I strongly believe in Hindu Muslim unity. Any hope that two populations that run in crores will have opportunity to live without each other is hallucination. Also, it is unreasonable to put precondition of converting to either faith for this unity. Its neither feasible, nor just. People adopt faith from parents. People refuse to change even habits, forget about changing religion.

So only option is to unite. But terms of unity must be just and genuine. No unity is possible until any group tolerates social evils like polygamy and triple talaq. Hindus banned polygamy officially after independence. Muslims must do that now. Number of terrorists is proportional to gender discrimination.

Also, there must be rigorous imprisonment for publishing or saying that someone will burn in Hell or face punishment just because he does not believe in a particular book or faith. All books saying so must be banned irrespective of faith.

Hindus and Muslims should not make videos or say irrelevant dialogs on Hindu Muslim unity. They must come directly to point and specifically say that – “I reject the heaven where my Hindus or Muslims are not allowed entry. I will prefer to go to Hell with them instead.”
And stop glorifying Sultans and Badshahs who ever raped or killed or broke temples.

Hindus must respect that Prophet Muhammad who opened gates of Heaven for idol worshippers as well. Muslims must sing Ram Dhun in glory of Lord who embraced even Vibhishan – a rakshas.
Let’s work for real unity that can bring peace, instead of escaping in irrelevant platitudes.


Q: Bhai.. iska matlab to nikla ki Quran ban hona chahiye… Mai to sahmat hun. For that matter any religious book that discriminates should be banned.
But was thinking what will be left of Islam without Quran?
Effectively it is asking for a ban on Islam .

I believe Muslims should answer this and establish that Quran opens gates of Heaven for temple going Hindus. And share link of Quran translation that explains this. We will circulate to promote Hindu muslim unity.

Indian Muslims – Children of India or Slaves of Arabs?

Series: Reviving Indian History, Book 1
Genre: History
Tag: Recommended Books

Facts from the accounts, chronicles, and biographies of Muslim rulers on how sword, slavery, destruction, and subjugation were used by Islamic invaders to hand over the legacy of Islam over to the native Indians – Hindus.

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