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Miracles of Islam

Zakir Naik says Quran is the book of signs/miracles. Lets discover the science behind the signs! ...

Why Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter Mecca

Read to know why Non Muslims are not allowed to enter Mecca and Medina. Busting the lies of Zakir Naik again! Must read for...

Islam and Hinduism Debate

To all Muslims and Hindus who want to debate each other. Must read for all truth seekers!

“Don’t judge a car by its driver!”

Zakir Naik says dont judge Islam by Muslims. But what he does to others? Read to know why judging driver is as critical as judging the Car!

Islam – The religion of Tauheed (Monotheism)

Islam claims itself to be monotheistic. Is it so in reality? Must read for everyone! ...

Zakir Naik on Polygamy

Debunking the arguments of Zakir Naik in defense of polygamy and sex-slavery.The greatest ‘women rights’ activist of our times, Dr...

Zakir Naik on Hijab – Islamic Veil

xposing the foolish defense of Hijab! Eye opener for those who relate Hijab with modesty. Must read for Muslim women and others!

Miracle of Islam – Unchangeable Quran

On how Quran was preserved and accept only the divine message of Allah that never changes. Must read for all Muslims and non-Muslims.

Islam and Re-birth

Verses of Quran that clearly prove that Muhammad believed in concept of rebirth of soul as given in Vedas/ Hinduism. True Muslims must follow Vedas to follow Muhammad.


Concepts of destiny in Quran and if they stand the test of reason and rationality. Can this concept leave any scope for a better future for anyone?
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