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If ISIS attacks India

Enough already with the cowardly escapism in name of tolerance! Get this Islamic State and related sh*t out of here!

Why Jahangir blinded his son with his own hands?

Why Jahangir rebelled against Akbar? The brutal tale of incest and rape that destroyed Mughal empire. The dirty side of Jodha-Akbar romance.

Kaba rule NOT about direction BUT dictation

Hoax of unity through facing Kaba. Read to know whether it stands the test of sensibility.

Agniveer’s Call for Action | Uprooting enemies of Nation & Dharma

No more killings of Jawans! No more of Jihadis creating mini-Pakistans! No more political correctness of leaders ignoring attacks on Mothers and Motherland! Join Agniveer.

Definitely Pakistan is a terrorist state! Now get over with the...

Don't ask UN to declare Pakistan terrorist state. First do immediate homework that you forgot in last 2 years of world tours. Time to admit, rectify, and move ahead.

The Queen Who Ripped Muhammad Ghori’s a$$

You might never have heard of Naikidevi of Gujarat, when they mention Great Women of India. Yet, she deserves to be the icon of every woman empowerment campaign. Slayer of Ghori's might.

Hidden hate EXPOSED | Open CHALLENGE to Islam-means-Peace brigade

Dangerous ostrich behavior of Indian masses towards Jihadi aggression. Time to prepare for defense of Motherland from snakes within.

Time for TRUE Indians to Choose their Battles [1300 yr old...

Time for bigger, more urgent, more serious battles.

THIS is why Muslim Personal Law MUST be Abolished [with 4...

If Muslim Personal Law is not burnt away in dustbin, there are only few options left. Read to know.

5 Reasons Islamists’ God is better than Gabbar Singh

Fraud of Islam-means-Peace exposed. No-compulsion brigade silenced!

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