Agniveer (A) Answers Beef lovers (B):

B: Beef ban is against constitution
A: You read constitution of Pakistan perhaps!

B: Tigers in Bombay forced to eat chicken
A: Why not offer your own meat?

B: You are backward
A: If killing makes you forward, kill yourself first!

B. What will foreigners eat?
A: What you eat in Paris if Vada Paav is not available!

B: My life, my choice!
A: My life, my choice to protect my mother!

B: Who will feed beef-workers?
A: Start feeding them. Charity begins at home.

B: Blame Hindus for selling cows for beef
A: OK I Blame. So what?

B: I want to ban potato!
A: Try if you can!

B: U r Hindu fanatic
A: U r communal & anti-national

B: Many Hindus eat beef
A: Many Indians kill. So what?

B: Vivekanand ate beef
A: Were u his personal cook?

B: Vedas support beef eating
A: Prove it. Open challenge!

B: What about Muslims?
A: Beef is not Islamic

B: Muslims are in beef-industry
A: Just now you blamed Hindus!

B: Beef is diet of poor
A: Beef causes cancer

B: Beef ban hurts exports
A: How about flesh trade of your family!

B: Why only cow?
A: First right step

B: Ban milk also
A: Support beef-ban first

B: What about other countries?
A: My country, my culture

B: This is not your country alone
A: Same to you

B: You are arrogant
A: Tit for tat

B: I am beef-eating Hindu. Think!! (Rishi Kapoor)
A: Why should I think for you!

B: You can’t have beef with someone (Farhan Akhtar)
A: Correct, or you will turn into beef

B: Bollywood against beef ban
A: Explains their mental bankruptcy

B: You will also enjoy beef
A: You will enjoy my thrashing

B: I will eat. Do what you can
A: I will thrash. Do what you can

B: You are a threat
A: Be prepared

– Agniveer

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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