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Vashi Sharma is a globally renowned energy scientist. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. Vashi is an expert on Islamic terrorism and deradicalization.

Hindu-Sikh Unity! Agniveer’s Gift on Guru Nanak Jayanti!

Sikhs & Hindus one or different? Lets settle this debate for once & for all. Quick factsheet for haters. Agniveer's Gift on Guru Nanak Jayanti!

IIT Scientist’s Open Letter to PM Modi on Uniform Civil Code

Spot-on conclusions of an IIT Scientist on opposition to UCC, requiring immediate action by Govt of India. Share to protect Motherland.

THIS is Why Fake-liberals of India are just plain Cowards

Tough time ahead for Dharma/Nation lovers. So let adversaries know that we are tougher. Jai Shri Ram!

PERFECT Answer to those Demanding Proof of Shri Ram | Agniveer

If You insult Ram, get ready to get disrobed. This is how to deal with fanatics in guise of debaters.

Against SELECTIVE Moral Policing [Promoting Terrorism in process] of Social Media...

Never banned posts by Kashmiri Jihadis, Kanhaiya lovers, Hindu haters despite being directly threatening and abusive. There seems to be a deeper nexus working behind this.

“Implement UCC If You Have Guts” : Jihadis to India lovers

Believe it or not, THIS is current state of affairs in 'secular' & democratic India. Jihadis need to be reminded this is not Saudi.

“2-Kid-Policy a MUST, along with Uniform Civil Code to Root-out Terrorism”...

Time for some tough decisions for government of India. If you have to, deal with goons the way Shri Ram dealt with demons.

Vijay Dashmi – No Victory without Shri Ram [Mandir, Ayodhya]

Strengthening nation against enemies - inside & out. Jai Shri Ram! Dushhera - a day of calibration & not celebration for Agniveer. Read to know why.

Soldier is My Name [Poem]

Poem revealing direct message of a soldier's heart, to his fellow sons and daughters of Motherland.

भारत द्वारा पाकिस्तान की क्रिया पर प्रतिक्रिया बहुत हुई, क्रिया अब...

पाकिस्तान में हिन्दू-सिख 19% से 1% रह गए। वहाँ से हिंदुस्तान पर हर साल हमले होते रहे। फिर कश्मीर से हिन्दू साफ़ हुए। हम ग़ुलाम अली की गजल पर वाह वाह करते रहे।
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