Being a progressive Dharmic is one thing, being a “Dharmic-Bigot” is another. Agniveer has a valued upadesha for Arya-Samaj.

A humble request to chosen Arya Samaji talents:

You are the most intelligent creations of Almighty. Your knowledge has no bounds. You are the only ones to have unlocked the mysteries of God, life, death. We are no match to your talents.

But do not use your talents to support the Jihadis and traitors. Do not act as gaddars just to showcase your brilliance.

I am shocked to see countless Arya Samajis citing references from Purans to defend what Prashant Bhushan said to insult Lord Krishna – our Supreme Lord.

These wisest of Arya Samajis believe that until all Purans are destroyed, we cannot defend Dharma. I fail to understand that if you do not consider Purans to be authentic, what is the need to give references from Purans to prove how Purans insult Lord Krishna?

Now, 99% of Hindus have not even heard the names of Purans you quote, forget about having a copy in their homes. Their faith is simple – based on Bhakti and not some alleged quotes from Purans that they have neither a way nor a need to verify. Their respect for Krishna is through their deeds – where the most devout Krishna bhakt saint is a bigger Brahmachari than Swami Agnivesh’s of your hallowed Samaj.

But there is another group that finds ready use of the references you quote – the Jihadis, the Christian missionaries, the communists, the pigerals like Prashant Bhushan. You provide them cheat-sheets to spread their population, reach, and influence.

Why are you doing this? You have so much of rare wisdom to know even how many days’ alarm you need to set in your mobile calendar app to say “Namasteji” after returning from Mukti. Can’t you see that you are straight working for enemy in today’s critical war between Dharma and terror? Doesn’t your Brahma Jnana teach you what is relevant and what is not in what situation?

Here is my humble request:

– Please stick all pages of your Chapter 11 of Satyarth Prakash with fevicol till problems of Chapter 14 are resolved and we have a 99% population that does not punish apostates.

– Please withdraw all your criticism of Purans, idol-worship, mandir, kanthi, tilak etc. Stop calling people who have not attained Samadhi like you with names like Pauranik, Anarsh, Anti-Vedic, Avaidik, Ved-Viruddha.

– If you think you will have no work to do if you do not abuse Hindus, then better get busy to study Vedas for first time at least. Get busy learning Sanskrit and mastering all Siddhis of Yog Darshan, instead of quoting borrowed Gyan from a saint who died in 1883 and whose so-called magnum opus was published after his death. And still you all Brahma Gyanis fight each other proving who has real copy of his magnum opus.

The only silver lining in your wise deeds of today is that you do not have good English. Hence reach of your anti-Hindu hatred is severely limited. But nonetheless, I have seen some Jihadis and pigerals sharing your cheat-sheets ‘exposing’ Pauranic Krishna.

I humbly request your cooperation. You are our own family, despite you not considering the same given the high level of your wisdom. Our fight is with Jihadis. And we want to protect you, if need be. But if you act like Bheeshma Pitamah and Dronacharya, we will have no option left but to shoot off anyone who defends the Jihadis.

I do hope that you will not mess with us – the ordinary unenlightened Hindus – even if you do not support us in our war against Al-Jihad.

Thanks for your kind cooperation in this serious matter.

Jai Bhawani

Vashi Sharma


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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • Now my doubt is cleared and I am relived. Until now I thought Agniveer is synonymous to AnaryaNamazi.

    Thanks for good suggestions to our strayed brothers.


  • @Agniveer

    Have you replaced you latest article on true gurus or Swamis? I had seen a article of you regarding true Guru who fought against Jihadi you had mentioned Swami Dayanand, Gobind singh etc.

  • Arya Samaj may be wrong in its strategy to reform Hindus first to uproot Jihadi cult from the country because when rapist, looter Jihadi have already come in your home but you are busy abusing to your younger brother for being drinker, smoker, careless etc. you are making him more weak to fight against the demons.

