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Dear Patrons of Agniveer

We have been facing a variety of attacks on the site in last few weeks. After the hacking sometime ago, this time a variety of new methods are being employed to increase server loads causing slow speeds. Also a few hacking attempts have been reported causing site to lose updates of past 24 hours.

Considering all this, we have decided to move to a new server location that is more secure and faster. Thus the site may face following in next few days:

a. Comments may get deleted. While we shall try to restore all comments, we cannot guarantee that all comments can be restored. Some of the comments would be copied by us later through admin panel and may not reflect exact details of original commentator.

b. The other agniveer sites that were offered to visitors would finally be deleted due to security concerns. Kindly backup any essential data.

c. Some of you may have to register once again on the site to access forums and other features available only to members.

d. The site may act weird in next 3-4 days while we migrate DNS, site and rebuild from scratch. Have patience! We shall announce once the site is restored fully.

Meanwhile we would request you to connect with Agniveer on facebook (http://facebook.com/agniveer) or through mail: agniveer @ gmail dot com.

We shall strive to ensure that after move to new secured server, such hacking attacks are eliminated completely.

Thanks for your cooperation and patronage.

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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • Assalam Alaikum Dear all Muslim Brs. and Sis’s.

    Please try to have patience=sabr which is off course one of the four virtues a human being needs to succeed at highest level.

    Try to answer all allegations made against Deen through counter postings and rebuttals. This is not Islamic wisdom to hack or create technical bombardments. This type of strategy simply reflects sick and coward mentality.

    May Allah grant wisdom.

    Allah Hafeez.

  • @t0xic

    Sorry, but we dont take the rebuttals by Qadiyanis like u since u refuse to believe in the authentic hadiths, is zakir naik ur next prophet?? Who will be next after him? Please let us know, that is the best thing about people like u that engage us in curiosity all the time.

    Every article here has been researched using the authentic islamic sources, now u seem to be a Qadiyani, which means ur worser than kafirs, since u doubt this site.

    saying that we arent worth debating zakir naik is the best excuse every muslim can give when they want to run away from debates, this is evident since its been happening to zakir naik after he continously ran away from the challenges of Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya Ji.

    Speaking of jokes, islam is the biggest joke itself and zakir naik is the joker that promotes this religion by performing comedy shows on stage. I only watch his videos to gain good laugh and entertainment.

  • l0lz.. you people will never return to the truth. all the articles here are already been refuted. Google will help you. the problem with you all is that you are not referring to the correct source for the correct information. y don’t you care to understand Islam from books of great authors? search for Maulana Wahiduddin Khan’s books etc. a Muslim with slight knowledge of Islam will never waste time on this silly,careless website.
    as far as your challenge to Dr. Naik is concern, i request you not to waste the precious time of Dr. you are not worth debating seriously. Agniveer vs Dr. Zakir Naik hahaha.. l0l.. that will be the best joke of this year.. i request Muslim friends not to waste time here. Allah {swt} says in Qur’an that these people will cry on the day of judgment they will be in trouble on the last day.

    jazzk Allah khair…

  • Whoever, these hackers are, one thing is for sure and that is that they cannot refute the articles on this site so that is why they are fighting us back in a cheap way like this.

    Vedic Dharma will always prevail, let these hackers think whatever they want, by doing this more and more they are only proving their worthless character.

    We are all with Agni.

  • Namaste,
    “Sarve jana sukhinobhavantu – Loka samasta sukhinobhavantu”
    Yahee hai asli Yagn. Lok kalyan ke liye is yagn ko hamesha tan, mann aur manav dharm ke anusar amal karo.
    Kayi “Rakshash” anek roop se apna is pavitr dharm yagn ka virodh karte hee rahenge, kyon kee, wo us Rakshash kaa jaati dharm hai.
    Hamesha anth me “Sacha aur pavitr dharm ka hee jai hoga”.

  • Namaste

    It would be against Vedic Dharma to make any allegations on anyone – person or community – until we are fully sure as who has been behind these attacks. Such allegations which cannot be verified only lead to hatred which is not the mission of Agniveer.

    So I would not put any blame on anyone and take this as a lesson to strengthen our site security. And I would appeal to everyone to use the discussion mechanisms put on site to express their dissent and not resort to unethical means. We recently added a forum feature only to provide another mechanism to freely air your voice.

    I request all of you to use these features and help establish the truth.


  • SATYAMEV JAYATE . No one can stop agniveer! Hackers Can Not win! . Islam is scared of agniveer that’s why muslims are attacking. What can we expect from those perverted people! We are with you agniveer ji . MAY THE TRUTH PREVAIL!