A true story from ex-victim, now Agniveer activist. Read each line of complete confession that will shock you.

1. The Genesis
My name is Sandeep Sharma. I was born in Hyderabad (capital of Telangana, India) into a Hindu family. Although born into a Brahmin family, I grew up feeling detached from my religion and found myself moving towards a more atheistic/agnostic or rather confused position of faith. I was brought up under the tutelage and protection of my father who was a staunch Arya Samaji. I don’t know if it was my education in a Christian school or my insatiable curiosity on confounding ideas, I grew skeptical about God’s existence, though I was not completely atheistic.
With every passing year, my agnostic ideas grew bigger. I started thinking that those who believe in God are behind the times. I was lagging behind in life due to my own inabilities on the academic front. However, at this juncture (2009) that a Muslim friend Anjum (name changed), who hired a home tutor to teach him an advanced course, insisted me to join him for the same at his home. I was delighted. I wanted to learn it to clear final year exams but couldn’t afford a tutor.

I started visiting his house everyday to attend my tuition classes. I was doing well. Anjum’s cousin sister, Zehra (name changed) also used to stay at in his home. She was almost 8 years younger to me. She was good to look at and was also a constant distraction during the tuition classes. Zehra would deliberately come into our room (where me and Anjum take classes) on one pretext or the other. She would constantly look at me and smile shyly. Sometimes when I cross her, she gives a wide grin and attempts to talk to me. I talked to her hesitantly as she was a friend’s sister.

She used to talk to me every day and most of the topics were general knowledge and English literature. She would wait at the main gate of the house and open doors for me whenever I visit or leave (after the tuition) their house. Anjum noticed all this.
One day he called me to our regular coffee place and informed me that Zehra keeps talking a lot about me with him. He said, “Maybe she likes you very much.” I was confused! I didn’t know how to respond. However, Anjum made me comfortable. He said, “It’s OK if she likes you. She’s still young and maybe is just infatuated. I trust you. You are my closest friend.” I thanked him for trusting me and told him that maybe I should stop visiting his place for some time. He immediately retorted, “No! You’ve to complete your course. Don’t mind her. I’ll talk to her.”

Next day, his sister came to our study room after our tuition sir left. She sat down shyly. My friend said, “Zehra wants to speak to you Sanjay!” I reassured her that she can talk anything freely without any hesitation. She looked at me demurely and told me she’s sorry for causing trouble, if any, to me and suddenly and started crying. Anjum who was watching all this said, “I want to speak on her behalf now.” He went on to say (pointblank on my face) that Zehra was in love with me and wants to marry me. I was shocked! I didn’t know how to react.

I was getting restless and left their house without talking. I couldn’t identify my own emotions. I didn’t know if I was angry or shocked! It was a mixed feeling.
Next day Anjum came to my house and apologized for the whole incident. He said that Zehra was his uncle’s (father’s younger brother) daughter and is the only girl in their family who is loved and cared by everyone and… that when she expressed her love for me, he had no other choice, but to talk to me about it to know my reaction.

He said that I can still come to attend the classes at his home. I denied and stopped going to his home. However, I kept meeting Anjum at our regular place. He kept on insisting that I meet him at home. He even said that Zehra is not at their home and is now staying with her father in the other part of the city. I kept on avoiding visiting his place under one or the other pretext. Finally, after a few months, I couldn’t say no and had to visit Anjum’s home on Ramzaan. And, I could see that Zehra was not there. To my surprise, after this visit Zehra called me on the same evening to wish me on Ramzaan. I asked her how she got my number and she told me Anjum bhai gave her the number. I was angry… nevertheless, was also enjoying the attention. Guess, it’s the beginning of the fall by any Hindu (male or female).

She started calling regularly. She would insist that we can be just friends. I was now OK with being friends with her. Later, after a week of this, she informed me that she was at Anjum’s place and wanted to meet me. I went to Anjum’s house without slightest hesitation or guilt now. I was young and vulnerable. And.. Meeting her under the garb of friendship worked well with my conscious. I slowly developed liking towards her.
The real story starts from here…

2. The Fall
Now, I met her everyday started informing everything to her. While I did not touch her or expressed my liking towards her, I was also feeling guilty. Anjum sensed that I also developed a liking towards Zehra, he immediately informed about this to his father and Uncle (Zehra’s father). During one of these days Zehra said that she loves me deeply and cannot think of another man in her life and that she can…

One day, when I visited Anjum’s house to meet Zehra as usual, his father and Zehra’s father were sitting in the drawing room along with Zehra. They greeted me politely. I was little hesitant and was feeling awkward. To my surprise, Zehra’s mother also came from the kitchen and sat down along with others. I was sensing that there’s something… when Anjum reassured me saying there’s nothing to worry.. they all wanted to talk about Zehra. He said, “We are all educated. They just want to know about you and your background.”

After pleasantries, Anjum’s father, a professor himself, asked me about my family background, my educational qualifications, my aims and goals of life. I was honest in answering all their queries. They were impressed and all praise for my honest and truthful answers. I’ve to confess that I was moved by their praises.
After this, Zehra’s father asked her, “Do you want to marry him?” She shyly replied in the affirmative.

