Agniveer is hiring

Do you….

Want to create history?

Want to change the world?

Want to bring back the lost glory of Bharat Mata?

Want to earn a living that satisfies your soul?

Want to sleep every night with satisfaction that your journey in life is purposeful?

Want to change the tide of times?

Want to be a role model for the world?

and have volumes of learnings in your path to success?

Then join us!

Immediate Requirements

The following positions are immediately open. To apply for any position, please mail us your resume in Hindi/ English with Job Code in Subject on following email address:



Position: Manager – Fund Raising (Full time/ Part time)

Desired Profile:

A dynamic believer in Agniveer Mission who is willing to put his utmost for creating a remarkable history. Should be comfortable in meeting with people and organizations. Should be a self-starter and enjoy making presentations and representing Agniveer in public.

Job Description:

It would require generating funds from like-minded organizations and people for Agniveer activities at local and global level for specific projects.


New Delhi (Full time/ Part time), Across Globe (Part time)

Job Code: FR

Exciting rewards await this position. The incumbents would be creating foundation of some of the most pathbreaking projects of historic nature. And further, to incentivize the incumbent, a reasonable portion of the fund raised would go to him/her as performance incentive.  

So for those looking for a respectable and honest way to earn while living for Dharma should not think twice.



Position: Web Manager

Desired Profile:

A dynamic web developer who can manage content management systems and associated platforms on Web 2.0 for maintenance and management of Agniveer’s internet presence. Since internet forms a critical channel for Agniveer, the profile would demand a lot of maturity and responsibility.

Job Description:

This would require management of the main website, social networking platforms, servers and new avenues of web-based awareness among netizens. This would continue to be the most critical function of Agniveer Mission.


New Delhi (Full time)

Job Code: WM

Following requirements have already been filled:


Position: Manager – Transformation (Full time)

Desired Profile: 

A young dynamic graduate or post-graduate with 0-2 years of experience. Should have good communications skills (written and oral) in Hindi and English. Should be a self-starter and have a zeal to enjoy multi-tasking. Should be adept in using Office suite and basic computer usage.

Job Description: 

It would be a fairly diverse full-time role. In brief, the incumbent would be undergoing a practical MBA in Entrepreneurship in NGO sector. The role would include general administration, managing and implementing promotional plans, networking and working on special projects. Candidate should be willing to travel when required.

Location: New Delhi

Job Code: DELMT



Position: Manager – Communications (Full time)

Desired Profile:

A young dynamic design professional with flair for developing communications for professional organizations – print & web. Should have excellent command over Hindi and English.

Job Description:

The incumbent would be working for developing the communication strategy of Agniveer and develop appropriate outputs for print and web.

Location: New Delhi


Job Code: DELMC



Position: Vedic Trainer (Full time)

Desired Profile:

Dynamic experts in Vedic philosophy with strong command over Hindi. Those with flair for English and vernacular languages would be preferable. Should depict thorough understanding of Vedic concepts. Gurukul background recommended.

Job Description:

Promotion of Vedic ideology through lectures, webinars and articles. The incumbent should be able to explain Vedic concepts to masses in simple language. Should be willing to travel extensively.

Job Code: IVT



Position: Vedic Purohit (Full time)

Desired Profile:

Experts in conducting Vedic rituals and 16 Sansksars. Should have a humble soft-spoken disposition.

Job Description:

Conducting Vedic rituals. Traveling extensively to conduct Shuddhi and Brahmanikaran (making Vedic Brahmins from birth-based non-Brahmins) and explaining concepts behind Vedic rituals in layman language. Should appeal to youth.

Job Code: IVP




Typist (Hindi or any Vernacular language) (Full/ Part time)

Desired Profile:

Should be able to type in unicode fonts in Hindi or any vernacular language. Unicode font means web-friendly font like that used in gmail or web pages. Should be able to generate quick and accurate outputs requiring minimal editing.

Job Description:

Translating and typing original content in vernacular languages.

Location: Anywhere



Job Code: IT


Monetary Compensation would be as per industry. However the greater compensation would be in form of a concrete opportunity to create history – something that rarely any job can offer.

So please mail us your resume in Hindi/ English with Job Code in Subject on following email address: