their description in Ramayana. Again, on the amavasya (new moon) of the 10th month of the 13th year of exile the solar eclipse had indeed occurred and the particular arrangement of planets in the sky was visible. ( Date comes to 7th October, 5077 BC). Even the occurrence of subsequent two eclipses also tally with the respective description in Valmiki Ramayana. (Date of Hanuman’s meeting Sita at Lanka was 12th September, 5076 BC). In this manner the entire sequence of the planetary positions gets verified and all the dates can be precisely determined.”

  • Pushkar Bhatnagar, author of the book Dating the Era of Lord Rama, claims that there is a significant amount of information available to prove that Rama was a historical personality. He says, “Valmiki, who wrote the Ramayana, was a contemporary of Rama. While narrating the events of the epic, he has mentioned the position of the planets at several places.” He explains that by using recent planetary software, it has been possible to verify that these planetary positions actually took place precisely as specified in the Ramayana. These were not just stray events, but the entire sequence of the planetary positions as described by Valmiki at various stages of Rama’s life can be verified today as having taken place.

    Bhatnagar goes on to explain: “This information is significant, since these configurations do not repeat for lakhs of years and cannot be manipulated or imagined so accurately, without the help of sophisticated software. The inference that one can draw is that someone was present there to witness the actual happening of these configurations, which got recorded in the story of Rama.”

    Bhatnagar provides the following quote from the Ramayana: “Rama was born on the Navami tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra masa (9th day of the increasing phase of the moon in the lunar month of Chaitra). At that time, the nakshatra was Punarvasu, and Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus were in Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Pisces respectively. Lagna was Cancer and Jupiter & Moon were shining together. — Ramayana 1.18.8,9

    The conditions can be summarized as follows, according to Bhatnagar:
    1. Sun in Aries
    2. Saturn in Libra
    3. Jupiter in Cancer
    4. Venus in Pisces
    5. Mars in Capricorn
    6. Lunar month of Chaitra
    7. 9th day after New Moon (Navami Tithi, Shukla Paksh)
    8. Moon near Punarvasu Nakshatra (Pollux star in Gemini constellation)
    9. Cancer as Lagna (Cancer constellation rising in the east)
    10. Jupiter above the horizon

  • In literature, we have the Ramayana and other texts such as the Puranas which also relate and verify the history and existence of Lord Rama. People from many other regions of the world have also accepted the Ramayana as worthy of attention, devotion, and historical evidence. For example, we can see the affects of the Ramayana tradition in many countries who have adapted their own form of the Ramayana and worship of Lord Rama, especially in the countries of Southeast Asia. These include Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia (Capuchia), Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Other areas can also be found where the influence of the history of Lord Rama is in affect, such as the continent of Africa was once known as Kushadvipa for having been ruled by Kush, one of Lord Rama’s sons.

    The other fact is that many millions of people feel the reciprocation from Lord Rama whenever they engage in devotion to Him, or read the Ramayana, or hear the Ramayana in a katha, or watch a television show or movie about Him, or go to one of the temples dedicated to Him. This cannot be denied or neglected. Just because we have insensitive politicians who cannot perceive this reciprocation does not mean that we all are so spiritually undeveloped. This dedication and reciprocation has spread throughout the world.

    There have also been astronomers who have identified the approximate time of the Ramayana by the descriptions of the stars and constellations as given in the Ramayana, or even in the Bhagavata Purana and other texts.

  • Nandita Krishnan continues to explain the importance of these holy sites, “All the places visited by Rama still retain memories of his visit, as if it happened yesterday. Time, in India, is relative. Some places have commemorative temples; others commemorate the visit in local folklore. But all agree that Rama was going from or to Ayodhya. Why doubt connections when literature, archaeology and local tradition meet? Why doubt the connection between Adam’s Bridge and Rama, when nobody else in Indian history has claimed its construction? Why doubt that Rama traveled through Dandakaranya or Kishkinda, where local non-Vedic tribes still narrate tales of Rama? Why doubt that he was born in and ruled over Ayodhya?

    “Rama’s memory lives on because of his extraordinary life and his reign, which was obviously a period of great peace and prosperity, making Ramarajya a reference point. People only remember the very good or the very bad. Leftist historians have chosen to rubbish archaeology, literature and local tradition.”

    Nandita Krishnan also adds that “Nobody believed that Homer’s Iliad was a true story till Troy was discovered after extensive archaeology. Unfortunately, the sites of the Ramayana and Mahabharata have now been built over many times and it may never be possible to excavate extensively either at Ayodhya or Mathura.”

    To further verify this aspect of the history of Lord Rama, Pushkar Bhatnagar concludes that geographical evidence for the epics is abundant. There still exist many places like Rameshwaram, Kishkindha, Kurukshetra, Hastinapura, etc. where the visits of Rama and Krishna are a basic part of local folklore.

    Lack of archaeological evidence is no excuse for denying the existence of history, sums up Bhatnagar. “If the buildings of that time over 7000 years ago do not exist today, can we just infer that civilizations and personalities of that time also did not exist?”

  • According to the Ramayana, Ravana brought Sita to Sri Lanka by a vehicle called ‘Pushpaka Vimanam’ by the Hindus and ‘Dandu Monara Yanthraya’ by the
    Sinhalese Buddhists. According to mythology, this vehicle landed at Werangatota, about 10 km from Mahiyangana, east of the hill station of Nuwara Eliya, in central Sri Lanka. Sita was then taken to Goorulupota, now known as Sitakotuwa, where Ravana’s wife, Mandodari, lived. Seetakotuwa is about 10 km from Mahiyangana on the road to Kandy. Sita was housed in a cave at Sita Eliya, on the Colombo-Nuwara Eliya road. There is a temple for her there. She is believed to have bathed in the mountain stream flowing beside the temple.

    North of Nuwara Eliya, in Matale district, is Yudhaganapitiya, where the Rama-Ravana battle took place. According to a Sinhalese legend, Dunuwila is the place from where Rama shot the ‘Bramshira’ arrow that killed Ravana. The Sri Lankan king was chalking out his battle plans in a place called Lakgala when the killer arrow struck him. Lakgala is a rock from the top of which Ravana could see north Sri Lanka clearly. It served as a watchtower following the expectation that Rama would invade the island to rescue his consort. Ravana’s body was placed on the rock at Yahangala for his subjects to pay their last respects. Since Ravana was a Brahmin, it was considered a sin to kill him, even in battle. To wash off the sin, Rama performed puja at the Munneswaram temple in Chilaw, 80 km north of Colombo. At Manaweri, north of Chilaw, there is a temple gifted by Rama.

