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Namaste Everyone!

The Agniveer site is now back in action – must faster and secure. Some of the measures taken are as follows:

a. We have developed the site from scratch this time to ensure that there are no pre-installed hidden scripts to initiate another attack in future.

b. We have moved to a much faster and secure server to eliminate all possibilities of a host-side attack.

c. We have enrolled in a service to have nightly backups on a remote location. This would ensure that in worst case, the site can be restored within minutes without major data loss.

d. The site should now be much more faster to load and browse across the world due to number of steps that we have taken to this end.

e. We have added a number of security features to further plug all loopholes of potential hacking attacks.

We shall continue to add new features over a period of time. However the site is now ready for safe and snappier browsing.

Kindly share your feedback on site with us so that we can improve further.

We thank you all for your continued patronage.

May the truth prevail!


We have been unable to restore some of the comments made in last few days. We sincerely request you to re-post them.

Please also note that all comments with more than 2 hyperlinks would not be approved in future to prevent spam attacks. If you have more than 2 hyperlinks to post, kindly split your comments into two.

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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • Namaste vinay ji and god is great ji,
    Yadi shishya galati kare aur use usi samay taadna na di jaye to uske chitt mein galat sanskar lag jayenge. Vo dobara galati karega. Isliye acharya ko taadna dena chahiye.

  • Dear Sir
    I do not know too uch how can we punish the congress because congress is poerful from all the sides.But we should not forget about Shri Krishna who destroyed the government of many demons.Those demons were highly powerful.Shri Krishna was borned in jail.He was to be killed by the Kansa.But hard work Auterity was with Krishna and he awakened many Aryas and fought against Kans Duryodhan etc.Do you know,Bhishma was a great Brahmachari throughout his life so he was too powerrful.But the intellect of Krishna and Arjun was not less.They killed Bhishma.Pandvas destroyed the kaurvas completely.So,we should follow the path of Vedas.They will tell us how to establish the religion in the world.

  • bhai God is great apne isa lekh ko padhane me thodi si galati ki hai.ve kahate hai:“उन्हीं के सन्तान विद्वान सभ्य और सुशिक्षित होते हैं , जो पढ़ाने में सन्तानों का लाड़न कभी नहीं करते, किन्तु ताड़ना ही करते रहते हैं ।

    yaha par saf saf likha hai padhane me.

    • Thank you Vinay Arya Sir for correcting me.

      But one thing, I did not get that you mentioned – Congress related example: Can you explain how the Congress can be punished? The logic of punishment says (correct me if I am wrong) – The fear of punishment prevents a person from getting into wrong path. Is Congress afraid of someone ? Even if many Hindus say – we won’t give them vote next time; Congress will still get out of that situation by hook or by crook (this is known as politics). They have minority & other vote banks with them. Peaceful initiative by Swami Ramdev was thrown off and a week later – Man Mohan Singh applied a “Chaadar” to shrine of Terrorist Moinuddin Chisti. The movement by Anna Hazare seems futile. Its only a Masaalaa for media – no news about any final acceptable Lokpal bill. No scope of improvement left for government. So, my actual question is: Is there any logical way to punish them ? If it works, let’s unite everyone and do it. That would be a service to the nation. Thanks

  • Shri God is great

    Here,you have done a mistake please.I saw a boy whose parents were giving him the right education.But the boy was not listening to him.So only education cannot change a student.Congress party is being given lectures from Swami Ramdev,Balkrishna etc. but they are not changing.So according to you they should not be given punishment in order to change them.Did your parents not beat you?I think you were never given punishment because of your any kind of mistake.(I do not eman wrong for you).Thie book says that a student or child should be given education,and should be given punishment for their bad works.If parents and teachers would give some punishment then child or student would try to change their behaviour.A boy who does not know language,how will you inculcate good qualities in him?PLease,you have not seen the world completely.

    • Namaskaar Vinay Arya jee!

      Apologize for my mistake but I did not mention that there shall be no mistake for wrong deeds. But only beating (without thinking) is dangerous. I focused on “Bauddhik Star” which means mental level (OR intellectual level). Suppose a boy is born with underdeveloped mind, since he is mentally ill, he might take long time to understand what is being taught, just imagine: parents start beating him for that without knowing his level, what impact will it have? I don’t think, it will solve the problem – that’s why I began with example of Taare Zammen Par. If you could have seen the movie, you would recall – now you answer – was scolding necessary for Ishant Avasthi at all ??? Don’t you see that Amir Khan (forgot his name in the movie) totally changed the scenario by changing his approach ? Therefore, exact verse I used was: माता पिता को चाहिए कि बच्चो का बौदिक स्तर जानने का प्रयास करे तब कुछ निर्णय करे — Everything was left onto parents to decide only if they understand the mental level. If they don’t do that and take wrong decision, who is to be blamed for that?

