Q: Why use tax-payer money for Shivaji statue? Why not from personal donations?

1. There are at least that number of people in country like me who admire Shivaji and whose cumulative paid tax surpasses 3600 crore. We want government to build his memorial from our tax. That should be none of your business. Why should government follow your advice to decide what it should do with my tax?

2. All government activities, including Mamata Banerjee’s security and flight trips come from tax-payer money. Gandhi Jayanti celebration also happens with tax-payer money. Not to talk of Haj subsidy and madarsa subsidies. The 5-star management of Lutyens Delhi also comes from taxpayer money. Never heard a ruckus over it.

3. True, the 3600 crore will come back multiple times as tourism revenue. But even if that was not the case, would build thousand such memorials to not just thank these heroes but threaten the pigs that if they dare to kill or rape us, Shivajis, Prataps, Banda Singhs will rip you apart. Warriors with dignity can generate billions. Those who earn without valuing dignity become prostitutes.

4. The funding of Archaeological Survey of India also comes from taxpayers money. I never heard any of you shouting what waste of money these massive monuments were – the Taj Mahal, Red Fort etc – that as per your own history were built when India faced worst hunger, drought, and poverty ever in history. Instead you would take your children and sponsor trips of your US partners to these places. But if we talk of creating a monument for Shivaji, you start burning.

5. Once Agniveer gets massive funding, we will use donations to make another massive statue of Shivaji ripping the intestines of Afzal Khan. Hope that satisfies your urge for use of personal donations.

You can not understand the significance of Shivaji Maharaj’s gigantic statue in Arabian Sea until you have seen Azad Maidan riots with your naked eyes. THE liberal Hindu who is too worried about tax-payers’ money is that IGNORANT coward who doesn’t know what is going to happen in THE next 20 years. Come with me, I will take you to the streets of Ghaziabad and Meerut, just A few kms away from Delhi where you CAN say Bharat Mata ki Jai in Ind vs Pakistan match in public and then see what happens in 2 minutes. Live in your delusional Baniya world where everything is judged in terms of monetary gains or loss. No wonder you were wiped out from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and now UP, Kerala, WB are next.

– Vashi Sharma

Vande Mataram

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