Very chosen few legends in Indian history had the privilege of being honored with the suffix ‘the Great’ or ‘Mahaan’ after their name. I recall only three – Alexander, Ashoka and Akbar. This great title does not come easily. One has to indeed display exemplary greatness to be called ‘great’. This great land has produced one legend after another – Ram, Krishna, Vikramaditya, Prithviraj, Rana Pratap, Shivaji – to name a few. But none qualified to be called ‘the Great’ by our noble historians.

This is because the criteria for being called ‘the Great’ are very tough. You have to be simply the best killer for times to come to be called ‘the Great’. And you must be a basher of mainstream Hinduism in some way or the other.

Alexander was the first such terrorist who killed innumerable to quench his thirst for global conquest, got a nasty defeat in hands of Porus and went back shamefully after having his life spared. But our glorious historians, who seem to take more passion as poets and creative writers, consider this to be defeat of Porus. Incidentally Greek historians are more candid to admit this defeat of Alexander! But that is besides the point. The fact remains that since he attacked and killed innumerable people, he is ‘Great’!

Next came Ashoka, who got a sudden remorse after conducting the greatest bloodshed of his era. Again a favorite of our creative historians who even made a film out of his romantic affairs with one of his innumerable wives. But bottomline is that since he broke all records of bloodshed even before the remorse and drifted away from mainstream Hinduism, he earned the title of ‘the Great’!

And after him, for centuries no one could repeat that feat. Came the era of barbaric looters from west Asia who broke all records of terrorism carrying the flag of ‘Islam’ thereby making mockery of Muhammad’s claim as Prophet of Peace! And for centuries there was dispute with regards to who should get the coveted title of ‘the Great’. And then came the great Mughal – the noble descendant of Timur and Genghis Khan from father and mother side respectively. He carried the glorious lineage of the greatest rapist, looter, murderer, homosexual child molester – the noble Babur who has the rare honor of being on cover page of history books for school students in India. This grandson of the first gay activist known in annals of history surpassed all imaginations of barbarism and terrorism to earn the coveted ‘the Great’! And no one, not even Osama Bin Laden has been able to repeat that feat since then.

Agniveer is honored to be part of the great legacy which has produced such eminent historians who have referred to the most unreliable sources to portray the greatest butchers as greatest legends for sake of secularism. With traitors like such who needs enemies. This great nation has produced greatest of tejasvi patriots but also traitors. And these days, traitors seem to be predominating. And History seems to be an area almost totally infested with traitors. Second comes ‘Art, Culture & Entertainment’. Or are the both same?

All that Agniveer is trying to attempt is to wipe off such honor from his forehead and join ranks of the detractors of these great butchers – the likes of Maharana Pratap and Shivaji.

In this post we shall provide summary points from Akbar’s life to understand what motivated Hrithik Roshan to feel so honored to portray his noble character and our spineless populace to be so enchanted with the fictitious Jodha-Akbar stories. We base our assertions not on works on any ‘rightist’ historian (being right is always considered wrong in secular history!), but on works of greatest admirers of Akbar: Vincent Smith whose ‘Akbar – the Great Mogul’ is considered most authoritative book on Akbar and of course Abul Fazl – the sycophant who wrote Ain-e-Akbari and Akbarnama. All that we would do is to review what even the sycophants could not hide. Readers are requested to read originals of these themselves. We shall simply provide snippets here (Note: language may differ but essence remains same):

Foundations of Akbar the Great

1. Vincent Smith starts his book with “Akbar was a foreigner in India. He had not a drop of Indian blood in his veins…Akbar was more of a Turk than Mogul.” And we proclaim him as an out-and-out Indian. His father, grandfather and in fact entire lineage represented the topmost terrorists of their eras (7th generation of Timur  from father and Genghis Khan from mother) whose sole goal was to loot and plunder. And we claim him to be pride of India!

Beauty and Noble Habits of Akbar the Great

2. Babur was a drunkard. Humayun became dumb due to use of opium. Akbar imbibed both these great qualities. Two children of Akbar died due to excessive consumption of narcotics. And we have Muslims taking pride in him!

3. On why Hrithik was excited to play the role of Akbar and why historians call him the most handsome person on earth. Here is his beauty as per VS:

“Akbar was of average height and walked with a limp in left leg. His head was tilted on right shoulder. His nose was small with protruding bone. His nostrils looked as if he is in anger. A wart of size of half a pea joined his lip to nostril. He was dark.”

4. Jahangir writes that Akbar used to call him Shekh regardless of he being intoxicated or alert. It implies that Akbar was usually intoxicated.

5. Akbar’s courtier Aquaviva writes that Akbar had started drinking so much that he used to fall asleep talking to guests. He used to drink Taadi sometimes and Post other times. He used to start behaving like insane when drunk beyond limit.

Education of Akbat the Great

6. Jahangir writes that Akbar used to behave as if he was a scholar despite the fact that he could not read or write.

Respect for motherly force (women) in Akbar the Great

7. Abul Fazl states that Akbar remained behind the ‘curtain’ (purdah) in his initial years as king. It is obvious what is meant by this.

8. Abul Fazl describes Harem of Akbar: “It had 5000 women and each woman had a separate home.” This is apart from more than 36 wives that he had.

9. To describe the glory of his prince charming, Abul Fazl writes in Ain-e-Akbari: “Close to home of Shahanshah Akbar, a bar has been set up. So many prostitutes aggregated there that it became difficult to keep a count. Courtiers used to take the dancers home. But if someone wanted to take home a virgin, he had to take permission from Akbar. Sometimes violence would happen among youth. Once Akbar himself called several prostitutes and asked who broke their virginity.”

Now how could so many prostitutes aggregate at the same time? Obviously they were women from Hindu families who were made captive or rendered homeless after their families were looted and butchered on ongoing basis. Because Muslim women are supposed to be behind the veil and Akbar was constantly at war killing  men and abducting women throughout his glorious career.

10. In Akbarnama, Abul Fazl writes: “Whenever a Beghum, or wives of courtiers or virgins wanted to be enjoyed, they were supposed to send an application to Harem in-charge. Then their application would reach the palace authorities. After that they were allowed to enter and stay in Harem for up to even one month.”

Its obvious that even wives of his courtiers were forced to be enjoyed by Jodha’s adorable Akbar for up to a month! Note that we are referring to works of his own sycophant and not any detractor.

11. The first condition in treaty of Ranathambhor was that Rajputs should dispatch Dolis of women to Royal Harem in return of freeing of soldiers. No wonder, why Jauhar and death were so preferred by those upholding virtues of self-dignity.

12. Akbar had his mentor Bairam Khan killed and then he married his wife who became his favorite queen. Historians claim that Bairam Khan was curiously attacked by a group of old enemies on his way to Mecca after he was forced to go there due to differences with Akbar. Thus her son Abdur

13. Akbar used to distribute his sex-slaves among his courtiers as per Griman. Thus women were nothing but inert objects of pleasure in gang of Akbar and his notorious courtiers.

14. Meena Bazar of Akbar’s era was famed where on New Year eve, women from different families were either coaxed, duped or forced to be displayed in front of Jahanpanah for his choice.

The Kind hearted Akbar the Great

15. Considered to be the most benevolent ruler to have ruled India, Akbar displayed his first symptom of kindness, in lines of his forefathers and progeny, when he was merely 14 year old. On 6 November, 1556, he was in war with Hemu in battle of Panipat. The Mughal forces were facing huge defeats when Hemu was suddenly hit by an arrow in his eye. He became unconscious and his soldiers scattered away assuming defeat. The unconscious Hemu was brought in front of our kind Akbar. Bairam Khan ordered Akbar to slay him so that he earns the title of ‘Ghazi’. (Ghazi is the most noble title for a fanatic Muslim that he gets only after he has murdered a Kafir/ non-believer. He is supposed to get highest quality Paradise with the most beautiful virgins.)

Thus to please Allah and offer his gratitude to icon of peace – Muhammad – Akbar cut the neck of his unconscious victim. His ranks followed the suit and butchered the corpse of Hemu. The head of Hemu was sent to Kabul and his body was hanged on Delhi gate for public demo of Akbar’s kindness.

16. Immediately after that his army marched to Delhi. Then a pillar of cut-heads was erected by Akbar as per his age-old altruistic family traditions to celebrate victory.

17. To put an appropriate climax to the holy mission, the old helpless father of Hemu was also butchered. Needless to say what happened with women. Akbar already had plans of a mega-capacity Harem!

18. As reported by Abul Fazl, to counter the rebellion of Khan Zaman, his loyal Mohammad Mirak was handcuffed and brought in front of an elephant. The elephant took him in his trunk and threw away. This process happened for 5 continuous days after which he was executed. Abul Fazl describes this with pride without a word of condemnation.

19. After capturing Chittod, Akbar ordered a massacre in which 30,000 people were killed.

20. Akbar innovated with new ways of killing and torture. Muzaffar Shah was trampled by an elephant. Humzaban’s tongue was cut-off. Masud Hussain Mirza’s eyes were sewed close. His 300 supporters were brought in front of him after putting hides of donkeys, sheep and dogs over their faces and then butchered. Smith lists more ways like hanging, cutting heads, cutting organs of body, caning. There used to be no written records of such decisions and judges used to simply follow the peaceful verses of Quran.

21. On 2nd September, 1573, he had a pillar of more than 2000 cut-heads erected in Ahmedabad. This perhaps broke the record of highest pillar of cut-heads to be erected ever. (Earlier record was held by his grandfather Babur).

22. As per Akbarnama, when Dawud Khan of Bengal was defeated, enough heads were cut to erect 8 tall pillars. This set a new record. When Dawud Khan in dying stage asked for water, he was given water in shoes.

The upright Akbar the Great

24. In Thaneshwar, there was a dispute over ownership of the place of worship between two sects Kuru and Puri. Akbar ordered that they should fight and the victorious shall have the claim. The foolish sectarians fought with weapons to kill each other. When Puri group started dominating, Akbar ordered his soldiers to join ranks with Kuru group. Finally both the groups were killed by his soldiers. Akbar then had a great laugh.

25. During battle of Haldighati, Akbar ensured that Rajputs fight against Rajputs. Badayuni asked Akbar’s general during an intense war that how would he segregate Pratap’s men. He was replied that this is unnecessary because in either case, Rajputs will die and Islam will be benefited.

26. Col Todd recounts that Akbar had the idol of Eklinga destroyed and put platform to offer Namaz. What could be greater example of religious tolerance!

27. Once Akbar woke early in afternoon and saw a servant sleeping near his bed. He was angered by this and had him thrown away from top of a tower.

28. In August of 1600, Akbar’s army surrounded the Asirgarh fort but both sides were in stalemate. As per Smith, Akbar thought of a ‘novel’ idea to break the jinx. He invited Miran Bahadur – the king for negotiations and swore by his own head that he would be safely allowed to return back. Thus Miran came out with a scarf of peace and submission. Miran bowed to Akbar thrice but was suddenly pushed to ground to offer complete Sijdah or bow flat to Akbar. Akbar was accustomed to having only Sijdah performed for him by the world.

He was then captured and forced to order his general to surrender. The general refused to comply and sent his son to discuss with Akbar why he broke his word. The young son was asked by Akbar whether his father was eager to surrender? The youth replied that his father  would not surrender and even if the king is killed, they would have another successor made the king. Hearing this Akbar ordered butchering of the youth. Eventually through more of deceit and fraud, Akbar was able to win the fort.

Note that this is just 5 years before his death showcasing that even possible arguments of change of his heart sometime in his life is an infeasible hypothesis.

29. Similarly, in lust of power and dominance, he fought with the noble Rani Durgavati of Bundelkhand and butchered the people there.

Akbar the Great vs Maharana Pratap

30. Historians who bootlick Akbar fail to explain how and why both Maharana and Akbar could be great persons at the same time when they were most bitter enemies.

31. Even Smith agrees that there was no valid reason why Akbar attacked Chittod except lust for conquest. Maharana was fighting for his nation and went to extent of uniting as many Rajputs as possible to stop having treaty or gifting their girls to foreign invaders. Akbar was a self-obsessed terrorist bent on conquering as much and as far as he could.

32. Nowadays intellectuals inspired by traitor genes have started shouting that legends like Pratap and Shivaji were fighting for their own petty territories and butchers like Akbar and Aurangzeb were working for unification of the country! However the truth is that in that dark age of rampant butchering, rapes and impotency of several prominent warriors, legends like Shivaji and Pratap kept the flag of saffron (symbol of nationalism and not dogmatism as wrong projected) high and ensured that the tyranny of these criminals is never absolute and soon heads for a decay.

Akbar and Islam

33. Muslims are fooled to believe that Akbar represented the goodness of Islam. But in lines of his terrorist forefathers, there was nothing Islamic about this butcher apart from using Islam for his own political gains.

34. For example, he was a drunkard, drug-addict and had more than 3 dozen wives – all that blatantly defy the most basic Islamic norms.

35. Akbar started a new propaganda that he himself was divine. He forced people to greet each other by Allah-o-Akbar. Ignorant Muslims believe that he was glorifying Allah while he wanted to claim that Akbar is Allah! Because Allah-o-Akbar has never been used as greeting in Islam. He used to present himself as the omniscient as per Abul Fazl.

36. Akbar started his own faith – Deen-e-Ilahi – which basically aimed at glorifying him and his stupidly vague ideologies. No wonder his sycophants accepted it gracefully but this divinity of an illiterate died with his death.

37. The reason why Akbar has been glorified is pretty obvious. Since he made mockery of both Hinduism and Islam in his self-obsession, none was better suited to be put to high echelons of glory by those willing to inject Biblical order. In fact, Akbar was among the politically smart ones of Muslim rulers who played Hindu, Muslim and even Christian card to have himself proclaimed as the divine one. You can get more details from Vincent Smith’s book.

38. Akbar was very smart in his language. Vincent Smith admires that despite his ornamental language, the level of brutalities he has shown in life in most contrasting. Perfect traits for a self-proclaimed prophet!

39. Akbar even had this propagated that he is divinely gifted to provide healing powers to the water that is used to clean his feet (Charanamrit). This was in lines of some of the Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim Hadiths regarding similar claim for Muhammad. Thus people were encouraged to make queues to obtain the Charanamrit. However to keep Islam on his ‘right’ side, he ensured that only foolish Hindus are allowed to do so. His courtiers had to drink his Charanamrit to keep him pleased.

Illiterate women would put their children on his feet, and he would pretend as a Fakir to bless them. In fact these antics were the genesis of his proclamation of a new religion.

Akbar the Great and Jazia tax

40. Islamic Shariat has the glorious practice of collecting Jazia tax from non-Muslims to offer them protection from loot, rape and murder in same manner as Gabbar Singh used to collect food and money from Ramgarh. Akbar is stated to have abolished this Jazia. However there is no single evidence of this. This concession was offered only to Ranthambhor as part of the pact where they would be gifting their women in Akbar’s harem instead!

41. It is true that people used to keep requesting Akbar of repealing Jazia. And he might have offered exceptions to select few for political reasons, but never dare he abolish it to ensure that Islam is also on his ‘right’ side.

Akbar and his great son

42. There has been a largely unbroken tradition of son rebelling against father among the Muslim rulers who ruled India. Babur was fed up of Humayun and Akbar was fed up of Jahangir who was fed up with Shahjahan who was fed up with Aurangzeb. Jahangir alias Salim claimed himself to be the ruler in 1602 and had his own court in Allahabad.

43. Incidentally Prayagraj was renamed Allahabad by Akbar few years ago as part of his Jihadi campaign to trample Hindus and fool Muslims.

44. Jahangir prayed for his father’s death and even started his own coinage system. Smith says that had Jahangir’s rebellion become successful, he would have definitely killed Akbar. He missed the golden opportunity to kill his father which was fulfilled by his grandson Aurangzeb in times to come. However some historians believe that it was Jahangir who poisoned Akbar to death.

Akbar and the great fate of people he doubted

45. Akbar had appointed one person solely for giving poison to those people whom Akbar disliked. Some historians state that Akbar died of eating the same by mistake.

46. Akbar had a whole line of his own trusted and less trusted people killed in suspicious manners: Bairam Khan, Zaman, Aasaf Khan (His finance minister), Shah Mansur, Mansingh, Son of Kamran, Makhdume Mulk, Shekh Abdurnabi, Fargundi, Muizul Mulk, Hazi Ibrahim and all those Mullahs whom he disliked. This list has been given in Smith’s book. And then Jaimal whose wife he captured for his harem after killing him and then propagated that he saved her when she was committing Sati!

The charity-lover Akbar

47. In Akbar’s rule, the property of the dead used to be confiscated by the Badshah and the family had no rights over it. At times he may allow the family to start some new business to showcase his kindness!

48. When his mother died a year before he himself finally lightened the weight on earth, he confiscated her entire property despite her will that her property may be distributed among the entire family.

Akbar and his Nava-Ratna (9 Gems)

49. In lines with famed stories of Vikramaditya, fiction regarding highly competent Nava Ratna courtiers of Akbar has been created. However the fact remains that Akbar considered his courtiers completely idiot. He stated that he is thankful to God that he did not get a deserving courtier or else people would think that he works through their brains and not his own intellect.

50. Much hyped Todarmal used to be his collection agent. The modus operandi was simple – either pay or get whipped and sell wife and children.

51. Abul Fazl was sycophant number 1 who wrote incredible fictions praising Akbar to win his favor. He was ultimately murdered by Jahangir.

52. Faizi was an ordinary poet who learned the art of keeping his maalik pleased through sycophancy. Many historians claim that he was the best poet in India in his times. All I can say is that the level of poets in court of Akbar must have been extremely poor standard in lines with his own education level and preoccupations.

53. Birbal died in most ignominious manner in a battle. The Birbal-Akbar jokes are a work of fiction in his false name. We find similar tales in South India in name of Tenalirama.

54. Shah Mansur was murdered by Abul Fazl under instructions of Akbar himself.

55. Man Singh is among the greatest traitors that nation ever produced. He gave his sister to Jahnagir. And then Jahangir even forced Man Singh’s grand-daughter into his harem! Akbar decided to poison Man Singh and Bhagwan Das (father of Man Singh) committed suicide.

56. And of course, courtiers of Akbar had to gift their women, children and family members to Akbar to continue having his blessing! Apart from drinking his Charanamrit (water from cleaning of legs).

57. Todarmal managed Akbar’s finances in most brutal manner to have his blessings. However the idols that Todarmal used to worship were also destroyed by Akbar. This made Todarmal upset and he resigned to seek Varanasi!

Akbar and love for slaves

58.Akbar gifted a family of Russian to the Christian Priest Akvaveeva as parting gift. This shows that he used to keep slaves from various international locations.

59. In Kandahar, Akbar had converted a large number of people into slaves because they opposed some new policies in 1581-82. Later horses were bought by selling them.

60. When the royal cavalcade would travel, the women in his harem would be put in golden prisons like animals.

61. Needless to say, as per holy islamic traditions, prisoners of wars were considered as slaves.

62. Akbar devised a new innovation to create slaves. His henchmen would put a flower on head of any horse that they would find. Now the owner of the horse had a Hobson’s choice – either to forget the horse and let go of sole source of travel and mobility in those days when the nation was worse than Somalia’s capital. Or accept financial slavery of Akbar.


63. When Akbar died, he had more than 2o million Stirling only in Agra fort. Similar amounts would have been there in other 6 cities. However he did not spend a pie to help the country during the worst famine of 1595-1599. Obviously, it can be expected what he would have contributed during earlier famines of 1573-74 and 1583-84.

