Islamic Imperialism in India

Was Islamic invasion in India non Islamic? Was Islamic attack on India inspired by politics and not Islam? Discover the truth!

Jizya in India

What is Jizya? Read from Islamic sources how Muslim Jizya collectors had all rights to spit into Hindu payer’s mouth. Read how Muslim invaders used to humiliate Indian Muslims’ forefathers.

Indian Muslims – Story of ensavement

Journey of Indian Muslims’ ancestors to slavery and consequently to Islam. Must read for every Muslim to know how the legacy of Islam was handed over to native Indians.

Who are Indian Muslims

Read how Islam came to India in the words of those who brought Islam to India! Call to every subcontinent Muslim to rediscover his/her identity.

Answering allegation on caste of martyrs

The article brings caste angle who jawans to die for nation with only one identity - of being Indian. To a jawan, associating any other identity in such disparaging way is an insult to their immense sacrifice.


Listen to any of the Zakir Naik videos or read any of his defence of terrorism not being...

Ajmer Sharif website changes story of 1st marriage with Hindu baby...

Thanks everyone for supporting Agniveer drive that forced Ajmer Sharif to change its narrative, and hence expose the reality of Sufi tolerance. Please circulate.

Are You a Proud Indian on Today’s Patriotic Day?

Prepare BrahMos of steel for outside. Prepare BrahMos of ideology for within. Only way to be invincible. 

‘मुग़ल – हवस के सुल्तान’ से उद्धृत

अग्निवीर की आने वाली पुस्तक ‘मुग़ल – हवस के सुल्तान’ से उद्धृत

FAQ on Padmavat

Comprehensive answer to all upset with Padmavat Protests. Today we are silencing you with arguments. Tomorrow it will be something else.

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