Agniveer’s Rural Development Project Takes off in West Bengal

Mr Soumyadeep of Agniveer Bengal with students during first class

Mr Soumyadeep of Agniveer Bengal with students during first class

The Agniveer Bengal has successfully started the “Rural Development Project” under the leadership of Dr. Samir Chatterjee, President, Agniveer Bengal and relentless efforts of Sri Sanjeev Kr. Das, Central Observer. Undertaken by Agniveer and Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society to impart soft skills for FREE to the rural youth to empower them to carry out e-commerce and other job opportunities, this project is well structured to include the latest courses which will serve to provide them self-employment in today’s world of IT and promote their local culture and economy. They will also become torchbearers of Indian culture & heritage in cyber-world.

We started with 17 students from Laxman Das Lane area, Howrah , West Bengal on 19th February where Shri Sanjeev Kr. Das explained them the vision and goal of our organization and Shri Soumya Deep Chatterjee, the Course Coordinator and Instructor, explained them the advantages of the course to be taught to them and how it shall empower them financially in long term. Surprisingly on 23rd February 2013, there was an overwhelming presence of 28 enthusiastic students from diverse financial and social backgrounds reflecting a ray of hope in the eyes of all after a long-term frustration among the poor youth of the area.

Today there are more than 50 aspirants and we are in process of finding resources to accommodate them.

The class was attended mostly by poor students from socially disadvantaged background ranging from Class 10th to B.Com including 9 girls on the very first day. Apart from teaching the basics of computers and HTML, Shri Soumya Deep Chatterjee started the first day explaining the youth to take up the responsibility on their own shoulders to live in “Swabhiman” or self esteem with their heads held high. He also told them to cut the vicious circle of poverty and exploitation by being self-reliable and ensured them that Agniveer is with them as an all-weather friend.

The students are planned to be taught HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP so that they become Web-Developers/Designers and get tech-enabled enough to earn a decent living. They also learn ability to promote their local culture and economy online and hence create an IT hub. The methodology is not a classroom system but a Gurukul-Model of teaching where few students learn and conceive the knowledge and become teachers to others and impart whatever they have learned from the first teacher. Hence this model ensures fast propagation of knowledge (and hence self-reliance) to the masses. Further, the model is integrated with lessons on self-help, motivation, culture, ethics and business management to create successful entrepreneurs.

President, Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society and Founder- Agniveer, Shri Sanjeev Newar Ji has been the mastermind behind this model. Agniveer is committed to get various relevant projects both from India and abroad for post-curriculum employment of participants. We pray to Almighty to show us the correct way for the noble cause. And we promise that we will keep doing whatever little we can till our last breath.

Om Shantih Om Shantih Om Shantih

Kindly visit if you want to help Agniveer in the mission of rural development. We sincerely need your support to scale up the process and bring true transformation.


– Reported by Agniveer Bengal Team

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  1. Atheist_Hindu says

    Agniveer Mahoday,

    It is indeed very heartening to know that Agniveer Bengal, together with Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society, has embarked on this noble venture. No doubt you must be eyeing an opportunity to spread computer networks in as many parts of rural Bengal (and possibly even rural India) as possible. The benefits of this are immense! Farmers can easily check up on the day’s grain, seed and vegetable and agricultural input prices at the mandi. Also, communications and knowledge dissemination for ALL rural folks will be easy once the rural youth you are can muster up the basic competencies required to operate cyber cafes, internet kiosks and e-choupals etc. One can go on and on abt. the benefits to rural India from such endeavours!

    However, I want to ask you something: Has the Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society contacted NABARD yet for financial support, know-how and the like? Yours is indeed a noble cause and if you can get any decent amount of support from NABARD (as NABARD is known to fund such efforts in rural India), this endeavour can really make the deisred impact INdia-wide, not just Bengal-wide. Not only that, connecting to NABARD can also give you the chance to connect with similar NGOs or trusts funded by NABARD who have successfully implemented such models and you could tap into their immense experience and know-how and possibly streamline your operation models.

    I realize you have just commenced operations and may be experiencing certain amount of vulnerability at the initial stages.

  2. pran says

    I have no words to appreciate your great effort to bring up the poor illiterate people of Bharat.
    Wish you all success for the new venture.
    I pray with folded hands to spread the programme all over INDIA.

