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4 Hidden secrets of Islam explain why Muslims can’t convert to...

Deep and dark. Facts you didn't know about fate of apostates in Islam.

8 Things a Scientist Did to ‘Islam Means Peace’ Brigade will...

If God of Islamists is on 7th sky, Science is on 8th! Don't mess with Science!

Kill hatred NOW – Message to all Indians from Agniveer

Invitation to Indians to join in defeating the forces bleeding us since centuries. Win this war to ensure safety of Mothers and Motherland.

Last Words of Burhan Wani to an Indian – Every Kashmiri...

Burhan Wani vs Indian! Last wish of terrorist and how an Indian Jawan fulfilled it!

Moderate Peaceful crying about being denied flat thrashed by Agniveer

A moderate Peaceful is crying in my newsfeed - My sister didn't get a flat in Gujarat. Why are we Indians so intolerant?You need...

Burhan Wani Come and Conquer India

Burhan Wani lovers - separatists and their supporters in media, are now wishing to conquer and rule India.

Ban books that allege Prophet married daughter-in-law

Sex with daughter-in-law! Akbar to Ali Mohammad continue to rape Jodha to Imrana in name of Prophet. Ban the sources that insult the great Prophet. For mature audience only.

SHAME! Most Brutal Rapist Still Free | Combat Fanaticism NOW

Agniveer faced severe backlash when we brought to light that juvenile rapist Raju - the most brutal and actual murderer - is Mohd Afroz....

Fight against terror

What we need to focus upon to fight terrorism. Must read for all patriots.

IITian silences Rajdeep Sardesai on Kairana Hindus debate

Rajdeep Sardesai attacks Kairana's displaced Hindus. Agniveer rips apart Sardesai and his low IQ fans forever.

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