  • Yes,Dr.Vashi , Arya Samaj must resolve the problem of 14 samulas . All things written by Swami Dayanand isn’t true.Similarly all this written by Vivekanand isn’t true. One oppose idol worship and other support.It is not a big problem . Hinduism is full of diversity.If we try to look down other it will be wrong.Jagatguru Shankaracharya also believes in idol worship.It means scholar aren’t clear about it . They have conflict , so we should leave this matter for future . According to me ,there is no problem in idol worship Dayanand ji is benefited by idol , If the incident of shivratri didn’t happen then he could be Mulshankar not maharshi dayanand.Arya samjis created a image of Om and concentrate on it . Similarly we worship through idol . Images are created both the places . We use same image same image and they create image of om during puja We do openly , they hide it .

    • Sourabh you are terribly wrong. There is no need for Arya Samaj to resolve the problem of 14 Samullas. Samullas 14 deals with Islam and as you know Islam is 100% Superstition and a curse on Humanity so it was demeaned and criticized heavily and that is the need of every time why you are arguing for this. Remember that all things written by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati are 100% true and you can not compare Swami Vivekananda with Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati. In reality Swami Vivekananda was an enemy of True Vedic Dharma and he knew nothing about Dharma. Start reading books written by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati and you will realise the fact that everything written by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati is 100% True. Also note that Nobody in any time i.e. past,present and future can ever refute Dayanand Saraswati and Arya Samaj. In short Nobody can defeat Arya Samaj and Dayanand Saraswati in any time in any period. There is a big problem is supporting Idol Worship because it is against Vedas and is the major cause of India’s cultural downfall so how you support it. Again diversity in so called Hinduism is destroying itself because of diversity non vedic people are attacking Hindus and are converting us so you have not realised this danger. Basically Shankaracharya are not Jagatgurus but they are self proclaimed people. Just because Shankaracharya supports idol Worship does not mean that Idol Worship is a part of our culture. Vedas do not support Idol Worship. Are Shankaracharyas superior to Vedas? Definitely NO.Also no question of benefiting Dayanandji by Idol Worship because that is not truth.Another thing is that if there is no shivratri then there would have been only Moolshankar and not Maharshi Dayanandji is not the case. Mahashivratri is just the event but Maharshi Dayanand Ji was a man after Truth so anyhow he was inclined towards Truth so any incident like Shivratri is immaterial in this Regard. For your information we do not create image of Aum but we chant Aum because it is the Principle name of GOD. Also no question of hiding it during Puja because we do not believe in mainstream Puja as you believe but it has different meaning. In the end also remember that Complete Eradication Of All Non Vedic Faiths, Sects, Sampradayas, Mats and related Religions to this is the Fundamental Objective of Arya Samaj because these people are the sole cause of all human and other problems. So we are and will continue to demean all these Non Vedic Faiths. Another objective of Arya Samaj is to Promote Satya Sanatan Arya Vedic Dharma which is the only Dharma is the Infinite Universes and it is the only solution to all Human and other problems. In fact whether in Past, Present and in Future Also there is no alternative to Arya Samaj in India and in the whole world. For more info contact 9764700320

  • Since I have come to my senses I was subjected to the facets of Hinduism which is inspired by Puranas and as a result since my childhood I was so much confused spiritually that I was about to loose respect on my religion. The only thing which kept me faithful to my religion was the different festivals which we celebrated as it kept me contained.
    The day I got the vedic view of Hinduism it was like a strike and absolute eye opener and everything in Hindu philosophy , every practices started making sense. This not only created content and proudness in me about belonging to the greatest religion ever but prepared me to answer any one refuting my great religion bringing the real, logical and satisfactory explanation which either resulted in the other one becoming silent, or accepting the logical reality.
    The contradiction which is brought about by the imaginary puranas is resolved by the vedic aarsh Granth which brings about the total loyalty in hinduism.
    It is arya samaj who had prevented conversion and preserved Hinduism in Its real non superstitious existence and that is real answer to conversationists.
    If some so called or self claimed arya samaji does something idiotic without thinking the repercussion, that person alone has to be blamed.
    I request agniveer not to target arya samaj as we are in every way supporting you in the endeavour to save humanity.