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Date: Sometime in 1303

Place: Outskirts of Chittor, camp of Alauddin Khilji


Alauddin Khilji was one of the most brutal humans to have been ever born on earth. He ascended the throne by killing his father-in-law cum uncle and carrying his head on a spear inside Delhi on holy Ramazan.

Like Akbar the Great, he also considered himself to be a Prophet and forced Qazis to give religious approvals to his whims and fetishes. The number of rapes and murders he committed is surpassed only by the brutality of those rapes and murders.

As other Muslim Sultans, he enjoyed sex with young boys. Malik Kafur was his child sex-partner who rose to become his general. (Later, he killed Alauddin Khilji and his family).

Prophet Alauddin Khilji will go down in history as killer of largest number of Muslims (around 30000) and raping their women in one single day. And yet, fools hail him as a Muslim icon!

India has always been abundant with fools and traitors. Today we have Barkha Dutts, Rajdeep Sardesais, Ravish Kumars, Arvind Kejriwals and so many. Earlier there were Jai Chands, Ratipals and Ranmals.

Thanks to these foolish traitors, Alauddin could defeat brave heroes like Hamir Dev of Ranathambhor, ransack Somnath temple among thousand others, capture Gujarat, and now wanted to conquer Mewar.

He camped in outskirts of Chittor (Mewar) and called Rana Ratan Singh for negotiations pretending to be a friend. Indians have always paid heavily for trusting those rascals who were not loyal even to their fathers. They assume invaders from western borders to be men of honor like Indians and continue to be duped till today.

Rana Ratan Singh also trusted the pig Alauddin Khilji and went for discussions. Alauddin showed his true colors and kidnapped him. And set forth his demand – that every Muslim Sultan from Ghori to Khilji to Akbar to Aurangzeb has always put – give me all your gold and women. 

Every terrorist who invaded India was a pervert rapist far worse than Osama Bin Laden of Al Qaeda or Baghadadi of ISIS.

(The story of Alauddin Khilji requesting to see Queen Padmini and Rajputs allowing him to see her through mirror is a shameless myth that originated from Padmavat – a poem by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. We Indians are such fools that we lose all sense of right and wrong when appreciating art and poems. Fictions become facts just because they sound musical and seem to be great Bollywood plots! Brave warriors secure our happiness, and coward ‘artists’ mint money from their sacrifices!)

Rajputs agreed to send their women in Palkis (palanquins) next morning.


It is early morning. Alauddin Khilji has made all the plans and has instructed his generals. They are to count the number of palanquins, and ask palanquin carriers to leave. If anyone acts smart, kill him. Then take out each woman, arrange them in order of their beauty and rank. Keep Queen Padmini (Padmavati) in front. And bring in front of Sultan Alauddin Khilji – the Prophet who would conquer the world like Alexander the Great!

Palanquins arrive before dawn. But before palanquin-carriers leave, the Rajput women come out. And suddenly there is mayhem. No, they are not women. They are Rajput warriors who are butchering the rapists like vegetables.

One group of Rajputs led by brave Badal start ransacking one tent after another in search of Rana Ratan Singh. The other group led by Gora – Badal’s uncle – push through the center of camp in search of Alauddin Khilji.

Badal finally locates Rana and frees him. He signals Gora and bows to his uncle for one last time. They both know this is their last meeting.

Badal and his group quickly retract with Rana towards the fort. They have little time left for the next plan of action.

Meanwhile Gora slices innumerable hands and heads and enters the well-lit royal tent.

What happened next:

Alauddin Khilji is on bed straight ahead of Gora. Completely naked. Panting like a dog. Jumping back and forth on top of a woman and tearing her clothes to display bicep power. Looking at her as a dog leers at a piece of meat.

So engrossed is the beast in his animal instincts that he is completely oblivious to the noise and shouts. Or it is a usual cacophony very similar to banging shouts and moans in Khilji camp every night!

Alauddin does not notice that someone is witnessing his brave performance. But the poor woman notices a change in lamp shadows and raises an alarm.

And then:

Alauddin springs up in surprise. Sees his death in hands of a muscular Rajput. The ‘performance’ abruptly ends in an immediate ‘showdown’.

Hides behind the woman. She is his armor now. He knows that a Rajput will die but not touch a woman.

The brave Sultan is weeping. Wet down, wet above, wet all over! Running around the tent holding the woman in front. Sometimes remembering Allah, sometimes begging Gora.

As he reaches the gate of tent, he pushes the woman to Gora and makes a run for his life.

Gora moves to side so as to not touch the woman. He misses his target.

He realizes that the cost of dignity of one woman will now be thousands of women.