  • भारतीय जानवर शेर हाथी चूहा भैंस ही क्यों ,, विदेशी जानवरकंगारू ज़ेब्रा डायनआसोर क्यो नही ??? ये देवी देवता के हथियार चाकू तलवार गदा त्रिशूल ही क्यों ? अब तो जमाना बंदूकमशीन गन का है , क्या आपको नही लगता के ये प्राचीन पाखन्ड़ लोगों की दिमाग की उपज थी ???? क्योंकि वो भारत मे रहकर विदेशों के जानवर , नदी , परिधान से अंजान थे , [Dr. Ritesh verma] …..धर्म का आविष्कार केवल शोषण के उद्देश्य से हुआ ,हमारे देश मे लक्ष्मी कुबेरकी पुजा होती है मगर हम फिर भी गरीब , जबकि अमरीका अरब अमीर , हमारेदेश मे इन्द्र्देव की पुजा होती है फिर भी हर साल बाड़ सूखा , भूस्खलन आपदा , जबकि यूरोप इंग्लैंड खुशहाल , हमारे देश मेअन्नकी देवी अन्नपूर्णा की पूजा होती है मगर फिर भी लाखों किसान भुखमरी से आत्महत्या करते हैं ,ब्राज़ील रूस का किसान खुशहाल ,विद्याकी देवी सरस्वती की पुजा हमारे देश मेहोती है फिर भी हम अशिक्षा से ग्रस्त, जबकि अमरीका इंग्लैंड अतशिक्षित , हमारे देश मे पुजा पाठ जैसे ढोंग के लिये उत्तराखन्ड़ गये तो लाखों भक्तों बच्चों बूड़ो महिलाओं को मार डाला, कभी भक्तोंकी बस खाई मे गिर जाती है कभी हादसा हो जाता है क्या आपको नही लगता के आपके दुआराधर्म वर्म का पालन सीधे तौरपे राजनेता एवं धर्म के ठेकेदारों को लाभ पाहुंचाता है , यदि पूजा अर्चना करने से आपको मन्न की शांति मिलती है तो मुल्लाओं को मज़ार दर्गाह , ईसाई को चर्च मे भी तो मन्न की शांति मिलती है , क्या आपको नही लगता के ये मात्र आपके मस्तिष्क का भ्रम है???? ,आखिर धर्म ने हमे दिया हीक्या है आज तक ????,सुख शांति संपत्ति तो दुनिया के करोड़ नास्तिकों के पास भी है.कृपया इसमुद्दे पर दिमाग से चिन्तन करें , दिल से नही ……

  • पाखन्ड का तान्डव किया ,जबसे ये सत्य उजागर हुआ तबसे आशाराम, योगी , चिन्मि।य्नन्द, नारायण साई , पंडित बाबा संत का धर्म से मोह्भंग हो गया और सब अश्लीलता अय्याशी मे लग गऐ| मगर जनता को धर्म मे उल्झाए रख कर लूटने के लिये , और राजनीति को बचाए रखने के लिये राम को सच साबित करने के लिऐ yotube website पर फर्जी विडिओ , और सामग्री डाल दिया |अब जब ये रहस्य से पर्दा उठने लगा है तबसे, हमारे देश के कुछ नेता अनाप शनाप बक रहे हैं , कोई कह रहा है के हमारे देश मेप्राचीन काल मे ही गणेश जैसे मानव की गर्दन काट कर उसमे हाथी का सर प्रत्यरोपित करके इस कृतम surgery को अंजाम दिया ,कोई फर्जी फ़ोटो वीडियो मे खोखले पत्थर नुमा आकार को राम लिख कर बालटी मे तैरा कर अफ़वाह फैला रहा है के रामसेतू का पत्थर तैरता है मगर जब कुछ शातिर लोग स्वयं जाकर देखा तो ऐसा कुछ था ही नही . . . . तो कोई कह रहा है के भारत मे देवता लोगो ने प्राचीन युग मे ही ATOM BOMB विकसित कर लिया थातो कोई कह रहा है के हमारे देश मे प्राचीन काल मे ही AIRPLANE, MISSILES,JET,विकसित कर लिया था, . . . .क्योकि ये राज्नितिग्या जानते हैं के अगर इस काल्प्निक धर्म की पोल खुल गई तो जनता को मूर्ख बनाना बंद हो जऐगा, और इंकी रोज़ी रोटी बंद
    …अमरनाथ मे एक गुफा है जिसके उपर सुराख से पानी टप टप टप टप गिरता रहता है जो सर्दी के मौसम मे जम कर लिंग का आकार ले लेताहै तो उसे भगवान का लिंग कहा जाता है | मगर switzerland मे एसे हज़ारो आकार बनते हैं , Antarctica मे एसे लाखो आकार बनते हैं , और आपके मेरे घर के refrigerator मे ऐसे छोटे छोटे लिंग केआकार बनते हैं | आखिर येसब किसके किसके लिंग हैं ????? और ये सारे लिंग गर्मियो मे क्यो पिघल जाते हैं????आखिर पिछले जनम की याद केवल भारत मे ही क्यो आती है लोगो को???ब्राह्मण भगवान के सर से पैदा हुआ , शत्रिये छाती से,वेश्य पेट से, शुद्र तलवे से तो jews muslim christian किधर से पैदा हुए ??? यदि गंगा नदी शिव जी की जटाओ से निकलती है तो यमुना नील अमेज़न तिग्रिस झेलम नदियां किसकी जटाओ से निकलती हैं ???? काल्प्निक देवी देवता लोग clean shave कैसे रहते हैं ? Gillete का इस्तेमाल करते हैं क्या , मगर ब्राह्म्मा की दार्ही मूछ कैसे ??? देवी देवता के खूबसूरत ब्लाउज़ साडी सूट परिधान का designer कौन?? फिटिंग कोनसा टेलर करता है ?? ये देवी…

  • “राम” एक काल्प्निक पात्र थे , पुरातत्व विभाग दुआरा कई वर्षो के शोध के बाद 2008 मे ये सिद्ध हुआ के रामसेतू 18 लाख वर्ष पूर्व “tectonic plates” के घर्शन दुआरा उत्पन्न हुआ , जो समुद्र तल तक गड़ा हुआ है | जबकि मानव जाति के जन्मे हुए अभी 1लाख वर्ष भी नही हुए , करोङो वर्षो पूर्व के Dianasaurs के अवशेष भी मिलगये मगर वानर सेना का कोई अता पता नही |इस प्रकार के सेतू जापान -कोरिया के बीच मे भी है , और इससे कई गुना बड़ा सेतु तुर्की द्वीप मे भी है |***रामसेतु का सच ****राम सेतु (Adams bridge) इसे अधिक पुराना होने के कारन आदम पुल भी कहाँ जाता है । राम सेतु (Adams bridge) पर नासा ने रिसर्च कर बताया कि यह पुल प्रकृति निर्मित है, मानव निर्मित नही । यह समुद्रमें पाये जाने वाले मूँगा (CORAL) में पाये जाने वाले केल्शियम कार्बोनेट के छोड़े जानेसे निर्मित श्रंखला है । जिसकी लंबाई 30Km. है । नासा ने इसके सैम्पल लेकर रेडियो कार्बन परिक्षण से बताया कि यहसेतु 17.5 लाख वर्ष पुराना है । मूंगा(Coral) समुद्र के कम गहरे पानी में जमा होकर श्रंखला बनाते है । विश्व में मूँगा से निर्मित ऐसी 10 श्रृंखलाएँ है इनमे से सबसे बड़ी ऑस्ट्रेलिया के समुद्र तट पर है । इसकी लंबाई रामसेतु सेभी कई गुणा अधिक 2500 Km है । विश्व की इन सभी दश मूँगा श्रंखलाओ को सेटेलाईट के द्वारा देखा जा चूका है ।नासा के रिसर्च अनुसार राम सेतु जब 17.5 लाख वर्ष पुराना है, तो इसे राम निर्मित कैसे कहाँ जा सकता है । जबकि मानव ने खेती करना /कपडे पहनना 8000 हजार वर्ष ईसा पूर्व सीखा है । मानव ने लोहा की खोज 1500 ईसा पूर्व की है ।मानव ने लिखना 1300 ईसा पूर्व सीखा है ।फिर **राम ** नाम लिखकर दुनियाँ के पहले पशु सीविल इंजनियर भालू नल-निल ने इसे कैसे बना डालामान्यता के अनुसार महाभारत नामक काल्प्निक युद्ध आज से लगभग 6000 वर्ष पूर्व हुआ जबकि श्री वेदव्यास जी ने महाभारतगीता आज से 2300 वर्ष पूर्व लिखा ,क्या घटना के 3700 वर्ष पश्चात उसका वर्णन स्विकार्य है ?यदि उस युग मे कोई chetan bhagat, spiderman, superman भी लिख देता तो आज वो धार्मिक सत्य कथा मानी जाती और उनके जन्म स्थान पर मंदिर बानाने का आहवान होता और राजनीति होतीये सारा पाखन्ड विदेशी आर्य दुआरा मूलनिवासी का शोषण करने के उद्देश्य से किया गया |इसी सन्दर्भ मे “मनुस्मृति” जैसी ग्रंथ को गड़ कर…

