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“Make Bharat Mata ki Jai” most popular slogan of the planet

Agniveer's resolve to make "Bharat Mata ki Jai" the most popular slogan of the planet.

Bhagat Singh – Communist or Nationalist?

Busting the myth that Bhagat Singh was anything like current-era communists. Know your real heroes.

Dr Narang lynching – Hard Arguments

Know how these pigerals are responsible for deaths of innocents. The real cause of terror.

Islamic terrorism – How we are nurturing it?

Analysis on how Islamic terrorism is being bred and nurtured by us and how we are making the situation worst.

Why Kanhaiya Kumar hates Modi?

Sanjeev (IIT-IIM) uncovers the real reason for Kanhaiya Kumar and his JNU group hating Modi so much.

Agniveer on Barkha Dutt’s speech and Kanhaiya lovers

Agniveer expresses pain over media and political leaders falling at Kanhaiya's speech.

20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers

20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers. Can they answer?

NIT Srinagar exposes traitors

Agniveer salutes NIT Srinagar students for their nationalism. Know what we need to do to save India.

APJ Abdul Kalam – A True Muslim

Eye-opening facts and arguments to separate patriots from traitors.

Why liberals hate Certificate of Patriotism?

Agniveer exposes the dual standards of fake-liberals or pigerals.

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