But what could he do! It all happened within few moments. How could he ditch the core instinct of a Hindu Rajput – to treat every woman as your own mother?

A Muslim Sultan fights to rape women. A Hindu fights to protect women.

The thoughts flash in his mind but it is too late. Alauddin is also late.

Before the pig could jump out of tent, he could not escape the touch of Rajput sword. The sword tears apart his rear.

Alauddin’s men enter the tent seeing their Sultan grunting and running naked oozing blood behind himself.

Gora fights valiantly and dispatches a lot many to Jannat. Heads, hands fly everywhere. It is blood all over.

The hero says: ‘Jai Eklingji’ for one last time in life. And sets an example of valor that will inspire thousands of Agniveers till a single Jihadi exists in this world.



Alauddin sent his army to Chittor. The Rajputs, though outnumbered, fought till death. When the Jihadis entered the fort shouting “Allah-hu-Akbar:, they found funeral pyres and ashes. All women had chosen to burn themselves than be a sex-toy of Jihadis.

This was the second Jauhar after Ranathambhor few years ago. This was the start of Sati practice.

It was not over though. Jihadis won one battle as they excelled in being traitors. But could not stand long against brave Hindus.

Chittor was snatched back from Alauddin Khilji in 1311.

Death of Khilji dynasty:

Alauddin Khilji’s damaged rear reminded him of Rajputi sword for rest of his life. He could no more walk straight, sit erect, sleep properly, or bang any slave like a dog. Had to turn a goat.

He stopped going into military expeditions and chose to send his generals instead. His eunuch gay-partner Malik Kafur became powerful due to this. Sleeplessness, trauma, and pain turned Alauddin Khilji medically insane within next 10 years.

Malik Kafur murdered a mad Alauddin Khilji in 1316 and blinded his two sons before being killed himself.

That sword of Gora, that palanquin of Rajputs, that valor of Badal – sealed the destiny of Khilji dynasty.

No one dared to raise an eye over Chittor for next 230 years.

They tried the chutzpah again when Mughals came. Read what happened to Akbar and Mughals.

And today, many Mughal Sultans are seen begging on Etawah railway junction.

What Now:

If we have any shame left, we must stand up to destroy the Khiljis around. Instead we choose to glamorize rapist killing machines like Alauddin Khilji by making films on them and casting top actors to play their roles.

Perhaps there will be movies on Ajmal Kasab and Nirbhaya Rapist tomorrow enacted by superstars!

When money-minting artists tend to become spokespersons of valor and sacrifice, and we find our bravery only in clapping in those shows, know that we are now a bunch of cowards left to defend our Padminis.


There will also be Agniveers who will continue to destroy Khiljis. Because we are loyal to the Goras, Badals, Prataps, Shivajis, Guru Gobinds, Ahom heroes, Gorkha legends, and countless of warriors who guaranteed that we can live with our head held high. No one else matters.

Read this story to your kids. They will never become slaves of anyone. And will know how to destroy terrorism.

The Naked Mughals: Illustrated

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Vashi Sharma is a globally renowned energy scientist. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. Vashi is an expert on Islamic terrorism and deradicalization.


Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit “Please read this” in Top and Footer Menu.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • And I don’t know who said prophet Mohammed married bibi ayesha when she was 6 . And that makes all the non Muslims develop a hate and consider Muslims to be pedos. Are you blind or dumb people . What’s the source of your history . Islam is quite a new religion and thankfully there are records of many things . And unlike many other books Koran has not been changed . It’s meaning has been changed in different countries by the ruling parties not by the Muslims . Get your facts right. She was 16 when she married him . And it was not a marriage based on sex . It was the marriage to unite 2 tribes who have had bloody past full of battles . So if anyone does that he is not a pedo. It’s called true leader .
    For me the right is important . Not the religion . Stop spreading wrong history .
    I personally don’t believe that there is something like true Hindu or Muslim or any thing like that .
    We all should be secular.
    I am a Muslim. I practise Buddhism and I worship Lord Shiva as well. And I have no hate for any religion based on history as history has been fabricated or been changed every time . And internet has been used for negativity instead of positive things . This is wrong .