    • shri ratnakar ji dekhe manusmriti 6/92 jisme dharm kem lskahna batalaye gaye hai ! bahut si baate apki sahi hai. kalpnik devta aadi vale bate ! ‘aaj ke dharm me kuch bhi jod dijiye vah sab ko sachha man liya jata hai

    • Lord Rama: Fact or Fiction
      By Stephen Knapp

      As of late, in the year 2007, the idea of whether Lord Rama exists or not has been called into question, by no less than some of the politicians in India. So it is a wonder how such persons can be accepted as leaders of the people of India who should be concerned with preserving and protecting the culture of the country. Obviously, they are neither concerned nor aware of the depths of information that can be found in support of the traditions for which India is especially known. Or, they are really attempting to dismantle or destroy the authority of the timeless nature of the civilization of the country.

      In regard to Lord Rama, the point about ancient history is that the farther you go back in time, the fewer references you can use that actually refer to the incident in history. There may be many commentaries, but few quotations to the actual events.

      However, when it comes to the Ramayana and the history of Lord Rama, there have been numerous authors who have accepted the Ramayana as a history of ancient events. For example, the first Governor General of India, Sri Rajaji, wrote on the Ramayana and called it a history, as also did the English Indologist Sir William Jones. Various other western authors have made a study of the culture and history of the Ramayana, such as Philip Lutgendorf in his book Rama’s Story in Shiva’s City, California University; Joe Burkhalter Flueckiger and Laurie Sears in The Boundaries of Traditional Ramayana and Mahabharata Performances in South and Southeast Asia, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; W. L. Smith on Ramayan Traditions in Eastern India, University of Stockholm, and others.

      • There are also numerous places that are indicated as the locations where various events happened in reference to the pastimes of Lord Rama and Sita. Thus, they are accepted as historical sites. I have personally visited many of these places, such as Ramesvaram, Nasik, Hampi, and others where there are particular locations and sites that are related to the events that took place in the life and adventures of Lord Rama. Many people accept these sites as the locations for the events described in the Ramayana. So how can this be unless there are not some reality behind it?

        However, why is there not more archaeological evidence that points towards Rama’s existence? Because such an effort has not been made in India and systematic excavations have never been carried out, says historian Nandita Krishnan. She says that to doubt the existence of Rama is to doubt all literature. There is little archaeological or epigraphic evidence for either Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed, who are known only from the Bible and Koran respectively. Does it mean they did not exist? If Rama performs miracles such as liberating Ahalya, the Biblical story of Jesus walking on water or the Koranic tale of Mohammed flying to heaven on a horse are equally miraculous. Such stories reinforce divinity.

        She also describes in summary what areas the events of Lord Rama’s life took place. She explains: “The Ramayana is geographically very correct. Every site on Rama’s route is still identifiable and has continuing traditions or temples to commemorate Rama’s visit. Around 1000 BC or earlier, no writer had the means to travel around the country inventing a story, fitting it into local folklore and building temples for greater credibility.

      • “In 1975 the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) unearthed fourteen pillar bases of kasauti stone with Hindu motifs near the mosque at Ayodhya; reports of the excavations are available with the ASI. Rama was born in Ayodhya and married in Mithila, now in Nepal. Not far from Mithila is Sitamarhi, where Sita was found in a furrow, still revered as the Janaki kund constructed by her father Janaka. Rama and Sita left Mithila for Ayodhya via Lumbini. In 249 BC, Ashoka erected a pillar in Lumbini with an inscription referring to the visits by both Rama and Buddha to Lumbini. Ashoka was much nearer in time to Rama and would be well aware of his facts.

        “Rama, Lakshmana and Sita left Ayodhya and went to Sringaverapura – modern Sringverpur in Uttar Pradesh – where they crossed the River Ganga. They lived on Chitrakoot hill where Bharata and Shatrughna met them and the brothers performed the last rites for their father. Thereafter, the three wandered through Dandakaranya in Central India, described as a land of Rakshasas, obviously tribes inimical to the brothers’ habitation of their land. Tribals are still found in these forests. The trio reached Nasik, on the River Godavari, which throbs with sites and events of Rama’s sojourn, such as Tapovan where they lived, Ramkund where Rama and Sita used to bathe, Lakshmankund, Lakshmana’s bathing area, and several caves in the area associated with their lives in the forest.

      • “Rama then moved to Panchavati near Bhadrachalam (AP), where Ravana abducted Sita. The dying Jatayu told them of the abduction, so they left in search of Sita. Kishkinda, near Hampi, where Rama first met Sugriva and Hanuman, is a major Ramayana site, where every rock and river is associated with Rama. Anjanadri, near Hospet, was the birthplace of Hanuman (Anjaneya); Sugriva lived in Rishyamukha on the banks of the Pampa (Tungabhadra); Sabari probably also lived in a hermitage there. Rama and the Vanara army left Kishkinda to reach Rameshwaram, where the Vanaras built a bridge to Lanka from Dhanushkodi on Rameshwaram Island to Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. While parts of the bridge – known as Adam’s Bridge – are still visible, NASA’s satellite has photographed an underwater man-made bridge of shoals in the Palk Straits, connecting Dhanushkodi and Talaimannar. On his return from Sri Lanka, Rama worshiped Shiva at Rameshwaram, where Sita prepared a Linga out of sand. It is still one of the most sacred sites of Hinduism.

        “Sri Lanka also has relics of the Ramayana. There are several caves, such as Ravana Ella Falls, where Ravana is believed to have hidden Sita to prevent Rama from finding her. The Sitai Amman Temple at Numara Eliya is situated near the ashokavana where Ravana once kept her prisoner.”

        In describing the places in Sri Lanka that are associated with Lord Rama and the Ramayana, “Sri Lankan folklore and religious scholars have identified more than 30 places on the island which are associated with the Ramayana. And interestingly enough, people in these places have a strong sense of history and lore, and a strong sense of possession. They are proud of their association with the Hindu epic,” explained S. Kalaiselvan, director general Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. This is the case, even though 90 percent of the people in the Ramayana-related areas are Sinhalese Buddhists.

