Garhwa Court, Jharkhand witnessed a historic moment of communal harmony yesterday. Aisha Khatoon (name changed) declared in the court – “I am an adult. I love Shivam Rajput (name changed) and I have married him with my will. My Brothers beat us. My father and family are threatening to kill us. But I can’t live without Shivam. I will be only his even in next 7 births”. Agniveer’s lawyer Adv Ashish Dubey Agniveer appeared in court for her and made sure false case charged against the couple fell flat.

Shivam can be seen sharing experience here

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Aisha marries Shivam

Few weeks ago, the couple approached Agniveer for help as girl’s family was giving threats to the couple over their love relationship. Both said they are adults and love each other so much and want to marry. However, girl’s father, Brothers and family filed a false kidnapping case against Shivam. Agniveer Jharkhand’s President and Head- Legal Cell Adv Ashish Dubey took no time accepting case and assured couple of protection and victory.

Despite threats, Adv Ashish Agniveer led the legal proceedings and Rajan Agniveer (Coordinator – Agniveer Jharkhand) assisted him in court and outside. Both stayed with them in court in day time and protected them in night like Brothers. After weeks long hectic work and amidst threats, solid defence against the false charges was prepared and successfully defended in court of law. It was the first case of its kind where state security to couple was provided in interfaith marriage of this kind by the court of law.

Aisha and Shivam in court with Adv Ashish Dubey Agniveer

The couple is happy now. They thanked Agniveer for standing firm with them against all odds like rock. “Shri Ashish Agniveer is like our God, we will never be able to repay his debt”, said Shivam. While talking to Shri Umesh Pandey (senior Agniveer supporter and renowned activist) on question why she chose to marry a Hindu, Aisha replied – “Chacha, I couldn’t have married in my community. They only know how to beat wives and women. I hate this culture of hate. On other hand, Hindus worship women as Lakshmi and respect women a lot, certainly much more than them. Forget about news, even in my village, at least 4-5 Halala cases have happened recently. A woman was forced to live with other men for 3 months. It can never happen in Hindu. Hindu faith gives lot of freedom to girls. She can get education. She can step out of confinement and live life as per her own will. But in my community, if you are born as girl, you are worse than a slave. No wonder why my community areas look like garbage while Hindu localities are way cleaner and peaceful.

Couple also talked to Agniveer President – Dr Vashi Sharma and thanked him for all support Shri Ashish and Rajan Agniveer gave. Dr Vashi assured them of continued support and conveyed them blessings of Agniveer founder – Shri Sanjeev Newar who asked Shivam to keep Aisha happy always and make sure she indeed feels like goddess Lakshmi.

Aisha and Shivam in court with Shri Rajan Agniveer

The couple is now happily together at safe place. Thanks to gigantic efforts by Shri Ashish Dubey Agniveer. Special mention of Shri Rajan Tiwari Agniveer is necessary here. Despite a tragic incident in his family, Shri Rajan never missed a single hearing/appearance in court and didn’t leave the couple or Adv Ashish alone. There was a day when Shri Rajan had two choices – either attend funeral or appear in court as it was final hearing. Rajan showed what Karma Yoga means in real life. He chose to go to court instead. When Agniveer President Dr Vashi Sharma asked him whether he will go or not, he replied – ‘Who had to go has gone. I will go for one who is still there. I will serve Dharma first’. Agniveer’s naman to such brave fighters. Many talk big about Dharma. But how many could set examples?

Agniveer believes firmly in liberation of women from clutches of patriarchy and religious bigotry. Agniveer also believes in communal harmony. And what could be the better example of liberation and harmony than this? When an Aisha Khatoon marries a Shivam Rajput, she no longer has to undergo

  1. Sharia Nikah (nothing more than a contract)
  2. Fear of becoming 2nd/3rd/4th wife of her husband (which is legal for men of her community)
  3. Fear of getting one sided Talaq
  4. Fear of getting raped/forced into prostitution in name of Halala
  5. Fear of getting shared with husband’s brothers/cousins, father-in-law, brother-in-law etc
  6. Fear of becoming mother of her own husband as father-in-law raped/did Halala with her and now she is pregnant (there are Fatwas available in India on such cases, check Gudiya case of Muzaffarnagar)
  7. Fear of getting beaten
  8. Fear of losing kids’ custody in case she is kicked out marriage/house by husband
  9. Fear of losing all property rights as soon as Husband says Talaq Talaq Talaq
  10. Compulsion of wearing Hijab and suffering from Vitamin D deficiency
  11. Fear of cousin-marriages that has caused major medical issues in her community’s genes
  12. and so on…

All girls need to learn from brave Aisha. Marry outside Sharia Law and make your life happy. Agniveer wishes Aisha and Shivam a very happy and joyful life ahead. We will continue to nurture such communal harmony and liberation.

Note : The couple has been relocated to a safe place. But they need your support. Please visit and contribute maximum.

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