      Sorry, if you feel offended. What I forgot to mention was that there should be a balance. Child should not be punished so severely that something really wrong happens with that child (see Taare Zameen Par for details) nor should be too liberal that child ends up being a wrong person. Anyways, thanks for correcting me.

      • Swami Dayanand after saying this also says that they should not be beaten too severly.But for a boy who is handiapped or having any problem should not be beaten if he is unable to perform the work.But,if he is able to do,then he should be given,but in lesser quanitty so that he cannot feel too much pain.The above post also says:परन्तु माता-पिता तथा अध्यापक लोग ईर्ष्या , द्वेष से ताड़न न करें , किन्तु ऊपर से भयप्रदान और भीतर से कृपादृष्टि रक्खें। “
        I can understand your context.You mean to say that todays parents and teachers are beating their children with no mercy.Yes,it is too wrong.Even some students are killed.In my class a boy was beaten too severly such that his neck was broken.This is very bad and there should be a law to stop it.

  • “उन्हीं के सन्तान विद्वान सभ्य और सुशिक्षित होते हैं , जो पढ़ाने में सन्तानों का लाड़न कभी नहीं करते, किन्तु ताड़ना ही करते रहते हैं ।

    इसमें व्याकरण महाभाष्य का प्रमाण है-

    सामृतै: पाणिभिर्घ्नन्ति गुरवो न विषोक्षितै: ।

    लालनाश्रयिणों दोषास्ताडनाश्रयिणो गुणा: ॥

    – [महाभाष्य ८।१।८ ]

    अर्थ- जो माता, पिता और आचार्य, सन्तान और शिष्यों का ताड़न करते हैं वे जानों अपने सन्तान और शिष्यों को अपने हाथ से अमृत पिला रहे हैं। और जो सन्तानों वा शिष्यों का लाड़न करते हैं वे अपने सन्तानों और शिष्यों को विष पिलाके नष्ट-भ्रष्ट कर देते हैं क्योंकि लाड़न से सन्तान और शिष्य दोषयुक्त तथा ताड़ना से गुणयुक्त होते हैं और सन्तान और शिष्य लोग भी ताड़ना से प्रसन्न और लाड़न से अप्रसन्न सदा रहा करें , परन्तु माता-पिता तथा अध्यापक लोग ईर्ष्या , द्वेष से ताड़न न करें , किन्तु ऊपर से भयप्रदान और भीतर से कृपादृष्टि रक्खें। “

    • आपने “तारे ज़मीन पर” देखी है ? – कृपया एक बार अवश्य देखे – केवल ताड़ने से बच्चो की मनोदशा पर बुरा असर पडता है। यह आवश्यक नही कि सभी का बौद्धिक स्तर एक समान हो। माता पिता को चाहिए कि बच्चो का बौदिक स्तर जानने का प्रयास करे तब कुछ निर्णय करे। केवल ताड़ना किसी समस्या का समाधान नही है। रामायणानुसार शिष्य भी एक प्रकार की संतान ही है। यदि आपका संकेत अग्निवीर जी के प्रति है जो धर्म के नाम पर अधर्म करने वाले प्राणियो को ताड़न करते है तो नही – ताड़न का कोई लाभ नही – जिसे नही सुधरना वह नही सुधरेगा।

  • Agniveer, Nice job. Many people love your work and only despotic hateful people who don’t want people to freely talk about their idea want to take your sight down. Basically people who hate freedom, love, liberty, justice, understanding, and truth would try and do anything bad to this sight. The fact that people act against this sight shows you are having a great impact in a big way. Since it is on the internet, it is a big impact on a world wide grand scale. And for one reason or another, people who side with evil would be the only ones to do such horrible things like attack this sight. Please keep up the great and amazing work.

  • Pranam Agniveer,

    That’s great news.. finally we are safe.. hope, pretty soon, i will be able to say the same thing regarding Dharma as well

    Thanks Agniveer

  • Friends I have been a follower of Agniveer for quiet some time now. The attack on our site should actually considered as success of our message ,which we were trying to pass to others .This type of activity exposes the jealous and fear of those elements who tries to miss guide others with false evidence and proofs. Cowards fight from behind, that we all know. So let’s don’t care about these worms for which religion is just a competition, just a number game.