  • 6. Islam is empty with almost absolute poverty and distortion of love, empathy, sympathy, life, sacrifice, virtue, humanity, peace, freedom, death, Truth, Oneness, Good and Beauty as commonly understood. The Transcendentals and all spiritual words are DEFINED DIFFERENTLY by the Koran so these words are demons instead of angels as in Western Civilization. This fools many into thinking that Muslims agree when they use these words, but they are speaking a different language. When Mohammed spoke of the Gospels, he did not have the words to be accurate; he could not read himself, so he never really had the ability to present genuine Spirituality.
    7. Muslims who adore the Koran believe in POWER, any way and every way: words secretly defined differently, lying, cheating, stealing, enslaving, murdering, child sex, women clothed in sacks being suppressed and on all fours most of the time except when being told to suckle Mohammed or other demanding Islamic men. Muslims are Koraniacs or, for their own safety, must pretend to be.
    8. POWER is the real commerce, the only respectability, the only status, the only eros in Islam. The most important knowledge any Muslim must have is “to know your master (‘tyrant’ really)!” followed by absolute deference.
    9. POWER is the only spectator sport in Islam—a theatre of chanting screaming war-whoops from zombies stomping on people or on their knees digging their foreheads in the dirt. There is no love in Islamic rituals or in Islamic metaphors for life.
    10. Muslim scholars use bewildering mountainous word salads (hadiths and their other so-called “scripture”) presented as history and intelligence, but these words really are seductive selfish tendentious manipulations, fabrications, distortions, displacements, rationalizations and obsessions which hide and obfuscate the dehumanizing vicious beliefs, murderous intolerance and oppressing requirements of Islam.

  • ISLAM – Essential Facts to Know—Truth cannot be an “insult” nor a “phobia”….just irrefutable.
    by copyright c Samuel A. Nigro, M.D. January, 2011+January 2015
    1. Islam is not a religion of the one true God. Without TRANSCENDENTAL LOVE, Islam is a POLITICAL SYSTEM masquerading as a religion…There is no possible “separation of church and state” because the Koran and the Sharia makes them identical for Islam. In this way, Islam is unconstitutional in America. Islam is pure primitive savagery and hardens the heart. Civilized cultures must offer Christianity at some minimum level or the culture is a disaster.
    2. Muslims are really idolators because they operationally ADORE a book (the Koran) and their founder, Mohammed—they are Koranaholics and Mohammedaholics.
    3. Mohammed was converted from paganism by Jews and Christians and he was essentially a Christian convert while in Mecca the first time (Mecca I) because there he was monogamous, a pacificist and certainly a Catholic mass attending monotheist. But after he left Mecca I, he contorted what he learned from Christianity into his own style of political paganism camouflaged as a monotheism of sorts–or those power-mad “emperors” taking his place kidnapped and deformed the real Catholic Mohammed of Mecca I.
    4. Muslims do not believe in LOVE–The over 6000 verses Koran mentions the word “love” about 80 times, and then, it is always in reference to what Allah loves or loves not. “Love” pertaining to human relationships and to relationships with a Loving God does not exist in Islam. Fearing LOVE is the worst of Muslim Westernophobia. The Koran is a public health hazard which should not be translated from Arabic–it creates murderers. There is no love in Islam. As now used, the Koran is a hate creating document to be prohibited.

    • dekhe kuran 2/54 jisme sir fbachade ki puja karne valo ko apas me hatya karne ki baat kahi gayi hai
      dekheb kuran8/65-66 jisme gair muslimo se jehad karne ko kaha gaya hai isse siddh hota hai ki kuran manvtavadi hargij nahi hai
      kuran to “mul ki bhul” hai

  • Itx clearly mentioned in quran that ven d day of judgement vl come closer false preachers like agni vl tend to spread peace but actualy they vl b most disgraced

    • Islam is a violent cult that glorifies death. That is why we see Muslims blowing up, killing, destroying, beheading etc., worldwide on a daily basis. Wherever Muslims live they create death, destruction & turmoil. Look at any Islamic country. Look at European countries that welcome them in. Muslims blame all their woes on the infidel, but they are unable to resolve their own problems. Death & destruction is what Islam has to give the world in the 21st Century. This islamic cult will be wiped out soon. It won’t last more than 50 years.

  • -Agniveer
    Brother You’r article is too poor to prove anything. First of all this imaginative Conversation between you and imaginative beef lover will not take place as you are showing it. I mean it’s even foolishness to even use it as a scholarly person.

    And this post is to somehow addressed to Muslim’s by you.

    You said that Cow is sacred to 100 crore Hindus but but but Sacrificing a Cow is sacred to 200+ Crore Muslim’s, so you’re argument is weak.

    Furthermore, all life is not sacred. If it would have been so, then we have to die but not eat anything as Plant’s also have life and feel pain.

    I saw you’re argument on that but that was incoherent as it still doesn’t explain that YOU KILLED A LIVING BEING ANYWAY. This is an irrefutable point to penetrate. You ENDED HIS EXISTENCE .

    Many Hindu Pagan’s try to convince by saying that it’s about inflicting less pain which still is a poor argument at first place.

    1. Why would God create a Situation where we have no choice but to sin (as we are inflicting pain whether less or more) especially when reincarnation theory is very poor as it suggests God is incapable of Forgiving Sins and we have to pay it in next life thus making it a never ending process.

    2. There is no machine which has proved that ANIMALS FEEL MORE PAIN THAN PLANTS.

    3. When we dwell in Vedas and other scriptures we come across false Reasoning like ” Don’t kill animal’s they feel pain”. This shows that either text is false or it had been corrupted.

    And I was shocked to see how guy’s like you lie about Scholars like Dr. Naik.

    Dr. Naik has given 1000+ public lectures

    Agniveer had none

    Dr. Naik had given 100+ lectures where the audience where only Non-Muslims (Muslim’s not allowed)

    Agniveer feared to do so.

    All our scholars fight in front.

    You just write articles which many anti-islamic websites do(nothing great about it)
    Even I can do that.

  • Page-3

    21- 1867 में बहु विवाह प्रथा पर पुरे देश में प्रतिबन्ध लगाने के उद्देश्य से बंगाल सरकार ने एक कमेटी गठित किया ।

    22- 1871 में अंग्रेजों ने भारत में जातिवार गणना प्रारम्भ की।
    अजीब दोगलापन है, लोगो को आरक्षण से चिड़ है लेकिन अपनी जाति के उच्च होने पर गर्व है !
    सब्जी खरीदते समय जाति नहीं देखी जाती मगर उसी सब्जी को खिलाते समय जाति देखी जाती हैं।। फसल कटाई पर जाति नहीं देखते मगर उसकी बनी रोटियां खिलाते समय जाति देखी जाती हैं।। मकान बनबाने के लिए जाति नहीं देखते मगर जब मकान बन जाये तो उसमे बैठाने के लिए जाति देखते हैं।। मंदिर बनबाने के लिए जाति नहीं देखते मगर उसमें जाने के लिए जाति देखते हैं।। स्कूल या कॉलेज बनबाने के लिए जाति नहीं देखते लेकिन पढ़ाई के वक़्त जाति देखी जाती हैं।। कपङे खरीदते समय जाति नहीं देखते मगर उन्हीं कपड़ों को पहनकर उनसे दूर भागते हैं।। साथियों ये भारत देश हैं,, जहाँ कुछ मूर्ख लोग कहते हैं कि जाति व्यवस्था खत्म हो गई है। बुद्धिजीवियों का सामाजिक दायित्व…
    “इंसान जीता है,पैसे कमाता है,खाना खाता है और अंततः मर जाता हैं। जीता इसलिए है ताकि कमा सके… कमाता इसलिए है ताकि खा सके… खाता इसलिए है ताकि जिन्दा रह सके… लेकिन फिर भी एक दिन मर ही जाता है… अगर सिर्फ मरने के डर से कमाकर खाते हो तो अभी मर जाओ,मामला खत्म,मेहनत बच जायेगी। मरना तो सबको एक दिन हैं ही, नहीं तो समाज के लिए जियो, ज़िन्दगी का एक उद्देश्य बनाओं, गुलामी की जंजीरो में जकड़े समाज को आज़ाद कराओं। अपना और अपने बच्चों का भरण पोषण तो एक जानवर भी कर लेता हैं। मेरी नज़र में इंसान वही है जो समाज की भी चिंता करे और समाज के लिये कार्य भी करे। नहीं तो डूब मरे ,अगर जिंदगी सिर्फ खुद के लिये ही जी रहे हैं तो”………………

