Agniveer to Destroy Islamic State Terrorism

Agniveer to thrash Islam of ISIS ruthlessly to protect Islam of APJ Abdul Kalam. We will destroy terror from root. And need your support.

Why all terrorists from Religion of Peace?

Q. Out of all religions, why does Islam has the maximum fanatics and terrorists?Honest answer without diplomacy: - No popular translation of Quran and Hadiths exist...

Out of all religions, why does Islam have the maximum fanatics...

Know why does Islam have the maximum fanatics and terrorist?

Truth of Zakir Naik

Read to know about terrorist mentor Zakir Naik

Love Should See NO Boundaries. But It Should See the TRAPS

Stay safe, stay united, stay free.

Do not Hate, Live and Let Live

Agniveer reaffirms its commitment to Universal Brotherhood regardless of personal beliefs. Decide yourself if Agniveer spreads hate or love.

WHY Resistance to UCC? Hype of ‘Women Rights in Islam’ EXPOSED

Read to know why there's such a strong resistance by Islamic leaders against implementation of Uniform Civil Code and removal of laws demeaning women. Read straight from Islamic scriptures on the status and respect for women!

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