  • As far as history is concerned . Bhagat singh one of my national pride . Who sacrificed his life for the unity and integrity and freedom of our country was called terrorist by the britishers . Che Guevara who fought multiple times to protect South American people was termed as terrorist by Americans . Saddam Russian once their friend and was supported by Americans until petroleum products were seen by Iraq as a way to use Iraq and exploit. And the same weapons bought from America became the weapons of mass destruction and America knew it as they had the receipt .
    So basically there are no terrorists . If in Palestine some one pelts stones is not because they like to do it .. But they have no weapons to fight and strong Israeli force keeps treating them as war prisoners. And they want it to be changed . And no one helps them or understands . In Kashmir our politicians don’t want the situation to get normal . Or else how they will show the budget to spend money on things we dont really need . This is not terrorism . This is corruption of highest order and America leads it . And many nations are influenced by American standards . Which are not real . As few Europeans landed in America most of the population was wiped out of the diseases they carried and since then they have tried to prove that they are better which is quite egosistic also self proclaimed and keeps fighting wars to prove their supremacy and even dropped nuclear on tiny nation like Japan .
    And always justify that what they do is right . They in fact are true terrorists .
    If u can do anything . Change your self . Change the world is not anyone’s cup of tea . We all remember what khilji did and we may never call him a false hero and we should not ethically . If we go in future and anyone reads anyone hate ful articles would only conclude them as khilji or any other brain washed religious prick who can only think of small things like religion and has no capacity to understand the earth as one and humanity as religion .
    Religion has been the major cause of killings in the past and anyone who has no life is still revolving around same stigmas . But many are evolving and that is good to see .
    We all are Indians . And we should not fight amongst ourselves . The enemy is not outside it’s inside every one of us making us incapable to see the truth laced by politicians and media . But it’s not tough . When u question your self u will see the truth rest all are stories ..

  • Seriously … people are so emotional about the religion . No one has any religion and has no right to disrespect anyone on the basis of religion . Everyone has been born in a respective religion and has been following it religiously since I don’t know when . It’s a never ending story . But what makes me laugh is that people are still revolving around stupidity and continue to strive to prove that their religion is better . For me we all are humans as far as I can remember and we have to be united . And the only emotion I have is humanity . Most of the people who have hatred will not do any good . That shows their insecurity about the fact which they can not understand . Any historian has the right to derive what ever story he wants to make of the history and that is why we have different schools of historians . The fact is when any invader invaded India it was not because we were nice or we were misguided or fooled . The fact is we were fooled because we were fools and we still are if we fight about these things . And not stay united . That’s what the invaders did then and may do again.. and we are helping them and we call ourselves Indians and we are proud to be .
    Islam is one of the organised religion which started not long ago just 1600 years old roughly . It came in picture because most of the tribes were fighting amongst themselves and prophet Mohammed fought battles to unite the tribes . And what we know of Islam and Muslims today . He was a peacemaker but he also had to fight many battles to achieve so because of the conditioning of the time . It was the only option .
    But not we all the modern ways of living we are still fighting but the weapons have changed .
    Also there are no terrorists . If anyone has studied history in recent past or paid attention to media which was not controlled by USA then you would realise that these are the terms made to conquer other countries or in layman’s term business as usual the occupation of weapon goes on .
    Also some ignorant people who just have paid attention to hate may not have paid attention that the Christian population is scared of Muslim population around the world so american media has created a phobia for common people like many who have iq level below then average just believe anything and everything . And also made them believe that every Muslim is a terrorist . Well it only makes me laugh that such people exist in this world who can’t understand the pain of humanity and see what’s happening . Some one kills someone because he loves a Hindu girl . Why work we live in where people have to call in love after confirming the religion or nationality of a person . In the same article some one claims to have banged many Muslim girls . Wow that is super . Shows what kind of people are here . Well if you know history so well you should know there is no religion called Hindus. People who followed veda. We’re known as vedantas and that’s the real name . First rectify your studies and then claim to be anybody . Just remember we don’t know anything . And the history of the world has been portrayed differently in the recent past by the help of media . How can you claim any history is right . And people of any faith should not disrespect anyone of any other castes . And has no right to question anything . As far as some one questioned about how Muslim treat women . Well it is written in Quran that heaven lies under mothers feet . Well that is good enough for any peasized brain to understand what it means .
    Stop fighting . Start loving . Islam does not favour fights and war but history has shown that Muslims never shy away if that is needed .
    And anyone would fight of any religion to protect .
    I would fight for my country . And what is right .
    Right is that there should not be fights and hate .
    Just one more thing . Read about salah uddin . He was one of the greatest kings . If anyone studied real history will know what I refer here .
    Take care humans. Life is short . Enjoy . And don’t fight over religion .