    इस मैसेज को इतना फैलाओ कि दुनिया के सभी समाज जाति के लोगों के पास पहुंच जाये और उन्हें पता चल जाये कि दलितों को आरक्षण क्यों मिल रहा है ।
    जिसकी रगों में एक दलित समाज के व्यक्ति का खून होगा वो बेझिझक इस मैसेज को सभी ग्रुपों में भेजेगा ।

    और साथियों OBC वर्ग के लोग जो खुद को शूद्रों से अलग बतातें हैं वो भी शूद्रों की श्रेणी में गिने जाते हैं ।

  • Page-2
    10-1834 में पहला भारतीय विधि आयोग का गठन हुआ। कानून बनाने की व्यवस्था जाति, वर्ण, धर्म और क्षेत्र की भावना से ऊपर उठकर करना आयोग का प्रमुख उद्देश्य था।

    11-1835 प्रथम पुत्र को गंगा दान पर रोक (ब्राह्मणों ने नियम बनाया की शुद्रों के घर यदि पहला बच्चा लड़का पैदा हो तो उसे गंगा में फेंक देना चाहिये।पहला पुत्र ह्रष्ट-पृष्ट एवं स्वस्थ पैदा होता है।यह बच्चा ब्राह्मणों से लड़ न जाय इसलिए पैदा होते ही गंगा को दान करवा देते थे।

    12- 7 मार्च 1835 को लार्ड मैकाले ने शिक्षा नीति राज्य का विषय बनाया और उच्च शिक्षा को अंग्रेजी भाषा का माध्यम बनाया गया।

    13- 1835 को कानून बनाकर अंग्रेजों ने शुद्रों को कुर्सी पर बैठने का अधिकार दिया।

    14- दिसम्बर 1829 के नियम 17 द्वारा विधवाओं को जलाना अवैध घोषित कर सती प्रथा का अंत किया।

    15- देवदासी प्रथा पर रोक लगाई।ब्राह्मणों के कहने से शुद्र अपनी लडकियों को मन्दिर की सेवा के लिए दान देते थे। मन्दिर के पुजारी उनका शारीरिक शोषण करते थे। बच्चा पैदा होने पर उसे फेंक देते थे।और उस बच्चे को हरिजन नाम देते थे। 1921 को जातिवार जनगणना के आंकड़े के अनुसार अकेले मद्रास में कुल जनसंख्या 4 करोड़ 23 लाख थी जिसमें 2 लाख देवदासियां मन्दिरों में पड़ी थी। यह प्रथा अभी भी दक्षिण भारत के मन्दिरों में चल रही है।

    16- 1837 अधिनियम द्वारा ठगी प्रथा का अंत किया।

    17- 1849 में कलकत्ता में एक बालिका विद्यालय जे ई डी बेटन ने स्थापित किया।

    18- 1854 में अंग्रेजों ने 3 विश्वविद्यालय कलकत्ता, मद्रास और बॉम्बे में स्थापित किये। 1902 में विश्वविद्यालय आयोग नियुक्त किया गया।

    19- 6 अक्टूबर 1860 को अंग्रेजों ने इंडियन पीनल कोड बनाया। लार्ड मैकाले ने सदियों से जकड़े शुद्रों की जंजीरों को काट दिया ओर भारत में जाति, वर्ण और धर्म के बिना एक समान क्रिमिनल लॉ ला़गू कर दिया।

    20- 1863 अंग्रेजों ने कानून बनाकर चरक पूजा पर रोक लगा दिया (आलिशान भवन एवं पुल निर्माण पर शुद्रों को पकड़कर जिन्दा चुनवा दिया जाता था इस पूजा में मान्यता थी की भवन और पुल ज्यादा दिनों तक टिकाऊ रहेगें।
    Contd page-3

  • Page-1
    अंग्रेजों ने भारत पर 150 वर्षों तक राज किया ब्राह्मणों ने उनको भगाने का हथियार बन्द आंदोलन क्यों चलाया? जबकि भारत पर सबसे पहले हमला मुस्लिम शासक मीर काशीम ने 712ई. किया! उसके बाद महमूद गजनबी, मोहम्मद गौरी,
    चन्गेज खान ने हमला किये और फिर कुतुबद्दीन एबक, गुलाम वंश, तुग्लक वंश, खिल्जी वंश, लोदी वंश फिर मुगल आदि वन्शजों ने भारत पर राज किया और खूब अत्याचार किये लेकिन ब्राम्हणों ने कोई क्रांति या आंदोलन नहीं चलाया! फिर अन्ग्रेजों के खिलाफ़ ही क्यो क्रांति कर दी
    जानिये क्रांति और आंदोलन की वजह

    1- अंग्रेजो ने 1795 में अधिनयम 11 द्वारा शुद्रों को भी सम्पत्ति रखने का कानून बनाया।

    2- 1773 में ईस्ट इंडिया कम्पनी ने रेगुलेटिंग एक्ट पास किया जिसमें न्याय व्यवस्था समानता पर आधारित थी।
    6 मई 1775 को इसी कानून द्वारा बंगाल के सामन्त ब्राह्मण नन्द कुमार देव को फांसी हुई थी।

    3- 1804 अधिनीयम 3 द्वारा कन्या हत्या पर रोक अंग्रेजों ने लगाई (लडकियों के पैदा होते ही तालु में अफीम चिपकाकर, माँ के स्तन पर धतूरे का लेप लगाकर, एवम् गढ्ढा बनाकर उसमें दूध डालकर डुबो कर मारा जाता था)

    4- 1813 में ब्रिटिश सरकार ने कानून बनाकर शिक्षा ग्रहण करने का सभी जातियों और धर्मों के लोगों को अधिकार दिया।

    5- 1813 में अंग्रेजों ने दास प्रथा का अंत कानून बनाकर किया।

    6- 1817 में समान नागरिक संहिता कानून बनाया (1817 के पहले सजा का प्रावधान वर्ण के आधार पर था। ब्राह्मण को कोई सजा नहीं होती थी ओर शुद्र को कठोर दंड दिया जाता था। अंग्रेजो ने सजा का प्रावधान समान कर दिया।)

    7- 1819 में अधिनियम 7 द्वारा ब्राह्मणों द्वारा शुद्र स्त्रियों के शुद्धिकरण पर रोक लगाई। (शुद्रों की शादी होने पर दुल्हन को अपने यानि दूल्हे के घर न जाकर कम से कम तीन रात ब्राह्मण के घर शारीरिक सेवा देनी
    पड़ती थी।)

    8- 1830 नरबलि प्रथा पर रोक ( देवी -देवता को प्रसन्न करने के लिए ब्राह्मण शुद्रों, स्त्री व पुरुष दोनों को मन्दिर में सिर पटक पटक कर चढ़ा देता था।)

    9- 1833 अधिनियम 87 द्वारा सरकारी सेवा में भेद भाव पर रोक अर्थात योग्यता ही सेवा का आधार स्वीकार किया गया तथा कम्पनी के अधीन किसी भारतीय नागरिक को जन्म स्थान, धर्म, जाति या रंग के आधार पर पद से वंचित नही रखा जा सकता है।
    Cntd page-2

  • The cows also supply up to 800 tons of manure each year for fuel. Cow dung gives a slow even heat, good for cooking. Using coal for cooking would cost 1.5 billion dollars a year. And besides, believe it or not, cow dung kills bacteria and is antiseptic. And keeping cows is cheap since they eat things like wheat stubble, husks, and rice straw, which people cannot use.

