FAQ Agniveer Combat Training

Q1: Why are you starting combat training? Do you think a few fighters can stop molesters and fanatics in a country of 125 crores?

1. Being unable to defend does not stop molestation in any case. Being trained, you can at least protect yourself and your family when needed.

2. When fanatics and molesters will know that there are several trained heroes around who can immediately spring to action if they do anything stupid, they will think twice before the chutzpah. Don’t you see how one security guard at gate protects the entire building?

3. You will feel more secure and confident when you know that you and/or your friends are around to help you if needed. The whole attitude will change from fear and complain to valor and solutions.

4. You don’t need to make fighters out of 100 crore. A couple of thousand spread across sensitive districts of India would suffice. It would work if they know and we know that our defenders are close-by. It will break the mob or gang before they unite for some stupid action. This is how army works, this is how police works, this is how Shivaji worked, this is how Pratap worked.
This is the only way to save yourself, your family, your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter, and so many innocents when most needed. Remember, they have used rape, loot, kill as weapons for last 1300 years. They will not understand your lectures on “human rights”. And your family is already on their target.

Either join the combat training, or support it. Vande Mataram

Q2 : Why is the Combat Training workshop for only 3 days? Doesn’t such training take years of practice?

1. The training is on quick and dirty techniques that you face on street. Like if someone grabs you from back like in Bangalore molestation video. Or shows you a knife. Or holds a gun to you. Or wants to punch you. Or 3 rascals surround you and start troubling you. We will teach the most effective and practical responses. Does not take much time to learn. Took years to practice what to teach!

2. The rascals you face on street are not trained MMA professionals in all likelihood. They are untrained psychopaths. Jokers who come in mob can be easily dispersed if you instill fear by disabling 1-2 front-runners. That is largely technique driven. Apart from having courage and mental cool. For that, follow Gita lessons of Agniveer and Agniveer Sahitya (books).

3. Once you know basics, you can continue practicing at home. There is no limit to mastery. We will create self-training groups for continued lessons.

4. We will have more advanced and specialized workshops in future as well. Consider the current ones as Level 1. Future workshops will be on things like DEFENDING AGAINST multiple assailants, gun attack, knife fight, scaring a mob, distractions, ground fight, stick fight, improvised weapons etc.

5. We can think of regular classes as well if we get sufficient funding. A 100 crore budget will ensure there are no such incidents ever. But let us start from where we are.
There are more plans that cannot be shared on public platform.
Those who follow Agniveer can guess our approach to such things.

Join us, or support us, or reach out to people who can support us.

We will destroy roots of terror and molestation.
Vande Mataram