One can never expect Muslim fanatics like Zakir Naik to discuss or reconcile the various loopholes of Islam that are so blatantly visible. Even on, no Muslim could challenge the huge number of loopholes in Islam that were brought to fore. So instead of explaining these glaring gaps, they would use a set of altogether different arguments to convince the world that Islam is the only religion acceptable to God and everyone should convert to save themselves from eternal Hell.

Let us review some of these arguments in favor of Islam being the best religion. It is been written in brief so that it can be used for easy promotion through pamphlets, sms, emails etc. For details, simply go through other articles on site, or visit faithfreedom and islamwatch etc, or simply search on google.

Argument 1: Islam is the fastest growing religion


There is no credible survey to prove this. And in any case, the growth in Islamic population is merely because Quran orders Muslims to produce maximum possible number of offsprings so that they can increase their population.

Argument 2: Never judge a car by its driver, similarly do not judge Islam by its followers


This argument is necessary to absolve Islam of all the terrorist attacks it has done over the world over last 1400 years. This logic may work for Christian or a Hindu because very few among them follow their religion so seriously. Rarely any Hindu criminal or Christian criminal will claim to be deeply religious and motivated by religion for his deeds. However, all the terrorists and fanatics swear by Quran and are motivated solely by religion to take such a path of violence.

Perform a survey of hardcore criminals in jails around the world. Except Muslims you would find rarely anyone who takes any scripture seriously or claims that he is sacrificing himself for sake of God!

Argument 3: Islam is best because more and more people are following it


1. Now this argument contradicts the previous argument. But Islam teaches one to believe in “Heads I win implies Tails you lose”! Whenever one talks of terrorism and sex-slavery and temporary marriage, they would provide previous argument to sidestep the issue. Whenever one talks of their growing population, they would present this argument!

2. Even Zakir Naik admits that majority of Muslims are actually namesake Muslims and not Muslims as per Quran. Because:

a. 99% do not know Arabic and hence have never been even competent to understand Quran. And one cannot be Muslim without knowing Quran!
b. 99% do not take Islam seriously and merely follow religion mechanically. For example, Shahrukh Khan blatantly disobeys all dictates of Quran and hence he and his followers cannot be Muslim.
c. As per Zakir Naik, Muslims should follow ways of Muhammad. Merely claiming to be Muslim is not sufficient. Same is view of many other experts of Islam. And hence, all those people, despite being born in Muslim families are non-Muslim who:
– do not keep beard
– do not offer Namaz 5 times a day
– keep friendship with non-Muslims
– listen to songs, watch drama or movies
– do not keep Roza
– wear western outfits
etc etc.

Thus apart from few Kathamullahs and terrorists, hardly anyone is a Muslim! In fact more and more people are leaving Islam! Even Zakir Naik is non-Muslim because he wears coat and tie, as per some Mullahs!

Argument 4: Quran is perfect and final word of Allah


1. Quran is based on hearsay and was not compiled during lifetime of Muhammad. Those who compiled it after his death were killing each other for power. Some sects claim that this Quran is incomplete. Others say that since most of Quran is supposed to have been revealed in bed of Aisha, they cannot be said to authentic. After all, Aisha fought against Ali – beloved son-in-law of Muhammad.

2. The Caliph who compiled the Quran was murdered by others. So were several other Caliphs (leaders of Islam after Muhammad’s death)

3. The oldest Quran available is supposed to be at least 300 years after Muhammad’s death and is supposed to be copy of first Quran that was written 20 years after Muhammad’s death!

4. Even the word ‘Quran’ was adopted much after Muhammad’s death. In Quran, a variety of words are used to describe itself. So even Muhammad was not aware of Quran being his final message!

5. Arabic itself was an evolving language. Its script was also not standardized till Ali’s era (Ali became Caliph several years after Muhammad’s death). So even Quran had multiple editions till long after Muhammad’s death. Afterwards, the Caliphs had to destroy all other versions and their promoters. Still Shia believe that their Imams possess the original Quran with 17000 verses! (Present one has 6000 verses)

Argument 5: No one can make a single verse like that in Quran. Hence Quran is perfect and final word of Allah


1. This is a vague challenge and hold equally true for all creative works of world including the articles against Islam. Does that is final word of Allah?

2.  A new Quran has been made by some people and most people have failed to differentiate between new and old Quran. It is even available online.

3. Swap all usages of Kafirs with Believers and Allah with Satan and you will have verses equivalent to those in Quran!

Argument 6: Mecca is special because it lies on center of earth


1. Mecca does not lie on equator. Had it been on equator, one might have thought of interpreting this claim in other ways.

2. Earth is a spheroid and hence all points can be considered to be center.

3. Actually, till late 20th century, Muslims refused to believe that earth is round. In 1993 Saudi Arabia came with fatwa that earth is flat and those refusing to believe so should be punished. For them, obviously Mecca would be center of earth!

Argument 7: Islam is religion of peace.


1. Islam is indeed a religion of peace, but only with Muslims. Innumerable verses in Quran and Hadiths demand that Muslims should fight and subjugate non-Muslims. Refer articles, islamwatch and faithfreedom.

2. Muhammad’s entire life was spent in bloodshed. And after his death, all his followers and companions fought against each other for supremacy. Aisha, his child-wife and Ali, his son-in-law were bitter enemies. It is bound to happen when someone marries children in old age, gets into polygamy, and is older than his own father-in-law!

3.  The first several Caliphs were murdered by their own followers, and Shia-Sunni split came because Islam has a different definition of Peace!

Argument 8: Islam was never spread by sword


1. Islamic rule has been that of greatest butchering and rapes. Almost the entire Muslim population of India are Muslim because their forefathers were held at sword and their mothers were raped.