  • What do u think guys is this is real story then what about Wikipedia
    How this AGNIVEER got this story wow such a amazing story bro keep going u have a bright future like narendra Modi
    Arey kuch banke dikhaa veeron ki tarah Jeena seekh jaisey hamare Tipu sultan Chandra Shekhar Azad Bhagat Singh Subhash Chandra Bose g aur bhi Mahan log hai mahatma Gandhi
    Is Tarha seekh Jeena mard ki tarahaa
    Gaddaron ki tarah Jeena mat mere bhai apni sonch ko Badal apney aap ko Badal is tarah aag mat pehlaa issey kuch nahi Milney wala Tu toh kuch din ka mehmaan hai yahan us upar waley RAB ko kyaa jawab degaaa

  • What do u think guys is this is real story then what about Wikipedia
    How this avneeveer got this story wow such a amazing story bro keep going u have a bright future like narendra Modi
    Arey kuch banke dikhaa veeron ki tarah Jeena seekh jaisey hamare Tipu sultan Chandra Shekhar Azad Bhagat Singh Subhash Chandra Bose g aur bhi Mahan log hai mahatma Gandhi
    Is Tarha seekh Jeena mard ki tarahaa
    Gaddaron ki tarah Jeena mat mere bhai apni sonch ko Badal apney aap ko Badal is tarah aag mat pehlaa issey kuch nahi Milney wala Tu toh kuch din ka mehmaan hai yahan us upar waley ran ko kyaa jawab degaaa

    • But unfortunately they keep religion as MASK to protect them . even terrorists use religion to get protection .Who has to be blamed dera KHAN .

  • Muslims kabhi bhi brave nahi rahe hai jaisa ki we log apne ko sabit karna chahte hai.Kya reason hai ki inka Islam inko bar bar Khatre me padta deekhai deta hai. indeed Islam ko kisi ne kabhi dil se nahi kaboola balki ye duniya me har jagah talwar ke dam pe failaya gaya.

    • This is a fake story. Ap is baat se andaza laga lo k jo banda allaudin ko rapist aur killer keh ra wo aakhir main nateeja kia nikal ra hai lolx end main keh ra k khilijis ko kill kraingy this that yar banda poochy kyun negativity phela rahy ho 4 paison ki khatar emaan tm baichty ho aur ilzam muslims pe ary bhai islam ko study kro islam sirf hamara nai sab humans k liye hai aur jo koi terrorist hai uska religion nai hota dost islam main sab se acha wo jo doosry k liye acha hai ab koi is baat ko na maany to uska apna dosh hai. I dont blame all hindus achy bury log har jaga hoty but iska matlb ye nai k 4 logon ki wajase sab ko bura bolo. Aur jahan tak movie ki baat hai to jo itna paisa laga kr Hindustan main movie bna ry wo jhoot kyun dikhayengy dost please soch badalo acha socho acha kro baaqi ka faisla chor do 🙂

  • country

    Spence Feingold | TNN | Aug 25, 2013, 06.21 AM IST

    NEW DELHI: The gang rape of the Mumbai photo journalist may have shaken the nation’s conscience once again, but the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has an even more horrifying statistic to share—every 20 minutes, a woman is raped somewhere in India. Not only that: crimes against women have increased by 7.1% nationwide since 2010, and child rape cases have increased by 336% in the last 10 years.

    • You don’t even know the spelling of laugh. Fools like you can only shout without content. Go, first learn some language and then cry or else keep pelting stones.

    • You don’t even know the spelling of laugh. Fools like you can only shout without content. Go, first learn some language and then cry or else keep pelting stones.

      • Rahul it doesn’t matter he don’t know the spelling of laugh so he don’t know anything only single word can’t express whole thing

      • Amit if that’s the thing then let’s have pan India referendum on whether you and your supporters should be thrown out of the country on not. Come on start voting else majority will not give you even this chance then.

  • How many of you are ready for pan India referendum on whether all muslims should leave country and i bet you all know the result before actually getting the referendum done. That explains everything

    • Yes, we want Azadi, Azadi from them. Let’s have pan India referendum or else very soon majority will take everything in it’s hands and then these people and their supporters will all get their Jannat.

  • From the trailer it looks like Khilji is portrayed every bit as the villain you describe…why shouldn’t a top actor play it if he does a good job of it and sends. Strong message? And the rajputs are also portrayed how you describe here…but we need to see the movie before judging.
    As for the story of what really happened it would really help to see some data of your sources. It would make for a more compelling argument, else it gets lost in emotional outbursts back and forth.

  • At this article people are fighting about Hindu Muslim, people are seriously blind when its comes to religion. In day to day life 3 out 10 follows each and every rituals of religion but when it come to say someone bad about their religion 10 out of 10 are ready to blabber shit.
    No religion teaches us to fight or to say bad about others.

      • You’re dumb af. Visit Chittor palace you’ll find temple of Queen/Goddess Padmavati there, which is way older than the poem you’re referring to. Now you’ll say she’s a Goddess so it’s a myth. You won’t be able to understand it but still for your chickpea mind I should let you know she is considered as a Goddess because of the act of valour done by her to save their self-respect. But morons like you won’t understand and say some bullshit nonetheless.