64. Akbar had butchered the entire population living on banks of Prayagraj (renamed Allahabad by the butcher) and demolished all structures because the people hid inside their homes when he conquered the city. That is why we find no old buildings in Prayagraj banks today.

65. Its a myth without any credible evidence that Akbar built Fatehpur Sikri. In lines with other fraud rulers claiming allegiance to Islam, he simply captured it and claimed ownership. Later the same ploy was adopted by his grandson, the terrorist called Shahjahan who is claimed to have built a Taj Mahal in memory of his 4th wife!

A country that prides in worshipping such criminals is bound to be destroyed. Panchatantra aptly says that where the undeserving are worshipped and the deserving ones are sidelined, three threats always loom – death, anarchy and fear.

It is high time that we Indians start breaking all idols of these false heroes from every corner of our hearts and country and start showering our due respect to innumerable true heroes whose names also we do not remember today. Hindus should work to bring society to a level where even the names of these barbaric looters are not remembered. And Muslims should jettison these terrorists into garbage who have been nothing except shameless mockery on name of Islam.

We hope lessons of history would teach us important lessons by bringing us closer to our original roots disregarding the villains of interim period, and teach us why rogues should be dealt in most firm manner without leaving any scope for future nuisance. We should learn why worshipping false heroes would lead only to worsened status and compromise in matters of dignity and truth would only lead to mass level impotency.

Muslims should remember that their ancestors had suffered tremendous ignominy and tortures and then were forcefully converted to Islam by these terrorists whose only trip in life was to erect pillars of cut-heads and rape women wherever they went. We hope that right-minded Muslim brothers and sisters would be motivated to reject these humiliations of intermediate period and join back the original roots of their foundations – the Vedic Dharma.

And may my country and countrymen get their potency back. This is a must for true spiritualism.


Millions of dollars have been collected and spent to create fictions to glorify rascals like Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Alexander, Tipu Sultan through bollywood trash, novels, poems, ghazals etc and our traitors countrymen – read actors, actresses, producers, directors, writers, singers, politicians, historians, intellectuals etc – take tremendous pride in this shameless act. And on other side, we hardly see any focus being put to glorify the true legends of our great nation like Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Guru Govind Singh, Chhatrasaal, Gaj Singh, Durga Das, Rana Sanga, Rana Kumbha etc. If you do a google search, you find hundreds of sources, videos etc on the rascals but hardly a few on these greatest role models. The situation is really most humiliating. However, Agniveer offers humble homage to one true hero here:




For more, please review:

1. Akbar – the Great Mogul by Vincent Smith

2. Akbarnama by Abul Fazl

3. Ain-e-Akbari by Abul Fazl

4. Who says Akbar is Great by PN Oak

5. http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_history/modern/akbar_vs.html

6. http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_history/modern/akbar_ppg.html

This article is also available in Hindi at http://agniveer.com/akbar-great-hi/

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  • Sanjeev it would had been great if you would have referenced the sources of the information, like book name and page no. This would have made the article appear more authentic.

  • Akbar is great is great not hirtik roshan. Whole India give title to king Akbar .Akbar the great not for hirtik roshan . hirtik roshan nothing front of king Akbar

  • “..मेवाड़ धधकतो अंगारो आंध्या में चम चम चमकैलो …

    हूँ अथक लाडूला अकबर सु ,
    उजड्यो मेवाड़ बसाड्यूला ..!! ”

    Jaya Pratap ! Jaya Bhavani Jaya Shivaji !
    Jaya AgniVeera !

  • You knw wat..koi bhi religion clean nai hai..har dharm ne galti ki or rahi baat history ki to sab ne khoon bhaaya hai kill to sabne kia hai paap ke bhagi to sab hai..aaj ek muslim agr apni beti ka rape jrte hai to hindu apni bhen ka..sab muder krtehai discriminate krna bund kro ek dusre ko neecha dikhana band kro .or ache insaan bno..vo kaam aayega dusro k religion ko neecha dikhane se kuch nai hoga smj aayi bgwaan ne sab ko bnaya hai aaj tum ek ache insaan ho per koi dusra criminal ban jaata hai per dono ek he reliogion k ho to iska matlb k relgion khrab hogya..arey ander ki story koi nai janta jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai..na ye pta hai akbar kaisa tha na ye ko pritvraj kaisa tha..yr jisne b ye article likha hai bhai band ker yrr ladai krvana vaise he dono desho me kamm ladai ho rai hai jo tu yaha history leke baithgya achi cheeze sikha ki..hum sab ek hai chahe vo britishes ho ya muslim ya hindu..bhai bund kr ye sab bekaar me bacho k dimaag me ldai or nafrat faila raha haijo beet gya vo beet gya future dekho..or sab is desh ko acha bnane ka socho..hadd hai yr..sach me

    • Dear Yugandhar, Namaste!
      Tenali Rama was a poet in Sri Krishnadevaraya’s court. But we don’t have any solid proofs about his stories that shows his intelligence in solving puzzled issues before the king.
      1) Two women come with a child claiming, she is the mother of the baby
      2)Thieves plan to steal Tenali Rama’s house and he makes them bring out the water from the well for his garden

      I feel story writers have imposed some stories to him to grandeaur his intelligence.


  • Eye opening information for author of this article and others who believe in just intelligence based articles that akbar was very bad person.
    Please read Aghora series books by dr. Robert Svoboda. These were written under direct guidance from his aghori master vimalananda.
    As per those books akbar was reincarnation of prithviraj chauhan. Its extremely technical books with deep insight on hard core spirituality and world of etherals.

  • Dear Indian brothers and sisters,
    I am Akbar Khan from Afghanistan.
    I wont speak much, but lets just analyze just 2 points of the stupid writer –

    “Millions of dollars have been collected and spent to create fictions to glorify rascals like Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Alexander, Tipu Sultan through bollywood trash, novels, poems, ghazals etc and our traitors countrymen”
    “And on other side, we hardly see any focus being put to glorify the true legends of our great nation like Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Guru Govind Singh, Chhatrasaal, Gaj Singh, Durga Das, Rana Sanga, Rana Kumbha etc”

    What do we understand from this????

    He only used Muslim names in his 1st point and only used Hindu names in his 2nd point. Therefore, this idiot is nothing more than an unemployed physco who has nothing to do and of course he is a racist and hates muslims and intends to grow false hatred among Hundu brothers and destroy the Indian unity.

    History is History can it cannot be changed by just a few false information full of hatred and grudge. The world is now in the 21st century and it needs evidence and logical reason to prove claims as such. Such hatred is also see among some muslims, so my intention is to warn all Indian citizens not to trust this idiot. India is a democracy and is a land of many divisions in language, culure and religion, but still united and that is why we are not standing firm among world leaders. Lets not loose this.

    • Akbar Khan,

      Agniveer is correct.
      Fact that first point are muslim names is neither here nor there, those individusla likle Ghori, GHhazni, Baber, Aurangzeb etc, are devil spawn, hells soldiers who brutalised India for 800 years, do you honestly expect us to forget the holocausts committed against Indian people, sorry but no. This however does not mean we have hatred for any group, as Gods resides in hearts of all human beings including our fellow Afghan brothers and sisters.

      This is not false, ask people in your area what does Hindu kush mean, and then come back, here is what historian will durrant said:

      ” Will Durant argued in his 1935 book The Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage (page 459):

      “ The Mohammedan Conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.

      Nevertheless we hope peace comes to Afganistan, and we can come to visit Afghanistan and see its natural beauty and hospitality of its people

    • And yet you provided no counter evidence only name calling. Very poor. It is not truth you are interested in but falsehood. You fear the truth that is being spoken and being unable to factually disprove the truth, are now trying desperately to turn people away from this by ad hominen attacks. There is ample evidence even by Muslim scribes of the time of what Agniveer has written. Evidence is on Agniveer’s side.

  • surely the most idiotic account I have ever read, makes me wonder where do you get your sources from

    certainly you would be more joyous about akbar when you would come to know, that tax collectors were allowed to spit in the mouths of tax payees at their own discretions while collecting taxes thus destroying a hindus caste – akbar took away that law and saw to it that it would be rooted out of the system.

    Akbar was no muslim, he started his own religion Din-e-Illahi, certainly the reason why we dont have any pakistani missiles named after him
    The muslim ulema were his biggest enemies
    His Ibadat Khana saw endless debates on the truth and identity of god, from muslims to parsees to hindus to buddhists to even the newly arrived christians, they debated whole day in front of him about the real truth, so much so he was never satisfied, so much so that he actually , call it horrific, had a few children spend their childhood without any knowledge of the world – they grew up dumb, but no child was born hindu or muslim or parsee or buddhist, as was always challenged by the monks and ulemas

    He continously put down his rebellious son but never executed him, certainly accounts of Jahangir will be anti-Akbar

    the only reason you dont hear about the pilgrim tax being abolished is because Jahangir got it back.

    so stop with your re-writing of history

    read some good established sources

    • Did you ever stop to think that he did all the above in the article and then also tried to invent his own religion. Instead of white washing him see the man in his entirety.

  • Mr.Agniveer,

    I completely agree with you that Akbar should not be respected or called “great”.There is one thing I don’t quite understand. You’re against calling Asoka great because you say that he is called so only because he went away from Hinduism and started practicing Buddhism. But Asoka is pretty much known for the fact that he felt remorse after killing so many people. If that remorse led him to leave his old ways and become merciful and religious, then what is wrong with that, whether he followed Hinduism or Buddhism, if the end result was that he became a nice man, then that should be fine right? Also, Maharishi Valmiki was also a thief before he became a sage, but we give him due respect, then why should we not respect Asoka for converting into a good person?

  • Mr.Agniveer,

    Your purpose is extremely noble but I kind of agree with Unikrsna. Your articles would be much more credible if you quote references. I am not pointing against you or anything, I just want everyone to know that you are making up random stuff and that you have strong references to quote. And I don’t know if there is anything wrong in asking for references. As someone from IIT & IIM, I am sure you must have gone through several technical papers and would know the importance of quoting credible references.

  • Sanskrit was taught as the compulsory subject in Nepal some year ago. But these blood sucker communist Maoists burnt the Sanskrit books from school and forced the government to eradicate the Sanskrit Subject from School in Nepal.
    Nepal has an university Nepal Sanskrit University with 12 affiliated college. There are outnumbered gurukool in Nepal funded and raised by some gurus, saints and some religious organization. But its shame to say that vast Nepalese younger are avoiding the Vedic Traditions. Thanks agniveer for the article.

    • @Santosh
      Sanskrit was a backward language of backward ancient Indian. Arbi is the world most scientific and divine Lagrange. Start education in Arbi language.

      Abdu Rasul

      • Abdul Bhai- best thing to do for a wise man is to keep quiet rather than lose respect. To degrade others it is a wrong policy to insult them. To degrade others, upgrade yourself. This is Zen Buddhism. Secondly, Sanskrit is the language of the world some few thousand years ago when Arabic was not even born. Arabic, English, Turkish and such other languages are based upon the mother language, Sanskrit. If you read the history of Urdu literature you would have understood. I do not want to speak any further. Islam advises every man to gain knowledge. Please do this for the sake of Islam.

  • Sitapalam Ujain ji, tell me, anyone invading and ruling the lives of simple people, can they be Great?. Will you call me great if I forcefully occupy your home and rule over your family and find women folk to marry and kill those who may not obey me and shower praise, money and titles to your sons, brothers and other relatives who follow and remain loyal to me? Will you still call me great? Bharat is a home to simple, enlightened people who are not warriors. History and record has it, India and Indians never ever invaded another country. Please therefore, do not go by the big historical books and records on Akbar. Please go by logic and logic only.

    • Ershaid Hossain, you talk about logic,then in that case think logically, there is a family which is suffering due to the incapability of the members of the family.The family members are praying to god for some prosperity.God is answering their prayers by sending a son in law who is becoming a part of the family and is bringing happiness and prosperity to the family.You should have understood my logic,India was invaded by many foreign powers before Akbar.Though Akbar was born to a Turk and Persian,he was born and brought up in India.He had no urge to go to Kabul and Central Asia. By chance if it was not for Akbar some other foreign power should have invaded India and loot its richness like the British.He in fact increased the richness of India,tried to unite the people of India and bring peace among them.His lineage was also slowly converted to Indians. His heir was a half Indian,his grandson 3/4th Indian.When a child is suffering from some disease a mother will definitely give some bitter medicine if it is required.Similarly to unite the people of India Akbar waged war and brought most of Hindustani under one rule.He did not behave like the British who made us colonies and took all our wealth to Britain. India was Akbar s home. Jahangir’s first wife was very much a Indian,a marriage which was arranged by Akbar to have Indian offspring who will become the future emperor.The table was tilted by Nurjahans family who through Mumtaz, Aurangazeb came to power and the hard work of Akbar the great collapsed.Through out the world still there is terrorism due to religious differences and people are suffering.It was only Akbar who sincerely tried to unify all the religion by Din illah,in fact after sincerely analyzing all the religions in the world.Such a man deserves to be called GREAT GREAT GREAT.Do not talk with jealousy prejudice and biased attitude.

  • The above article is full of rubbish and fraud.I dont know why the author is very jealous of Akbar who deserves to be called Great.Hirthik should be gifted to play the role of Akbar.The author is very biased in prasing the Rana Pratap,a impotent king who ran away from Chittor leaving his subjects under the mercy of his commander Jamal.Not even once Akbar had done such an impotent act.Naturally people would like to be under such a leader than the Rana.Akbar for criticised by the biogoted Baduini in his book muntakhab ut Tawarikh(the point on prostitution was written by Baduini not by Abul Fazl,pls have clarity when you write a article).The author must read about Baduini in detail why he had so much of hatred on Akbar.Pls read historical books of Akbars reign,not books written by P.K.Oak and Smith.Smith may be a famous historian but he is a European who always favours British rule.All the facts written by Smith need not be true for he has written Akbars son Murad was born to Salima which is a rubbish fact.Akbar marrying so many ladies was a culture of his period which even the hindus were doing and it was a part of his political move.Infact he took good care of his Harem and showed equality within his harem.No historian could trace his favourite wife, a Hindu or muslim.His marriage to Salima, Bairam’s widow was a appreciable act rather to be criticized.To understand what I had written pls read historical book of Akbars period in depth with patience.I can be very sure the author of this rubbish article has not read Akbar Nama fully(read Akbarnama right from the begining including the horoscope of Akbar till the ending),then write another article praising Akbar the GREAT.I would like to give the same advice to the fools who had written comments for this article-read Akbarnama,Muntakhab Ut Tawarikh,Darbari Akbari,Jahangirnama,Ain i Akbari.

  • In one short incident: Akbar ordered disarming 30,000 peasants and then massacred them. This has been recorded by his court historian, a Muslim. Islam does not allow an attack on unarmed person. How is Akbar great then?

  • agniveer is just jindabaad. mere jehen me kayi sawal uthte the dharma aadi ko lekar usme se bohot se jawab agniveer par mil gaye. shriram sharma aacharya ne likhe huye ved ke baare me maine pata kiya itne kam daam me koi aur provide nhi kr rha hai. logo ne ise bhi apna dhanda/kamai ka sadhan bana liya hai.
    aur tum to itne saare articles free me de rhe ho.
    dhanyawad. jai hind jai bharat

  • Good article. Also request you to write about Ashoka & Alexzandar. Chandragupta Maurya was wrongly shown at the time of Alexzander. The real time of Chandragupta Maurya was 15th century BC. Greeks knows only 3 kings of Magadha as follows– Xandramas,Sandracottus,Sandrocyptus and these are not matching with Dhananand,Chanragupta Maurya,Bindusara but these names are matching with Chandrasri or Chandramas,Chandragupta(Gupta Dynesty),SamudraGupta. Pl make it into lime light.

  • Very nice .. Can i also have some eyeopeners on the GOOD DEEDS of the Brits and Portugese in india also . I think we are missing that.
    Also the commendable job being done by the missionaries here .. ELSE WE WOULD ALL HAVE BEEN ILLITERATES LOL..

  • i always thought akbar was one of the few muslim emperors who was tolerant to other religions and respected hinduism but it seems like he didnt in the film they potray him as he did

  • Agniveer is doing a NOBlE job, all Hindus should taken part in this Yagya. I will request U all to read books of Sh. P. N. OAK. He has also written some gd. books about Indian History. These Books r available on Archives site, U can find this through Google.
    Again I will request to all like minded persons to read about the true Indian History

  • One thing i see completely missing in this blog is Historical References. This kind of discussion may hold well in a community where people have no knowledge of history but love speculating. In the whole article there is no reference to the source. Who wrote.. Discussing any information without facts is called speculation or spreading false information

    • You first go and read what Akbar naamaa says. Why NOT you read what world historians mentioned.

      What I know is Prof. Will Durant says
      “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.”

      Sir Keonraad Elst declared
      The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves. Every new invader made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls. Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter. The Bahmani sultans (1347-1480) in central India made it a rule to kill 100,000 captives in a single day, and many more on other occasions. The conquest of the Vijayanagar empire in 1564 left the capital plus large areas of Karnataka depopulated. And so on.

      Therefore, I dont think – Agniveer is wrong by any logic. Muslims were damn bad.

      If you still want to refute Agniveer, check the history and mail them at [email protected]. They will update it.

  • Hi Savy,
    The burden to prove Agniveer wrong in this article is on people like you. All the facts presented are from very books of these criminal’s own autobiographies.


  • agniveer bhaisab aap akbar ke khilaf hai mai manta hu!! aap ek hindu bigot hai yeh bhi manta hu!! bt plzz desh main yeh riot ka aag mat felwaie!! akbar agar man singh ka hatwa karta to akbar ke maut ke 9 sal bad kaise man singh mara gya!! aur akbar agar itna hi bura insan tha!! to shivaji maharaj ne unhe jagat guru kyu kaha tha aap ne likha hua patra main jo woh 1679 sal main aurangzeb ko likha tha jiziya tax ki virodh karte hue!!! hum sab jante hai shivaji kitna sahasi aur ashadharon charitra ka insan tha!! jo delhi darbar mai khare hokar aurangzeb ko apman kiya tha!! to woh kyu akbar ko jagat guru bulwange!! aap bas yeh sochkar dekhiye!! aur aap to akbar ko aise dos de rahe hain jaise akbar ne aap ka rape kar diya hai!! hahahahaha!! srry!! bura mat man na!! that was jst a joke!! hahahahahaha!!

    • Sayandeep Kar!

      kyaa main jaan saktaa hu aapko issey kyaa milne vaalaa hai? Buraa mat maannaa lekin aisaa chaaploos meine pehli baar hi dekhaa hai joh uske liye ro rahaa hai joh ek qatil invader ki tarah aayaa aur chittod mein hajaaro akaaran marwaa diye. Ab usko markar bhi 400 saal ho gaye. Ab uske liye rokar aap kyaa paane waale hai? Akbar ho yaa Ashoka ho – dono ne apni mahaantaa laasho per hee likhi hai.

      Rahi baat riots kee to zaraa Mahabharat dekhiye. Swayam Shri Krishna Shaantidoot bankar gaye the toh Mahabharat ruknaa chaahiye thaa. Jab sarvasamartha YOGI usey rok nahi paayaa toh aap aur hum kaun hai kisi ladaai ko rokne waale? At the max, we can promise that we won’t start a riot but if Muslims want to behave rudely with us, then please don’t tell a Hindu to be liberal.

