#JNU Laal Chaddi : ‘Bhagat Singh was not a practicing Sikh’

Agniveer : How does it matter?

JLC : It means he was not religious.

Agniveer : How does it matter?

JLC : Haha, it means he was a Communist.

Agniveer : What is the color of your Chaddi?

JLC : What kind of question is this? Mine is yellow.

Agniveer : So is that sh*t in your pants?

JLC : What rubbish. Yellow Chaddi doesn’t mean sh*t. Har peeli cheez sh*t nahi hoti.

Agniveer : Exactly. Same way, every non-religious way is not Communism.

JLC : Haha Hindu bigot, Savarkar ke chele, I am quoting Abhey Singh Sandhu, Bhagat Singh’s nephew. He has said – ‘Bhagat Singh was not a practicing Sikh’, which automatically means he was a communist.

Agniveer : But Laal Chaddi, why did you hide his next line? Here is the full quote –

“Bhagat Singh was not a practicing Sikh. Bhagat Singh was deeply influenced by Arya Samaj. His grandfather Arjun Singh was a staunch follower of Arya Samaj and Bhagat Singh followed that sect… In those times it was extremely rare for a Sikh to shun his faith and follow Arya Samaj. Our ancestors did that to fight against social inequalities and Bhagat Singh had great influence of Arya Samaj on his life.” (source in comments)

So according to Bhagat Singh’s own nephew, he was a practicing Hindu if not Sikh. Where did the Communism come from?


Agniveer : Why silent?

JLC : Haay haay, your saffron history, Bhagat Singh read Marx and thus he was a Communist and I read Savita Bhabhi and I become his Devar and he was an atheist and you are a Savarkar Gunda and hume chahiye Azadi, Laal Chaddi ko sir pe pehnne ki Azadi and Bharat tere tukde honge Inshallah Inshallah…

Agniveer : Bhaad me jaa.

The end

~ Vashi Sharma

PS : Naman to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru for the supreme sacrifice for Bharat Mata! We will continue to rip these Azadi Gundas apart in your loving memories.

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