  • Guys i think we always follow the ritual fighting with each other and we should continue that we learn from our holy both quran and gita.guys still we have a time to wake up and stand for religion which call humanity

    • I think rather than approaching hindus.. you should approach your so called muslim brotherhood people of ISIS, ISIL, Al Queda, Taliban etc. to stop terrorism… you should approach mullahs to stop brainwash of muslims to commit love jihad… YOU NEED TO TAKE A STEP NOW IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY… NOT NON-MUSLIMS…

  • Ok let’s take Quran into consideration….you know who are real Muslims? The ones who are trying to spread love among communities are not real Muslims because that’s not what Quran says. The ones who are there working for ISIS are real Muslims because they are doing what Quran wants them to do. I know such words are harsh I blame the Prophet for doing it and this Muslim community people are like puppets in the hands of the Prophet. It’s not their fault.

    • Plz…I request you. Don’t pass any comment about The-Holy Quran without knowing the real meaning of it. And if you want to know anything with proof in Quran, in Gita or in any Book or ved then send me a mail ([email protected]). We can clear our doubts as much as possible. Thank u !

  • If this story of khilji is a myth and the poem.is wriiten by jayasi. The my friend ur mahabharat and ramayana is also a myth and is written by valmiki and so fabricated by other writers as per their convenience. The way u r doing it here. So chill. Accept what has happened in the history. You cannot change it by your own story.

      • quran each and every word is true.you blieave or not doesn,t matter for us .Vashi sharma is fake historian . he never change the truth history.tum muslim sai dartay ho islia tum yeh saab drama kartay ho.islia tum dharmantaran kanun lana chahtay ho . tum ko dar hain . tum darpok ho .hum tumko tumhi sai chura laingay.

      • All the hindus are fake historians to muslims… well to me all muslims are terrorists… what now.. huh… YOU BLOODY TERRORSTS…

    • Mythology doesn’t leave behind traces of evidence, smartypants.

      If you call Ramayan & Mahabharat as mythology, prepare yourself to get encountered by modern archaeology and astronomical proof.

      Mythology doesn’t leave behind traces of physical evidence.

    • Guys you need to chill, first of all most of the things mentioned in Ramayana, Mahabharata and other scriptures of our civilization are proven to be true by many physical proofs discovered by various scientists across the world eg. Rama setu(artificial or man-made bridge which is an engineering wonder supposed to be built around 10,000 years to 1 million years ago), The city of Dwarika(found under the sea in Gujarat), The Kailasa temple in M.P.(Which is built out of a single rock and modern scientists have stated in unison that it can’t be built with the modern technology anyhow and with that precision not at all) and second there are innumerable scientific things mentioned in these scriptures including vedas are proven to be true and still a lot of researches are going on, the theories of universe, multiverse, space-time singularity, parallel universe, alternate universe and many others have been derived from these scriptures, the inception of universe, the astrology(not only predictions)-the one that involves the planets, sun, moon, stars and other spatial objects, their nature, colour, specifications, size, shape, their distance from earth and the distance amongst them, the angles made between them(called as nakshatra), their age, the speed of light to name a few and lots of other things have been mentioned in these scriptures and also the sanskrit language itself in which most of these scriptures have been written is considered to be the most scientific language and the most suitable and easy learning language for computers as well (after the machine language obviously)by the most renown scientists of the current times. And now I want to say please do a proper research first, don’t utter some hearsay things, either read those texts or search on internet, visit these places and have some real experience. And now, about the things related to religion first I didn’t mention even for once, anything about any religion, these are our ancient scriptures and I see them as scientific books and history of our civilization, there was no religion in this land, you were true about this, this land was a land of people who always wanted to seek their own path to be God(means to achieve a state where all the worldly things don’t matter or they matter in a way that I am everything and everything is me and not God as any other religion say like allah or Jesus-the son of God or whatever), this was a land of seekers who always wanted to seek or pave their own path, everyone was their own God maybe that’s why we have 330 million gods, all these religions came later, and about the baudh dharma, Gautam buddha was also a such kind of seeker, he was a sort of atheist who wanted to question everything, the beliefs, the ideologies that were prevailing, he wanted to show some lost people the path of self discovery/enlightenment/to be their own God- to seek the God within oneself, but they thought as he is doing so, he himself is a God and started worshipping him, they failed him. And all the other religions also came later or along. But the thing is, let’s take another example, at a recent event that took place few years back in Cern(the large hedron collider experiment), scientists claimed that they’ve found the fundamental particle that is responsible for every bit of creation and named it the God particle(higgs boson), as it should’ve been named as everything is made out of it, and they may come with a new sub God particle as well, because earlier they were claiming that everything is comprised of atoms then they came up with sub-atomic particles like electrons, protons and neutrons, then sub particles of those particles, particle of light i.e. photons and so ons! And I’m not saying that they’re wrong or something. I want to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that whatever particle that is, the God particle or any sub particle of it, the fact is that everything is comprised of a single and only one particle, it has many facets, it takes many shapes, it can become of any size, it can be anything, but the only thing it can’t is differentiate between anything or anyone because every single thing is made out of it so it can’t differentiate between things and there is no doubt that it is the God particle as everything is comprised of it. This is a quality of God and also it’s mentioned in most of those scriptures.
      So we should learn this quality from that particle and become God(be in unison with God by having the same quality as that of God), means we should not differentiate or discriminate between not only amongst us but also to other living beings and even the things, we should not try to harm others in any way, we should accept the fact that we are not above or beneath anyone, respect everyone the way we want to be respected and treat everyone as equal as they are your own family(Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam). Also the ones we consider and worship as gods, the main ones like Rama also gave the same message by eating the leftovers of shabri, and Krishna when once fell sick was treated by the mud/soil taken from feet of an ordinary gopika of his kingdom, these instances show that they become Gods or were worshipped as gods because of these small gestures. And if I start talking about Shiva the Facebook’s capacity will fall short. And at last I just wanna say you can either see bright side of these stories or try and find some glitches/flaws and start demeaning these things and me. But remember one thing, people see things as they are themselves. One sees his/her own reflection in others.