      Proof: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=297423173645844&id=100001344927863&ref=notif&notif_t=like

  • Man to nahi karta k is neeras aur tuch angrezi bhasha ka kinchit bhi prayog karun par kya karu mobile pe maa hindi humare lie kathin ho jati hai khair mai rahasya jaisa itihas batana chathta hun k jamadari humare hindu jati vyavastha me hai hi nahi ye bhi mahan samrat akbar ke hi samay k den hai hinduo ko pratadit karne hetu unse shauch uthwaye gaye tabse yeh mahan mughlai parampara ka uday hua. Bechare jamadar to ye jante bhi nahi k unka sahi varn hai kya. Mera agniveer se nivedan hai k kripya ispar apne star se karyavahi kare.

  • sahi kaha aap ne raj sab!! aap ki bato ka mujhe pura samarthan hai!! agar bharat ko duniya ko nazaro main sab se uchi asan par baithana hai to humhe yeh sab upay apnana parega!! aaj mai net mai pakistan ka praktan presidant ziya ul haq ka ek mantabya para jab operation brasstack ke waqt usne kaha hai ki agar bhartiya force border ka ak inch bhi par kiya to nuclear missle chorkar hamare des ke bade bade cities ko mitti mai mila de ga!! woh operation brasstack ki dar se jo ki ak army exercise tha koi jang ki preparation nahi!! aisi desho ki logo ko to kutto ki tara marna chahiye!!

  • Yeh soch k Kuch muslims acche hote hain matlab har muslim ki apni ek vichardhara hoti hai jo k baki kaum prabhavit hoti hai ka mai khandan karta hun- jab election ate hai to shahi imam log elaan karte hai k kis party ko vote dena chaiye aur pure muslims ankh band karke usi ko vote dete hai. Ap jake beete elections ka study karie aur un constituency ka jaha muslim majority hoti hai k result ka phir pata chalega k ye sb ki jab upar se elan hota hai to kya sahi hai aur kya galat ye nhi sochte.

  • Main kehta hun k we r indian par jake un kashmiriyo se bolwao jai hind jo humari bhartiya sena par pathar barsaate are jo srinagar me lal chaowk me jhanda fahrane na de 26 january k din wo kahenge jai hind ha ha ha are apka sar kalam kar denge wo unki chodie agar apne b kahi dhoke se jai hind bol dia to unke beech. Hume ekta ka path padhane wale jake hyderabad k muslims ko padao phir pata chalega unke ghar ke khanjar me kitni dhaar hai.

    • aap logo ko sirf prblms aur ek dusre ko dos dene ke sibai aur kuch ata nahi he hai na!! sach kehte the mere papa is des ka kuch nahi hoga jis desh main srf log prblms ko le kar sarkar ko gali deta hai le kin use solve karne ke liye koi suggestion nahi de skta!! us desh ka jaha par log muh se honesty ki bat karta hai le kin pithpiche rishwat leta hai!! yeh sab dekh kar sharam ata hai khud ko indian khte hue!! ab mujhe samajh mai aa raha hai ki mere baba mujhe kyu kehte the ki beta bade hokar videsh chale ja na!! mai papa ko puch ta tha kyu?? papa kehte the ki is desh ka koi future nahi hai!! ab samajh mai a raha he kyu kehte the!! yeh blog par ke mai sure ho gaya hu!! koi kitna bhi koshis kar le india humesha 3rd wrld country hi rahega!! dukh hota hai mujhe netaji subhas bose ke liye unhone azad bharat ka kya sapna dekha tha aur yeh kya ban chuka hai!!!

      • Sayandeep ji dhanyawad ap ab humare mat ko samaj rahe hain- hum koi dharmik kattarta failana nahi chahte hum ek jagruk vichardhara ko failana chahte hai. Humara des seculer isilie hai kyonki majority hindu ki ha.

      • श्रीवास्तव जी, इस देश को पुन: वही बनाना है जो वह वर्षो पूर्व (1000 ईसा पूर्व अथवा उससे पहले) था। सर्वप्रथम यदि आप मानते है कि देश धर्मनिरपेक्ष है तो यह आपकी भूल है। मुसलमान आतंकवादी कारागार में आनन्द लेते है और वहाँ से विस्फोट कराते है। उनके कारण अच्छा मुसलमान भी अपमानित होता है। अब मुसलमानो के लिए विशेष आरक्षण का अधिनियम काँग्रेस ने निकाला। पहले ही तीन देश है – हिन्दूस्तान, पाकिस्तान, बांग्लादेश। अभी चौथा भी पैदा होगा। धर्मनिरपेक्षता के नाम पर कई अनर्थ हो रहे है। ऐसा धर्मनिरपेक्षत्व मुझे नही चाहिए। मुझे नही लगता कि उसका कोई लाभ होगा।

      • hum hindu dharamnirapaksh honge to muslim atankvadio aur baki desh ko dikha payenge!! ki hum bat bat mai jihad ka nam nahi uthate!! aur abhi desh ko iron lady ya man ka zarurat hai!! jo in pakistani kutto ko pura tabah karke rakh de!! mere mat se kashmir se paki o ko hatane ke bad!! hum bhartio ko islamabad par hamla maurna chahiye!! agar pakistan khatam to atankvas bhi khatam!!

      • काँग्रेस ने सेक्युलेरिटि शब्द का अपमान किया है। मुझसे भी हो गया. माफ करेँ। आपकी क्या योजनाएं हैँ क्रिपया अवगत कराएँ।

      • अरे ! आप तो बुरा मान गए, क्षमा तो मुझे माननी चाहिए। मेरे मतानुसार निम्न उपाय अपनाने चाहिए।

        1< > सर्वप्रथम तो लोगो को अवगत कराए कि प्राचीन भारत क्या था? इसके लिए अंतर्जाल्यक्षेत्रो पर सत्य लिखे और यदि आवश्यकता पड़े तो चलचित्र पर भी प्रयास करे।

        2< > सोनिया गाँधी को देश पर राज करने से रोकना है। (मैं नही जानता कि यह कैसे होगा। कृपया आप देखे)

        3< > कश्मीर की स्थिती भी सुधारनी पड़ेगी। उसके लिए स्वयं ही कुछ करना पड़ेगा।

        4< > भारत में अधिकांश गरीब है। उनका भी कुछ करना पड़ेगा क्योकि उन्हे मूर्ख बनाना आसान है अत: मूर्ख बनाने वालो (जैसे आन्ध्र में ईसाई मिशनरी है) को सत्य का पाठ पढ़ाना होगा। और भोले भाले प्रदेशियो को उनसे बचाना होगा।

        मेरे मत में यह सब है। कृपया इनमें संशोधन करे और बताए। यदि आपको कुछ अधिक पता हो तो अवश्य जोड़े। कोई कलंकि अवतार आएगा और अधर्म का नाश करेगा – इस प्रतीक्षा में बैठे रहना मूर्खता है। अब हमें ही अवतार बनना होगा। अपनी राय प्रदान करे।


      • aap ne uchit farmaya god ji!! aap ko selam!! le kin yeh sab hone ke bad humhe kashmir ko pakistan ke changul se churana hai!! jaise shivaji ne mughal aur adil shahi kabzo se hundu o ko azad kiya tha!! ab hum bhartiyo ko is yug ka shivaji ban na parega!! chahe is ke baze hum he pakistan ko tabah kyu na karna pare!! kashmir humhare hai!! bharat ka heh!! is meh bideshi hmlebazo ka koi adhikar nahi!! jai hindu!! hindu swaraj!! barbad karo pakistan aur corrupt congress government ko!!

      • jab tak satyarth prkash ka kai karod ki sankhya me vitaran nahi hoga , ved ka bhi sahi sandarbh me ashatit prchar nahi kiya jayega tab tak muslimo v isaiyo se apni bhartiy sabhyta ko bachana mushkil rahega ! uske liye astha chainal v snsakar chainal adi ka bhi upyog kiya jana chhiye , intarnet me bhi iska prchar abhiyan chalna chhiye . har skul kalej me isko goshthi honi cahiye kuch siriyal sinema adi bhi kahani yukt banne chahiye bhartiy samaj me jativad ko bhi samat karna hoga dahej kanya bhurdh hatya se bhi mukti dilani hogi 1 sabhi bhartiy samaj ko keval shakahari banana hoga ! tab ek maulik antar bhartiy samaj v videshi sabhyta me aa sakega !

    • mai nahi janta ki aap kon hyedrabad muslims ke bat kar rehe hai!! mere baba ki jo 3 dst hai muslim hyedrabad se!! unhe kisi bhi tara se mai mere family bigot nahi lagte!! pak supporter bhi nahi lagte!! bas ek am middle class family lagte hai!! aur unke ghar mai koi khanjar nahi hai!! ha anti social muslim logo ke pas ho sakte hai!!! vaise woh to humhare rajput parivar mai bhi ak katar humesha hota hai!! bat yeh hai ki nafrat ki aag mai aap ko sirf khanjar hi dikhai deta hai!! firni ka bartan nahi!! nmskar!!

  • Godhara kand ko narendra modi par aise aropo ko lagakar yaad kia jata hai jinka koi adhar hi nhi par un 59 nirdosh budhe bacche aur maasoom jo preplanned tarike se bewajah zinda aag k hawale kar die gae jise high court b man chuka hai ke lie nhi yaad karte ye mahan budhjeevi secular log.

  • Is gupt va sacche itihas ko hi nahi apitu vartanan me ghat rhi ghatnao se sote hue hinduo ko jagana hai ,hume apne milne walon se charcha karni chahiye. Harpal is vichaqdhara ko promote karna chaiye.

      • Mr. Sayandeep Stop saying galat history, one thing is sure dat u r not a history inttelectual and u r from youth bcoz humare mahan budhjeevi imandar sarkar ka goal hai to be seculer atah mughals ki asli history ab aj k syllabus me rahi nhi aj se 25 saal purani history school books ko padhne walo se miliye aur yadi aj ki date me akbar ki asli history janni hai to graduation level ki history books kharidiye aur padiye. Hum baar baar tark dekar apse satya bolte hai aur ap keh dete hai ‘galat history’ apka mat hum samaj chuke hai ap rat rhe hai ke “mai na manu duniya gol” to geography bechari apna sir peet legi hi. Please kuch naya likhe pramad k sath.

      • for ur kind information mere maa history arts lekar i pare hai!! graduate kiya hai!! aur mai jo history par raha hu!! woh 25 sal ka bohut pehle se hi hai!! mere dadi ka umar abhi 80 sal hai!! unho ne bhi arts le kar graduate kiya hai!! woh bhi ak history pare hai!! aur mai sirf apne syllabus se nahi bahut aur books bhi par ke bata raha hu!! aue sach bat to yeh hai ki aap jaise hindu bigots itihas dharam se hi dekhte hai!! kya hinduism ka bhakta hai aap!! agar akbar itna hi kharap hai to shivaji unhe jagat guru kyu kha tha!! proff chahiye jadunath sarkar ki shivaji ka likha patra aurangzeb jo unho ne discover kiya par li jiye!!! ‘galat history’ aap bol rahe hai!! yeh man li jiye !! aap logo ka prblm yeh hai ki agar koi young ladka ya ladki aap ke galat bat o ka virudh kare!! to aap humhe young aur nadan kehte hai!! ak bat bata du baro se bhi galti hota hai!! indian atheist ko dekhkar kuch sikhiye!! sharam ata hai yeh sochte hue ki aap log pare likhe hai!! wase aap agniveer bigots jo bhi kahe!! is se koi fark nahi parne bala!! akbar great tha!! great hai!! great rahenge!! one of the finest ruler of our country!!

    • in blg ke baje se hindu jagenge ki nahi mai nahi janta!! par ha ek bat jntu hai!! ak tabahi machane bala riot suru karna ka takat yeh blog rakhta hai!! jis riot mai sirf khun se lat pat las aur rape kiya gaya ladkio ko dekha jayega!!

      • Sayandeep jee,

        1)) सर्वप्रथम आपने धर्मयुद्ध की बात की। महाभारत के अनुसार अर्जुन युद्ध नही करना चाहता था। फिर कृष्ण ने उसे क्यो कहा – तस्मात्सर्वेषु कालेषु माम्नुस्मरि युध्य च। ? अर्थात धर्मयुद्ध बुरा नही।

        2)) आपने कहा कि सब बुरे नही – कोई अच्छा भी है। सही है परंतु आप परिस्थिति तो देखिए। चलिए महाभारत ही पढिए। भीष्म पितामह और आचार्य द्रोण अनुभवी महाविद्वान थे। वह चाहते तो युद्ध रोक देते परंतु नही। विदुर के समान दोनो ही पक्षो का साथ न देकर तटस्थ भी हो सकते थे। उन्होने यह सब न करके कौरवो का साथ दिया। इसका अर्थ यह नही कि वह भी राक्षस है – उन्हे मात्र राक्षस का साथ देने का दण्ड मिला। धर्मयुद्ध अधर्मयुद्ध बन गया – नर स्त्री (शिखण्डी) का साथ लेकर भीष्म को बाण शैय्या पर गिरा दिया, अकेले अभिमन्यु पर 7 महायोद्धाओ का प्रहार, तपस्वी दोणाचार्य का वध, कर्ण के साथ छलयुद्ध। आप चाहे तो रामायण भी देख ले। चाहे महाभारत हो अथवा रामायण, कोई न कोई शांति का सन्देश भी लेकर गया था। लेकिन जिसे नही सुधरना था उसका क्या? राम, कृष्ण मिलकर भी युद्ध न रोक पाए।

        यही अग्निवीर की कथा है। अच्छे मुसलमानो को शांति समझाने के लिए शुद्धी किया। जो सुधर सकते थे – उन्होने समर्थन किया लेकिन जो सुधरे नही उनका क्या? उनके साथ युद्ध तो होना ही है – अब अच्छे लोगो पर निर्भर करता है कि वह कौरवो का साथ देते है या पाण्डवो का।

        3)) आप घुमा फिराकर अकबर पर क्यो आते है? उसे तो मरकर भी 4 सदिया हो गई। मैं भी स्वीकारता हु कि सभी मुसलमान बुरे नही। आपने अब्दुल कलाम का नाम ले लिया – वह अच्छे वैज्ञानिक थे और देशभक्त लेकिन पक्षपाती कायर भी। आतंकवादी अफ्जल की फाँसी उन्होने माफ़ करा दी। पिछले साल के मुम्बई धमाके में उसी का हाथ था। लगभग सभी भारतीय गाते है – सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दुस्ता हमारा। … आपको जानकर आश्चर्य होगा कि यह तराना ऐ हिन्द है और ऊर्दु में लिखित है। इसे लिखा है एक लाहोरी देशभक्त मुसलमान ने (हाँजी वही लाहोर जो अभी पाकिस्तान में है)। बिस्मिल्लाह खान, उस्ताद ग़ुलाम मुस्तफा खान, अमीर खुसरो कुछ अन्य उदाहरण है अच्छे मुसलमान है। लेकिन वह सब पुरानी बाते है।
        आज की परिस्थिती भी देखनी पड़ेगी।

        4)) अंत में यही कहना चाहुँगा कि आक्रमणकर्ताओ से सावधान रहे – उन्होने देश को खोखला का दिया है। यदि आवश्यकता पड़ी तो शस्त्र भी उठाने पड़ेंगे। जब तक शांति से सुधारा…

      • 4)) अंत में यही कहना चाहुँगा कि आक्रमणकर्ताओ से सावधान रहे – उन्होने देश को खोखला का दिया है। यदि आवश्यकता पड़ी तो शस्त्र भी उठाने पड़ेंगे। जब तक शांति से सुधारा जा सकता है – हम सुधारेंगे लेकिन जहाँ अन्याय हो रहा है वहाँ शस्त्र ही बोलेंगे। अग्निवीर इसी कारण हिन्दूओ को एक करता है अत: हिन्दू उसके साथ है। चलिए फिर मिलते है।

        जयतु भारतं ॥

      • aap ki yeh bat se mai seh mat hu shanti se bat nahi chalta waha shastra uthana parte hai le kin mumbai hamle mai abdul kalam ka hath hai is ka koi proof to nahi hai!! aur mai akbar ko spprt is liye kar raha tha ki woh akela hi aisa muslim raja tha jisne hindu o ke upor kafer ka tamacha nahi mara!! is liye!! ha afzal guru ki bat ko lekar mai abdul kalam ko dosi manta hu!! thik kaha apne humhe sabhdhan rehna parega!! abhi is des ko netaji subhas jaisa koi chahiye!! jo humlebaz o ko muh tor jawab deh sake!! aur humhe pehle hamare kashmir ko pakistani kutto se azad karna parega!! kashmir bharat ka ansh hai!! kya aap sab log mujhse sahamat hai!! jai hind!!

      • सयनदीप जी, मैंने यह नही कहा कि मुम्बई हमले में अब्दुल कलाम का हाथ है। किसी भी आतंकवाद में अब्दुल कलाम का हाथ नही। अफ़्जल ने संसद में कई हमले किए थे। उसको फाँसी हो जाती तो वह रद्द करा दी। अत: अफ़्जल ने सोचा कि भारत की सरकार धर्मनिरपेक्षत्व के नाम पर पाखण्ड करती है। उसने मुम्बई धमाके का आदेश दिया। कई दिनो तक कारागृह में पड़ा है। मुझे नही पता कि अभी भी जिवित है क्या? ऐसे ही न जाने कितने आतंकवादी जीवित होंगे।

        नेताजी सुभाष जैसे किसी की आवश्यकता है। वास्तव में ऐसे देशभक्त कई है पर सब फैले हुए है। उन्हे एकत्रित करने की आवश्यकता है।

        जयतु भारतं ॥

  • Akbar babar jaiso ka udaharan dena to kal ki baten hain, secular logo ko samaj nahi ayega, inhe kashmir k saiyad gilani, keral ki islamic political parties ke aims, south india ka ‘love jihad’ aur assam ke bangladesiyo k love jihad, hyderabadi muslim k pakistan prem k bare me to kuch pata hi nahi hoga “bechare secular”

  • kas aap ki tara sab samajhte atheist ji!! mai aap ka sanman karta hu!! le kin truth seeker ne hu mujhe taliban bola!! taliban jaisa janwar log ke sath mera comparison kiya!! aur maine to sach hi kaha is agniveer blog mai jo akbar ke khilaf bola hai woh to hindu bigot i hai!! sirf mazabi akhon se unho ne akbar ko compare kiya!! us din mai aur ek blog par raha tha woha par ek rajput bhai kehe raha tha ki akbar muslim hai is liye woh kabhi aacha raja nahi ban sakta!! le kin jitna dur mai janta hu ki akbar bhi alla ke age insaniyat ko dekhte the!! hum to is desh ko ak karna hi chahte hai le kin dukh hota ki jab humhare desh ke log hamare hi desh ka itihas ko lekar aisa batte korte hai!! humhare indian histry ko pure duniya kaisa izzat karenge agar hum khud i uska izzat na kare!! mai desh ko torna nahi chahta mai deshbasi ko ak karna chahta hu!! aur hindu bigot jo is desh main hain un logo bolna chahta hu ki plzz mazab se zyada insaniyat mehetpurn hai!!! mazab nahi insaniyat dekhiye!! namaskar!!

