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Bhagyanagar & distorted history of present day Hyderabad

There is a popular legend that is passed on through generations, that Sri Bhagyalakshmi is the “Grama Devi” or the goddess who offers...

Psychopathic self-hating genocidal-west loving retarded-journalistic-sepoys

The newage anti-Indian anti-women “feminist 2.0” pimp-brokers call themselves journos!

Sudarshan TV MD and Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke Arrested in Hyderabad

Sudarshan TV MD and Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke Arrested in Hyderabad.

In Defence of Andal

Rebutting Vairamuthu's Statements about Andal - The History and Hagiography of Goda Devi

Symbol of Solanki Dynasty turned into mosque

Know how pride of Solanki Dynasty, Rudramahalaya temple, turned into a mosque.

Qutub Minar is a Hindu Structure – Part 4

Qutub Minar is a Hindu Structure and not a mark of a victory over Hindus. Part 4 of a series covering documentary evidence.

Vishnupada Temple turned into Himayun’s Tomb – Saga of Islamic Aggression

Know how Humayun’s tomb in Delhi is actually a Vishnupada (Feet of Lord Vishnu) Temple. Read barbarism of Islamists.

“Bhadrakali Temple” turned into “Jama Masjid” in Gujarat

Read why "Jama Masjid" in Gujarat is a majestic Hindu temple called "Bhadrakali temple."

“Vijay” Pur Sikri turned into “Fateh” Pur Sikri

Know how Fatehpur Sikri that belonged to the Great Hindu Rajput kings of Mewar now has a Islamic Name.

“Bijaya” Temple turned into “Bijamandal” Mosque

Know how "Bijaya" Temple in Madhya Pradesh turned into "Bijamandal" Mosque.
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