Every Hindu must proactively adopt one or more of following. Will not only bring personal transformation but also send a strong message to world:

1. Use Tilak, Moli, Kanthi etc that showcase from distance the faith you stand for. Consider Janeu.

2. Prefer saffron, yellow, orange, red colors over green in your fashion choices.

3. To extent possible, use a greetings like “Ram Ram”, “Namaste”, “Pranam”, “Namaskar” etc.

4. Start remembering Ishwar twice daily. In morning and sunset. Choose any paath, naam jap, sandhya, mantra etc. But take out a few minutes to associate with Supreme.

5. To extent possible, feed cows. Also feed insects, dogs, birds, any needy person. Make sure you do at least one Daan (charity) daily. If nothing else, donate to some worthy cause. Trust me, it comes back million times. The best investment of life.

6. If possible, do Hawan. I will share powerful Pooja methods for different goals. If you do them with Hawan, nothing like that.

7. Before sleep, remember Supreme once. Stop habit of sleeping while watching TV. Instead turn on the TV inside yourself and tune to channel of Ishwar Bhakti.

8. Following are Siddha Paaths. Adopt one of them – Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya, Hanuman Chalisa, Ram raksha stotram, gajendra Moksha, Rudra Adhyaya (Yajurved), Sundar Kand, Durga Saptashati, Vishnu Sahasranam.

9. If you keep ringtone on phone, consider replacing a Bollywood number with some Bhakti tune. Will generate positive vibes and gives sense of security to people around that at least one person is definitely not peaceful.

10. If you are active on social media, share at least one post a day that speaks of your connection with Dharma or God. Your good word can inspire and unite in unimaginable ways.

11. Avoid paying for movie tickets of anyone who has shown slightest disrespect for Hinduism or India ever. For example Saif, Aamir, Bhansali, Vishal Bharadwaj, Haider cast, PK cast etc etc. Watch other movies if you have to. If you insist for these rascals, better explore good pirated prints that you can get for free. Piracy is a way lesser crime than paying for these Hindu haters whose money goes in either terror funding or dirty nights of these rascals in plush locations.

12. If you love this post, consider adding Agniveer as a nickname in your profile, or joining Agniveer, or supporting Agniveer for united action to revive the era colored with Bajrang Bali’s sindoor.

Jai Shri Ram.

Few Things EVERY Hindu Must Do

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