Welcoming Muslims to Sanatana Dharma

A lot of Muslims are open to integrating with Hindu ways of living. But often we present a version of Hinduism that is not...

IIT-IIM challenges Islamists’ love for Prophet, Quran, Allah

Sanjeev rips apart those who hate non-M*slims and want whole world to recite their Kalma - "There is no God but All*h and M*hammad is his proph*t!) Yet another eye-opening video from Sanjeev (IIT-IIM), founder - Agniveer

20 Reasons Why Akbar Road Should be Renamed to Maharana Pratap...

Know why having Akbar Road in Delhi is equivalent to having Ajmal Qasab Terminals in Mumbai.

How Much Retaliation is ‘Right’ against Pure-istan?

Stay safe Jawans! You are our pride.

NIT Srinagar exposes traitors

Agniveer salutes NIT Srinagar students for their nationalism. Know what we need to do to save India.

IITian slaps Tanmay Bhat Bakchod and hypocrites

Agniveer thrashes All India Bakc**d's Tanmay Bhat and Pigerals. Share.

Here’s why Peace-with-Pakistan advocates are biggest hypocrites

Don't teach me revenge is bad. Follow it when I slap you. Agniveer's take on hypocrisy of so-called liberals on Pakistan issue.

THIS Mantra Deserves To Be Our National Song

India must have heritage symbols like national symbols to acknowledge its roots of being cradle of world civilization. And these heritage symbols must have legal protection like national symbols.

Kashmiri Pandits are real Kashmiris. Video

Agniveer explains why Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri Pandits, Hindus, Sikhs natives who were forced to flee the valley.

IIT-IIMian On Why Owaisi Hates ‘Bharat Mata’

Why Owaisi hates Bharat Mata ? (Owaisi ko Bharat Mata se badahajami kyon?) Know the real reasons. Please share and circulate.

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