“Umar Fayaz is a hero and we are all proud of him.
But many of his juniors, peers, and seniors have also been martyrs.

Many have laid life in the last couple of months itself in Kashmir.
Why no roads, institutions, candle March, compensations after them?

Were they less patriots? Why this politics over religion of a martyr?
Soldier dies not for roads and buildings.

He dies to save nation from enemies.
Destroy each separatist stone pelting enemy in Kashmir to pay true homage to Umar Fayaz and every martyr.

Everything else is their insult.”
– Shri Sanjeev Newar

“Babar Road must be renamed to Maharana Sanga Road.
There is no logic of changing it to Umer Fayaz Road.
Don’t make mockery of martyrs.”
– Dr Vashi Sharma


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