    • dekha truth seeker tum khud i keh rehe ho ki des ko musalman fir se kabza kar lenge aur pakistan aur afghanistan bana denge!! hum desh ki raksha kaise karenge bahar ki hamlebazo se agar hum khud i aise sochenge!! kya shivaji maharaj maharana pratap ranjit singh ke future generation ka yehi soch hai! kya netaji subhaschandra bose ji sab kuch kurban kiya tha is liye ki woh dekhe jis azad bharat ke liye woh lare hai kurbani di hai!! us ka yeh hal hai!! and fr u kind information our country republic of india dsnt have any state religion like european and islamic countries!! our india is a secular country jaha har mazab ki jagah hai!! is liye hindu musalman issue le kar bakwas bandh hona chahiye aur yeh kehna chahiye we are indian!! we are proud to be indian!! jai hind!!

    • Truth Seeker जी से मैं निपट लेता हु। आप उसकी चिंता न करे। वास्तव में अग्निवीर वह नही जो आप और यहाँ मुसलमान भाई बहन समझते है। यदि अग्निवीर हिन्दू धर्मान्ध होता तो इस्लाम को हिन्दूओ का गुरु न कहता जैसा यहाँ लिखा है। http://agniveer.com/1708/islam-what-it-can-teach-us/

      सत्य तो यही है कि जब भी कही धर्म के नाम पर अधर्म होता है तब उससे लड़ने के लिए एक अग्निवीर पैदा होता है। आंग्ल भाषा में एक महत्त्वपूर्ण कहावत है – NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. बेचारे अग्निवीर के साथ यही हुआ है। मुसलमान अग्निवीर से अति घृणा करने लगे है। उन बेचारो को यह नही पता कि यदि वह गैर मुस्लिमो से शत्रुता न रखने का वचन दे (मुसलमानो की कौम हिन्दूओ से अच्छी वचनपरस्त होती है। “प्राण जाए पर वचन न जाए।” का सिद्धांत हिन्दू भूल चुके है पर वचन निभाने का सिद्धांत मुसलमान नही भूलता। क़ुरान के अनुसार पाखण्डी को अल्लाह सबसे पहले सजा देता है। अत: मुसलमान सच्चे दिल से गैर मुस्लिमो से शांति रखने का वचन दे) तो अग्निवीर सबसे पहले ऐसे मुसलमानो का समर्थन करने के लिए तैयार है। किंतु मुसलमान इस सत्य से अनभिज्ञ है। वह अज्ञान वश अपशब्द वश कह देते है अत: हिन्दू उनके विरुद्ध होगए है।

      Truth Seeker और बाकी हिन्दू जिन्हे आप हिन्दू धर्मान्ध कहते हो ऐसो के ही शिकार हुए है। इतने मुसलमान यहाँ आकर अपशब्द कहते है कि जब कोई हिन्दू उन्हे पढ़ता है – वह समझता है कि सारे अपशब्द मुसलमानो ने अकारण ही कहे है। अत: वह आपको भी मुसलमान समझ बैठे है। खैर वह सुधर जाऐंगे — उसकी चिंता नही है बस आप देशवासियो का ध्यान रखे और हा अग्निवीर के बाकी लेख भी देखे। वह कौन है – अवश्य पता चलेगा। देश को जोड़ने का कार्य भूलिए मत। मानवता की जय हो और अधर्म का नाश हो। यही कहना चाहुँगा कि सबमें सद्भावना रहे।

      धन्यवाद …

      • atheist ji aap sach main gyani ho!! aap no jo kaha woh sahi hai!! le kin akbar ke bare me kehe gaye bat se mai sahemat nahi tha!! rahunga bhi nahi!! aur ha yeh sach hai muslim log aap ne aap ko kuch zyadai civilized aur pure samajhte ho jo ki woh hai nahi!! namasakar atheist ji!!

  • sahi kaha ap ne atheist ji hum he hi aap ne desh ka sanman bapas lana hai!! le kin aap ne jo kaha ashoka aur akbar ne jo tabahi machayi aur phir sama mang liya yeh thik nahi hai!! ha mai manta hu!! le kin galti jab ho jata hai tab hum use badal to nahi sakte!! hum yeh chesta krte hai ki kaise humhare kiya hua bure kam ko aap ne aache kam se logo ke man se dur kar diya jay!! is mai ak tara ki prayaschit i to hai!! ha muslim dharm hinsha aur hindu dharm lobh ki adhar pe khare huye hai!! aur sach mai hum bharatbasi aap ne desh ka itihas rakhsha karna nahi jante!! aur ha aap ne mere man ki bat keh diya atheist ji biswas manabta ta mei hai dharam manabta mai hai koi mazabi prabhu mai nahi!! ha aaj mujhe saccha koi insan mila jo dharam ki nam par itihas ko nahi dekhta!! ak saccha hindu nahi ak saccha insan!! dhanyabad atheist ji!! namaskar!!!

      • सयनदीप कर जी, एक प्रश्न पूछना चाहुँगा – कृपया बुरा मत मानिएगा। आप वास्तव में भारतवासी है अथवा कोई विदेशी है? क्योंकि आपने पिछले टिप्पणी पर यह कहा था कि मुग़ल अच्छे थे – क्या आप स्पष्ट कर सकते है क्योंकि अधिकांश मुसलमान शासक क्रूर तथा आतंकवादी ही पाए जाते है। विद्वानो के मुसलमानो के प्रति क्या मत है वह आप यहाँ देखे –


        मजहब का तो सदा से संकट है – एक मजहब (मुसलमान) आतंकवाद सीखाता है (क़ुरान 9.111 के कारण ही अमेरिका में 9/11 जैसा धमाका हुआ।) तो दूसरा (हिन्दू) भाई से गद्दारी (रामायण विभीषण की गद्दारी पर आधारित है) । ईसाई तथा अन्य धर्मो की पोल भी खुल चुकी है। अत: मैंने दु:खी होकर नास्तिकवाद को अपनाया।

        मैं आपसे सहमत हुँ जब आपने कहा कि कई लोग देशद्रोही निकले। किंतु आपने मात्र समस्या बताई समाधान तो बताया नही। यदि आप समाधान भी बताऐंगे तो शायद देश को सुधारने के लिए कोई कदम उठ जाए। तो आप समाधान भी अवश्य बताए।


      • mai aachi tara janta hu ki sab musalman bahut attyachari the!! le k9in akbar waisa nahi tha!! un jaise admi o ko mazab ki nam par mat tolie!! mai janta tha ki akbar chittodgarh mai 30,000 begunaho ki jan liya tha!! le kin sirf wohi ak bar us ne aisa kiya!! le kin aisa to hamare samrat ashokha bhi tha usne bhi kalinga mai jo kiya wo sahi nahi tha!! le kin woh do no yeh sob kar ne ke bad sudhar gaye!! aacha kam kiya!! aur ha mai ak hindu ho ar ek saccha bharatbhasi!! jab mujhe yeh sob likha milta hai or log ise spprt karte hai!! tab mujhe dukh hota hai!! ak indian hote huye!! aur sab muslim aisa nahi hai!! sab muslim aisa nahi hota!! mere babaji ka ek dost bhi muslim aur woh bahut sophisticated hai!! kuch muslim o ki baje se sare muslim o ko galat mat samjha jay!! waise hi kuch hindu logo ke liye sare hindu badnam hote hai!! asal samsya yeh hai atheist ji ki sabhi dharam ki log aaj kal aaj kal kya suru se hi sirf aapne sukh dukh aur fayde ki sochta aur jab yeh limit cross kar jate hai!! tab ladhai jang aur khun khrapi suru hota hai!! jaise rishi siddharth gautam aka bhagwan buddha ne kaha he agar insan apne vasna o par kabu pale to yeh sab kuch nahi hoga!! le kin kehna asan hai aur karna muskil!! insan kabhi bhi puri tra se apne instincts ko bandh nahi kar sakta!! is liye aisa chalta rahega!!
        aap log bahut pare like hai aur asa karta hu ki mujhse umar mai bohut bade bhi hai!! aap pare likhe logo ke se is development ki age mai aisa hindu bigotry mai expect nahi karta!! akbar ashoka shivaji maharana pratap guru gobind singh ranjit singh sab aap ni aap ni kabliyat ke liye logo mai famous the!! aur rehenge bhi!! aur sach bat to yeh he ki kisi p n joke ki likhi hui kitab ki baje se akbar ungreat nahi ho jayega!! akbar great the akbar great hai aur akbar great rahega!! namaskar!!

      • सयनदीप कर जी,

        मैंने तो आपसे समाधान माँगा था और आपने बात ही दूसरी दिशा में कर दी। मैंने यह कब कहा कि अशोक शांतीप्रिय था? मैं अशोक तक को महान नही मानता। और शांती की परिभाषा क्या है? — मैं 100,000,000 निर्दोषो की हत्या कर दू फिर अपने पापो का क्षमा माँगते हुए सन्यासी हो जाऊ – आप उसे महानता कहेंगे अथवा पाखण्ड? लगता है आपने सुना नही – 100 चुहे खाकर बिल्ली हज को चली।

        सब मुसलमान बुरे नही। मेरे भी कई मित्र मुसलमान है और मैं मुसलमानो के विरुद्ध नही। मैं मात्र धर्म के नाम पर होने वाले अधर्म के विरुद्ध हु। क्योकि मेरा विश्वास मानवता में है किसी मजहबी प्रभु में नही। मैं किसी पी. एन. ओक की बात नही कर रहा। मैं तो केवल छिपा सत्य दिखा रहा हु।



        आप यह अपने अंतर्जाल्यदर्शक ( web browser ) में डालकर स्वयं देखे। मुसलमान उनसे वैर करता है जो किसी समय में उनके भाई थे। दु:ख यह है कि मुसलमान इतिहास हिंसा पर टिका है और हिन्दू इतिहास लोभ पर। अब तो यह हालत है कि एक भारतवासी यह नही जानता कि उसकी प्राचीन सभ्यता वास्तव में थी क्या? पर केवल समस्या की चर्चा से कुछ नही होगा – हमें इसका समाधान भी करना होगा। अत: अब भारत को पुन: विश्वगुरु बनाकर उसका लुप्त हो चुका गौरव हमें ही लाना है। आपके क्या मत है?

      • @sayandeep kar
        Good brother, you seem to be supporter of Taliban. Do not worry all such sites will be banned after rule of Taliban here as in Afghanistan.

      • sach mai humare des mai hindu bigot kitna fel gaya hai!! ha dekh raha hu na example tumhare tara @truth seeker humare desh ka hindu taliban namune taliban ko ana nahi parega agar tum jaise log desh mai janam loge to humhare desh pure duniya ke liye pichra huya third world country or joke bankar i rehe jayega!! sach mai bhagwan is des ka kya hoga?? jaha par aise log rehte hai!!

      • @sayandeep kar
        ________sach mai bhagwan is des ka kya hoga?? jaha par aise log rehte hai!!_______
        Kuch nahi hoga bas sab Muslim Milkar Iss desh ko Pakistan aur Afganistan bana denge aur jo bhi betichod aur bahuchod prophet Mohammad ke virudh bolega usko mot ka farman suna denge.

      • नमस्कार भ्राताओ!

        आप दोनो यह क्या कर रहे हो? आपस में वाद विवाद – कौनसी धर्मपुस्तक ने आपको यह सिखाया? हालांकि मैं नास्तिक हु किंतु यह कह सकता हु कि वेदो ने कही लड़ने का आदेश नही दिया। आपको शायद पता नही है कि आंग्ल प्रदेशियो ने देश को जीतने के लिए “फूट डालो और राज्य करो” वाला नियम चलाया था। अभी यदि आप अकारण लड़ पड़ोगे तो यह भारतीयो की विजय कही जाएगी अथवा आंग्लो की? तोड़ने का तो आपने परिणाम देखा ही होगा – भारत के तीन टुकड़े है – हिन्दुस्तान, पाकिस्तान, बांग्लादेश। अब क्या चौथा बनाना चाहते हो?

        एक दूसरे की भावनाओ को समझो – यदि एक दूसरे को ऐसे ही अपशब्द कह दोगे तो देश टुट जाएगा। अपना काम है एक करना – तीन चार करना नही। अत: एक हो जाओ और इस अमानवीय समाज को सुधारो। यही मानवता की माँग है। और हा – देश को अपशब्द कहना छोड़ो – रंग दे बसंती में स्पष्ट कहा गया है — कोई देश अच्छा बुरा नही होता – हम उसे वैसा बनाते है। अत: मजहबी युद्ध त्याग दो – उससे न किसी का भला हुआ है न होगा। एक जंग स्वतंत्रता की लड़ी गई थी – भौतिक बन्धनो से छुटने के लिए — अब दूसरी लड़ो – मानसिक बन्धन तोड़ने के लिए।

        धन्यवाद !!

  • @ sayandeep kar .. u really one of Tratior… Bloody Bustard.. u know the history then publish with evidence.. if u dont know.. keep my ass to ur mouth.

  • Man singh and bhagban das gave their womens to akbar n recieved profits, however they n their clan in rajputs was rejected by hindu community, that is why now days they r denying the marrige of jodha bai to Akbar. Except in Rajputana their Clan members r treated as Neech in all over India.

    For Pratap his great grand father rana Sanga invited Moguls to Attack India to help win him a war.

    • Jai bharat jai hindutva, music, maths, yoga, concept of god, poetry, dharm, spirituality, ayurveda, astrology, space science, surgical treatment, natak kala( aj kal films. Aur na jane kaun kaun si vidyaen dene wala bharat hi hai. Muje garv nhi k mai bhartiya hun muje ghamand hai is baat ka k mai bhartiya hun.

      • एकदम सही कहा श्रीवास्तव जी। लेकिन सिर्फ गर्व / घमंड से कुछ नही होगा। पाश्चात्य तथा यवनो के कारण सर्वत्र त्राहि त्राहि हो रही है। ईराक़, ईरान, यूनान, मिस्र, रोमानिया कितनी हरी भरी और आनन्दमय सभ्यताए थी परंतु आज उनका नाम लेने वाला भी कोई नही। मलेच्छो के फैलाई गई आन्धी का आप प्रताप देख ले। प्राचीन सभ्यताए लुप्त हो चुकी है। मात्र भारत की सभ्यता ही बची रह गई। अब यह आक्रमणकर्ता (मुसलमान, ईसाई, गद्दार) भारत को भी नष्ट करना चाहते है। हमारा कार्य है – इस देश को उनसे बचाना। सबसे बड़ा दुर्भाग्य यह है कि हिन्दू यह जानते ही नही कि सत्य क्या है।

        अग्निवीर देश को बचाने के लिए वह कर रहे है जो उन्हे करना चाहिए लेकिन एक अग्निवीर पर्याप्त नही। एक लघु अग्निवीर बनकर धर्म की रक्षा करे। आपके क्या मत है?

        धन्यवाद !!

    • Muslims kaise hote hain jake un 3 lakh kashmiri hinduon se pucho jinko 15 saal pehle gilani n brothers ne babar jaisi policy apna kar kashmir se bhaga diya. Is desh ki seculer janta kya kehna chahegi is par.

      • रही बात कश्मीर के सन्दर्भ की तो कृपया seculer जैसे शब्दो का प्रयोग न करे। क्योंकि भारतीय सरकार मात्र तथाकथित seculer है। वह मुसलमान, ईसाईयो का तो समर्थन करती है परंतु हिन्दूओ का नही। हमारा सबसे बड़ा दुर्भाग्य यही है कि हमे अन्दर से मारने वाले जीवित है — बाहर वालो का कहे क्या? अब जो कुछ करना है हमे ही करना है – अत: आप बताए क्या उचित मार्ग होगा?

        धन्यवाद ॥

      • aap logo ka bat sunkar to lag raha hai ki aap koi dharam yudh suru karne vale ho!! ha mai manta hu ki muslim akramankari o ki baje se bahut sare sabhyata nast huye hai!! le kin sab muslim aisa nahi hai!! 100 pratishad muslim mai abhi 10 prathisadh aacha log bhi hai!! kya hum 90 pratishad muslim o ko galti o ka bojh on 10 prathisodh logo ke opor de denge!! kyu sirf uska mazab muslim hai is liye!! nahi!! burai ke sath aachai bhi ate hai!! hum e aachai ko apnana chahiye aur burai ko dur karna chahiye!! aur babur ko maine kabhi secular nahi kaha!! le kin akbar ko babar ke sath tulna nahi karna chahiye!! agar akbar itna hi kharap hote to humhare shivaji maharaj mahan use jagat guru nahi kehte!! indian gvrmnt crrpt hai le kin kisi bhi tara pak isi kutto se mila hua nahi hai!! waise aap logo ko bas prblm i pata hai!!! bhuliye mat hamare desh ki praktan president apj abdul kalam bhi ak muslim bhi tha!! aur desh ka sabse famous and leading scientist!!

      • fight and claim your land back govt wont do nay thing for hindus,eye for eye should be the rul

    • This is interesting.

      In the Ethiopic texts, Mr E.A.W. Badge has included an account of “The Life and Exploits of Alexander” where he writes inter alia the following:

      “In the battle of Jhelum a large majority of Alexander`s cavalry was killed. Alexander realized that if he were to continue fighting he would be completely ruined. He requested Porus to stop fighting. Porus was true to Indian traditions and did not kill the surrendered enemy. After this both signed treaty, Alexander then helped him in annexing other territories to his kingdom”.

      Mr Badge further writes that the soldiers of Alexander were grief- stricken and they began to bewail the loss of their compatriots. They threw off their weapons. They expressed their strong desire to surrender. They had no desire to fight. Alexander asked them to give up fighting and himself said, “Porus, please pardon me. I have realized your bravery and strength. Now I cannot bear these agonies. WIth a sad heart I am planning to put an end to my life. I do not desire that my soldiers should also be ruined like me. I am that culprit who has thrust them into the jaw of death. It does not become a king to thrust his soldiers into the jaws of death.”

    • Another myth is propagated by the Western historians that Alexander was noble and kind king, he had great respects for brave and courageous men, and so on. The truth is other-wise. He was neither a noble man nor did he have a heart of gold. He had meted out very cruel and harsh treatment to his earlier enemies. Basus of Bactria fought tooth and nail with Alexander to defend the freedom of his motherland. When he was brought before Alexander as a prisoner, Alexander ordered his servants to whip him and then cut off his nose and ears. He then killed him. Many Persian generals were killed by him.

      The murder of Kalasthenese, nephew of Aristotle, was committed by Alexander because he criticised Alexander for foolishly imitating the Persian emperors. Alexander also murdered his friend Clytus in anger. His father`s trusted lieutenant Parmenian was also murdered by Alexander. The Indian soldiers who were returning from Masanga were most atrociously murdered by Alexander in the dead of night. These exploits do not prove Alexander`s kindness and greatness, but only an ordinary emperor driven by the zeal of expanding his empire.


      • Brother Shravak!


        You are going too far to clear the concept. If Alexander was really noble and kind, he would not have thought of conquering the world first of all. Noble and Kind people love peace NOT massacre.

        Alexander had respect for bravery and courageous men — What rubbish? If some one goes for fighting and people oppose him, then they want to fight with him. Obviously they are brave. Alexander was opposed by many NOT only Porus. He conquered them all and came to India — where is respect for bravery then?

        So, Alexander’s greatness (Is he really great?) is a set of many myths. But, I don’t think that it was propagated by Western scholars. It was done by A Mughal probably. Because some Muslim scholars call Quran 18.83 Zul Qurnayn as Alexander.
        Alexander’s truth explored here:

        I feel that the true conqueror of the world was someone like Buddha. He conquered minds of people NOT body.

    • @real gay babur

      I think Abul Fazal- courtier of Akbar knew Akbar better than you or any Drama director 🙂 This article has references from Abul Fazal’s Aain e Akbari!

