Why Jahangir blinded his son with his own hands?

Why Jahangir rebelled against Akbar? The brutal tale of incest and rape that destroyed Mughal empire. The dirty side of Jodha-Akbar romance.

Firm Stand on Kashmir Issue is a MUST | Agniveer to...

To Pro-India politicians & citizens - If you promise to destroy anti-India forces, I promise my full support & entire Agniveer machinery in this national cause.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Sadhana for Dealing with Rakshas of Today

Those who apply the fruits of this understanding to dealing with Rakshas of today's era will be able to fight them more effectively. And be a real Hanuman.

Diwali Celebrations | Agniveer

To ensure we can keep celebrating Diwali in coming years without bloodshed and hate, Join Agniveer

2 Scientific Miracles by Zakir MBBS Naik prove Islam is best

Zakir Bhai MBBS proves why Islam is best with the help of Scientific Miracles he studied during his MBBS. Agniveer verifies and exposes his bullshit.

Jihadi ‘preacher’ Zakir wants to kill believers & Hindus

Zakir Naik of IRF says only Muslims can go to heaven. A non-jihadi, howsoever noble he maybe in his deeds and character deserves only eternal hell-fire.

“Remove AFSPA, it’s Chutspah”, they say!

AFSPA wont be removed unless de-radicalization is done.

“Feeling like Rana Sanga betrayed by own men..”

I am shouting, fighting, warning, proving, doing everything I can think of. But my community wants more proofs, more entertainment, and gives only suggestions and jokes. Or fights among themselves.

Love Should See NO Boundaries. But It Should See the TRAPS

Stay safe, stay united, stay free.

“B-head those who insult our Profit”

To destroy roots of religious hatred, Govt of India must perform these necessary actions. Read to know.

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