2. If Islam was spread by peace, how suddenly we had Muslim rule in the country? Was Babur gifted with kingdoms by Indian kings? Was Ghori welcomed by Indian kings and showered with kingdoms and thrones? It is a different matter that due to presence of valiant warriors, at least in India, Islam could not thrive merely by sword. So they used deceit to fool Hindus as well. Sufis are a great example. Visit for more on them.

Argument 9: Only Muslims will go to Paradise, all other will go to Hell. So adopt Islam.


1. Merely by being a Muslim, you cannot escape Hell. Because there were 72 sects of Islam during Muhammad’s time and there are more than a hundred today. All of them have a different interpretation of Quran. Some even refuse to believe in Muhammad. Some are vegetarian, some allow even sex with mothers, sisters and daughters, some worship graves, and some even broke the grave of Muhammad!. Now, as per hadiths, only one of these sects is true and all the rest will go to Hell!

All sects claim to be the true one and calls other sects as Kafirs, and there is no way to decide which one is true sect of Islam.

2. In any case, it is very difficult for women to go to Paradise because Muhammad, as per an Hadith, saw Hell full of women and did not see any woman in Paradise. That is why, the description of Paradise caters only to lusts of men, and does not even bother to offer something for women!

Argument 10: Not all Muslims are terrorists.


1. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims.

2. Other Muslims are not terrorists only because they are namesake Muslims and do not take Quran and Hadiths so seriously. This is like people in west who are so shamelessly liberal because they do not take Christianity seriously. All terrorist Muslims swear by Quran, and almost all neutral Muslims know hardly anything about Arabic language, forget about Quran!

Thus the world is saved only because not everyone takes Quran and Hadiths seriously, including those born in Muslim families!

Argument 11: Quran contains description of scientific miracles!


1. No one knew science in Quran till 20th century. No translation of Quran prior to 20th century ever mentioned even a single scientific concept as claimed today by likes of Zakir Naik. It only contained descriptions of Satan, Farishtas, Prophets performing magic tricks.

2. Ali Sina has ably answered all the arguments of Zakir Naik with regards to Science in Islam. You can find them at faithfreedom or as a pdf in ‘Science in Quran’ on this site itself!

3. Till early twenty first century, Saudi Arab was spending millions to research and prove that earth is indeed flat as mentioned in Quran. Refer Now suddenly translations of Quran are changing to incorporate scientific miracles. This is being done in most stupid manner because no one involved in science understands Arabic. For example, there was a verse that said “Sky is vast”. Now suddenly they have replaced ‘vast’ with ‘expanding’ and claim that Quran details Big Bang!

4. Most people who claim science in Quran are actually people with poor academic background. Even Zakir Naik is a mere MBBS who could never even practice medicine. I never found an acclaimed physicist claiming scientific miracles in Quran, in same manner as many scientists like Carl Sagan et al admiring Vedas for their scientific might.

5. Some scientists who are touted as Islamic scientists were found to be bribed or funded by petro-dollars to issue false statements and many of them even took back their words when exposed.

Argument 12: Islam is for entire humanity and till end of world


1. Quran is only for barbaric Arab people and only for the era 1400 years ago. It contains no description of modern advancements that happened in last 1400 years. Even the Paradise is outdated and contains only those comforts that were available 1400 years ago in Arab.

2. With its male-centrism, Islam has little to offer to women beyond status of cattle. The sole purpose of women is to gratify the sexual needs of pervert Jehadis. Even the Paradise does not have anything for women! So Quran is definitely not for self-respecting women.

3. Quran contains no description of Eastern ideologies like Vedas, Buddhism, Jainism, Puranism etc which were professed by more people than Christians and Jews put together during download of Quran. This is simply because barbaric Arabs had little access to rest of the world. Even today there are more followers of religions of East than Jews, and yet Quran is crazy about hating Jews!

4. The whole Quran is written from perspective of an uneducated community starving for water. Bulk of Hadiths give techniques of efficient cleaning with little water after acts like sex, toilet etc.

Argument 13: Muhammad was the most perfect person ever born


If Hadiths and Quran are to be believed, Muhammad was a rapist, pervert, child-molester, murderer and a patient of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy who had curious obsession with sex and blood.

Argument 14: Islam is full of purity


1. If one talks of mental purity, Islam has no concept of self-control or Brahmacharya. The best it recommends is that if you see a beautiful woman, go to your home and have sex with your wife or maid. Enjoying women seems to be prime passion of Islam in this world or in Paradise. That is why, perhaps, Muhammad had to die so early and could not father healthy children. As per some Hadiths, he used to satisfy all wives (9/11/12/18 etc) in one night and some claim that he had virility of 1000 horses.

2. If one talks of external hygiene, Muslim countries are among the dirtiest in the world. As a general rule, larger the Muslim population, more the dirtiness. This is the reason why many communities consider Muslims to be untouchable. This has nothing to do with their birth, but only with their hygiene habits. For example:
– Muhammad used to spit after mouthwash on someone’s face as per some Hadiths.
– He used to exchange saliva with children.
– People used to bath with the water that he used to clean his nose, mouth and private parts for its healing properties.
– One is allowed to clean his hands by rubbing it in dust and then with mouth, if they get dirty due to ejaculation.
– One can clean anus with stones after bowels.
– One should touch his private organs with wet hands after toilets.
– Most Muslims do not follow concept of washing hands after toilet because at times even Muhammad used to start eating after bowels without washing hands, as per some Hadiths.
– As per one Hadith, a woman can work with other males, except husband, if she suckles them.

You can do more research by googling on Islam and Hygeine. It is too disgusting to mention here.

Wise people are advised to reject the falsehood of modern Quran totally and embrace the religion of universal brotherhood – Vedas – and live a rational and dignified life!

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