      Enjoy 🙂 …

    • @ real gay babur

      Can you plz point me out that your abrahamic religion is bereft of looting, invading, raping, mass murdaring, polygamy, sex slave, pedophilia and all bad attributes???? I can prove that your religion is nothing but a threat to humanity………..get well soon.

      @ Respected Brother Vajra
      Pranam Brother. How are you???? Busy??


  • It is wrong to say that Akbar was secular. If that was so why did Tansen have to convert to Islam to become 1 of the navratnas in his court?
    I think a large chunk of distortion of history comes from Nehru’s ‘Discovery of India’ which is full of praise for Muslim rulers and supports falsehoods.
    I want to draw your attention that an animated film is being made on the Taj Mahal supporting that Shah Jahan made it. This should not be allowed as children will learn false history from it.

  • Hindus need to write the correct history books for children to read. The head of ASI is a muslim who likes to renovate old tombs of obscure muslims rather than project ancient Indian monuments .Qutub minar was meru stambh made by Mihir and Taj mahal was a Hindu temple but hindus are duped into believing that these were made by muslims. Red fort is being projected as having been made by Shah Jahan who merely converted it into a muslim style monument. I think Hindus mustunite and take back these monuments. The 23 rooms in the basement of Taj mahal should be opened.Allahabad should be renqamedPrayagraj as it is a holy city for hindus. We need Hindu historians and ASI officials. We need to be belligerent otherwise the space for hindus will go on shrinking.

    • Namaskar! and we also need to change the names of the roads. What is GHAZIABAD? GHAZI=killer of infidels Hindus, abad – alive, thriving with. Why do we still have this ugly name? Ghazipur?? Same!! People never think! Why do we still have roads dedicated and honoring ugly barbarians like Aurangzeb in the capital of this county?? THINK!! and CHANGE!!

      • @aryaputr…right ..all such names sud be changed….INDIA sud be called BHARATVARSH OR BHARAT..sounds nice.

  • I have real problem with your partiality. You just say that only muslim kingdoms killed but butchery of hindu kings also are legendary. Rajputs were always at strife and some even held small fwe acre fiefdoms. Many invited muslim invaders against their country men. Prthviraj, Rana sangha and others were defeated due to treachery of their own kin. It is said bimbisara bad maurya’s killed so many of their relatives. I think kin strife is common or powere. just look at the killings by current politicians.
    Akbar had revoked jizia every where and man singh died of natural causes and even outlived akbar. Indian subcontinent to the exstent of marathwada till AP was under Akbar’s sovereignity and his reign is next to british India in terms of acres. just because he is a muslim do not belittle his acheivements. If Hindu kings had so much why could they not acheive this rule. Even now caste system is praciced which excludes the majority. I wish Hindus allow conversion. only a hindu born can enter a temple and that excludes people who are enamoured by the faith. Akbar was a sufi which deviated from his birth faith Sunni-hannafism. He infact made hole a court festival.
    I think historically your point of view is flawed. Just tabloid trash

    • Namste Neha Ji

      all you want to say ius that those ghazis who invaded our country in the name of religion and butchered millions of hindus must be respected.

      if you want to read history ..then read the chronicles of all these rulers by muslim chroniclers themselves.read how islam conqured india ..you’ll get both your history [authentic persian sources] and outlook corrected


      • I am not saying you worship people like Ghori or Gazni. But history says Akbar was different. His reign was the golden period for India. Did you know that Tulsidas was a contemporary of Akbar. During war atrocities has happened and many will not forget it. But tarnishing one person is not fair. We need to acknowledge that hw brought order and unity to the subcontinent which was separated along the lines of balkans. Imagine if we never have the akhand Bharat, only the confederacy and economic union is possible for us because hinduism as a glue never held india. Thehinduism practiced in Kerala is different from that of North India. I myself have seen it. As a malyali many rituals were confusing when I went to varanasi. Even the architecture was different. Only economic power and pride can sustain us. I have only the problem of selective tarnishing with out comparing him with the larger kings in India. I have one question though why not abuse the rajput kings who could have stopped the plunder by getting together. Invaders always came but what was stopping us in getting them out. Isn’t it a weakness? Even in 1857 you have to notice the Hindu sepoys and muslim soldiers went to Delhi to unveil the standard of the Mughal king. They did not go to anyone else
        Thank you

      • Pranam Sister Neha

        You are saying that Akbar was a great human being? How could he be? Refute the points raised by agniveer. You simply can’t. It’s not something that you are capable of. You are trying to say about the rajputs. Sister, Rajput may be attributed as the army of the society. For thousands of years they are fighting defensive war. Let me ask a question. Why Babur came in India?? For doing welfare for Indians??? Sister I must say either you are a deceiver or have been deceived. Akbar was a drunkard, invader, looter, misery carrier to hindus.
        What is the fault of hindus if they don’t see any flying donkey in the sky???? Flying donkeys can all appeal to you not ………
        ——Invaders always came but what was stopping us in getting them out. Isn’t it a weakness?——you are certainly unaware of the fact that Millions of hindus and buddhists preferred to die rather than accepting the false religion. But some ancestors of us were looted, raped, severely punished , forced to adopt your false religion. You (invadors) always tried to vanish Hindu Dharm but you could not do it for last 1200 yrs or so.

  • chamar and shudra will remain shudra and KSHATRIYA AND BRAHMIN will always remain kshatriya and brahmin.

    kshatriya and brahmin are brave whereas shudra are coward. TILL NOW 17 HINDUS HAVE GOT PARAM VIR CHKARA AND ALL BELONG TO KSHATRIYA AND BRAHMIN CASTE.

    shudra are bhangi.

    • It is a shame that perverts with such thinking exist. This seems to be a post from a malicious person with agenda of creating nuisance. However, Agniveer is resolved to break the last brick of any birth-based casteism. For Agniveer, and as per Vedas, shudra is one who is not educated. And Dasyu/ Daas is a criminally inclined psychopath. The author of this comment is hence a Dasyu and deserves severe reprimand.

    • Do you know who a chamar is? The one who deals in leather (chamra) is a chamar. So, all those associated with the leather industry are chamars. If you do a bit of research, you will definitely find a chamar at home or may be in your extended family, friends, neighbors, or relatives.

      Now, coming to the PVC issue, all those awarded were kshatriyas by dharma (profession).

    • @Naman

      Naman, you seem to be an idiot. Did you know you were born Shudra? By your above comments you are disgracing everyone younger to you who have just took birth in your family or your children in the future who will be born because as per Vedas, everyone is born Shudra. Shudra, as Agniveer Ji has mentioned, simply means an uneducated person. So logically we were all born uneducated.

      So stop insulting yourself and your Vedic Dharma!!

    • @naman

      Do not discriminate, my friend. It is because of such discrimination that the whole Hindu community has fallen victim to foreign powers/ invasions. NO CHILD IS BORN Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaish or Shudra. It is the KARMA of the individual that make him fall in one of the categories.

      It is because of this EVIL thinking of Casteism that even the NEUTRAL- Non-discriminating Hindus are also facing the Hell of “RESERVATION” in “independent” India!!!! Enough of Casteism.

      Hindus have to stand UNITED.

  • Dear Agniveer Admin

    have you see the above post? please do the needful

    nishant – if you can’t love all human beings as equals – you have lost it completely.very unfortunate 🙁

  • @idiot nishant
    But idiots like you dont remain idiots, in fact they become the bigger idiots as time progresses.

    I think Brother KalBhairav was right in suggesting ban hammer for you

    Hope Agniveer do it soon

  • http://dalitnation.wordpress.com/2007/12/14/aishwarya-rai-a-victim-of-brahmin-conspiracy/

    here is your so called dalit brother.

    I will say go to hell with your brotherhood, i am kshatriya and will always remain a kshatriya and proud of my ancestors ranging from LORD RAMA,KRISHNA,PANDAVA,CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA,GAUTAM BUDDHA,MAHAVIRA,ASHOKA MAURYA etc.
    If you can teach those dalits to atleast tell the truth then i will think about all this brotherhood.

    Their are 90% of dalits who simply exaggerate the so called caste division, i am waiting for another kshatriya to rise with the help of brahmin and reinstate the supremacy of kshatriya.

    just like lord rama and then chadragupta moriya.

    • Mr nishant

      brahmin – one who has brahma jnana
      kshatriya – holders of kṣatra, or authority. in a democracy people are the authority so all indians are kshatriyas.

      to add insult to your kshatriya pride learn something about parashurama and ravana.
      It is the fault of birth based kshatriyas, they did not defend the country from persians and arabs.

      Your forefathers are losers and you want to boast about your caste supremecy what a shame.

  • Namaskar Agniveer ji
    Thank you for answering.
    This site gives lot of informations and we are proud that your are spreading light of knowledge among us.
    keep it up.
    Jai Mata Ki.
    Jai Bharat.

  • and for your info moriya tribe is a kshatriya tribe which is described in PURANA(not to be confused with vishnu purana).

    moriya are kshatriya like modern day gujjars who used to be khanabadosh.

  • if you will read the posters of these dalit right activists which they distribute to grab the attention of western world, you too will abuse dalits not because of their caste but because of their doings.


    mentions a Mauryaputra of the Kasyapa gotra, which
    shows that the Mauryas were regarded as high class
    folk,* The Buddhist Divyavadana calls Bindusara
    and Asoka, a the son and grandson respectively of
    Chandragupta,asKshatriyas. The Buddhist Mahavansa
    calls Chandragupta himself as a member of (he
    Kshatriya clan of the Moriyas, 8 who are represented
    by the Mahavansa^tika as a Himalayan off-shoot of
    the Sakyas. 4 The description of the Moriyas as a
    Kshatriya clan is confirmed by the Mahaparinibbana
    Sutta, a portion of the Pali canon and an early
    authentic work- It mentions the Moriyas as one of
    the Kshatriya tribes who claimed a portion of the
    relics of Buddha after {he latter’s death. 5 This
    tradjtjon was also recorded in mediaeval inscriptions,

    all the texts i have seen has given me two facts that some brahminical texts try to show Maurya as shudra but they were very modern 17th and 18th century and very inconsistent , hence they were rejected like a son of high born men and low born women is termed low born on which basis. In hinduism caste come from father and not mother , but most ancient texts purana,buddhist and jain texts confirm that Maurya were kshatriya and nanda were shudra. Now if our caste system is on the basis of work then every king should be called kshatriya(protector) then why they call nanda as shudra empire.

  • ARE YAAR i am not into birth caste system, i am confused that why the hell NANDA were considered shudra in most of the literatures. if they are kings then call the kshatriya.

    kshatriya simply means who can. protect and why the hell than dalit right activists go and slam the upper caste on each and every forum and exaggerate the problem of dalits too much.

    and this is no secret that some dalits and dravidians try to steal the glory of MAURYANS but because only buddhist texts hold some authenticity according to which mauryans were kshatriya of poor background(financially not in caste system).

    • @nishant:

      If you want to carry out a conversation, you need to make effort to do so. Your response to the questions posed here will help in first making clear that you do NOT have any ulterior motive. Also, use the REPLY button next to that message so that I know who you are addressing.

      Now, as pointed out by others here already, there are more than one ways to interpret and understand caste as the Vedas are silent on caste divisions:

      (1)It used to serve as division of labour. Brahmins were NOT powerful in ancient times. The power was in the hands of the Kshatriyas (as the kings were predominantly from this caste) and Vaishyas (the caste engaged in trading/economic activity). Brahmins were those who dedicated their life to the study of Vedas and in some cases barely subsisted on the support provided by Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. There was division and dignity of labour and it was a practical measure needed to ensure well-being of society. You cannot have a society where everyone is a farmer or everyone is a king.

      (2)Caste system has no doubt been corrupted over the years. The British invasion led to the Brahmins securing plum posts in the Raj and the marginalization of Shudras. The British held onto power precisely because of this policy of divide and rule.

      (3)Even today, we have not come out of the ill-effects of the caste system. For eg. in the Raghavendra temple in Mantralayam, there is a separate queue for Brahmins and a separate queue for non-Brahmins. I condemn it and slowly there is a growing outrage within Hindu society about such blatant abuse of the caste system. Some temples have a stupid sign to the effect that “Non Hindus (Foreigners) are not allowed beyond this stage”. So, non-Indians cannot be Hindus? (I have found certain Western Hindus to be MORE knowledgeable about Indian culture than Indians themselves.) I hope you condemn such discriminatory practices.

      (4)Some Dalit rights activists may indeed go out of the way to attribute in an exaggerated fashion the reasons for the economic backwardness of the Dalits. The wounds of centuries of caste oppresion are deeply ingrained in society and time and economic upliftment are the only solutions to this difficult problem. Hence, the best way to approach the problem is by getting *rid* of the caste system in its current form. Let us help ALL Indians regardless of their caste or religion. Let us provide class-based help and not caste/religion-based help as it only perpetuates the divisions present within our society. Sarvam etad Brahman, Ayam Atman Brahman – Everything (Brahmin, Dalit, Muslim, Jew) is Brahman, this self within is ALSO Brahman.

      (5)Using a non-Vedic text as the definitive guide on the cause of the caste system is akin to slamming Indian culture because Bollywood makes a movie featuring Mallika Sherawat cheating on her husband.

      (6)Your posts verge on the edge of eugenic racism. Watch what you say if you dont want the ban hammer strike down your IP.

      I will appreciate if you show some level of manners and respond to the various posts here instead of tangentially talking crap.

  • http://books.google.co.in/books?id=pSKNeJsH7QgC&pg=PA360&dq=chandragupta+maurya+kshatriya&hl=en&ei=49V5TdS1F8PNrQekq_m6BQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=7&ved=0CE8Q6AEwBjgU#v=onepage&q=chandragupta%20maurya%20kshatriya&f=false

    go and see this, i am confused some scholars tell that caste was temporary and related to work or quality but here according to PURANA it was NAND empire which was shudra and maurya were kshatriya and it was written that a saint(chanakya) will uproot this irreligious empire(shudra empire).

    i am in state of confusion, caste are temporary or permanent.

    • Well, if you are confused, then use your common sense. I already explained to the meanings of the terms. Like in modern-day sociology, the society is divided up in classes and subclasses, so also, there was a division of the society in ancient times, based on the kind of activity people were involved in, and therefore, we have castes (which are in fact sub classes) like sonars (goldsmith), lohars (blacksmith), mallah (boat rowers), etc. Caste (label) is as permanent or temporary as the the longevity or brevity of the profession that you remain involved in. We have to undo the misdoings and wrongdoings of many generations. It will not happen overnight. In as far as the movement by some dalit activists to deliberately malign hinduism, forget not, many of them are either christians or pseudo-christians, and also there is this phenomenon of reverse discrimination. We will have to handle this issue very delicately, while there is genuine grievance on one hand, there are behind-the-scene players that we will have to fend off.

  • शूद्रो ब्राह्मणताम्-एति, ब्राह्मणश्चैति शूद्रताम्।
    क्षत्रियात् जातमेवं तु विद्याद् वैश्यात्तथैव च।।


    अर्थात: गुण-कर्म-योग्यता के आधार पर ब्राह्मण शूद्र बन जाता है और शूद्र ब्राह्मण। इसी प्रकार क्षत्रियों और वैशयों के कुलों में उत्पन्न बालकों या व्यक्तियों का भी वर्ण परिवर्तन हो जाता है।

    • Namaste Brother Pankaj

      Thanks for sharing the beautiful Shloka from Manusmriti. Hope it helps nishant to come out of the stupid mentality of birth based caste system.

  • this is the nature of shudras or dalits they always try to take glory from the KSHATRIYAS.

    THEIR IS no historical evidence to show them as of lower caste, their literature is dated in 17th and 18th century whereas their kshatriya origin is mentioned in buddhist,jain and purana which is dated 200BC.

    their are many south indians and mainly dalit writers who will try to tweak but the legend articles like arthshastra cannot be destroyed.

    A brahmin with a shudra impossible

    • @nishant:

      this is the nature of shudras or dalits they always try to take glory from the KSHATRIYAS.

      the fact is that the dravidians want to have a share of glory from the MIGHTY MAURYANS

      Broad brushing like this is useless and actually detrimental. Aryan invasion theory is probably a commie concoction. Sure there was migration and assimilation, but invasion? As if one side was the victor and the other side the vanquished? In any case, birth-based caste system is to be condemned. This website is against it. Could you take your tirade elsewhere?

    • janmana jayate sudrah, samskarad bhaved dvijah, veda-pathad bhaved vipro, brahma janatiti brahmanah. “By birth one is a sudra, by the purificatory process one becomes a dvija, by study of the Vedas one becomes a vipra, and one who knows Brahman is a brahmana.

      Do you even know why do have castes in our society? The caste system was actually a division of labor: Brahmins (intellectual class), kshatriyas (warriors or the protective class), vaishya (business class), kayastha (skilled labor class), and shudra (unskilled labor class). With the passage of time, this caste system became rigid and became a bane for the hindu society. By birth, each and every one of us are shudras (unskilled). It is only with proper guidance and personal endeavor, that one becomes a brahmin (intellectual class), kshatriya (warriors or the protective class), vaishya (business class), or kayastha (skilled labor class).

      Get your facts corrected. By the way, I smell something fishy here. You are either an incorrigible fool or someone trying to subvert the mission of agniveer by raising such emotive issues and taking intransigent positions.

    • @nishant:

      Let us raise the stakes a bit…

      (1)I (and most other posters here, and surely agniveer) are against birth-based caste system. Are you?
      (2)Please clarify so that we know you are not a Muslim/Xian in hiding. Do you agree that the Abrahamic God engages in large-scale discrimination (compared to which man-made caste system is like a walk in the park) by condemning non-believers to eternal hellfire? According to Islamic and Christian theology, Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar burnt in hell. Can I hear you LOUDLY condemn the unfairness of the Abrahamic God?

      • Namaste Brothers SDC and KalBhairav

        I think both of you are correct in doubting his motives. Probably he is some Jihadi in Hindu disguise. And even if he is not, he is among those fools whose Dharma used to get impure while eating with a so called lower caste human but remained secured even after getting their idols ruined under the feet of Jihadis.

        People like him alone are the real culprits who have turned the beautiful Sanatan/Vedic/Hindu Dharma into a foolish impotent cult who could not protect itself from foreign invasions and barbaric onslaughts.

  • the fact is that the dravidians want to have a share of glory from the MIGHTY MAURYANS.

    ALL the SC/STS are dravidians and not ARYANS. And it is well known tactics that dalits and shudra steal the surnames of upper caste people .

  • infact their is no such tribe like MURIYa in india specially in regions around bihar and nepal.

    moriyas are most probably from MORI tribe of Rajput kshatriya clan.

  • and the biggest question is ARTHSHASTRA WRITTEN by chanakya himself, he has termed the empire of Nanda as irreligious and clearly mentioned that only a person of high origin can attain the title of SAMRAT.

    its impossible that a high caste hindu brahmin in 300BC will even go near the shudra. search the books on google book segment you will learn more about maurya.

  • you will see many different version like some say Nanda were of kshatriya caste some will say they come from sudra caste some say they were mix breed.

    But about chandragupta Maurya all the info is because of Buddhist legends hence the explanation of buddhist text will be given preference , their is no other official source of info about Mauryans apart from the oldest buddhist texts.

    Infact many believe that even Nanda empire was kshatriya as its impossible for a sudra to even think of becoming a king(and i agree to this point as well).

  • HEnce dont confuse MOR with Maurya. first of all in sanskrit and prakrit peacock is called MAYURA and not mor.

    Second by that meaning LORD GANESHA IS also peacock tamer(who used to dance in peacock cloth).

