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Agniveer’s Advice to Hindus

Every Hindu must proactively adopt one or more of following. Will not only bring personal transformation but also send a strong message to world:1. Use Tilak, Moli, Kanthi etc that showcase from distance the faith you stand for. Consider Janeu.2. Prefer saffron, yellow, orange, red colors over green in your fashion choices.3. To extent possible, use a greetings like "Ram Ram", "Namaste", "Pranam", "Namaskar" etc.

Ten Commandments of Agniveer religion

Ten Commandments of Agniveer religion:1. If you believe idol-worshippers (Hindus) will burn in hell, then you must be dispatched to hell asap.2. If you...

Agniveer’s response to Historian Irfan Habib

Q - Historian Irfan Habib claims Bharat Mata is a foreign concept! So why be sentimental about it!A - The concept of worshipping motherland...

Should we be Hindus first or Indians?

Q. Should we be Hindus first or Indians?A. For me, both are synonymous. This land is Hindustan - the place of Hindus. The culture...

Agniveer’s Message for Hindutva Haters [Video]

Message to all who have allergy with Hindutva goons like Agniveer

Gurmehar Kaur’s Jibe gets response from Agniveer

Dr. Vashi Sharma responds to Gurmehar Kaur's Jibe "Pakistan did not kill my father. War did"

Captain Saurabh Kalia’s open letter to Gurmehar Kaur

"I feel betrayed and ashamed that I died for thankless traitors." - Saurabh Kalia

Open letter to Shehla Rashid from a Kashmiri Hindu

Why Kashmiri Hindu holds Shehla Rashid personally responsible for tears of blood his mother shed for years. A tragic but true story!

Shivaji Statue – Answering all who have problem with it [Video...

Honest, piercing, to-the-point, mind-opening, checkmate answers from Agniveer founder Sanjeev Newar to all who have problems with Shivaji Statue.

“GoI, Your Pre-emptiveness can SAVE our Jawans!” [Jammu Terror Attack]

We hope GoI are able to comprehend the complex circuit of terror, finance, Kashmiri separatists, Pakistan, Jihad lovers and take pre-emptive measures to save our Jawans and citizens.

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