If we go by facts, and not feel-good fairy-tales, all Mughal rulers from Babur to Aurangzeb were no different from Osama Bin Laden (Al Qaeda Chief), Baghdadi (ISIS Chief), and Mullah Omar (Taliban Chief). If these modern terror outfits are able to keep control for a long period, probably the textbooks of subjugated territories will also hail them as heroes. And roads will carry their names long after they are gone. And then, many imprisoned minds will vehemently protest against any insults to these role-models. Simply because their brains have been hopelessly patterned since childhood to sprain with pain at even the hint of their deeply-held fantasies being fantasies.

India, however, chose to display the will to break away from this mental captivity by renaming Aurangzeb Road to APJ Abdul Kalam Road. The shame we carried for years in name of one of the most notorious terrorists ever in history will be replaced with pride in name of a hero whose entire life was dedicated to fight against terror.

Sri Maheish Girri is my close friend. He has become even closer to heart by championing this worthy cause that has been shaking me for several years. The PM of India, CM of Delhi, everyone who endorsed this move, and everyone who worked towards making this a reality have all earned my respect.

But there are many more whose minds are not free and heads are not held high. For them, replacing a terrorist with hero is unfortunate because Aurangzeb himself was a ‘hero’ and ‘history cannot be changed’.  I wonder what their views had been if a road and memorial was named on someone who raped, killed, and looted their own family!

People like me, who consider India to be mother, and every innocent Indian to be family, can never understand such cockroach minds. 

Cockroaches are indeed most beautiful creatures. They are true survivors. They have existed since beginning and will never go extinct. Meat, sweets, stool – they can eat everything. The beautiful dark-brown creature with slender antennae and compound eyes that can sense everything. The silky wings can glide, and the spiny delicate legs can walk on everything. They rule the world of darkness. Harsh temperatures, hunger, or pesticides – they adapt to everything. Only a gifted can become a cockroach.

Our freedom fighters were anti-thesis of cockroach. They sacrificed their happiness, families, and lives for their ideals and vision. Survival was the lowest priority for these legends. They would not tolerate rule of invaders who rape and kill.

But cockroaches can go to any extent to survive. They would rally behind funeral of a bomber. They would glorify murderers and invaders. And see a hero in a terrorist. For such minds, here are glimpses from ‘historic heroism’ of Aurangzeb that cannot be changed. I hope this brings some sense of shame, if not outright change in thought patterns.

Respect for women

1. Aurangzeb had 1000 sex-slaves in his harem. (Akbar had 5000, and Jehangir 6000. So Aurangzeb was 6 times less pervert.). Almost all of them were Hindu women either kidnapped, purchased, swapped, or forced into prostitution.

ISIS is glorifying the same legacy – exploit unlimited non-Muslim women in night and serve cause of Allah, then wake up at 4 am for prayers and again serve cause of Allah! Meanwhile follow the divine order of having only 4 official Muslim wives to yet again serve cause of Allah! So that 72 virgins are allotted in Heaven as rewards for serving cause of Allah!

Mistress Swapping

2. Aurangzeb fell in love with Zainabadi Mahal (Hindu girl – Hira Bai) who was concubine of his uncle Saif Khan, the governor of Burhanpur. The aunt arranged the swap-deal between god-fearing nephew and uncle. Thus Hira Bai was exchanged with Chatter Bai, the Hindu concubine of Aurangzeb.

Both heroes upheld the dignity of Islam as well as their delicate relationship. As per these heroes, ISIS, IRF, Taliban, and other Islamists, it is completely Islamic to have as many concubines as one can afford. It is completely Islamic to abduct non-Muslim women, enhance brand equity through mega-harems and create innovative exchange offers, cash-back schemes, auctions, sales and buy 1- get 2 free deals to better serve the customers of flesh.

Scientists like APJ Abdul Kalam, who were too busy serving cause of nation to think of exploiting women, are not even considered Muslims by these prophets. No wonder, when Dr Kalam died, no prominent Muslim leader issued even a condolence.

Family Killer

3.  Continuing the age-old tradition of Islamic zombies who murdered even the family of revered Prophet, Aurangzeb killed his father and three brothers to capture the throne.

4. He knew his own deeds as well as those of his forefathers. So he arrested his own (legal) son and declared in his will, “Never trust your sons!”. (The number of non-legal sons through concubines is a question of historical speculation and some simple analytics.)