    So why raise cattle for meat consumption when it takes seven times more acreage for a pound of beef than a pound of milk? Only four to sixteen pounds of flesh food is produced for every hundred pounds of food eaten by cattle. Ten to twenty tons of nutritive vegetable food can be produced from the same amount of land that can produce only one ton of beef. In one year, you can get much more protein from a cow in the form of milk, cheese, etc., than in the several years it takes for a cow to mature enough to produce meat. To produce one pound of wheat takes 25 gallons of water, whereas one pound of beef requires 2500 gallons. And water is not always a plentiful resource in countries like India. Obviously, using agricultural resources for meat production is nothing but wasteful.

    Furthermore, if we are so concerned about the starving people in the world and the environment we live in, then let us consider the fact that 60 million more people in the world could be fed if Americans reduced their meat consumption by only 10%. Plus, thousands of acres of rainforest are lost every day in various countries, and it is said that 50% of that is directly linked to raising cattle for meat production. And though 76% of Americans consider themselves concerned about the environment, only 2.8% are vegetarians (at the time of this writing). Many Americans may say they love animals, but they still eat them on a regular basis. Obviously, they need to raise their consciousness about this. In any case, there are many books on the market that present this type of environmental information much more thoroughly.

    • Pl. read what hindu books say:-

      Manusmriti (5 / 35) states: When a man who is properly engaged in a ritual does not eat meat, after his death he will become a sacrificial animal during twenty-one rebirths.

      Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/1/2/21) that, “I eat beef because it is very soft and delicious.”
      Apastamb Grihsutram (1/3/10) says, “The cow should be slaughtered on the arrival of a guest, on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ of ancestors and on the occasion of a marriage.”
      Rigveda (10/85/13) declares, “On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.”
      Rigveda (6/17/1) states that “Indra used to eat the meat of cow, calf, horse and buffalo.”
      Vashistha Dharmasutra (11/34) writes, “If a Brahmin refuses to eat the meat offered to him on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ or worship, he goes to hell.”

      • No, it’s absolute lie. Manusmiriti and Rigveda completely forbid to kill any living beings. You should read before you start typing anything whatever you want. Do not try to fool anyone. Did you ever try to read Manusmiriti or just typed or pasted whatever you found anywhere. There are many morons especially in indian media that are trying their best to spread this misconception all around about ‘Cow slaughter’ and ‘Beef eating’ in Vedas. They do not have any idea about Vedas, Hindu scriptures and Indian values but they try to show as they have read these books but they want to spread propaganda for beef eating without giving any reference from any scripture.

        This site has many articles that clearly demonstrate that there is no beef in Vedas or Manusmiriti. But you have no interest in reading or finding the truth. Your whole purpose is to bash hindus. If that’s the case, then there is no point in wasting time over here.


    By Steffen Knap

    The cow and bull are the prime targets of the meat industry. However, cows and bulls are very important to human civilization. Until the recent invention of the tractor, the bull was used for helping to cultivate fields for producing food, and the cow has always supplied milk. A moderate supply of milk in our diet provides the proper nutrients for developing a good brain for understanding spiritual topics. Some sadhus in India do not eat, but take only milk. From milk one can make many other foods that are used in thousands of recipes that we all appreciate, such as cheese or curd, yogurt, kefir, butter, ghee, and so on. (However, this is not to approve of the cruel and questionable practices of the dairy industry as found in western countries.) This means that, according to the Vedas, the cow is one of our mothers and the bull is like a father for the benefit they have done for society. To do outright harm to such creatures is considered extremely serious.
    I have heard Western people criticize India for not slaughtering its cows, and talk about how there would be no more starving children if they would just eat the cows. That is not the cure. I have traveled all over India and have seen hungry people there as well as in American cities, which is more able to hide such problems. Homeless and hungry people are found in every country. For another thing, cows are one of India’s greatest resources. They produce food, fuel and power. Bullocks do as much as two-thirds of the work on the average farm. They help plow the fields, hall produce, and turn the presses. For India to convert to machinery to do these tasks, especially in villages, would cost as much as 20 to 30 billion dollars. For a country like India, that is out of the question and a waste of time and money.

  • मेने ऊपर लिखे विभिन्न विचारों को पढ़ा और इस निष्कर्ष पर पंहुचा की:-
    1 ये अग्निवीर लेखक केवल हिन्दू धर्म और उससे जुडी मान्यताओं की तरफदारी करता है।
    2 ये शक्श मानवता में कम और हिदुत्व में अधिक् विश्वास रखता है।
    3 अगर किसी लेखक का लेख पढ़कर उसके धर्म और जाति की पहचान होजाये तो वह निष्पच्छ लेखक नहीं माना जाता है।
    4 इस लेखक में हिन्दू संगठनों के सक्रिय सदस्य होने की गंध भी महसूस होती है।
    5 क्या हिन्दू धर्म की mythology में कोई कमी नहीं है इस शक्श ने इनका कही जिक्र नहीं किया।

    • JaiBhim,

      This site talks about original vedic philosophy. During vedic period, there was no hinduism or any other religion. In fact Buddism is based on Sankhya Yoga. Go to the roots and you will see there is no difference between vedic philosophy and buddhism. However, I agree, later on when vedic school system started disappearing, many mythological characters, animal sacrifices, casteism and many other bad practices appeared in society due to ignorance and Gautam Buddha stood against these practices. In Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s words,”Buddhism, in its origin at least, is an offshoot of Hinduism.” I do not find any difference in Vedic philosophy and buddism. In fact, I love and cherish both as they are almost same. One should be open to good concepts and we should not have blind faith but rather try to understand things with rational and logical thinking. Moreover, do not get illusioned by problems in hinduism that we have today. Over time, interpretation changes and lots of rituals and mythology pop up. Therefore go to the real source of knowledge to find the truth.

      • Sunita
        mind it that the dreams of thousand year ago veda yug have no use in todays life nor they can benifit a man today.The culture prevailing today in human socity is directly affecting everyone’s life.ur vedas concept cannot change today’s human concept.ur maximum efforts to implement vedas theory cannot change todays human concept like castism, religious intolerance,corruption and unemployment problems in india.So there is no use of such theories which cannot be adopted now. Ur efforts and labour is not resultant.However if ur this task is ur earning source then u cannot stop this work.

      • There is no doubt that once the old Vedic culture started degrading, lot of social evils pop up in the society and the biggest evil was casteism, animal sacrifices, untouchability, poor treatment to women and girl child. No doubt during this time, upper caste especially so called Brahmins exploited the ignorant and naive mass. During islamic invasions and mugal period, the invaders tried their best to wipe out hinduism and buddhism from the country. All the universities, libraries, schools, temples were destroyed, villages were looted and majority of Indian population were either killed or forcefully converted to islams.

