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I am founder of Agniveer. Pursuing Karma Yog. I am an alumnus of IIT-IIM and hence try to find my humble ways to repay for the most wonderful educational experience that my nation gifted me with. I am also on Quora.

Welcoming Muslims to Sanatana Dharma

A lot of Muslims are open to integrating with Hindu ways of living. But often we present a version of Hinduism that is not...

Traits of a True Swami

Q - Who is your role model Swami?A - When Zakir Naik was converting en masse and ripping apart Hinduism like anything, I saw...

How to Master Fear of Death?

Q - How to master fear of death?A - One, sometimes you may confuse urge to live with fear of death. Urge to live...

Clarifying Confusion Regarding (so-called) Idol-Worship [Created by ‘Vedic Bookworms’]

Beware of Fanatics and 'Vedic Bookworms' claiming to be 'experts of Vedas'. Read and understand the futility of formless/ form debates.

What led to Holocaust of Medieval Era?

It is a big myth that caste system, gender discrimination, superstitions led to Islamic holocaust of medieval era in India.Yes, casteism and gender bias...

Agniveer’s Answer on Astrology

Q - What is your view on astrology? Some old articles of yours are conflicting. (Skeptics, ignore this question. Only for those who asked...

A Page From Diary Of A Yogi

A page from my diary several years ago. Thought would help answer many questions I receive:1. I will accept whatever situations come as a...

Agniveer’s Advice to Hindus

Every Hindu must proactively adopt one or more of following. Will not only bring personal transformation but also send a strong message to world:1. Use Tilak, Moli, Kanthi etc that showcase from distance the faith you stand for. Consider Janeu.2. Prefer saffron, yellow, orange, red colors over green in your fashion choices.3. To extent possible, use a greetings like "Ram Ram", "Namaste", "Pranam", "Namaskar" etc.

Ten Commandments of Agniveer religion

Ten Commandments of Agniveer religion:1. If you believe idol-worshippers (Hindus) will burn in hell, then you must be dispatched to hell asap.2. If you...

Agniveer’s response to Historian Irfan Habib

Q - Historian Irfan Habib claims Bharat Mata is a foreign concept! So why be sentimental about it!A - The concept of worshipping motherland...
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