Destroyed temples and gurudwaras

5. Aurangzeb destroyed countless temples, gurdwaras, and schools because he believed Hindus to be worst of creatures. Kashi Vishwanath temple, Kesava Deo temple (birthplace of Lord Krishna), and Somnath Temple were three prominent shrines that had to face his hatred for Hindus. The Ram Temple of Ayodhya had already been destroyed by Babur in memory of his gay-partner Babri.

Beheaded Guru Tegh Bahadur

6. He brutally beheaded the Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur because the Guru refused to convert to Islam even after his associates were murdered in front of his eyes. He spent his entire life fighting Guru Gobind Singh. He killed many Sufis because, like ISIS and Al Qaeda, he believed Sufis to be anti-Islamic.

Forced Conversion in Kashmir

7.  Aurangzeb put a special focus on forced conversion in Kashmir because it was the most prominent seat of Hinduism since ancient times. The Hindus were forced to choose between death & rape, and Islam. The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits began since then. Guru Tegh Bahadur championed the cause of Hindus and was given the same choice. He happily chose to die. But his legacy ensured that the brutal Mughal rule died down within no time. Today, the children of these terrorists like Babur and Aurangzeb are begging on platforms of Lucknow and Howrah station.

Gabbar Singh of medieval India

8. He imposed Jizyah tax on Hindus as a price to live without embracing Islam. When a group of peaceful Hindus protested, he had them trampled under elephants.

Ban on Diwali

9. He banned fireworks and imposed restriction on celebration of Diwali.

Agenda of Hinduism destruction

10. Hindus were banned from riding horses, traveling in Palkis, and riding elephants because they are not at same status as Muslims.

11. He announced rewards and honors for those Hindus who converted to Islam.

Top 10 quotes and deeds of Aurangzeb

(from original edicts. Refer http://www.aurangzeb.info for images)

I. “In Islam, it is a sin to even look at a temple.” – 13 Oct, 1666

II. “Dara Shikoh is disgrace on Islam.” (because Dara Shikoh – his elder brother, gave a gift to Krishna temple) – 13 Oct, 1666
III. “Destroy the Kalka Temple of Delhi” – 3 and 12 Sep, 1667
IV. “Demolish all temples and schools across the empire, and ban public worship.” – 9 Apr, 1669
V. Krishna temple was destroyed and replaced with a mosque – Jan – Feb 1670
VI. Kashi Vishwanath temple was destroyed and replaced with a mosque – Jan – Feb 1670
VII. Destruction of hundreds of temples in Rajasthan – 23 Dec, 1679
VIII.  Demolition of all temples in Chittor, Rajasthan
IX. Dumping idols from destroyed temples below steps of Jama Masjid so that they are trampled under feet for ages.
X. Demolition of hundreds of other temples across all over India (numerous edicts with such orders)

First step in right direction

Yes, the 89 dark years of history when such a monster lived on earth cannot be changed. But what must change is glorification of such monsters. Else, there is no reason why Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus should not be named Ajmal Kasab Terminus in memory of 58 innocents massacred there. We have already seen trends of this in hero’s farewell given to Yakub Memon for his achievement of killing 259 innocents.

Renaming Aurangzeb Road to APJ Abdul Kalam is first brave step in right direction. This must be followed by:

– Renaming all Babur Roads, Akbar Roads, Shahjahan Roads, and Jahangir Roads after Rana Sanga, Hemu, Rana Pratap, Durga Das Rathor and Chhatrasaal. Heroes and villains are above any religions. Still, if one needs to highlight Muslim heroes of India, replace the names of invaders with those worthy names that remain in oblivion: Ashfaqullah Khan (who was hanged by British), Abdul Hamid ( Param Vir Chakra), Hakim Suri Pathan (Commander of Rana Pratap), Siddhi Halal (Commander of Shivaji), Brigadier Usman (who was martyred fighting Pakistani raiders in Kashmir) and many more.

– Destroy the fake mosques built by Aurangzeb and reinstate the temples at Kashi and Mathura.

– Build a grand temple at Ayodhya to remove all remnants of invader Babur and his memory of gay-partner Babri. (Yes, Babri was Babur’s homosexual love interest)

All patriots of India – Hindus or Muslims – must join hands and rise above petty religious bigotry for pride of nation. All monsters must be disposed to the place they deserve – trash bin. And heroes must be lifted to the pedestal they deserve – our memories, our emotions, our aspirations, and our roads that lead us to the goal of swabhiman (dignity). 

Kalam gave his life for this swabhiman. We must live our lives for this swabhiman.