        However, this thousand year old vedic culture still remained source of inspiration and backbone to the society even in the worst adversary. Because of this vedic culture, maharana partap, shivaji, and tens of thousands of freedom fighters had strength to protect the country from muslims and british.
        Swami Dayanand was born in a brahmin family but he stood against casteism and in fact against all social evils. It is important to read authentic books written by Swami Dayanand, Vivekanand, Aurobindo, Baba Ambedkar. Moreover, if you spend time in reading authentic books then you will have knowledge yourself and you will not be fooled by anyone.

  • Now the British had hit two birds with a single stone by this move. The first was to break the backbone of the Indian agriculturei.e. making cattle not available for agriculture. And the second – to start people in India consume Cow. Well, obviously Hindus did not work as butchers at the slaughter houses opened by the British. So what did they do? Well, they hired Muslims as butchers and this was done in almost every slaughterhouse they opened. And this slowly pushed the Muslims into believing that beef eating was their religious right.

    What the Mughal Empire had banned was now turned into a practice by the British Empire. What Babur and Akbar termed as a crime was converted into a norm by Robert Clive. And today the soil of India is filled with artificial fertilizers and pesticides while the holy Cow cries in the slaughterhouses. While there were over 70 breeds of cows in the country at the time of independence, today we have only 33 and even among them many breeds are facing extinction.

    You can support saving Cows by saying no to cow meat and many products that come from killing cows. It is a crucial step in saving environment and agriculture in our country. Moreover, it isn’t about saving cows merely but about saving ourselves. Save Cows Save Humanity.

  • Robert Clive who had converted the Indian Muslims (who never ate beef till the end of Mughal era) into believing that beef eating was their religious right. The so called Founder of the British Empire in India who was twice the Governor of Bengal too – on entering India was astonished and amazed to see the success of the agricultural system here. He went on researching the reasons for the success of the Indian agriculture and discovered the root – The Holy Indian Cow. The entire Hindu life style revolved around this animal, not just religiously, but socially. Cow was an integral part of a Hindu family as was any other human member in the family. He even found that in many places the total number of cattle was more than the number of humans living there.
    OK, so he decided, to break the backbone of agriculture in India – the holy cows have to be targeted. And thus was opened the first slaughterhouse of cows in India in 1760 by Robert Clive at Kolkata. It had a capacity to kill 30,000 cows per day. And anyone can guess within a year’s time how many cows would have been killed. And within a century India had very little cattle left to sustain its agricultural needs. And Britain as an alternative started offering artificial manure, and in this manner urea, phosphate etc started getting imported from England. Indian agriculturehad started becoming dependent on west invented artificial products and was forced to give up home grown natural practices.
    Guess what, till 1760 most of India had banned not only cow slaughter, but also prostitution and drinking wine was banned as well. Robert Clive made all three legal and removed the ban.

  • Similarly, horses, elephants, camels, donkeys and sheep are of great service to man in various ways. Those who slaughter these animals should be looked upon as enemies of the whole human race.

    When the Aryas were in power, these most useful animals were never allowed to be killed. Consequently, man and other living beings lived in great peace and happiness. Because , milk and butter, and such animals as bullocks being plentiful, there was abundance of food and drink ( as milk, etc.). But since the meat-eating, and wine-drinking foreigners – the slayers of kind and other animals – have come into this country and become the ruling power, the troubles and suffering s of the Aryas have ever been on the increase; because, it is said, “How can you get fruits and flowers of a tree when its root is cut off?” VRIDHA CHAANAKYA 10:13.

  • Paraphrasing from Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth written around 1860 AD by Swami Dayanand Saraswati (pp 207-208):

    The Aryas should neither themselves kill such useful animals as cows, nor let other do the same. One cow in one generation benefits 475,000 people through her milk, butter and offspring – male and female.

    Thus, some cows give thirty-two pints of milk, other not more than three pints daily, say for twelve months ( some give mild for eighteen months, other for six, hence we have taken the mean of the two). Calculating on this basis, we find that 24,960 persons can be fed at one meal with the milk given by one cow in her whole life-time.

    On an average a cow calves about twelve times during her whole life. Supposing two of them die, of the remaining ten calves, say, there are five males and five females. The latter during their lives will together give enough milk to satisfy 124,800 persons at one meal. The remaining five male calves can produce at least 180 tons of corn,* and supposing we allow 11/2 lb. of corn per head, 180 tons will do on a rough estimate for 250,000 persons as food for one meal. Putting milk and corn together a cow in one generation can supply one good meal to 475,600 people.

    Similarly if we go on calculating the amount of corn and milk yielded by one cow in all her generations, it will be found that they would be sufficient to feed millions upon millions of people. Besides bullocks are very useful to man for tilling the ground, riding, pulling carts and wagons, and carrying heavy loads, etc., but the chief use of cows is that they yield good milk.

    Buffalo’s milk is not so useful in promoting the growth of the intellect as a cow’s. Therefore, it is that the Aryas have always regarded the xow as the most useful animal. Other enlightened people will do the same. One goat yields, enough milk to satisfy 25,920 people at one meal. Similarly, horses, elephants, camels, donkeys and sheep are of great service to man in…

  • Cows are the most sacred animals to the Hindus and this is not without any reason. In fact the very word Cow in English is derived from the Sanskrit word Gau for Cow. One of the most important reasons is that cows have been the backbones of Indian families and the Indian agricultural system ever since the dawn of human civilization. Without Cow the Indian agriculture in those days was as good as gone, and this was one of the prime reasons why Hindus being nature worshippers also worshipped Cow. There was no industrial revolution, no artificial fertilizers, no chemical pesticides and insecticides. The entire Indian agriculture was based on the nature’s best fertilizer – Cow dung, and one of the nature’s best pesticide – Cow’s urine (along with the neem based solutions) were used extensively in the agriculture. Buttermilk again which is a derivative of Cow’s milk was used as an effective fungicide and weedicide. India was and still is an Agrarian society. As the Mahatma quoted “India lives in her villages”. Still 70% of India is based on its agricultural society. I believe that ancient Indians recognized this fact much better than we did. They understood the cows, and in extension the bulls were the tractors and transportation of ancient times. Cows bore a higher responsibility of producing milk, the staple diet for growing children, also the weakest members of the society.

  • Just a small note, I live in America and one of my american friend was surprised why Hindus give so much respect to cows and do not want to kill. I am strict vegetarian and I respect every life. I just simply asked her – do you eat dog meat or cat meat? She quickly replied that she can never imagine eating cat or dog meat. Because cats and dogs are raised as pets and people have special bonding with their pets. She said that killing a dog for meat can be as gruesome as killing a human for meat. I told her my answer is very simple – in the same way, many of us Indians formed a special bonding with our cows. Cows are not only our pets like cats and dogs but they are very useful and provide milk, butter and you can make so many dairy products. Another thing is India is an agricultural country. Most of the population lives in rural area where cow is very useful for them for their survival. Cows provide food (in the form of dairy products) to their whole family. Cow dung is used for fuel and fertilizer and calves and bulls are still used in farming. Moreover cow is very peaceful animal. Once you had it in your house, you can never imagine to hurt her. She becomes part of your family. She thanked me for this and said that she can understand it really well and now respects Hindus for this and she herself will not eat beef ever.