    GANPATI BAPPA MORIYA. so no their is no relation, Maurya is Kshatriya and presently in OBC category.

  • and read the name properly ITS MAURYA-it shows the Arya(the aryans who push dravidians in southern india.).

    Mauryans were Aryans , and no Aryan is shudra or dalit in hinduism. Aryans were mostly Kshatriya and brahmin.

    About mor, mor is a hindi language word , peacock in sanskrit or prakrit is called”MAYURA” AND Their is no relation btw MAURYA AND MAYURA. These all are myth and nothing is found in literatures whereas go and read the most ancient buddhist,purana and jain texts, Maurya are simply referred as kshatriya of solar race.

    One more thing the dalits of india and dalit right activists slam and abuse brahmin caste and upper caste , they say brahmin dont even allow their shadow in their house , then how the hell in 330BC a high caste hindu brahmin “VISHNUGUPTA” ALSO known as CHANAKYA became the mentor of a shudra. This theory showed that it is the characteristics of dalits and shudra that they want to copy high caste(like they are copying surnames of upper caste, no upper caste men adopt lower caste surname).

    The other two are stories like he was son of nanda prince with a maid MURA this is not possible because their is no written info about father or mother of chandragupta maurya.

    First Focus of CHANDRA-GUPT , gupt is exclusively used by upper caste, like vishnu-gupt or gupt empire.
    In english you write them as “GUPTA” just like RAM IS WRITTEN AS RAMA.

    GUPT is used by high caste people.

    • Namaste nishant

      —————–and read the name properly ITS MAURYA-it shows the Arya(the aryans who push dravidians in southern india.).

      Mauryans were Aryans , and no Aryan is shudra or dalit in hinduism. Aryans were mostly Kshatriya and brahmin.—————-

      1. What makes you believe in stupid Aryan invasion theory?

      2. Blabbering without knowledge will not help here my friend! You are not aware of Varna Vyavastha among Arya people based on Vedas. ARYA society has FOUR varnas, Brahmin, Kshatriya, VAISHYA, and SHUDRA. These Varna change based on one’s capabilities. SHUDRAS ARE ARYANS. Also Shudra is not any race but a state in one’s life in which he/she has not enough capabilities to explore knowledge. But as soon as he/she comes out of that state, he/she becomes Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vaishya depending upon the merit.

      I appreciate your logic of Chanakya mentoring Chandragupta but I highly disagree with your usage of the words like upper caste, lower caste and “it is the characteristics of dalits and shudra that they want to copy high caste”.

      This stupid birth based caste system has damaged Hinduism a lot. Let it not damage more

  • dont mind all this i know all this because i am a kushwaha and kushwaha are landlords mainly in bihar and nepal and they belong to kshatriya caste. In constitutin we are OBCS but similar to yadavs(kshatriya) who are also in obc or gujjars they are kshatriya in veda and purana but OBC in modern era.

    about surnames dalits and tribals use surname like singh,chouhan,solanki,tomar,rana all these are kshatriya surname but used by dalits and tribes as well.

  • and more about Maurya because they are related to many kshatriya clan- sakya kshatriya,Rajputana kshatriya,some claim they were jat(another kshatriya),kushwaha(kshatriya sub caste).

    they were not adivasi they were kshatriya .

    More info about Maurya-At its greatest extent, the Empire stretched to the north along the natural boundaries of the Himalayas, and to the east stretching into what is now Assam. To the west, it reached beyond modern Pakistan and significant portions of what is now Afghanistan, including the modern Herat and Kandahar provinces and Sistan and Baluchestan Province in Iran. The Empire was expanded into India’s central and southern regions by Emperor Bindusara, but it excluded a small portion of unexplored tribal and forested regions near Kalinga.

  • @hindu millitant i support your view but you are saying blunder, Mauryas were Suryavanshi Kshatriya and not tribes , MURA are different people they are not Mauryas.

    Mauryas are hindu kshatriya that too suryavanshi kshatriya , infact the brahmin chanakya uses the kshtriya chandragupta maurya to throw away the shudra empire(NANDA WERE SHUDRA) .


    ALSO search for MAURYAS ON net they are kshatriya , their are many fake stories about maurya. Maurya are known as shudra destroyer(NANDA EMPIRE WAS SHUDRA EMPIRE). Maurya are from same kshatriya clan as that of gr8 gautam buddha(SAKYA KSHATRIYA).

    I dont want to show any caste down but just giving info, search about mauryas on net , they are related with RAM(ramayana as they are suryavanshi kshatriya clan).

  • Huns were declared as Kshathriya Rajputs at Mount Abu after these invading huns forced brahmins to declare them as kings. That’s why the concept of Agnikula story was made. If you verify the gothras of Rajputs, some of them have a gothra called HUNA. Huns were ardent lovers of horses and a hun will die if his horse is taken from. Romans kidnapped horses to defeat huns at battle of Gol. The only Rajput whom we can accept as true ruler of india was Maharaja Prithviraj Chauhan. Another rajput called Jaya Chand cheated Prithviraj by not sending armed forces when ghori attacked second time in 1192 A.D. So we have to blame the lack of unity among our kings for our failure. It’s not the greatnes of muslim, it’s lack of unity among us. Rajputs refused to help Shivaji when he was fighting against Auranghazeb. Only one sensible Rajput man singh has helped shivaji to escape from agra and take revenge on mughals. Sikhs refused to join forces with Marathas when Ahmed shah Abdali attacked Delhi. So result is clear. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Learn from history.

  • Those who are acusing Ashoka of violence, please use your reason.
    He did lots of wars and killed many people in Kalinga wars. Agreed. So are Rajputs and other kings in india who killed each other. Kushanas invaded india because of our infighting and Kanishka became emperor but he realised the greatness of this country and renounced violence. Gurjars came from Samarkhand in central asia and initially they killed many hindus and budhists during their invasion but later they realised their mistake and adopted hinduism. Everybpdy does mistakes, nobody is perfect. Ashoka atleast learned from his mistakes. I don’t care what religion he followed. Chandragupta Maurya was a hindu and also a Jain. Harshavardhan Maurya was a Shavite and Ashoka Bindhusara Maurya was a Hindu and Bushist. Ashoka’s grandson was assassinated by Pushyamithra Sunga who committed atrocities. By the time alexander arrived at indian border, India was under the rule of Nanda empire whose ruler is a pshyco and a regular rapist. So just becoz he is a hindu, will u support him? Those who were saying alexander was defeated by Purushotham is wrong. Alexander lost half of his army in that battle and Purushotham was defeated after 11 days of war but alexander liked the bravery of Purushotham. Greeks were already vicitms of persian atrocities for 500 years. Alexander knows that very well and that’s why he gave Purushotham the conquered territory. The only indian who defeated Greeks was Chandragupta Maurya called as ‘LION OF THE EAST’ in greek chronicles.

  • This place is full of maniacs. I agree Chenghiz Khan, Timur Lane, Babur, Auranghazeb are bastards. But AKbar case is different. Akbar was not interested in conversion business. He wanted to be ruler and gave freedom of choice for people. Remember he gave up islam when he was 39 and started following Hinduism and Jainism. He even offered prayers at Thirumala temple and sent his general for expansion of the trust. Everybpody can oppose radical islam but blindly hating somebody who is a muslim is wrong. I hate pseudo-secularists also but we should not become extremists. Economy decides the strength of a nation and our economy suffered for 300 years till it was liberated. Just because some foreigner wrote badly abt akbar doesn’t make him worst. Humayun, Akbar and Dara Sheikh are the only muslim rulers who tolerated non-muslims in india. We should accept facts and don;t deny the credit.

  • what is this stupid history are we reading and teaching our future generation…????
    what these so called scholars doing..licking feet of kichdi hinjra government?
    when will people see the truth and fight for it….its responsiblity of all indians(only true indians) and all powerful people to come up and save our dieing culture in hands of stupid greedy boneless bastards.

    keep it up Mr.Agniveer ….u r showing us the right way..most importantly the truth hidden under thousand and thousands of corupt history books.

    God Bless you and ur entire team.
    jai mata di
    jai bharat

    • @bhairavi

      What government funded Communist Historians are doing is technically known as “negationism”. These sponsored Historians have an agenda of giving a twist to the history of this Great Nation and project their own VIEWS “UNSUBSTANTIATED” and sometimes “Authentically” proved false by Foreign historians who despite being foreigners “respect” our ORIGINAL History much more than our own Communist historians who write books for NCERT and curriculum of various universities!
      Unfortunately we are FORCED to read their “Suspect” stuff. So much so that even for “Civil Service” preparations you have NO option but to read their lies!!

      Even Foreign authors express “SURPRISE” as to why even today Indian students are fed the version of history propagated by Britishers and now PROVEN wrong by scientific evidences (carbon dating, satellite imaging etc)!!

  • you cant compare maurya with mughal.

    mauryas in 250BC conquered 5 million square KM

    whereas mughal in 1700 AD conquer 3.2 million square KM.

    going by the ancient empire the biggest empire in BC dont exceed 7 million square KM.

    ashoka and mauryan empire is world renowned even after 2200 years whereas mughal empire is 300 year old(they were over by 1740).

    its the ashok chakra that fly over mughal forts and not the reverse.

      • Is lam abad may not be a far cry if there is war. But lets start by changing the ugly names that muslims gave to Indian holy cities – Prayagaj = Allah=abad. GAZI-abad = a place live with “ghazis” = Ghazi = islamic title given to a muslim who kills kafirs i.e. Hindus. Such an ugly and racits murderous title is still there. Ghazipur and Ghaziabad. Thanks for Congress they never allowed to remove these ugly names, though Connaught place was promptly changed to Rajiv Gandhi chowk for some strange reason.
        All these ugly names should be removed. WHY NEW DELHI HAS ROADS NAMED AFTER AND GLORIFYING THE MURDERERS, LOOTERS AND RAPISTS OF THIS COUNTRY VIZ. AURANGZEN, SHAHJAHAN, AKBAR, BABAR, TUGHLAQ, LODHI ETC..???? Congress’s efforts to please muslim vote bank?? These barbaric mass murderers’ names should immediately be removed form the roads and monuments that they never built!!! Bharat must stop glorifying these evil personages!!!
        Jai Mahakaal!!! Jai Hind!

      • yeah right.
        They can change anglicised names, bombay to mumbai, calcutta to kolkata, cawnpore to kanpur, but when it comes to muslim names they get frightened. I didnt know ghaziabad was named after ghazi.

        The list continues, ahmedabad (gujarat) to karnavati ; aurangabad (mah) to sambhajinagar; osmanabad (mah) to dharashiv. and ofcourse allahabd to tirthraj prayag .

        My humble suggestion, is to change aurangzeb road in delhi to george w. bush road, after george bush the great killer of muslims. 1 lakh in iraq, and half lakh in afghanistan. The greatest anti-muslim ghazi ever. HA HA

      • yes. Just do “sandhi-vicched” of any name and you get to the root of it. Ghazi is a title in islam given to one who is killer of infidels/kafirs – Hindus in India. Simple. All Mughals glorified themselves by doing this ‘holy’ task of theirs – killing of Kafirs and becoming a Ghazi. So a befitting name as per their ideals – GHAZIabad – a place thriving, alive with Ghazis – killers of Hindus!! How can hindus even tolerate such names??? So many fools who don’t learn their language or history or take pride in their real Hindu heritage which is much much greater and bigger than these murderers.

        There should be a list of original names of the cities and should be converted back. Just like we are living in this time and know that Connaught place was called Connaught place and now its name has simply been changed to Rajiv Chowk. But Rajiv never built Connaught place. Possibly in the coming generations, it will be popularized that Rajiv Gandhi made Connaught Place ha ha!! Just like that pervert who kept 5000+ young women in his harem – Shahjahan popularized that it was him who built a Taj Mahal, after he captured that Shiva temple from the hindus and desecrated it with black writing and put fake tombs in it.

        The corrupt Archaeological Survey of India along with Cong. did everything not to change these and not to reveal the truths to the Indian public. But just like the sun, the truth cannot remain hidden for long.

  • but you should not forget that all the muslim dynasty were very weak and you have insulted both alexander the gr8 and ashoka the gr8 by including that haram khor akbar into this.

    did mughals defeated any large empire answer is no , they enter india when different rajpoots are fighting among themselves and their were 100 of kingdoms , the real fight came when the strong mughal empire(joke) cannot crush the rebellion of shivaji for 28 years and the aurangjeb died but was not able to beat maratha and after that as you all know mughal emperors were forced to clean the gutters of british colony .

    whereas just read about maurya first they defeated nanda empire then selucid empire thats why they are gr8. only muslim scholars and pseudo secular hindu has given akbar this term otherwise no international scholar even recognize akbar.

    search the prestigeous sites from india only two chandragupta maurya and ashoka vardhan maurya.

    • Well said Nishant.
      But the greatness of Mauryas and Ashok are not being hailed anywhere in world, even though they were huge. Why? Because they were Indian. The western historians don’t have much interest in them. The Mughal historians’ job was to change our history and put their Mughal terror reign above it as all good good. Akbar was never great, just like his other ancestors and predecessors, he was a rapist, looter, terrorist, and a pervert!!! In all these things he indeed was great. But not a great human or King at all.

      Gayatri is right in saying that whatever we have been fed in history books is pure bullshit!!!!
      The pseudo secular vote bank politicians are not interested in letting people know the truth!!
      They don’t bother to change the lies in history school books.
      Shahjahan made Taj for his lover wife… blah blah bullshit!!! So much shit, and most Indians don’t bother to even know their history.

      Shame on Ashutosh and Hrithik to portray a perverted killer as “great”!!! Such is Bollywood – all polished, money hungry, fake glory about their shiny air bubbles!!

      India had such amazing grand temples and universities and so much wealth that was looted and destroyed by these looters, rapists and murderers who are being lauded as great by ignorant Directors like Ashutosh and the band!!!

      Agniveer is doing great job by spreading the truths!!!

      JAI HIND!!

    • And when the mugal empire, lost power, and the maratha empire came to power, what happened? Islam is in danger. The hindus (marathas) from south are coming to power, it will be shame for muslims. These muslim fanatics actually got help from outside, and called ahmed shah abdali, to trounce the marathas.

      Now I am going to get help from all hindu-buddhist countries to wipe out islam.

      Tit for tat

  • you are completely wrong dont even tell anyone, the greatest emperor from india are chandragupta maurya and ashoka maurya both the followers of hinduism and sanatana dharma. buddhism itself is part of sanatana dharma and was founded by a hindu kshatriya gautam buddha and that too ashoka was not complete buddhist, he did not give away his throne and after his death he was cremated according to hinduism and his ashes immersed in ganges river in varanasi.

    yeah your other fact was right, jodha akbar is flawed film, show it to any international historian he/she will mock the film, he kills around 30k people in CHITTOR for not converting to islam.

    and akbar is not gr8 by any means only muslim scholars has given him this title or some pseudo secular hindus. no international historian even recognized him,

    from india only two emperors can be put in the category of alexander , temujin, naepolean, they are chandragupta maurya and ashoka maurya. both followed hinduism for majority of their life specially chandragupta maurya. if you compare them as warrior chandragupta maurya is simply the grandfather of ashoka in the fighting skills as well.

    and alexander was not defeated by porus.

    • @nishant
      you are rightttt. The greatest hindu empire ever created was the maurya empire. By chandragupta maurya and emperor ashoka. Ashoka bindusara maurya.

      Incidentally, mauryas were not kshyatriyas but adivasis of the muriya tribe, who used to collect the feathers of peacock, (mor) hence their name maurya. Incidentally the surname maurya still is there in India and is an adivasi surname. Not that it is a problem, adivasis are our people.

      Incidentally , ashoka was not such a great person, he was a maniac. he first spent 20 years killing people and expanding his empire, then converted to buddhism, and used the resources of the superpower, to spread the faith. Today buddhism is spread all the way to japan in east, (all countries in between) and upto parts of russia in north, and once upon a time even included, central asia, and west upto egypt and iraq. What ashoka did we, need to do today.

      But it puts paid to lies by all pseudo-sec historians and specially muslims that India was united by moguls. India was a single country since long before these bloody muslims came into India.

      • @hindu-militant, who r you, are you a muslim as your name (militant) suggest . you have zero knowledge of history, you are calling mauryans a adivasi, they are ancient khastriya like ambhir, chola of their time. they are in lineage of rama, kush, budhha, a great warrior race, who committed a historical mistake of embracing buddhsim and ahimsa , as Buddha was born to them. they were later massacred in Gupat , when Aitrya brahmin converted four Sudras to Kshatriyas on Mount abu and a reward of One gold coin was announced on bringing the head of one buddhist.
        These kshatriya later were called agnivanshi kshatriya

      • Wars and battles are fought only on the basis of dharma . Calling yourself a militant is not good. If we take action it would be on righteousness .

  • thank you angiveer ji.

    all we read in school is bullshit..and those text books still not revised.

    we think we know truth through history..but we didnot know what we read learn were written by camchass of terrorist.
    we have to know the truth in whatever form it is..

    u r an eyeopener…
    .hritik roshan and ashutosh..who made jodha akbar..should have done their homework before making such a film making akbar (terrorist) great.
    people see hritik roshan the most handsome man in bollywood not akbar..he should have some public responsibility.

  • u zealots wat about ur own religion. U pray to a LINGA(LINGA is a male reproductive organ).u wash the linga with milk etc.…Wat worship is this. Atleast we donot do that…..!!!!!

    • Salim, there is no medicine for the ignorant. Especially not for the one who insists on remaining so.
      To comment on Hinduism and their highly advanced spiritual practices, you should at least gather more sincere information with an objective mind. We don’t pray to a Linga as a reproductive organ, but to the creative power and symbol of creation of God. Linga is a symbol not the same as what your dirty mind is thinking about. Its not like covering everywomen with black cloth considering a woman’s body to be a vagina!!!
      Plz educate your self into Hindu allegorical symbolisms before jumping onto an attack. As such Islamic invaders have attacked India, looted, plagiarized it more than enough!!!

    • @Salim:

      Atleast we donot do that…..!!!!!

      So, the best argument you can come up with is that Islam is not as bad as Hinduism. That is not exactly a glowing tribute of Islam, now, is it? For eg. going by your logic (which is anyway false, truth is that Sanatana Dharma is, by far, the best major theist system out there) if you get 1/100 in an exam and the other student got 0/100, you will jump up and down happily like a monkey that you did not come last in class?

    • Dear Salim, Did the article say anything negative about Islam? What provoked you? Are you considering Akbar same as Islam? He was a terrorist and Islam is also against terrorism. Let us not fight over who is superior. All the religions preach good. It is only us humans who interpret it the way we want.

    • @Salim Miyan Muslims and Christians accuses Hindus of phallic worshipers, where as in reality Muslim and Christians have themselves come from phallic worshiping cult of Egyptians and Babylons and there are undeniable proof for that. Muslims and Christians do not know that CIRCUMSCION is phallic ritual of phallic worshipers of Egyptians and Babylon. Minarets and Obelisk are really symbols of phallus that is why Switzerland banned creation of minarets in their country.

      Do you know black stone of Kaaba is vagina cum URINAL the black stone with silver casing was used by pagan arabs as vagina of Al Uzza who pagans arabs believed that kissing it gives sexual power of numerous men and that is why mohammad uses to kiss it and the myth of Mohammad’s sexual power equivalent to several men.

