12 amazing ways in which Muslims are purposefully fooled

We now thrash all those who try to prove that Islam means Peace. And will see how Islamic leaders and preachers are fooling Muslim youth and non-Muslims, along with fooling themselves.

Who are Indian Muslims

Read how Islam came to India in the words of those who brought Islam to India! Call to every subcontinent Muslim to rediscover his/her identity.

Baloch or Pakistani fanatics, united in raping & killing kafirs

Be it Pakistani terrorist, be it Baloch fighter, be it Kashmiri separatist. When it comes to raping and killing idol worshipping Hindus, they are all one and same.

IIT Scientist’s Open Letter to PM Modi on Uniform Civil Code

Spot-on conclusions of an IIT Scientist on opposition to UCC, requiring immediate action by Govt of India. Share to protect Motherland.

Zakir Naik on Hijab – Islamic Veil

xposing the foolish defense of Hijab! Eye opener for those who relate Hijab with modesty. Must read for Muslim women and others!

6 slaps trap Zakir Jihadi Naik in Idol vs Human worship...

Time to get amazed at the depths of stupidity Zakir Clown Naik and his horde of followers are ready to stoop to, to prove they do not worship idols!! Daily dose of schooling for Jihadis.

True Love or Paid Romeo? Litmus Test Questions [Video]

Test and find out if your Love is true or if it is just a tool for a conversion-agent-terrorist in disguise! Check it out NOW! [Love Jihad]

IIT Scientist Destroys 60 Arguments Against Uniform Civil Code

Comprehensive rebuttal to every argument of those opposed to Uniform Civil Code in India. Read to know why Muslim Personal Law supporters are greatest threats to India. Read and spread.


Since we have been receiving a lot of emails on our purpose behind the analysis of Islam, we thought of compiling this FAQ that...

Bloody Terror Vs Corruption – Prioritize or Prepare for Extinction!

Unite all against terror and its roots, and everything else will be taken care of.

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