  3. Rashmi says

    Great initiative,
    wouldlike to work for you, if projects are in visakhapatnam.I am sure india will change for better.Your spreading ofvedic knowledge with contemporary skills will truly help all.Gods blessing through vedas is with you all.

    Jai hind

  4. Vishwas Gokhale says

    You can take up co operative dairy development in big way. This co operative movement is very well eastablished in Gujrat. You can approach Amul /Sumul Dairy for necessary help. Thay can give you full information and on this. You can take up as a demonsrattion project.

    • says

      Brother Vishwas, We are not much worried about Gujarat because there is a stable honest government loved by all sections of society. The growth path is clear. We are worried about other parts of the nation where need for development is very high. But yes, if you could help get demo project with Gujarat, we are willing to go ahead. Dhanyavad.

      • Jay Arya says

        I agree agniveer you should do more work in Kerela,Uttar Pradesh but carry on doing work in west Bengal and also in help in spread of Hinduism in these states

        • Krishnarao says

          Hi Jay and Agniveer,

          I agree with both of you on this. The one area that seems to be ignored and is a huge huge state is Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu state. Please setup shuddhi program there.


          • Jay Arya says

            hello Krishnarao I don’t believe Andhra Pradesh is a problem Hinduism is the dominat religion there and it is doing good it is only in Hyderabad where muslims in Andhra Pradesh come from but I feel Uttar Pradesh,Kerela and West Bengal and possibly Assam are a problem from hindu dominate states as there also large number of muslims there in Uttar Pradesh muslims make 18-20% of the population, in West Bengal they make 25%, in Assam they make 30% of the population and in Kerela they make 24% also Christians make a large number in kerela

          • krishnarao says


            Trust me, I lived in Andhra Pradesh and it is a problem there. We currently the congress led government there is causing a lot of problems for Hindus there along with Nexels.


  5. krishnarao says

    Hi Jay Arya,

    Not sure if you ever heard of Rajiv Malhotra. Something I totally agree with him on is some Indians have a sever inferiority complex. They should stand up for themselves. That means, their culture, Dharmic thought, and nation. It is really sad there are to many Indians that have an inferiority complex. Living in America and meeting so many people from many cultures, I will say, people are tough and when you come with an inferiority complex, you will be eaten alive. They will talk about their culture, religion and nation even if it is a secular country. And they will talk about it proudly, even if it is in a work place, among friends, or school. It doesn’t matter. And if Indians don’t grow some balls, they will be eaten alive.

    Most cultures have a superiority complex and Indians are one of the few that have an inferiority complex (Not all Indians, but there is a percentage [And yes I know Punjabi do not have that inferiority complex they are an exception]) . When you have an superiority complex person whether it is chinese, black, white, or mexican you come from an inferiority point of you, you get eaten alive. I have seen so many weak ass Indian get their ass handed to them. They think they are being great because they don’t do anything. I’m sorry, but that ghandi bullshit will get you killed when you are the minority with an inferiority complex. I have seen some Indians have a severe case of that on here.


    • krishnarao says


      Good example of that is Indians that have converted to other religions from a Dharmic religion. They look pathetic it is sometimes even funny to watch those fools. They think maybe if I convert people will respect me, but instead they get treated like shit even more. And I have seen those fools, because they have already gone to the point of changing their religion, they try even hard to please their white master or whatever race that is prominent in that religion. I sometimes stand with my other friends and look shake my head with utter shame.

      Any way Jay, I recommend you check out Rajiv Malhotra’s book being different.

    • Jay Arya says

      I agree Rajiv Malhotra is good there are many great people like him now and before all hindus should support people like Mahendera Pal Arya, Rajiv Dixit ,S Gurumurthy, Sita Ram Goel,Ram Swarup,Arun Shourie,Subramanian Swamy,BJP,RSS,VHP,Arya Samaj, Swami Ramdev and many more these type of people look like they loved india/Hinduism and are/were ready to fight for it not by violence but truth it is unfortunate that most hindus in india have been influenced by Marxists and Westerners are following their ways I think that South india espically Kerela and places like Uttar Pradesh,West Bengal,Kashmir and Assam are more likely to be like that then those in other places who love Hinduism and India

  6. Darshan Sharma says

    Small projects can be handed over to well-to-do Hindus in India and abroad at village level, but we need selfless committed social workers to head and supervise such projects. Lately, I find even Gurukul educated shastries gone greedy like traditional Pandits/Pujaris. They are not interested in propagating message of Arya Samaj but their self interest override public interest.

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