      Salim Muslims don’t know that black stone that they kisses were destroyed to pieces by invading army and urinated by Qarmatians. They used the black stone as urinal for than 20 years. To Know about Qarmatians see in wikipedia, so poor muslims are really kissing a URINAL and bowing 5 times a day to a URINAL see this link.



      The Lingam Purana states:

      प्रधानं प्रकृतिर यदाहुर्लिगंउत्तम ।
      गंध-वर्ण-रसहिंनं शब्द-स्पर्शादिवर्जितं ॥


      the foremost Lingam which is devoid of colour, taste, hearing, touch etc is spoken of as Prakriti or nature.

      The nature itself is a Lingam (or symbol) of Shiva. When we see nature, we infer the presence of its creator – Shiva. Shiva Lingam is the mark of Shiva the creator, Shiva the sustainer and Shiva the destructor. It also dispels another myth in which Shiva is considered only as a destructor.

      Another authentic reference comes from Skanda Purana where lingam is clearly indicated as the supreme Shiva from where the whole universe is created and where it finally submerge.

      आकाशं लिंगमित्याहु: पृथ्वी तस्य पीठिका।
      आलय: सर्व देवानां लयनार्लिंगमुच्यते ॥
      (स्कन्द पुराण)


      The endless sky (that great void which contains the entire universe) is the Linga, the Earth is its base. At the end of time the entire universe and all the Gods finally emerge in the Linga itself.

      Now this should clarify the settle the doubts once and forever.

      Structure of the Shivaling represents “DIVINE LAMP” not phallus.




    • @saleem harami,

      I worship who I wish to, what the hell if your problem? YOu wanna fight me on that? Lets fight the good fight.


    • @salim,

      what about Islam.It just getting ideas from jewesh stroies and chirstian beliefs mixed with pan arab beilefs. Islam is just arab religion. thats all

    • understand who is god shiva , what is shiva tatva , that is the tantric representation of the realities of the world . Because that truth that one finds in deep meditation can be represented by a symbol of tantra . Dont judge from far start studying , raise level of your consciousness and knowledge . This is my challenge to you , you start studying and understanding and you will know what is what.

  • I am surprised at the claim on Porus defeating Alexander.

    Dear Agniveer Ji, please cite the Green sources that said Alexander was defeated. Since this is mentioned in the very beginning the article kind of starts to lose credibility from there, making it seem like a something written for a tabloid rather than a true journalistic endeavor.

    Thanks for opening eyes on Akbar though.

    • Pankaj Jangid
      Everyone wants proof for Porus defeating Alexander but not vice versa, proofs for Akbar being butcher but not for “he was great”, proofs for Maharana Pratap’s dominance over the then empire Akbar etc etc. Though it is different matter that the world conqueror Alexander went back to his country without winning India, one of Navaratnas of Akbar, Abul Fazl writes with proud that Akbar used to make pillars of cut heads of enemies after winning, and Mewar was not the part of Mughal Empire till Maharana Pratap died.

      I think intellectuals like you should take this initiative to present the reality in front of world by researching and providing exact references to what has been said on the basis of common sense and logic here. Hope you will enlighten us with exact references from the historians.


      • Thanks Vajra Ji,

        I did some searching on Google and here did my bit of spreading the right words https://twitter.com/#!/Jangid/status/26182954849927168

        I actually the Porus thing is mentioned in the very beginning of the article. However faith I have on this but it puts new readers on back-foot. They think that the article is mere propaganda. Because most of us read a different story in our childhood. So it is always good to put references where such things are mentioned. Like the article has references to the books about Akbar. That way it looks true.

      • Pankaj ji,


        A lot of things about the Indian history that Agniveer, P.N. Oak write about do put readers back foot.
        After the false propaganda of the Mughal empire of fanciful good stories and maintaining these false stories by the congress for decades, these false versions have embedded in the minds of the public. This is how truth is changed and history altered. Of course its been a shock for most people to know that the Taj Mahal was not built by the womanizer ShahJahan but taken over and it was not built to be a mausoleum but a great Shiva temple Tejo Mehalya. Similarly it was also a shock to know that neither the Kutub Minar was built by the Mughals (Kutubudin Aibak), nor the Red Fort nor so many of the Masjid.
        In contrast to the Muslims the common Hindus (aam admi), suckle up to the pseudo-secular propaganda of Congress and keep up the false versions of our history thus preached to us for decades. These versions have been put in text books in schools so we learn them from early childhood. Of course the truth when is different from what we have known it to be can be shocking. But If you are a researcher, then it will be great for you to research along these lines to bring the truth more to light.
        Study of architecture is also helpful, especially the domes of the muslim architectures and intricate details in the buildings. If you go check up the building dome of Sunheri Masjid in Old Delhi or Jama Masjid, you find that the dome structures are that of Hindu style not of the Islamic style.
        The erectors of cut off heads of Hindus had absolutely no inhibition to change, modify and / or establish fake authorship of Hindu structures all over India to their own name as they enjoyed the Hindu women, wine, drugs and wealth.

        Jai Hind!


    • We shall write more on Porus story in future. But please understand that:
      a. The hype over Porus defeat was made much later to showcase our historical weakness.
      b. Alexander came out from Greece to conquer entire world. But after battle with Porus, he did not move ahead and took a detour to return back tamely.
      Now historians cannot explain this, so they created the story of what fantastic dialogue Porus uttered to impress Alexander.
      What could be fancier! Was Alexander fool enough to leave opportunity of winning the most powerful nation of world merely because of a dialogue? And what is the evidence of this story?

      In Indian history, you find large number of such fantastic filmi stories coming up to explain the obvious blatant contradictions. For example:
      a. Porus dialogue making Alexander return back immediately quitting his dream of world conquest.
      b. Noorjehan constructing her own tomb and that too while under house arrest by Shahjahan!
      c. Akbar keeping haram of 5000 (at least) to create unity with Rajputs!
      d. Aurangzeb destroying Kashi Temple because the priests raped a lady!
      e. Babur praying to Allah to take his life and give life to Humayun!
      f. Shahjahan making Tajmahal in memory of 19th wife who died giving birth to his nth child. And then he married her sister!
      g. Aurangzeb making another tomb in Maharashtra plateau away from his capital in memory of his nth wife’s death. Neither wife nor he himself belonged to that place!
      h. Godhra train burnt because Kar Sewaks molested a Muslim girl in the 2 minute stop and then his old father begged for mercy, then thousands gathered with petrol and weapons! All in 2 minutes!
      i. Aseemanand confessed because the brother of Lashkar Taiba terrorist, earlier implicated, took care of his and hence he had change of heart!
      j. Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked Sindh and India and killed thousands of men and women because some girl was molested and he wanted to rescue her! And then sent huge number of women to Caliph for his haram!

      No wonder, our history has been written by our enemies. Ask them to give one credible evidence of Porus’ defeat. And why he gave up dreams of world conquest.


  • You are very right that NO MOVIES are made on GREATS like “Maharana Pratap”, “Guru Govind Singh ji”. What a SHAME it is; our bollywood is sold and is the most “pseudo-secular” entity of the modern India. While crores are spent on glorifying the evil Sultans, Hindu greats do not seem appealable to these morons! Not just that, in certain movies our great culture is degraded and insulted.
    The worst of all things is our Education system, which has been hijacked by “Communists and pseudo-seculars”. Young children are taught the glorification of the Satanic Sultans and passing remarks are what our Hindu heroes get!!!
    Maharana Pratap had to eat Rotis made from “Grass” due to persecution of Satanic Akbar. Legend has it that Pratap was dining with his family, when a dog snatched a Roti (made of Grass) from the hands of his children!! That was the time when Even this great warrior was forced to write to Akbar for mitigating his circumstances. Luckily, he changed his mind after he received a now famous “couplet” from a Rajput poet in Akbar’s Darbar, asking him not to surrender.

      • Dude, get a life….the sources given here are all fake. They (from hindunet) made up their own history to suit their needs and create tension between hindus-muslims.

        Read worldwide popular articles like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akbar
        where there are good dozens of sources to find out what is the real history. Why do you spoil your mind reading this bullshit?

    • Akbar was the real bullshit. Of course, all the false over glorification of that wretched bastard’s deeds made some gullible sheep like people think that he was “great”. Finally the truth about Akbar in this article. Of course muslims won’t be able to digest it. Some pseudo-sicular others cannot digest this. Doesn’t make it bullshit.

      • haha dude…..A true Muslim is a person who submits his will to Allah. Akbar was a name-sake muslim. He married a hindu which not allowed in Islam. From that day he won’t be called a muslim according to me because he did follow teachings of Islam.

      • A muslim submits his will to Allah? And who is allah and what is his will? To kill and convert non muslims and conquer their lands? Isn’t this what the jihadis have done over last 1000+ years?? Is this will of God really? Marrying a Hindu is not allowed in islam. So is Hindu not a human? Do Hindus worship Allah? Has God got only one name Allah? Is Vishnu not name of God? Is Shiva not name of God? Tell me. Akbar was very much a muslim. And he acted in the way of his tradition of his ancestors. In every Islamic Mogul ancestry there were fathers, sons, brothers killing each other taking over other’s women for power. Don’t play that Taquiya card here dude. We know it too well by now. Cheat, lie, deceive and kill the infidel is well known.
        Its great that a muslim brother submits his will to Allah. A Hindu also submits his will to God. If peace and harmony prevails because of that, its good isn’t it? But know the history of the Islamic invaders of India who looted India, raped, killed by millions, destroyed temples and temple deities by tens of thousands. Offered painful death or Islam to the Indians. THIS my dear fellow human is TRUE history of the last 1000 years of HINDU sthan – India which cannot be denied. Yet we are secular and happy giving special quotas, status to our muslim brothers who’s forefathers are mostly Hindus only converted under various circumstances.
        If submitting your will to Allah brings war to us, then it is submitting to EGO of lust and power, not submitting will to Allah or God. Because the real Allah/God/bhagwan would want peace, harmony and goodness to prevail amongst all people of the earth REGARDLESS OF whether they have the “muslim” stamp on them or not. There is no favoritism for race or religion for real God, but sincerity of heart and soul.

      • “A muslim submits his will to Allah? And who is allah and what is his will?”

        To know what is his will read The Glorious Quran.

        “Isn’t this what the jihadis have done over last 1000+ years??
        But know the history of the Islamic invaders of India who looted India, raped, killed by millions, destroyed temples and temple deities by tens of thousands. Offered painful death or Islam to the Indians. THIS my dear fellow human is TRUE history of the last 1000 years of HINDU sthan”

        Don’t claim anything without providing the true Source.

        This is a common misconception among non-muslims. Watch this-

        “So is Hindu not a human?”
        Is Vishnu not name of God? Is Shiva not name of God? Tell me

        Its not about being human or not. You watch this video (all parts) if you want to answer your questions….asked by non-muslims


        I am not a scholar. So I request you to watch these videos.

        P.S.- I won’t be able to reply to any further posts here as I am very busy with my studies. Wait for 6 months more 😉

      • LOL mulla Zakir Naik??? The expert on twisting scriptures and aligning the glorious Vedas under a mere 1500 year old cult???? No way!!! Most Muslim scholars are agianst Zakir Naik. Pakistan, Syria, Arab world, so many of the scholarly mullahs have already denounced Zakir Naik. Zakir Naik can’t preach bullshit that he does to me. This mullah cannot tell that his Arabian cult should dictate that Ram and Krishn were not God and Muhammad was the last prophet ever to walk on earth. He cannot tell that the only name of God is Allah and Muslims are the only God conscious people and Islam is the only way to reach God. If Zakir tells all this, he’s full of crap!!! We have heard these tales before.
        This is talk. talk is one thing, practical real life examples are another. All that I had written in the previous message is the truth. We have practical examples of what the invading Islamic representatives brought to this country. And it definitely was not peace. Sad but true. Its hard to believe something when the muslim say one thing and examples exhibit just another.
        We wish nothing but peace and harmony. When normal people go to Britain and France, they don’t want to put ‘sharia law’ there.

      • @Anon,

        There have been six references given in total:

        1. Akbar – the Great Mogul by Vincent Smith
        2. Akbarnama by Abul Fazl
        3. Ain-e-Akbari by Abul Fazl
        4. Who says Akbar is Great by PN Oak
        5. http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_history/modern/akbar_vs.html
        6. http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_history/modern/akbar_ppg.html

        You are making last two as objectionable because these belong to Hindunet…OK….the other four are either from one of the most trusted man of Akbar himself or the neutral one….before calling something ‘BullShit’ check out the references of Abul Fazl and PN Oak and if you say Abul Fazl was ‘BullShit’ (which implies Akbar was ‘BullShit’), I have no problem..


  • Namaskar!
    I absolutely hail this site, articles and effort!!! FInally someone has come up with the truth and has the guts to say it the way it is. My many congratulations and best wishes to you Agniveer!!!

    Masses in India are so brainwashed and don’t know their very own history. In the wake of knowing who the Tughlaqs, Akbar, Humayun, Babar, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb and other butchers of Indian people, culture, religion were, its highly disgusting how the congress empire has been naming monuments, roads etc. after them, thus glorifying them – a slap in the face of great Indian culture and its sacrifices. Its a humiliation to the names of great ones like Maharana Pratap, Shivaji and millions of other brave Indians who laid down their lives fighting trying to keep India free from these barbaric inhuman invaders.

    Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!

  • Your postings would be a lot more useful and believable if there were some scholarly apparatus, that is, citations, references, bibliography, footnotes etc. As it now stands there are practically none and we have to take your word that what you write is true. Why should I do that?

    It is said that if you want to check if a pot of rice is cooked then just test one grain. In #46 you said that Akbar had Man Singh killed. Where is the proof of this? I looked and could find none. Your enemies will do the same and tear up your work to make you look foolish. I am not your enemy but at the same time I can not support sloppy writing that poses as scholarship but is more in line with propaganda. In propaganda truth and facts get in the way.

    My experience above leads me to believe that I would have double check everything you have written before I can accept what you say. You make me do too much work, and as we tend to be lazy I think to myself why should I read through stuff that could be full of errors of commission and omission. Errors that could be accidental or intentional. Is that what you want? It would be better if you actually put some effort in and supplied scholarly apparatus to upgrade your writings. It would make your writings more compelling, now it just come across as a rant.

    • Namaste

      1. Our articles are directed towards layman and not towards intellectuals used to read exclusively from research journals. Thus we shy away from technical paper format. Common man is not used to reading that format in newspapers, articles and even school textbooks.

      2. Ironically while developing these notions about false heroes of history, one never went through reviewing such research papers. We tend to conveniently get lazy there without questioning the sources and blatant loopholes but have a different standard in other case.

      3. Our goal is to spread relevant information in a wide variety of areas and hence developing each article in a technical paper format is simply not feasible for us at this stage. However we would be happy to have cooperation of zealous scholars like you in developing the same.

      4. Thus we provide references of major texts used in writing the articles. We thus request you to review all of them and prepare the technical paper and send us back. We would be glad to publish it for the scholarly audience.

      5. We never claim that whatever we have written is 100% right and final word of truth. But direction is towards the same. And we can vouch that it is much more truthful than what others may have written. For example in 65 reasons, you found one small name from a big line of 10+ slightly questionable.

      6. Even on this name, there are several theories. One says that Jahangir had Man Singh murdered. Other says Akbar and another says that Akbar wanted to poison him but himself ate that poison and died. We did not want to go into details of all this and provide the summary succinctly. Even if one name is deleted from list as matter of prudence, that does not make Akbar a saint.

      7. Finally our goal is to reach the youth of today and hence our focus would be on providing content that is easily readable. We would attempt to provide references of texts for detailed exposition as provided here as well. However if people believe that we should ensure both readability as well as full-fledged referencing at same time so that they can continue to remain lazy, unfortunately we are currently not in position to fulfill that demand. One can choose to ignore all this as a rant and continue his or her slumber. We are not in capacity or business of trying to wake up those who pretend to sleep. We are doing our bit of trying to revive the society and would continue doing so. But we can only provide direction to walk. One will have to walk himself. From a society perspective, each of us would have to share our own bit of responsibility.

      We would request you to provide us referenced papers with citations, bibliography, footnotes etc from the reference texts provided at end of the article and we would be glad to publish.


    • I checked several references and found all of them correct. But just think of it – even if one or two references are correct, that is sufficient to prove Akbar a great villain. Is it not a pity that our emotions don’t run high when we get even one evidence of someone acting like such a killer and rapist who raped and killed none other than our own forefathers? Did you find even the reference of Chittor carnage wrong which has been proclaimed by almost all historians. Abul Fazal says that so many people were killed that the weight of Janeu of all those killed was several Manns (perhaps 100 kilo or something). And that was second big Jauhar where equally large number of women died in fire to escape being raped.

      Instead of being sensitive to such acts on our own fathers and mothers, if we turn dispassionate intellectuals searching for citations and references then it only proves that we have turned impotent. How many of us went through citations and references when believing that Akbar is great or shajahan built Taj Mahal? Why double standards?

      Just imagine, if someone killed your own father and raped your own mother. Would you file an FIR with detailed references, footnotes and citations? Why don’t you raise an issue when all these newspapers and magazines write articles and news without footnotes, citations and references? Here author has provided list of all books he used to write the article. How many newspapers, magazines, history textbooks for schools etc provide even this list?

      It is pity that instead of applauding this effort to expose a criminal, we are trying to find most pity loopholes. Why not do your own research and contribute your own bit to make the article even more authoritative?

      Would wait to see if you send a revised article to Agniveer with citations, footnotes etc. Or prove that not even one of the 65 points is correct. Because each single point is sufficient to prove Akbar a terrorist.


  • namaste agniveerji,
    From last one month i am reading articles on your site and truly you are great sir. the way you are writing articles is excellent. your articles are more intelligent and very logical. indian agnostics,vajra,arya,proudtobekafir and others are also doing fantastic job.
    Now i just want share one incident here.3-4 years ago i came to know about zakir naik. due to lack of knowledge of vedik dharma i become his fan and started watching his videos including one with Dr.cambel. at the same time there was peace conference at somayya ground,chembur,mumbai. one of my muslim friend informed me about same and we planned accordingly. when he started his speech in Hindi that was OK to me but when question answer session started, lots of Hindu people were stand and asked questions to him and number of them got converted to islam only because zakir naik says so. i really felt that may be i will also get converted due to zakir naik’s speech….he was only brainwashing non muslims i.e.hindu’s and then converting to islam..and i could be next one.i leaved program immediately. i still remember that day and i was not able to sleep entire night..i was just thinking that i would also got converted if i followed zakir naik blindly…on next day i share this incident with my friend and he gave me one book which was based on shivaji maharaj.i started reading it and within 10 days i completed entire 2 sets on shivaji maharaj life.Believe me agniveerji after reading shivaji maharaj’s life i felt ashamed about myself because i was following idiots like zakir naik and forgetting greats like shivaji maharaj.one incident where when one of his associate Netaji Palkar got forcefully converted to islam by terrorist aurangzeb then after serving to aurangzeb for few years he escaped from his army and returned to shivaji maharaj’s empire, he wanted to convert back to hundu dharma but orthodox Brahmins of that time oppose this completely but shivaji stand and explained them that religion which can not take back his misguided son then such religion can not be complete and then he converted him to vedic dharma. in his life all his work was no doubt excellent and as per vedic dharma, he stopped conversion from church padri’s and given strict warning against any religious convirsion. he was non-alcholic, he always ordered his military people to behave like human otherwise people will think mughals and we are same,he never destroyed any masjids but always build temples,muslims were free to practice but one muslim once killed cow and shivaji maharaj ordered strong punishment to such act, he ruled in such a way that only one word is GREAT. so in short shivaji maharaj made to me believe on vedic dharma. but terrorist like zakir naik always thinks about converting hindus. and this needs to be stopped.indian muslims also hate shivaji maharaj, rana pratap only because they were hindu and these same muslim supports aurangzeb because “who aapani topi khud silata tha” what stupid thinking they have…
    i request you to explore role models like shivaji maharaj,sambhaji,rana pratap to all of us and at the same time expose terrorists like aurangzeb,zakir naik etc.