Vande Mataram!

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • Well, we also have 2 districts (and cities within them) named Aurangabad after Aurangzeb. One in Maharashtra and the other in Bihar. Wonder when they’ll rename those.

  • yes saroj Ji is right.mogal killed brutally eben the child hakikat rai. guru gibind Singh 2 child.they forced Hindu to be Muslim.&Krishna is god because of his karma.the great gita is told by him. any one whether Hindu or Muslim or any other religion whoraprd/ killed/ force to change religion is a terrorist

    • you r right ji. unfortunately our greatest heroes are also called as terrorosts, specially people like wendy doniger. just dont bother sbout them.a barking dog never bites.

  • A true peaceful human being shouldn’t be looking only his point of interest, for example you talked about Mughal empire, just take one Hindu ruler out of many, Chandragupta Morya 2 was first cruel killer Hindu king who expand Hindu border to Iraq Iran ., Afghanistan , Syria , , Lebanon ++ his Hindu kingdom was vast , he win all war with brutally killing hundreds and thousand of people of those nations. According to the narrations of Ashokavadana, King Ashoka, prior to his conversion to Buddhism, was a fierce and sadistic ruler, known as Ashoka the Fierce, or Candashoka (Ashoka the Cruel) Who forced Buddhism on the people he conquered. And about wives, Lord Krishna had 16000,108 wives, 4000, more than combine Aurangzeb, Akber, Jehangir. It would be naive and foolish to single out one religion. The people who behaved that way was so called kings, they were not God’s messengers. Religions has nothing to do with how people behaves. I know your ardent try to remove PEACE TV, there more Hindus excepting Islam. And there is no 72 virgins, in Quran or in Sahih Hadith maybe in Zaeef Hadith. If you are a true peace seeker than try to be JUST. Salaam.

    • as for chandraguptha maurya, he did fight battles but FOUGHT ONLY WITH SOLDIERS and not with unarmed people. unlike moguls he never forced anyone or banned anyones religion,
      yes asoka is sadistic but he never represent hinduism. because in hinduism, it is not allowed for a kshathriya warrior to fight an unarmed citizen
      if there were battles arranged between kings, it would be conducted only in battlefields away from villages and cities/towns so that the people would not get affected. example-kurukshethra bhumi was a battle field. nd away from where people lived. but was moguls like that?NO. they went into the cities and killed many poor innocent people like a coward.the real hindu is prithviraj chauhan who defeated the tuk 17 times and each time he defeated the enemy, prithviraj chauhan honoured him and greeted him and send him back with respect. and wen the turk defeated prithviraj chauhan at last ,what happened?he ordered prithviraj chauhan the great to be imprisoned and his eye was taken out. is this the same prithviraj chauhan did?tell us.

      • krishna had 16000 wives.he married them all. because when a demon captured them krsna saved them, since the women were under a womaniser, the men had rejected to marry them. when these poor girls consulted krishna as the final resort, krishna said he never leaves anyone who comes to him in distress and married them under their consent. no girl refused to marry him.it wasnt perverted at all. he did what they wanted. he never used them for carnal pleasures unlike aurangazeb and akbar, he said in mahabharatha”any lineage that disrespects a woman will be destroyed” to draupathi and that was the reason y all those who disrobed draupathi was killed in the battle field.defenitely HE WASNT LIKE AURANGAZEB AND AKBAR.

    • With all the respect, first of all my intention was not to criticize ancient History, what those rulers did was right or wrong neither you or I was present at that time we are debating on the text. Your Clarification and justification is not sufficient against more credible Hindu Historian and Scholars. There are hundreds of sites on internet people can get true information from. By the way I am an Indian and proud of it, I love my country and it’s people regardless of their beliefs.


  • I appreciate Agniveer stand…As far as I know about Aurangjeb,he was illiterate who killed his scholar brother Dara sikoh.
    I congrats your team.

  • Why do we have names of roads like Babur Roads, Akbar Roads, Shahjahan Roads, and Jahangir Roads . Who is the stupid person who gave these names at the first place. Really, we indians are so spineless that we can’t even change the name of the roads. It is clearly evident in the history that Babur, Akbar, Aurangjeb etc were invaders. They were not born in India. They came from outside India and were clearly invaders and looters. How any indian (irrespective of any religion) can like these people or even feel any closeness to them. Why Indians still have slave mentality and can’t figure out who were invaders. It is shame on Indians if they can’t even change the name of the roads which display the names of the invaders of this country.