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Combating terror through humor – No kidding!

Armies of Islamic State et al are attacking unconventionally. Read to know the most effective ways to defeat the enemy who is striking from within!

Why lsIamic terrorists attacked Medina?

Read to know why Zakir Naik brand of Peaceful people bombed away Profit's grave. What causes lsI*mic terror in even Medina?

“Recite Quran verse or Die” – ISIS terrorists to Dhaka hostages

Indian student Tarishi Jain, 19, is killed by ISIS because she couldn't recite Quran! What bullshit is within these translations?

If ISIS attacks India

Enough already with the cowardly escapism in name of tolerance! Get this Islamic State and related sh*t out of here!

Kill hatred NOW – Message to all Indians from Agniveer

Invitation to Indians to join in defeating the forces bleeding us since centuries. Win this war to ensure safety of Mothers and Motherland.

“You got it all wrong Infidel! lsIam means peace”

Who is nurturing the Army of Profit of God? Who are the ones digging their own graves?

“B-head those who insult our Profit”

To destroy roots of religious hatred, Govt of India must perform these necessary actions. Read to know.

Man Who Butchered Wazir Khan

Warrior who avenged killing of Guru Gobind Singh's children who were bricked alive by Mughals. Story you didn't know about.

Kill Nirbhaya’s rapist who is now Jihadi

14 reasons why Mohammad Afroz should be killed right now. Govt of India ignored Agniveer's previous inputs. Ignoring this time can be lethal for India.

Owaisi supports ISIS in India! – Read to know hidden party...

Know bloody history of Owaisi and MIM involving mass murders and rapes of Hindus. Support to ISIS suspects from Owaisi announced. ISIS, MIM - Same mission.

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