To equip you with skills and mindset that can thwart any aggression in case state machinery fails to protect you or any innocent(s) in your vicinity.


Event in your city

If you want Agniveer to come to your city for the workshop, you must have at least 15 members who are willing to undergo training. As soon as you are 15, let us know at [email protected] We will come to your city and conduct the workshop.
Agniveer may come to your city if situations arise in which case, the training program will be announced on Agniveer and related social media forums.


It is totally free of cost for participants. The only commitment each trainee must give is he/she will be ready to participate in activities requiring their skills with or without Agniveer’s instructions. Refer Mandatory Disclaimer and Commitment for details.

Duration of Training :
3 to 5 days or as decided by Agniveer

Who can participate :
All patriots (18 – 45 years) who have no shame in calling Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram. Special events for women alone are also conducted.

Registration :
If you want to participate in the training announced in your city, fill the Agniveer Combat Training Form here


Agniveer plans to conduct series of such workshops in every city in India. Our highly trained professionals will be doing it. So contribute as much as you can. If you think we should not get beaten again and again like Malda and Dhulagarh, and want women of our nation safe, support.

Na dainyam, na palaayanam.
Don’t complain, just conquer!

Vande Mataram!

Read Disclaimer and Commitment (Mandatory)

Project Video

Agniveer Combat Training Workshops - To make our boys and girls as efficient & fearless in dealing with guns, goons, and knife threats, as they usually are in operating smartphones & electronic gadgets.After Delhi, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Agniveer's plans to conduct such Combat Training workshops in various sensitive and vulnerable districts across India.To sponsor one or more workshops and avail 80G Tax benefits,visit http// organize in your city, visit for more details.Because when you know how to boldly stand for respect of Mothers, Nation and Self, and rip apart the foes, you win and you make Dharma victorious!Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah!visit http// Team

Posted by Sanjeev Newar on Friday, 10 February 2017

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 How you can help in this mission 

You must join Agniveer. You must join our sessions. But if you find it difficult or you think you can/must not fight, you must support those who can/will fight your battle for you.

One such event costs us around Rs 50,000. You may help us with sponsoring full event or multiple events or any amount you think you must spend to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are the options


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