  • Dear Agniveer, Barbi mosque never existed it was just a broken up Hindu Temple Two judges of Allahabad high court never recognized that mosque existed and only a temple was destroyed. Evidence is there that structure destroyed was a Temple. Your argument destroy the position of Hindus, as that was a broken up Hindu temple and never a mosque.The press with all lies created communal disharmonious by claiming that it was a mosque destroyed and over thousands of temples were destroyed. Please do not entertain such liens after ASI has also verified these facts that never was there a mosque at that site, the structure itself looked like a Temple.

  • The mind of the author got pulled by the political strings as he wrote this article. It tended towards we vs them. I am better than you…

    I always look forward to agniveer articles to be rational without any political inclinations…

    I personally do not tend to compare the vedic beliefs to abhramic or for that matter any other beliefs. If there has been anything that is still holding me from becoming a complete atheist is due to some articles on this very site. They make you sit up and think, in me it has ignited that doubt, that soul, that metaphysical indestructible form of energy may just be existing within me as I write this.

    What I would have loved to read would be the views of agniveer on the following

    1) What does beef mean in vedic science? Have we actually over glorified the cow? All animals should be equal in front of god…be it cow or the pig, snake or the eagle, elephant or the ant.
    2) Yes, cow is a very very useful, or should I say, we humans have found out how cow can be exploited. And the only animal on this planet, we human beings, have exploited it no end, either with dairy or meat. So, should we practioners of vedic culture ban eating beef, drinking milk, ban exporting its meat and just leave the holy cow alone with its life in wild ? I am non-vegetarian, I eat chicken, fish and mutton too, personally, I am not aganist hunt, roast and eat [at-least as of today] and, I am also not in favor of domestication of animals. Just leave them alone in wild.
    3) Whats the vedic [which I believe is rational] solution to such issues ? What should happen of meat[beef] eaters in our motherland for whom cow is just another animal, like a bull or an elephant ?

    • Very perrinent questions, and yes the article should have sounded more intellectual with more spiritual orientation. The arguments presented in the article seek only to alienate people, only a genuine transformation could solve problems and not aggressive argumentation.
      1) Cow is holy since ancient times, vedic literature doesnt condone beef consumption. Yes all sentinient beings are equal before god, but the cow provides us with so much without prejudice that she was considered a mother. Of course there is mythology which states that actual gods and deities reside within cow, but to accept this or not is your choice. So our of reverence to the rishis and the ancient books its been a traditionally holy animal. Infact if village people are to be asked, they love cows literally like their mothers
      2)Absolute vegetarianism is the view of jainism also vegan diet is advocated by buddha, however tibetan buddhists do eat non veg. Although buddha advocated vegetarainism, he actually died due to poisoning by pork meat. Many things have to be considered. All the dharmic religions are against beef. Buddha, the rishis and saints all have spoken about vegetarainism as beneficial for spiritual growth. Also if you love a cow or a goat or a hen, it loves you back, very innocently and 1 can see the divine energy in them, if 1 is perceptive. I am a vegetarian, but it is also true that veg diet doesnt provide all the essential amino acids and vit b12(milk has this) so 1 needs atleast milk to provide for them. This milk however is not sufficient to provide all protein requirements during stress conditions like pregnancy and the incidence of stunted growth and malnitrition is highest in pure veg and milk diet populations. 1 have means, so i can afford dietary supplements but the vast majority cannot, so depriving them of nutrition is not a good idea.

      • 3) so the rational solution as per me is, beef is banned, all other meat is obtained from animals bred in humane conditions as in developed countries. Awareness programmes towards vegan diet are promoted. Vegetarian diet is essential for spiritual seekers.
        I hope i have answered your queries sir.

      • I completely understand the sentiments and my intentions are not to hurt it. But I am looking at what Vedas have to say. Does vedas suggest, yes, you can have beef ?

        God is all encompassing. He is as much in cow as he is in a lion, goat or a pig…we believe this universe is hiranyagarbha isnt it ?

        I also do not contradict that vegetarian diet is healthier than non-vegetarian. Although I eat non-veg, I am all thumbs up for vegetarian.

        However, I personally do not agree that Cow provides us so much without prejudice. We snatch a calf’s milk from her, as we have mastered the art of domestication. A free/wild/undomesticated cow provides everything without prejudice only to its calf and no other animal. Whereas we humans, we provide cerelac to our new borns and then as we grow we start drink cows, goats, camels and what nots milk….

        Just google for horrors of dairy industry and see what all google throws up. If that is indeed true, then there is no such thing as a happy cow giving its milk. Its a slow daily death for the cows. Should we ban dairy products from cow…let the cow and the its calf have a peaceful life ?

        I am fine with beef ban, as I do not consume beef. With the upbringing I have, I cannot think of eating beef. But the questions still haunts you…

      • dear truth seeker.. if you have slightest inclination towards being an atheist, all illogical questions pop up in your mind like the few you mentioned for which answers were already posted. If you intend to know what vedas has to say on the topic i suggest you visit a vedic scholar for clarifications with only the intentions of understanding but not for arguing sake and exhibit your atheistic excellence. I would request you to apply the same logic to plants (fruits, vegetables n leafs) that you apllied above “God is all encompassing. He is as much in cow as he is in a lion, goat or a pig…we believe this universe is hiranyagarbha isnt it ?”. But why selectively eat vegetables n fruits. Why not eat all what ever grows on a plant or tree on this planet. Aren’t you biased? Our great rishis n sages with their hard Tapas & meditations found out n mentioned COW as the holiest and should be equally treated as mother. The moment you start doubting n disrespecting your ancestors, no wonder you act like pseudo secular, adarsh liberal, anti hindu.

      • Here comes Mr. Harihar, the Logical Indian, the Superman and salman ka fan…

        That the least I wanted…talks of pseudo secular, aadarsh liberal, anti hindu blah blah blah….

        Go wear your langots and dhotis what your ancestors wore daily and go to office…they sure have researched everything under the sky…stop using internet, notebooks pens pencils etc etc and start using tadpatra, feathers what not for writting…stop using car and start riding bullock carts…

        You have scared the shitty thoughts out of me…and I am out of here and this discussion before it gets ugly…Njoi yourself.

  • Great article. One more question.

    I will still eat beef. What can you do?

    Ok, even after all these if you eat beef, please stay close to a cardio hospital. Your cholesterol will be very high and you will get a guaranteed heart attack by science evidence. Science clearly shows plant foods are best for humans and animal food causes cancer, diabetics and heart attacks. When you want your heart ripped open be sure to ask only for Muslims. Don’t come beg to Hindu doctors. Better yet go to a hospital in Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever Mughals came from and converted your ancestors.

  • In fact, no animal not bird should be killed for eating or making material like shoes, purse , belt and so on…. Using leather equally harms animals as eating them. I do not use leather in any form in my life and have not experienced any trouble. If this is adopted, 50% of the world economics problems will get solved very fast.

  • There is a clear wave of Hindu Resurgence now and I pray this momentum is maintained always. What Modiji is to India is what Agniveer is to Hinduism. Long live Modiji! Long live Agniveer! God Bless You.

  • “You accuse cow-lovers of lynching. But refuse to accept the fact that it was a group of cow-worshipping Hindus, vocal supporters of Agniveer ideology, who protected the family of deceased from the mob at risk of their own lives.”

    This is what the psuedo-liberals and the Nautanki-baaz media will refuse to consider and never show.