“Remove AFSPA, it’s Chutspah”, they say!

AFSPA wont be removed unless de-radicalization is done.

Does he love the woman or woman-laws more? – Ask him

Not a love jihadi? Let him prove he loves the woman more than any other Profit. Read to know how.

Protection – Fighting – Courage

Combative mind development. Fighting for protection. Practicing courage. Defend against violence, aggression.

India, Partition, Pakistan & Peace

Don’t judge a crocodile by kindness in his eyes. Judge him by strength of your skull, and his jaws.

Agniveer effect: NIA scanning Zakir Naik’s speeches

Agniveer efforts made NIA scan Dr Zakir Naik's speeches. Congratulations team Agniveer and Shri Sanjeev Newar for their consistent efforts and to present genuine opinions.

Combating terror through humor – No kidding!

Armies of Islamic State et al are attacking unconventionally. Read to know the most effective ways to defeat the enemy who is striking from within!

Why lsIamic terrorists attacked Medina?

Read to know why Zakir Naik brand of Peaceful people bombed away Profit's grave. What causes lsI*mic terror in even Medina?

“Recite Quran verse or Die” – ISIS terrorists to Dhaka hostages

Indian student Tarishi Jain, 19, is killed by ISIS because she couldn't recite Quran! What bullshit is within these translations?

If ISIS attacks India

Enough already with the cowardly escapism in name of tolerance! Get this Islamic State and related sh*t out of here!

Kill hatred NOW – Message to all Indians from Agniveer

Invitation to Indians to join in defeating the forces bleeding us since centuries. Win this war to ensure safety of Mothers and Motherland.

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