Agniveer’s Response to 190 Muslims

Agniveer is getting lot of hate emails, messages and reactions over an incident happened few months ago. A company based out of US has fired 190 Muslims from job for going on strike over not getting special prayer break. People are asking what is Agniveer’s stand on this. We replied to one of them and it turned into debate in no time. Here are excerpts of what happened next.

Jihadi : Look look, whole world is against Muslims. US company fired 190 Muslims just because they asked for extra prayer time. Then they say Muslims are terrorists if Muslims retaliate. And you are still writing against Muslims.

Agniveer :

1. How many prayer breaks are given to Hindu/Sikhs/Jains during Navratri, Holi or Diwali in Saudi Arabia?

2. Oh wait! I just forgot that Non Muslims are not allowed to build their holy places in Saudi. So no temple, no prayers. Forget about extra prayers.

Jihadi : Here you are at it Agniveer, you are Islamophobe. Look, every country has its own laws. Why dragging Saudi Arabia into all this? They have their laws. We Indians have secular constitution. Lets talk about India only.

Agniveer :

1. So US is an Indian district that you started your Katthakali over the US-company issue?

2. Just like every country has its own laws, every company has its own policy. If they think nobody should get extra prayer time, its their choice. You don’t like it, resign. Why playing victim card?

3. If you are happy with each country having its own laws (no matter how regressive they are to others), WHAT IF some day, India bans mosques and Islamic literature just like Saudi has banned temples and Hindu texts? If it hurt your sentiments, why don’t you speak against Saudi’s Sharia laws that treats Non Muslims like 3rd class citizens?

Jihadi : You are talking like Trump. In that case we will have no option but to fight you.

Agniveer : So if Non Muslims wage war against you for having regressive laws in the center of Islam, Saudi, will it be ok with you?

Jihadi : Do it if you can lol. Might will decide who is right.

Agniveer : A company showed its might. Kicked out 190 Jihadis. And you are crying like hell. Talking of war?

Better be humans, live and let live. Give others what you want others to give you. Or else, prepare to cry perpetually.

Jihadi : Who are you?

Agniveer : I am love for lovers. I am hell for haters. I am a polytheist for monotheist terrorists. I am atheist for Jihadi God. I am what noble people love. I am what demons hate. I am Agniveer. Be careful.

Vashi Sharma is a globally renowned energy scientist. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. He teaches at NIT Jaipur. Vashi is the greatest expert on Islamic terrorism and deradicalization today.

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