1. All must understand that Arya does not mean any race. It means a sensible good person.

2. Vedas state that different people were born in different parts of world and they intermingled.
Vedas does not believe in silly Adam Eve story.

3. Vedas encourage traveling all around and exploring the world.
So there is no surprise that current population of India comprises multiple genes and same is case with people across globe.

4. There is no way to prove the stupid Aryan Invasion Theory or that Aryans subjugated original inhabitants.
Or that original inhabitants were Dalits of today.
All these hypotheses are made by those who got bad marks in maths and science.

5. Here is the reality.
Whole world has been moving all around since ages.
Good people of world are called Arya as per Oldest text of world.

India has been the place that nurtured the noble Vedas and created a Vedic sensible way of living that we today call as Hinduism.
For long, this subcontinent was the hub of intellectual and spiritual activities.

Many philosophies emerged, many changes happened.
But Hinduism is all about adapting for better.

So we had guts to throw nonsense that came in long journey instead of clinging to it like Heaven’s order.

Bottomline – We Hindus have nothing against or in favor of any Migration theory. Dwell into them if they help you earn PhD. But since Arya is not a race, calling any theory as Aryan Migration Theory is a joke.


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  1. Aryan invasion theory has been debunked by many scholars, historians, and scientists. No one believes this theory in western world. But it is still taught in India and not enough efforts have been done by Indian govt to debunk this myth of invasion for ever.


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