We have seen before why Akbar was a disgusting pig even worse than today’s ISIS. We now expose the myth revolving around nature of his ‘love’ for Jodha Bai, which has been portrayed by some media houses.

Please note that this myth-buster might leave you with a sick feeling if you have been duped long by the fantasy portrayals of Jodha-Akbar story. So proceed at your own risk.

No mention of Jodha as wife of Akbar

Because Jodha was not wife of Akbar. Akbar had more than 40 wives and 5000 sex-slaves. But there is no mention of Jodha as anyone of these women in Akbar’s life.

There are 4 historical texts written by Akbar’s sycophants who glorified his greatness in war to bed. They are Ain-e-Akbari and Akbarnama by Abul Fazl, Badayuni’s Mutakhabutawarikh, and Nizamuddin’s Tabqat-i-Akbari. But none mentions a single word that sounds even similar to Jodha. Nor was any other lady in Akbar’s harem (brothel) who hailed from Jodhpur. Except one.

What they mention is that Akbar married the paternal aunt (buaji) of Man Singh (the celebrated traitor of Indian history). She was Hira Kunwari who became Mariam-uz-Zamani after Akbar converted her to Islam.

History says Jodha was wife and cousin of Jahangir

Akbar was paternal uncle (fufaji) of Man Singh and his cousin Manbhawati Bai. Akbar then insisted that Manbhawati Bai – a baby then – marries his 16 year old son Jahangir in 1585. Legends say that Manbhawati Bai was a beautiful baby. She was called Jodha Bai because she was daughter of the king of Jodhpur. Some historians believe that Akbar was maternal uncle (mausaji) of Jodha.

And then started the heart-wrenching exploitation of the child in the royal Mughal palace.

After twenty years of being a sex-toy for Akbar – father-in-law (sasur) and uncle (fufaji/mausaji) – and Jahangir (cousin and husband) – she committed suicide in 1605.

The master-plan of Akbar to fulfill his lust. How it all began

The Prelude

One, In 1582, Akbar announced a new religion – Din-i-Ilahi and made his sycophants including his son its followers.

Two, His real name was Jalaluddin Mohammad. He took the name Akbar because it is also a name used for Allah. His real game plan was to portray himself as a miraculous spiritual person and fool people. To this end, he ordered everyone to shout Allah-o-Akbar in front of him.

Three, He announced that he could do miracles. He would get his feet washed and force people to queue for the dirty water of his washed feet. People would drink and claim that it healed diseases. This was to showcase himself as a Prophet.

The real game

By being prophet of a new religion, very similar to Islam, he started justifying himself and his sycophants why he should get special favors that a prophet has access to.

One, He had the divine right to marry or sleep with his daughter-in-law. As perSahih Bukhari – a holy text of Muslims, and Al-Tabari – biography of Prophet, the Prophet married his daughter-in-law because Allah asked him to not resist her beauty when he saw her nude. In fact the text says that even the marriage happened in heaven that no one saw. So technically, he simply started sleeping with daughter-in-law without marriage.

Two, again as per Quran, Sahih Bukhari and biography of Prophet, he married a 6 year old baby called Aisha and had sex with her when she was 9 year old. He did so because Allah commanded him to do so.

Three, as a prophet, Akbar could marry and have sex with as many women as he desired without any limitations and without offending any religious sentiments.

These were based on translations of Quran that are currently used by ISIS and Al Qaeda to kill and rape. Who cares what real Quran says or what real Prophet did, when goal is to use religion to give fire to own lusts!

So Akbar used Deen-i-Ilahi and his religious ploy to exploit baby Jodha and countless other women. To keep both Muslims and Hindus happy, he used a mix of both religions for his religious innovations. Thus he could fool Hindus to gift their daughters, and fool dumb Mullahs to support his perversion.

The Naked Mughals

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