Q – What is your view on astrology? Some old articles of yours are conflicting. (Skeptics, ignore this question. Only for those who asked this question.)

A – To be honest, it has changed over time. At one time, I was very deep into it. People would call me to show their Kundli or palm. I predicted a few deaths that happened, and then I got depressed. I left it totally. Being an engineer, I could also see mathematical flaws in some calculations and wide scope for dubious predictions using so many combinations. I attributed my accurate predictions to cold reading or sheer luck.

My association with certain ‘intellectual’ ideology strengthened my disdain for astrology and other predictive sciences. I became a campaigner against it. Already had bitter experience with it.

Then I came in touch with Vashi Sharma who does not give a damn to destiny. But he is among top scientists in solar geometry. Yes, we most of the times discuss Dharma, but two engineers cannot escape discussing maths and physics. He suggested some mathematical insights that I happened to apply on some astrological calculations, and we both were shocked to see clarity of prediction.

This renewed my interest. I got back to old texts. Studied with more enlightenment. And found that certain things did make sense. These cannot be discarded away as mere flukes. Yes, there are lots of junk methods also. And some methods suffer from mathematical flaws. But my study shows the entire field cannot be just put in garbage like some Vedic intellectuals would want us to believe in.

So yes. In matter of astrology, I have made a U-turn. But with few amendments and disclaimers (subject to further changes. Have not reached conclusive stage):

1. Astrology is probabilistic. Not definitive. It tells you strengths and weaknesses, but they can be overcome with jugaad.

2. Jugaad include mental repatterning. Best way is Upasana and Puja Vidhan. But sometimes, just outright confidence can also work. A Yogi is not impacted by astrology, in the aspect of life he is Yogi.

3. I did not find Graha Shanti to work at all. But devotion to deities like Hanuman, Vishnu, Mahadev, Durga, Kali does work effectively.

4. Different prediction methods have different levels of accuracy.

5. Vimshottari Dasha system has some mathematical flaws. It assumes certain things that need tweaking. Perhaps because it assumes age of 120 years which is not true today for 99.9% of population.

6. I admit Vedic Astrology is a misnomer. Vedas do not give these techniques. These were created by sages later based on observations and other methods that we don’t know. I need to dwell into whether Vedas give some framework for this. So far my focus of Vedic dhyana has been into solutions of bigger problems of life and not these subjects. So will not comment further.

7. Mangal Dosha and Kal Sarpa Dosha are flawed. Does not always work. I would not take it seriously. Maybe the calculation needs tweaking. Or is overhyped.

8. 36 Guna matching during marriage is flawed. It depends only on Nakshatras which is bad mathematics.

9. It is perfectly fine if one does not bother about astrology and does only Karma. But for certain people, in certain critical times in life, it does help to have access to this knowledge.

10. There was one scholar in Kolkata who could make a horoscope by looking at hand. He made mine and it was almost accurate. Unfortunately, the old sage passed away and am yet to find anyone who could do that.

11. Varsha Phal method is very flawed. Seems to be borrowed from Arab or Greece. Sun Sign and Tarot is cold-reading.

Here is a wonderful teaser. Those who know Vashi Sharma. Think of what could be his Lagna and Rashi?

This is what made Vashi speechless during one of our discussions. I predicted that you must have a lagna that shows bravery with intellect and morality. And a rashi that is extremely aggressive. What else can it be than a Dhanu Lagna and Singh Rashi. Those who have studied astrology would understand how it fits beautifully. He casted his horoscope and had to accept his defeat!

(Anyways, this post is just for those who asked this question. I neither intend to campaign for promotion of astrology, nor consider sensible belief in astrology a damaging superstition. But yes, I do intend to start a course on learning astrology for those who want to test it out. Would be conducted by Varun Agniveer who is very knowledgeable. Would be a personal thing, not officially associated with Agniveer. Though would definitely encourage those who like the course to donate for or support Agniveer cause.)

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