  • Excellent article..brings the bare truth with the equal level of contempt & agony as the truth has not only been suppressed so far but in fact rather glorified in the leftist controlled school textbooks,magazines, movies & other books written by the shameless Dhimmi assholes.
    If the History of these vile creatures i.e the Pedophile,psychopaths,Mania,Asuric,coward islamic rulers were told the way the article is written a lot of Hindus wudnt hav grow up to be sterile,torchbearer of Non-violence bullshit & left liberal brainwashd dhimmis.
    We appreciate the writer & his bold,honest & unprecedented take on this Motherf**ker Khilji.
    We Hope to read many other article in coming days & Probably books as well by Agniveer..
    Bharat Mata Ki Jai..Vande Mataram
    Har Har Mahadev

  • If you are that knowledgeable at least know we never considered him as prophet .. neither it is mention when we take Islamic studies in proper any educational institutions.. please be reliable as an author…in our reglion we can’t call any person prophet unless they’re mention in the holy text….

  • You lost me when you called Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep, kejriwal traitors..this made me realize that you’re just another moron bhakt. Do not play with history. Asshole!

    • A core incompetent person will always give foolish explanations for everything. If you are competent enough then you will take it by your intelligence or strength. Try opening a grocery shop or clear an IAS exam or become a MLA, MP or a PM. Do you have the guts to even dream of becoming anything or just pelt stones or cry foul.Let’s have a pan India referendum on who should live in this country or who should leave. Then, we will see who got the strength or else keep on facing difficulties in your normal life like an ordinary person.

    • Actually,you shouldn’t be agonized by what he said.the way these journalist comments about our heroes(army-men) and doubt them itself proves that that don’t have any respect or shame towards our country,rather have various means to ignite a controversy.history cannot be changed ,but the way we visualize the characters can be corrected.turn to history books rather than placing an opinion on some asshole who had devastated lakhs of lives .

  • Dear writer instead of spreading so much hatered between two communities you should try to spread love between them because that will help in getting peace. And what you are talking about is past happened longggg ago and that also nobody knowz well.Talk about present. I see so many people belonging to different communities working together, giving each other respect helping each other and. This is India now. Every human being is equal doesnt matter belong to which caste or community.please grow up.stop racism and spread love

    • ok,in today’s india and also world we are seeing islamic terrorism rising. in india itself take dhar bhojshala for example, its an ancient hindu vedshala as is a established fact by ASI itself,yet just to show power the moslems do friday namaz there, and hindus get their vedshala for only once a year on basant panchami (bhojshala being a hindu school is a place of goddess of knowledge). take babri for example, the moslems admit that its a temple as they want the site back on the claim that it was under there control for many years and not that it was a mosque first and not temple,they admit it yet battling it out at every level with hindus,these episodes are akin to say hindus fighting muslims for the control of mecca medina. how can u think about love when such injustice and hate is there. muslims should without condition give back these places first. then we can talk about love and peace.

