Anju and Suhaib Ilyasi met while studying at the Mass Communication Research Centre in Delhi’s Jamia Millia. At the institute, Suhaib trapped her in his Love, resulting which two getting married in 1993 in London after Anju got Converted into Islam & her name was changed to Afsan from Anju. They were blessed with a Daughter, named ‘Aaliya’ in 1997.

After 2 years, in 1999, Suhaib suddenly started reaching heights in his Career by Producing and Hosting one of the most famous Crime show of that era, ‘India’s Most Wanted’ on Zee TV. He was involved in end number of illegal activities among which Anju was very well aware about most of the forgeries and wrong acts i.e possessing two passports, using fake degree for job, committing credit card fraud etc. Hence, she has made up her mind to leave him & move to Canada permanently at her Sister’s place.

Now, Suhaib was in fear that if Anju will let public know about his frauds, it’ll very easily ruin his so called hard earned success. He have planned to go to any extent to end this fear permanently. So, first he tried to Brainwash Anju with his Fake Love & In December 1999, they moved into an apartment in Delhi that Anju had spent months renovating and redecorating. On January 11th, 2000, she was Murdered brutally by Suhaib, just 6 days before she turned 30 & brilliantly shown this Murder as Suicide!

And today, nearly 18 years after Anju’s death, Ilyasi is sentenced to ‘Life Imprisonment’ after the trial court last week found him guilty of murdering her. It was a huge battle fought by her mother & sister to get Justice. But, thanks to Indian Judiciary that this is not the end yet as Ilyasi have already planned to appeal against the Verdict of Trial Court. His father is President of All India Imams Association and controls the Masjid right in middle of posh KGMarg in New Delhi. There is a typical mindset among those who know Islam too much to treat non muslim girls as property gifted by Allah. He was first arrested on 28 March 2000. Enjoyed 17 years of freedom on Bail & still says Justice not done by waiving sign of victory, outside Court. Hadn’t this confidence came due to delayed Justice?

Time to ask yourself, “Whatever Shambhu Raigar of Rajasthan did recently was right or Wrong?”

Mother Rukma Singh have openly spoken with India TV this noon & told that her daughter was the Victim of ‘Love Jihad’!

We lose 1 Sister daily because of the Evil named ‘Love Jihad’. Agniveer is the only Organization that works 24*7 to tackle Love Jihad Cases with the success ratio of 60/100 & Saves Sisters from the Clutches of Evils. Every Damini, Nirbhya, Sonika, Swati, Sapna, Anju haunts Agniveers with a bleeding tears in her eyes asking to Promise not such situations should be repeated with anyone in future. Hence, even after facing end numbers of Threats & Challenges on personal lives, Saving Sister comes on Priority for us. It’s time to Strengthen Agniveer & it’s efforts to Save Sisters before they become a ‘Victim’ of Love Jihad.

📌Support Agniveer to tackle more Cases successfully, so that No Anju shall be repeated in future anymore.

Join Agniveer from any part of India & Lead the Change. Be a Change, Be an Agniveer!

Jai Maa Bhavani🙏Jai Shiva Chhatrapati🚩
Chirag Jha,
Secretary – Agniveer.


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