I was astonished with her answer. Here’s a woman who wants to marry me despite knowing that I am a Hindu. Now looking at me Zehra’s father asked, “Are you willing to marry my daughter?” I replied that while I like her, I am not willing to part ways with my religion. Anjum’s father intervened immediately and said, “Our faith also doesn’t encourage doing so.”

However, Zehra started talking (in between her wailing) despite being admonished by her mother. She was saying that she cannot live without me. All she wants is to be accepted as a wife by me. She said that she’s even willing to serve me as a servant. This impressed me. I was flat now. And… her father said that he is the sole dealer of an International branded ******** in the city that has a turnover of closely to Rs. 50 crores and since Zehra was his only daughter, he is willing to pass on the business to the potential son-in-law. When again, Zehra’s father asked if I wanted to marry her, I said YES but told him that I need time to think about the repercussions.

Taking advantage of my confusion and vulnerability, Anjum’s father gave me a 50-odd pages book, “Similarities Between Islam and Hinduism” by Dr. Zakir Nayak and an audio CD by the same author. He asked me to read the book and listen to the CD and come back the next day for discussion. While I was confused at this proposal, I also wanted to read it and see.
After reading and hearing his talks on the subject, I was impressed and amazed by this guy’s (Dr. Zakir Nayak’s) ability in drawing similarities between both Hindu and Muslim faith. Since, I had an Arya Samaji background (though not a practicing Arya Samaji), his explanation on authentic sources of Hindu books impressed me.

When I went back to Anjum’s place, I told Anjum’s father I was impressed with the material he gave. That’s when he gave me more audio-video CDs of Zakir Nayak and slowly started to impress me about Islam. Meanwhile, Zehra would insist that we see the CD together at their home only. I started spending more time with her listening to Zakir nayak and other Islamic scholars. Slowly Anjum and his father revealed that they were Shia Muslims and since I now know the basics of Islam I should now listen to Shia scholars to understand the intrinsic details of the history of Islam.

They used to take me to Ashoor Khanas whenever there were any “Majlis” held. They used to take me to Aza Khana-e-Zehra, an Ashur Khana built by Nizam at Hyderabad, regularly for any Majlis. I was slowly getting drawn to Islam now…

3. The Homecoming – Triumph of Truth over Lust
However, my conscious kept on pricking me. I thought…, how can I leave my religion without trying to find answers to all those questions by Zakir Naik and other mullahs? My father, his father and his father so on and so forth… have lived with this religion despite being ruled by Muslims and Christians for hundreds of years. Despite being censored, ridiculed and subjugated by them, they never left their Dharma.

Hence, I kept on delaying my conversion saying that I need more time. However, in the meantime, I kept searching online (Google search) for answers I wanted. I also lost a debate with a Sunni Muslim on cow slaughter in Vedas during this period. This made me dejected and I searched for answers rigorously.

That is when I chanced upon Agniveer website. As soon as I started reading articles by Sanjeev Newar Bhai on Agniveer, I was first shocked! It was as if somebody splashed water on the face of a man who was in deep slumber. I suddenly became aware of my legacy and became confident. These were the answers I was looking for… I immediately made a conscious decision to go aggressive with my questions to all of them rather than being defensive.

With this in mind, I came in contact with Agniveer in April 2010 with a few of my questions. I was delighted to get all my questions answered in a crisp and precise manner. I read all the articles by Agniveer carefully. Now, I started questioning my would-be father-in-law on Islam. I went on questioning him and others aggressively. They were all (including my friend, Anjum and his father) tongue-tied and slowly got frustrated with me.

Then, my would-be father-in-law told me that he can’t marry his daughter to me clearly making him realize what was really happening all these days. I called Zehra and told her that I will not convert to Islam. I also told her that she has to convert to Hinduism to marry me. She was shocked, she first told me her parents will not agree. When I said we can elope, she started showing her religious colours. She even threatened to commit suicide and blame me. I was adamant. My friend Anjum tried to threaten me as well. I stood ground and stuck to my commitment.

Shat-koti Naman to Agniveer

Thanks to Agniveer I was saved. Agniveer has changed my life and made me proud of my rich legacy. I pity those who are apologetic about being a Hindu.
Today, I am a committed Hindu and I even help other ignorant, wayward Hindus (mostly Hindu sisters) to come back to Sanatan Dharm. Though, I am an Arya Samaji, I am still not a member of any Arya Samaj but, I revere Swami Dayanand Saraswati.
I am Agniveer. I will continue to burn my way through ignorance, tyranny, lies, false propagandas, deceit that plagues my religion – the Sanatan Dharm

— By Sandeep Sharma

Naman to Brother Sandeep too. Let no Sandeep fall for Zohra’s Islam. Let no Neetu fall for Aamir’s Islam. Born Hindu, live Hindu, die Hindu.
If you too have similar inspiring story to tell, share with us. We will not disclose your details. Your experience can save lives.

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