Glance at some of Agniveer’s activities. The fastest growing movement on Hinduism, anti-terrorism, nationalism and self-improvement.


  1. 10,000 Muslim Brothers and Sisters who were converted by force and deceit brought back to their ancestral Dharma.
    Agniveer’s Ghar Wapasi Videos

2. 110 cases of Love Jihad tackled. 40 girls successfully saved.
Combating Love Jihad

3. 10 Dalit Yajna conducted successfully. More than a thousand ‘Dalits’ who were not supposed to perform Yajna or Aarti/Pooja or chant Vedic Mantras were made Brahmins. They were made to perform Yajna with their own hands for the first time.
Uniting and strengthening Hindus. Burning away the caste

4. Thousands of ‘Dalit’ Brothers and Sisters were saved from getting converted to Islam or Christianity.
– ‘Dalit’ Yajnas for Hindu Ekta
– Agniveer on Solution to Awareness Campaign on Caste Issue & Hindu Unity

5. Biggest online movement on ban on cow-slaughter and beef ever. One book, 20 articles and videos with most viewership and readership on the subject till date. Challenge by Agniveer to fanatics and beef-lovers is still awaiting response.
Protecting Mother Cow

6. Biggest voice of Uniform Civil Code in India today.

7. The only rational movement for Ram Mandir today. The only realistic narrative that has kept Ram Mandir alive even today despite all dirty politics, opportunism and fanaticism. The only organisation which brought out facts on Ram, Babur, Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid which nobody ever did in the history.

8. The only Hindu organisation having strong teams across Islamic Bangladesh.

9. The only Hindu organisation that has members from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The only organisation that has made Pakistanis and Saudis accept Hinduism.

10. The first organisation to have its website banned by Islamic regime of UAE.

11. The only authority on logical explanation of Hinduism today. Most trusted voice on Vedas, Geeta and Vedic history.

12. Only spiritual organisation to have fought fanatics like none else. Destroyed anti-Hindu propaganda single-handed.
i. Thrashing Frauds
iii. Anti-terror


13. Helped agencies nab terrorist planning to rape Yezidi girls in Iraq.

14. Biggest platform on anti-terror and anti-extremism issues

15. Owner of the most effective and popular satirical social media pages on fanaticism.
The FGR – Fastest Growing Religion

16. Publisher of 20 life changing books on Hinduism, spirituality and combating terror.

17. The only reason behind fall of Zakir Naik. Most trusted and read voice on Zakir Naik and Jihadi conversion nexus.

How Agniveer brought me back to Hinduism! Eye opener
How IIT-IIM exposed Zakir Naik’s terror connection to world

18. Reason behind the failure of Kanhaiya Kumar’s JNU movement.

19. Force behind abolishment of proposed Sharia banking by RBI.

20. Only people to have predicted Donald Trump’s victory against all popular polls through rigorous analytics weeks before the results got out.

21. Biggest online movement on reclaiming Hindu-Jain temples that were desecrated by Islamic invaders in last 1300 years.

22. Biggest online movement on correcting history of India. Biggest attempt to reestablish the glory of Maharana Pratap, Shiva Ji Maharaj, Guru Gobind Singh, Ahoms and other Indian fighters instead of barbaric fraud Mughals.

23. Forced publisher of two filthy books on Hinduism by Wendy Doniger – ‘The hindus and alternative history’ and, ‘On Hinduism’ to withdraw the book from Indian market – Ban on Wendy Doniger

24. Got the obscene and insulting movie about Hindu gods – Sita sings the blues, banned – Sita Sings the Blues Banned

25. Got objectionable scenes from movie Bhool Bhulaiya censored which insulted Hindu gods – Agniveer Vs Bhool Bhullaiya

26. Forced Delhi University to change the entire course curriculum including removal of filthy book called 300 Ramayan – Agniveer vs Delhi University

27. Forced Delhi University to change stand on sex education – DU changes stand on Sex Education

28. Forced Dainik Bhaskar to remove their filthy content on Hinduism – Agniveer vs Dainik Bhaskar

29. Have got major anti Hindu social media pages banned that mocked Hinduism with vulgar posts and nude pictures. – Ban on Anti-Hindu Pages

30. Punctured momentum of Azadi gang in Ramjas ruckus. Single-handedly defeated leftist-Islamist propaganda. Converted many innocent girls from Azadi lovers to nationalists. – Ramjas Traitors Taught a Lesson

31. Thrashed burn-Manusmriti gang of JNU so hard that the event could not take place with gathering and video shoots. – Burn-Manusmriti Gang Thrashed at JNU
How Agniveer Punctured BurnManusmriti event at JNU

32. Broke Love Jihad nexus in Bhopal which was planned by Jihadis to trap Hindu girls in name of Holi. – Love Jihad Racket in Bhopal Destroyed
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

33. The only group to have raised the issue of illegal loudspeakers in mosques when Sonu Nigam had not shaved his head.



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