  • This website is filled with stinking racist and communalism crap. And you guys call yourselves protectors of Hindus. First root out this corrupted mindset of yours, bastardised Hindu Nazis. This website should get banned for spreading hatred with no proof behind the claims the author has made and spreading racism and psychopathy, all in the name of ‘protection’. Down with all the racists and bigoted zealots! There’s no difference between people like you and ISIS, the only difference is the difference of religions.

    Reporting website.

  • I am Sure Bhansali is eyeing for an OSCAR.. Not sue why these ridiculous indian media is dying hard for OSCAR when they just award only when Indian’s are shamed like in Slum Dog Millionaire..

  • Once upon a time they are the ruler now they are the most hated community in the world, that no country wants them even to enter in their territory, its their karma and deed that good people are also suffering.

  • Children who were weak, maltreated or sexually molested for long usually carries hatred for the tyrants. As they grew up carries that hatred for anyone who they imagine are related to his now vague tyrant .
    The hatred within bracket in this article is uncalled for. And yes Sultan khilji was a ruler a tyrant as all of them were then. Was not a prophet.
    And why advertise as ex IIT. When we all know that only those who entered IIT as undergraduate are considered genuinely sharp students.

  • Plzzz admin remove prophet from his name ‘prophet alauddin khilji’ .being a Muslim I know how prophet should be. plzzz remove it.its my humble request and he was a Muslim that’s it we don’t want such a cruel person as our icon.

    • Its not your fault its the history and we need to believe the History I knew its shame but we cant change the History. What we change is our attitude towards women and treat them as equal as men.

  • We must stop glorification of invaders! Who came to India just to loot! Plunder the wealth! Rape the woman! And commit heinous crimes! Even conversions that they made though deplorable, they did it to get religious support from mullas and kajis! to chemoflage their evil deeds! India is the only country were glorification of invaders is made by money and fame hungry film directors like BANCHALY I They must be discouraged by all means!

  • Highest level of idiot is the author ans similar idiocy prevails in the Hindu fanatics..who feel inferior to Muslim kings…Hindu brothers are being disgusted by these authors as we Muslims getting disgusted by Isis..dumb fellow. Spreading Hatred..

    • I agree with you. We are inferior becz we respect women more than u. The author is really an idiot who makes feel you shame by writing the truth. But that’s you r u don’t feel shame on prophet alauddin khilji.

  • You should pay more attention to environment than cooking up stories about history. Right now we need scientist to save our planet then history, it is shame that you have done phd from IIT and still writing stories without any reference, is this how IITians becomes perfectionists. If you really are a scientist next time I would like to read something about science from you, If you have any clue what we are facing then do something about it……otherwise there will be no future and no history.

    • Well this has nothing to do with IIT.I am an IITian and will go somewhat scientific about this article.From what i have gathered so far from internet it figures that Story of Padmini/padmavati does not have full facts yet and so historians have discarded the story as it has different vetsions based on narration of different people. The capture of chittor fort by Khalji is a fact. Also the article is somewhat extreme but raises a genuine concern about the muslim religion and the people following it. I have read different scriptures like gita bible buddhism text zen text etc n a little of quoran (due to not knowing persian could not read directly n commentaries are non reliable) and came to conclusion that either the contents of quoran have been temered by different muslims to suit their needs and if not then it is immature religion in the sense that many things from it dont make sense. Likewise Original buddhism has been changed into sects like hinayana n mahayana n elements of tantra n ritual worship have been introduced slowly but yet it retains most of originality. Either Quoran lost its originality or the maulvis do not know its meaning and are responsible for spreading wrong meaning. The concept of jannat is so tempting that if i tell a little child that he will go to best place if he kills someone he will do it n that is what makes this dangerous. Sadly enough the maulvis preach such things.Muslims need to interpret Quoran themselves n discard what does not make sense just like sufi saints. Also i have observed that Manusmriti has been tempered most probably during british era so that text (and by default creators which happen to be indians ) would appear nonsense and instill a sense of inferiority in indian mass but on carefull analysis it can be seen the text behaves as if two ppl wrote it. One was writing good sutras n another mixing something to make it look contradictory n idiotic. in the end test of every scripture from gita to quoran is common sense. Do not follow blindly. And yes muslim ppl are getting affected with nonsense n creating ISIS n watnot. they need to evaluate their religion on the scale of commom sense n leave those things out which are non sense.

