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Tolerant India and Fake Seculars

‘Intolerance’ is a hot topic now a day, from dinner table to club parties. With a glass of champagne in hand or through the rattle of expensive silverware an intellectual India is crying murder on the ‘growing intolerance’ in India and concluding that it is not safe to stay in this country anymore.

Zakir Naik’s Prophecy #2 : The Stages of an Embryo

Ex Muslim thrashes Zakir Naik for spreading false information to fool people.

Zakir Naik’s fancy claims in Quran – An ex Muslim’s analysis

Ex Muslim exposes tall claims of Zakir Naik about presence of Science in Quran - Miracle of Prophet Muhammad.

70th Independence Day

We are celebrating our 70th Independence Day, but we have our failures and we should rectify it to proceed further to reclaim our rightful position in the global stage.

Wife-beating sanctioned by Islamic Law – Ex Muslim speaks out!

Ex Muslim exposes hollow claims of Muslim empowerment by Islamic law by proving how 'holy' Islamic translations sanction beating of wife by husband!

Islam Respects Women as Equals? Myths – Part 1

Ex Muslim argues that women under Islamic dominance are treated as if they are animals. He provides several references to prove his point. Read to find out.

Shocking state of rape-victims under Islamic law you wont believe

Why rape victims often punished by Islamic courts as adulterers? Shocking state of rape victims in Sharia governed states. You wont believe the reality!

Shocking allegation by an ex-Muslim! : “Islam encourages rape”

Ex muslim alleges that Prophet Mohammad himself encouraged followers to rape women captives & trade them like commodities. Just as ISIS is doing currently.

The Perils of Forced Hinduism

BJP mistaken in thinking it won on agenda of development. GST, HS trains can wait provided Hindus stay alive against Mullah, Missionary & Marxists.

अनपढ़ रसूल को लिखना पढ़ना – इस्लामी चमत्कार !

पूर्व मुस्लिम ने खोली पोल ! कैसे है संभव आयातों में अनपढ़ रसूल के लिखने पढ़ने का हिसाब ?
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