By Amit Tiwari, 
Secretary – Agniveer

Many Hindus messaged Agniveer regarding problem of Christian conversion.

Sharing with you a real-life conversation to answer such FAQs.

Hindu: Hey Agniveer, Christian missionaries are converting Hindus, they are spreading Christianity. Do something

Agniveer: Who stopped you from doing Ved Prachar and converting them back?

Hindu: But GoI should do something.

Agniveer: You have to understand the root cause of problem.
1) Most of the conversions are happening in Dalit bastis whom you call untouchable or low caste.
Had you been doing Ved Prachar and offered them Janeu, had meals with them, celebrated some festivals with them, fought for their rights, especially against evil practices like untouchability; like Agniveer is doing through its Dalit Yajna programs this would never have happened

2) Financial reasons

Hindus: But they should not convert.

If you will face such caste-based discrimination you may do worst. Instead of crying about someone attacking you. It’s time to think why those families don’t have a sense of attachment or emotional bonding for Vedic Dharma the way you have. Time for introspection.

And I find no problem in someone joining a community where he gets respect and financial security

Hindu: Now is there any solution or is it too late?

Agniveer: Take responsibility of conducting 10 Dalit Yajna events every month in your locality where we offer Janeu to so-called Dalits and make them recite vedic mantas

Send us pictures. We’ll share them on Agniveer channels.

Hindu: What will happen if I do it alone? India is so big one man can’t bring change!

Agniveer: We are in contact with thousands of you who think one man can’t bring any change.

Imagine each one of you brings just one Dalit family in light of Vedic Dharma and started including them in your social circle.
Started giving same respect you give to your own brothers, sisters, mother and other family members.

That’s it. Nobody wants any ehsaan they just want respect and sense of equality.

Hindu: Yes you are right. But I don’t have time I am so busy in my job, studies.

Agniveer: Even we Agniveers are working professionals.
But if are really worried or interested in something, you’ll find time.

If you want this change to happen, you’ll find time.

Hindu: But why it’s important to upload pictures publically? Are we doing it for photo-session for some publicity?

Agniveer: This will inspire others to do the same.
And if one person gets inspired after one event like this, then there will be such a chain reaction that it will destroy casteism and problems originating from it forever.

Hindu: But I don’t have much resources to conduct big events.

Agniveer: Don’t fall in trap of conducting big events. We don’t stop doing small events, while also planning to do something big.

Keep it simple. Even one family will be enough.

Hindu: Ok brother, I finally understood everything that only talking about problem will not help.

We have to take action in direction of solution.

Thankyou so much for guiding me!

Agniveer: Shubham bhavatu


PS: I was also a Hindu of same category in past.
But after coming in contact with Agniveer and under guidance of Sanjeev Newar Bhaiya and Vashi Sharma Bhaiya

I started working in the direction of solution.

Why blame or wait for to others to do solution?

I take complete responsibility of destroying problem of birth-based-caste-discrimination from face of my Motherland forever!

If anyone supports, he/she is most welcome.

Amit Tiwari,
Secretary – Agniveer

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