    • Namaste Pushpraj

      We shall indeed explore details of both terrorists like Aurangzeb etc and heroes like Shivaji and rana Pratap. We are living in sane world today because of sacrifices of these great legends. Agniveer movement is simply a homage to the great work done by such legends. Please mail us your details through Contact link and join us in doing the good work.


  • Namaskar!
    First of all, let me thank you for this great site and for spreading the truth.
    Indeed today there are so many forces fighting to suppress the truth of the Hindu glories and impound the false interpretations and falsified stories of every anti-Hindu, anti-Hindusthan person or movement as the truth.

    The article on Akbar the “great” is very good and well written, giving essential facts from his life.
    Please keep on spreading the light. If I was Hrithik, I would never do that film.
    Its plain stupid as the fancy fairy tale Bollywood keeps on repeating the delusional lies and distortions glorifies the ugly drunkard looters, rapists and torturers of India’s glorious culture, religion, history and its sincere people.
    Jai Hind!!!

  • Thanx agniveer Ji for a great article. Thats what I was wondering that why were there conflicts between Maharana Pratap and Akbar if Akbar was realy great. But who named him Akbar? In Jodha-Akbar its shown that Indian people named him so!

  • Note: It is obvious that Agniveer bashing would begin once this article is published. But we are used to it. However let me point out that to maintain extra-impartiality, we have not even touched on historical evidences written by Akbar bashers in this article. We have based our work solely on writings of the greatest admirers and brand managers of Akbar – Vincent Smith and Abul Fazl. For example, it is Abul Fazl who glorifies Akbar’s harem of 5000 and bar of innumerable prostitutes and not me.

    Incidentally, for those who want to know more, Jodha is supposed to be wife of Jahangir and not Akbar as per many historians (again pro-Mughal historians). This throws a light on the reason why Jahangir wanted to kill Akbar despite being his eldest son and being next in line for the throne of the terrorist.


  • Quran surah 00001:1000
    oh ye! who disbelieve this article, will burn in hell fire and have their vital organs roasted in the wrath of fire in hell.
    Quran surah 00001:1001
    Verily Allah has made the hearts of disbelievers of articles of Agniveer shielded from truth and greater will be their suffering in hell.so believe in Agniveer and save ur self from hell fire.

    hahaha hows tat u muslims ….these r the verses I have recently included in quran so all muslims can follow and preach.Mohammad b4 dyeing has sent an sms to me to include these verses so plz follow.

    Insha allah

  • as the rajasthani song says “Maharana Pratap was our forefather.. V need to show again yes their great great grandsons do exist”…….An eye opener article and the proof/refrences are excellent.. It keeps the intelligent lip locked….Good Work !! Keep moving .

    • Brother “Proud to be an Indian”, “such hamesha kadwa lagta hai”……..

      We are keen for the truth….Kindly provide the authentic sources of what you are claiming and let us be in the light of truth…


  • The article has given me a rude shock. I always thought Akbar was the only Mughal ruler who was a scholar and had the qualities of religious tolerance and compassion..I was completely wrong. We were kept stagnating in the abyss of myth all these days. How can our textbooks feed us all these rubbish?
    I doubt the credibility of each and every topic covered by our textbooks now. Great attempt by Agniveer and I immensely thank the editorial board for having exposed these horrendous facts about our history.
    I urge Agniveer to come up with more such articles about (1) Goutam Buddha (2) Mahaveer (3) Mauryan dynasty (4) Gupta dynasty (5) Vardhana dynasty (6) Chalukyas (7) Golden era of Krishnadevaraya in Hampi along with (8) Tipu sultan, who has been exaggerated as brave-hearted and saviour by our so-called ’secular historians’. Also make an article about the kind of privileges Muslims in India have over their counterparts in other parts of the world.

    • @lasya
      Tipu’s gifts to Hindu institutions
      In 1791 some Maratha horsemen under Raghunath Rao Patwardhan raided the temple and monastery of Sringeri Shankaracharya, killing and wounding many, and plundering the monastery of all its valuable possessions. The incumbent Shankaracharya petitioned Tipu Sultan for help. A bunch of about 30 letters written in Kannada, which were exchanged between Tipu Sultan’s court and the Sringeri Shankaracharya were discovered in 1916 by the Director of Archaeology in Mysore. Tipu Sultan expressed his indignation and grief at the news of the raid, and wrote:

      People who have sinned against such a holy place are sure to suffer the consequences of their misdeeds at no distant date in this Kali age in accordance with the verse: “Hasadbhih kriyate karma ruladbhir-anubhuyate” (People do [evil] deeds smilingly but suffer the consequences crying).[26]

      He immediately ordered the Asaf of Bednur to supply the Swami with 200 rahatis (fanams) in cash and other gifts and articles. Tipu Sultan’s interest in the Sringeri temple continued for many years, and he was still writing to the Swami in the 1790s CE.[27]

      It should be noted, however, that these letters were written in the context of his precarious situation after the battles of the Third Mysore War, during which he suffered many setbacks, including having to deliver his two sons as captives (Captivity of children was a common custom even during the days of Akbar and his successors) to the British. It is possible that his letters to the Shankaracharya were therefore a result of his desire to gain support of his Hindu subjects.

      In light of this and other events, B.A. Saletare has described Tipu Sultan as a defender of the Hindu dharma, who also patronized other temples including one at Melkote, for which he issued a Kannada decree that the Shrivaishnava invocatory verses there should be recited in the traditional form. The temple at Melkote still has gold and silver vessels with inscriptions indicating that they were presented by the Sultan. Tipu Sultan also presented four silver cups to the Lakshmikanta Temple at Kalale.[28] Tipu Sultan does seem to have repossessed unauthorised grants of land made to Brahmins and temples, but those which had proper sanads were not. It was a normal practice for any ruler, Muslim or Hindu, on his accession or on the conquest of new territory.

      There is such evidence as grant deeds, and correspondence between his court and temples, and his having donated jewellery and deeded land grants to several temples, which some claim he was compelled to do in order to make alliances with Hindu rulers. Between 1782 and 1799 Tipu Sultan issued 34 sanads (deeds) of endowment to temples in his domain, while also presenting many of them with gifts of silver and gold plate. The Srikanteswara Temple in Nanjangud still possesses a jewelled cup presented by the Sultan.[29]

      To another temple, Nanjundeswara, in the same town of Nanjungud, he gave a greenish linga; to Ranganatha temple at Srirangapatana he gifted seven silver cups and a silver camphor burner. This temple was hardly a stone’s throw from his palace from where he would listen with equal respect to the ringing of temple bells and the muezzin’s call from the mosque.[30]

      • Proud to be an Indian
        You forgot to provide the references with your copy pasted stuff. Do it next time. And also, provide rebuttal to this article and of Tipu’s if they were saints.

      • @ Proud to be Indian.
        You have told the half of the truth but the motive behind the generous gifts are unknown to you.
        Here it is with facts and proofs:
        In his Persian-language diary, which he said to have tried to keep secret during his lifetime, now translated and published as “The Dreams of Tipu Sultan”,he recalls a dream where a bearded man tells him that the Prophet Mohammed said that he will not go to heaven until Tipu does. In this book, he repeatedly refers to Hindus as kafirs, the British as Christians, and repeatedly expresses the desire to convert the world to Islam and ensure that it is ruled by Islamic kingdoms.
        This diary was found by Colonel william kirkpatrick in the toilets of Srirangapatna palace. This was written by Tipu himself and his handwriting was easily recognized by Habeebulla one of the most trusted servent of Tipu. The main copy of it is in London’s Indian Office till now.
        In the places of malabar and coorg he dared to convert people but he didnt dare to do that in the parts of Mysore though he changed in numerous names of different places to persian and urdu like nazar bad, dariya daulat, etc.
        After loosing many things in Third Anglo Mysore war in 1791, there was significant growth in the places of sringeri against tipu as people knew that he is becoming weak. Hence he offered few things to Sringeri.
        He had also written a letter to Afghans ruler Jamaan Shah and Turks leader Khalif inviting for a holy war in his place and help him to convert the entire generation to Islam. In 1796 he took over the treasures belonging to Mysore wodeyars and he burned thousand of books and important manuscripts which was in the royal library.
        There are many letters written by him to his uncle who was in Mysore explaining how fast he is converting people in the places of Malabar and obviously these conversions were not smoothly made instead of it he used to offer people with sword in one hand and Quran in the other. These letters have been still saved by the brits.
        Why do you think muslims around Mysore and Hyderabad speaks only in urdu where as muslims in rest of the places like kerala and tamil nadu speaks there respective languages??? Because these 2 south indian places were administered by fanatic rulers.
        You can also check out in Wikipedia. Tippu sulthan was a fanatic.
        And please dont think I am against your religion but I am just telling you the facts. Agniveer dare not to write anything about Abdul kalam if it is against muslims. Facts are sacred.

      • Proud to be an Indian,

        The article on Tippu was quoted & taken entirely from Zamorin royal family descendant who had penned the sufferings of his forefathers as also from the Portuguese & British observers of that time. And all articles on Agniveer have quoted the source!!
        Can you likewise provide the source of the article which you have so proudly written saying Tippu protecting Sringeri acharya & that too from Marathas !!! ????
        One of the reasons the MArathas allied with the British to defeat Tippu was Tippu’s fanaticism & his desire to attire ‘Ghazidom’ by massacaring or converting the kafir filth of hindus.
        So kindly provide the records ( the source ) from which you quoted this.

  • Ha ha ha ha ………….the stories which u post are really mind blowing so can really change the history and u think the people who have knowledge abt history are fool to follow it ………….brother u really got skills to change the right thing in wrong ………..I would request u too authenticat ur father first as is he ur reall father before authenticating the history……..Proud to be an Indian

    • All the references have been given. If you cant still believe in this then my friend your suffering from selective blindness. Instead of using abusive languages at him, why dont you find some article which is against to this article with proof and say Agniveer you are wrong and this is the truth. Iskeleye sanskar zaroori hai.

  • Dear agnee sir,
    Thanks for letting us know the truths. I’m from Chennai.(Tamil Nadu). Most of our Indians don’t know this. As a hindustanian its my duty to spread to all my friends and relatives.

  • Dear Agniveer Jee…
    Akbar is dead…no more with us..whats the use in showing a disliking .whatsoever..i feel its a kind of violence having negativity about a dead human being…we need a peaceful heart.. a loving heart…we all are same…difference is just a thin layer of skin. have a nice day…best regards. Kaunain Shahidi.

    • We are no showing disliking to dead Akbar. But to the media and educational bodies who portray a villain as greatest saint ever, thus fool the world and in process undermine the legacy of many a great men and women who were real gems. Peace doesn’t come without truth. If we have false heroes, we cannot expect to obtain peace. Just imagine, if someone raped your mother and killed your father and then is heralded as greatest saint? Would you say let your mother’s rapist and father’s killer be allowed to be adored because he is dead?

      Just imagine a psychopath who used to kill millions of men (our fathers) and raped innumerable women (our mothers) and now being called the great! Being from lineage of Pratap and Shivaji, this is a great insult for us, and we believe it as cause for our downfall. We believe that majority of Muslims today are results of the atrocities of these criminals on our forefathers, the fanatic Islam which makes mockery of Islam=Peace has been propagated by generations of these terrorists and hence believe that such false heroes need to be demolished for unity and dignity in the country.

      If that not be so, and indeed history is useless, then why not stop teaching the subject of history first? So far a distorted history would be taught to create a sense of shame on our forefathers and pride only on foreigners, we all ‘right’-minded would have to unitedly work to combat this source of self-rejection that plagues us today.


      • Absolutely right Agiveer ji..People think there is no use of our ancestor’s history..But It is very important..Suppose you r told ur grandfather was a rapist then what will u feel.obviously shame! You will be suffering from inferiority complex and you will not to be able to raise your head in front of others..On the another hand if u are told your grandfather was a great patriot you will feel proud and you will walk on the road ,in hindi seenaa phulakar…So,history matters..I m sure the condition of my country would be totally different only if Indians would have been taught true history..You know what our politicians have done..Just like a ostrich they have tried to find a solution as ostrich try to get rid of hunter by dipping its head in sand and thinking it is safe now..
        One question I want to ask to Agniveer Ji that are you sure Greek historian has accepted the truth about Alexander.? My perception is that a foreigner can’t be ever so frank or a candid……..

  • Excellent research done, few facts are even new to me, but really it is shame for us that We compare this bastard with Samrat Ashok.

    • There is no comparison. But the fact remains that Ashoka is called great by historians only because he deviated from mainstream Hinduism. Otherwise there have been many other great legends whose reign was equally or more impactful than Ashoka. The bottomline is that Hindu bashing is essential to qualify as a secular historians.

  • Agniveerji, Please publish english translation of Vedas in public. So that we can read it. aryasamajjamnagar contains hindi translation

  • Well I know the extent of mughal empire stops at the door step of ASSAM, May be their is not much wealth over in north east india , But “LACHIT BARPHUKAN” emperor of ahom dynastry defeated the mughals 3 times after which they never stepped in this part .

    May be the forces used over LACHIT is tribe and furocious but its disgusting for sucha large mughal army to be defeated several times by a so small force.

    • Lachit Barphukan was the general, not the king. He was a loyal soldier of Assam who withstood the mughal barbarians dispatched by the ‘noble’ Ghazi Aurangzeb

  • BOOM. Mind blowing facts. Racist historians in their hatred towards Hindus went on abusing Hindus at every opportunity they got hiding all the facts. Unfortunately that’s what copied to our histories and still in curriculum due to our pseudo-Secular minority appeaser politicians. I congratulate Agniveer for this remarkable piece of writing. Souls of brave Hindu patriots will thank you for bringing to light – their effort to fight the foreign barbaric & unethical invaders – which has been strategically removed from our history text books.

  • बहुत अच्छा कार्य कर रहे हैं आप. कृपया करके यदि सम्भव हो इन जानकारियों को english के साथ-२ हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध कराइये ताकि english ना जानने वाले लोगो को भी यह सब पता लगे. वैसे जितनी अधिक भाषाओँ में प्रचार हो उतना ही अच्छा है.

      • I am from Karnataka. I am good at Kannada. You can count me in. Just explain my duties and responsibilities.

      • I m doing same thing..I m writing on these topics in hindi and add it on chittha jagat…but in very few number..
        If u give me the responsibility, I’ll translate your essay in Hindi so that more and more blogs can be published ..

      • We would be glad to have this done as part of a bigger mission towards propagation of Vidya and eradication of Avidya. We shall put Hindi translation on our site as well as promote their publication in as many other sites as possible. A link to main agniveer site in these other blogs will help put us on top of search engines and counter the prevailing frauds.


      • Thanx Agniveer bhai that u have elaborated most of the facts that being a Hindu we were not aware of it. We Nepalese is also a strong followers of Hindusm from past centuries. But due to the Political instabilities lots of poor and minorities Hindus converted into Christianity for some temptation of Wealth or money funded by US and Europes. So Iam really unhappy for it becoz apart from seeing we cant do anything. My country was only the Hindu country in the World and I was proud for it but now the situation has been changed which inturn has changed into secular country govern by those Blady Maoists who doesnt have caste nor religion. But we still have faith on our religion and will be more after reading ur articles. Thanx again for helping us to know the superiority of our Religion.

      • @rajesh, we always feel shame on Nepal that being only hindu nation it stands nowhere in the world? can u not make it an example for the world ‘ a nation on hinduism and philosophy’. can u tell me what do mean no caste for maoists? do u believe in caste system? have u ever read vedas?
        what is the situation of sanskrit education in nepal? in India our government has tried every thing to spread sanskrit but no bloody Indian want to read sanskrit, we love english not sanskrit but what is the situation of Nepal?

  • Really good, i have read most of these on my own research and interest but most of the indians are still sleeping.
    Thank you.
    Agniveeri ji,
    where can i download entire samveda mantras in sankrit for swadahyaya.
    Please write the link. I am searching fot it since a long time.

    • hello rashmi,
      you can read all vedas in proper context at the web page of arya samaj jamnagar…i dont remember jst search in google ..you wil get the link…and please do share any link or educational material, that is helpful in revieling truth..thank you.

      • Saurabh i have downloaded english translation of samveda from Kaspa veda research foundation at http://www.hinduveda.org/.Especially researches on Veda/yajgya are very good.
        I want to learn the meaning with mantras. However aryasamaj version is a image file i.e jpeg t, it can not be downloaded. I do refer aryasamaj jamnagar site for vedas. If some PDF files are there it will be helpful for self study.

      • @Rashmi : if you may you can order them from vedicbooks.com (put a search for veda in the serach bar)

      • Its only Veda mantras in sanskrit not supported by any griffith translation. Most of the unbiased westerners know that translation of Vedas by Max muller and griffith and many westerners is not true, it is biased and politically motivated. I have only downloaded from Maharishi Vaidik university.

      • @Rashmi,
        Namaste Sister,

        I think you mentioned somewhere in a prior post, that you r a disciple of Sh Ram swaroopji (Ved Mandir). I must let you know that Guruji himself has given the details of the following publishers for purchase origianl Vedas (I was going through Q&A section of Ved Mandir website, and found the reference in one of the answers).

        However, Guruji has also mentioned several times that before delving into these gems, it is advisable that several of his books should be read first. (Obviously basic mathematics is to be understood before jumping into advanced calculus courses).

        Original Vedas can be obtained from:

        (1) M/s. Vijay Kumar Govindram Hasanand, Nai sadak, Delhi.

        Also if you wish,

        (2) The Four Vedas have been translated into (saral/easy) hindi by Sri Ram Sharma of the Gayatri parivar. The whole set (8 Volumes) cost around Rs 1200 and can be purchased from Motilal Barnarasi in Delhi http://www.mlbd.com/home.aspx.

        Sri Ram Sharma has also translated the 108 upanishads (3 vols).

        I have also found the following useful compilation of Srimad Bhagwad Gita by Pandit Shomnath Sharma

        Srimad Bhagwad Geeta in Sanskrit and Hindi anuvad, audio files can be downloaded free of cost http://www.esnips.com/web/BhagwatGita-ByPanditShomnathSharma (also available at youtube).

        These are MP3 audio files and can be transferred to ipod, listen to it on the go.

        आर्यव्रतस्थ ji has also suggested a good publisher vedicbooks.com.

        I would like to mention here that Vedas and other scriptures should be learned in Sanskrit only and under the guidace of a able Guru.
        Although people are pushing Agniveerji for English translation of Vedas. I think no matter what the team does, it will be almost impossible to translate the subtle concepts. The reason being not their inability, but the weakness of the English language.

        Same goes with the translation in other languages. Translation may increase the readership, but it would dilute the essence (or may completely miss the point) leading to more confusion for the later generation.

        Thus in my opinion, Vedas and other scriptures should be learned in Sanskrit only, and in presence of an able Guru. Mastery over the Sanskrit language is a must. It will definitely take a very long time, but then it is worth spending life for.
        Having written all that, I must confess here that I know nothing of our scriptures and the above statements are just my belief. I have started my journey, although late then never.