  • By reading the above article I am assured that anybody can write and do anything in our country
    I’ll write something down for the fellow who has written the above article
    Remove the hate and anger that is filled in ur heart for the muslims and u r saying all nuisance about history and u r targeting the Muslims rulers
    IMPROVE UR KNOWLEDGE OF HISTORY BROTHER n next time if u write article then type it with price man

  • We Hindus must take a decision that our Hindu Women never be a target from other religion, we must protect them we need to build a strong team for protecting the Hindu women’s from other religions each and every women’s protection is our right….. our friends requested to Act now. Jai Gorashtra

    • Why not we let them be and let them empower themselves physically (self-defence) so they don’t need anyone by their side, because you’ve to accept the fact that no matter how hard you try you can’t protect them in each and every situation. If they’re capable of protecting themselves on their own by learning some martial arts or something, no one would dare to touch them, because, one (male) who has learnt Martial arts(Kalaripayattu) from a great guru would never try to use it to harm anyone who is not equally equipped than he is and most of the ones who are doing these heinous acts don’t know anything about Martial arts. Now if women are good at Martial arts they’ll be able to protect themselves easily as in most of the cases the ones trying to harm them are not. We should learn this from Grand Master Shifuji who has learnt self defence to more than 10 million girls on his own.

  • Hi

    Whoever written this don’t know about history at all. His intention to blame Muslim rulers. Akbar and Khilji never called themselves as prophets.

  • Whoever written this a big looser and scum, whi dont know the history and just bragging about his writing skills but these sanghis dont know that everyone had some time in his kife had read about the history of khilji Dynasty…

    • Be same, everybody has read history but only primary and mostly modified ones,but tell me who shall put oneself on pyre .It’s a well-known historical fact.if only it goes against someone’s perceived sense of sanity you should accept the truth with some pinch of salt

  • It’s okay, you’re an iitian, you didn’t have any relationships ever, you still masturbate by watching porn, your life is filled with frustration.
    We can understand.

    • And why only that rascal Khilji. Many hindu chieftains too were warring to sleep with her. Her husband died in single combat with another hindu who wanted to sleep with her.

  • back your ‘story’ with facts and proofs, i guess that is a basic code of being a scientist. and don’t spread communalism. respect your nation and and your profession as a scientist. may god put some sense into you, alahumdullilah!! (btw I’m a Hindu)

  • This is just foolish sex crazy writer. He said he is doctorate from IIT. Also working in Ministry. Surely he is working with Modi Psychopath Ministry. Unfortunately Muslims never showed any interest in writing history. All their history written by fairy tails love stories. It is so much sex Non-Muslim woman always think about them. Some weak may love Sexman Army. It is all shame. There is beautiful book with authentic sources. Golden History of India. Read that books instead for wasting yr time

  • It is called as Home made story no source,reference just making fool to foolish people be authentic while talking abt history,,and requesting the followers react like human being do not react like sheeps following anyone blindly…

  • How the heck could you call this the true story? Are you a credible historian? Did you time travel and witness every single “scene” you described? Yes I call it scene because unless you have a proper source, this is nothing but fiction. Even all Wikipedia entries about queen padmini are inconsistent. These gullible people will blindly believe what they read on the Internet. Don’t use your blog as a platform to spread false information.

  • I’m in no form supporting what Khilji did. But this article was so anti Muslims and I know that this article could have been written in a better way. How can you generalise all Muslims? It’s just shameful. The comments here are so negative.
    I’m just so disappointed here and I’m kind of shocked actually when I saw that you were an alumni of IIT Bombay. Maybe they don’t teach secularism there.

  • Please stop sending messages each other for past history. We don’t know about that. Please make our future good and equality. Live and let live. Please Hindu Muslims ets..forget your religion and follow humanity.

  • Be honest when u write something on history…. Don’t make true the state ment that we Indians don’t use our grey matter in head and are not logical……. May God improve your intellect and help you to see thing

      • Has the writer provided any evidence ? Or was he actually alive to witness all that he is writing ? Seriously man hindus are so bloody sick , they should all be burnt alive

      • Still u haven’t provide any evidence. Keep on barking girl. And hindus are not bloody sick. Bloody sick are those who marry a six years old girl (Ayesha) and sleep with them. Bloody sick are those who keep sex slaves. I don’t need evidence from agniveer because I know the biggest evidence is quran itself. When u follow such books u r bound to become rapists and jihadi.

  • OMG is this writer straight out of some mental asylum. He is poisonous , you can write any shit and post on internet. He is definitely on payroll by RAW

    • Do not forget these coward Rajputs sent their daughter in our Harem to please us. Muslims are brave people they never gave their daughter to Hindus or kaffirs.

      • Your Muhammad ghouri defeated by prithviraj singh chouhan 17 times but priviraj forgive him though ghouri broke his sware in name of Allah , the pagan god Habul .
        Yes , many rajput send their girls and unfortunately they are your ancestors not us .
        You are there gifted girls generation .

      • I am a cowardly rajput. Brave muslim, try meeting me in combat??? Know how many muslim women I banged????